Is Being Transgender / Transsexual a Mental Disorder

Is Being Transgender / Transsexual a Mental Disorder

Hi everyone! This video is going
to be about if being transgender is a mental disorder and how it
may be perceived as a one. As well as how being transgender
can impact one’s mental health and contribute to mental
disorders. In addition to my own experience of how my transition
impacted my emotions and mental health. The whole process of
transitioning, hormones, and surgery all impact a trans
individual’s mental stability. More importantly, being born
in the wrong body and living as someone you are not is quite
damaging to the psyche. Major depression or body dysmorphic
disorder is not uncommon. Additionally, perhaps there is
also a correlation between being trans and having
bipolar, schizophrenia, or even dissociative
identity disorder. There are many theories that
being trans is a mental illness. But, the cure for such a mental
illness is only by changing one’s body. If a trans
individual has been diagnosed with major depression or body
dysmorphic disorder and take medication to combat this, the
question is, “Would that cure transsexualism?” The answer is
no. While the individual may feel better about their life,
and not be depressed or hate themselves as much, the root
of the problem hasn’t been addressed or being treated. The
problem is that the individual was born in the wrong body and
it doesn’t reflect who they are on the inside, what their brain
says they are. In their mind, it is written male or female, but
their body and chromosomes is the opposite of that, or a
mixture of multiple things such as in intersexed individuals.
Not only does this lead to confusion, but also frustration
and depression. The genitals we are born with determine what
sex we are, but our mind tells a different story. So, a male to
female could say they were born with a penis, which was a birth
defect, making them develop masculine characteristic, when
in their mind, they have been a female since birth. Similarly,
hormones levels in the womb play a big role in development. The
brain will develop to that of a female, but the body develops to
that of a male. This incongruity causes the individual to be born
in the wrong body. We cannot change the structure of our
brain, how we developed, through any safe means, so the next best
thing is to change the body. This is where many people think
it is a mental illness. Because they do not look at what the
treatment is. If you have a female developed brain and male
developed body, and there is no way to safely change the
structure of the brain, what other option do you have? To
change your physical body to match that of your mind. So you
can be happy and love and accept yourself. When a transgender
individual transitions there is so much happiness and
excitement. Personally, I developed into an all new
person. I use to hate myself, never saw anything positive,
would look in the mirror and see some foreign person that just
wasn’t me and I despised that ugly person I saw in the mirror.
Now, I look in the mirror and don’t judge anything. I accept
myself 100%. Of course there are things I would like to change
about my physical appearance and how my body is structured.
Seeing my broad shoulders and back is upsetting to me, but
I don’t focus on that anymore because I am so much happier
than I could’ve been as a male. The only ‘cure’ was to
transition, no amount of medication or therapy would’ve
helped. That should make it clear that being transgender is
not a mental illness. However, there are exceptions
that I will discuss in the next few sections. Can being bipolar or
schizophrenic cause someone to think they are transgender?
Additionally, can being transgender contribute to
someone being bipolar or schizophrenic. Well, when
dealing with a delusional or psychotic disorder such as these
two, it has been reported that some individuals have a
delusional belief that they are transgender. A delusion is
something that they believe 100%. It may even last for a
very long period of time, then go away, and come back. The
difference between actually being transgender and have this
delusional belief is that the transgender individual may have
no mental disorders that could be contributing to the belief
that they are born in the wrong body. The individual with
bipolar or schizophrenia truly believes they are transgender
because of the delusional aspect of the disorder. There may
even be some individuals who go through with transitioning
because of their belief. Now, let’s discuss how being
transgender could perhaps contribute to being bipolar
or schizophrenic. Personally, before I transitioned and before
hormones I was quite paranoid, depressed, just plain, flat
mood. I’ve heard from some of you that you’ve dealt with
similar sort of things which really raises the question about
what it means to be transgender. It certainly seems to contribute
to much more than just the depression of being born in the
wrong body. I’ve even heard from some of you about having
grandiose delusions which that really surprised me. Grandiose
delusions are a big component of both bipolar and schizophrenia.
Perhaps being transgender leads to a lot of confusion about
oneself, leading to a lot of depression and self-loathing,
which then can contribute to delusional or psychotic
disorders such as bipolar or schizophrenia. So the
real question is, can being transgender cause someone to
become bipolar or schizophrenic? It was very interesting to me
when I heard about several other individuals experiencing
characteristics of these disorders, when they are
transgender. Perhaps it isn’t being transgender, but rather
the underlying depression that causes someone to become
paranoid, delusional, or even psychotic. Of course not
everyone would experience this, but it is certainly a
possibility I see now. Personally for me, after I began
to transition, the paranoia subsided, as did the delusions.
I guess because of the immeasurable stress that was
lifted by transitioning. But, I still continue to have these
issues. Furthermore, my mood, thanks to estrogen, is much more
unpredictable and rapid now. Estrogen makes one very moody
and emotional. I am much more emotional than I was when living
as a male. Of course, the mood swings and depressive and manic
episodes I experience are beyond what is considered normal.
Yet, the hormones definitely contributed to it, especially
in the first few months. Before hormones it was not as bad, but
I did experience some depressive and manic episodes. Now, it is
easier to set off these moods. But, also a lot of it is
learning to control these emotions and cope with
the rapid mood swings was a very big thing. Some people believe being
transgender has to do with trauma. If someone was
physically, emotionally, and/or sexually abused as a child, they
will develop differently than someone who wasn’t. That is a
fact and can be proven based on certain areas of the brain
developing in a much different manner than a normal,
untraumatized brain would. Similarly, individuals that are
gay, lesbian, transgender, are bullied more in school because
they are different. Perhaps all this leads to someone becoming
confused and wanting to be the opposite sex. I believe this
very well could’ve been the case for me. My childhood and
even my teenage years were very traumatizing and I blocked a
lot of it out, unintentionally. There is a video I did that is
dedicated to my past for anyone who is interested. Anyway, I
said that perhaps the trauma and abuse I went through made me
want to dissociate from it. The only way my mind came up with
was to create a new personality, physically, mentally,
emotionally, sexually, all different. So, I became
transgender and needed to transition to escape and
dissociate from my past. I question if I would still
be transgender if I didn’t experience trauma in my past. I
certainly wouldn’t be the same person I am today, but would I
still have been transgender? Maybe yes, maybe no. I
don’t know. I think for some individuals this can very well
be the case. Being transgender leads to a lot of dissociation.
For me personally, I didn’t want to be a male. I wanted to
deny it and block it out. I kept saying, “I am a female.” So, I
detached myself from what my body was at the time.
Additionally, I’ve heard of other individuals that realize
they want to be a female when they are born male and they try
and block that out. They think that they can ‘man up’ in a
sense by getting involved in masculine roles and activities.
They are denying the part of themselves that wants to be a
female because they don’t want to acknowledge it because they
feel it is wrong. Either way, dissociation occurs. And,
repressing thoughts or emotions are very disastrous. This can
lead to dissociative disorders including multiple personalities
because the trans individual denies a part of them and wishes
to be someone else. I know that is how it was for me at least.
It is interesting to note that there certainly are individuals
out there that have dissociative identity disorder and one of
their alters is transgender or the opposite gender of their
birth sex. This can create a lot of confusion for that individual
since they may not know if they are transgender or not. Part of
them is and the other parts are not. And it could be very bad if
one of those alters takes over and transitions and years
later they come out of the dissociation and are like, “What
happened to my body?” This is a very serious thing and
there certainly is a strong correlation between being
transgender and dissociating, or having multiple personalities.
In a sense a trans individual may have at least a split
personality since one identity is their birth sex, the other
is who they feel they are on the inside, or their true self. The
fact that many trans individuals deny part of themselves prior
to transitioning leads me to believe that perhaps some trans
individuals do have multiple personalities. Depression and
being under extreme stress can cause someone to dissociate so
this should come as no surprise. However, perhaps some
individuals with DID have an alter that is trans and they
become dominate and transition the body. This can be very
confusing for some individuals since they may not even know
if they are transgender or have dissociative identity disorder.
Honestly that’s not one I could answer either since having DID
can cause one to have a blurred sense of identity. Making them
not even know if the are trans or not. I guess my best advice
would be to see a therapist trained in transgender related
issues to discuss what you are feeling to see if you want to
go through with transitioning. Ultimately it is your decision
and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise or stop you
from doing what you want to do. In the end, I do not believe
being transgender / transsexual is a mental illness, but
for some it may be. There are certainly many exceptions,
perhaps even in my case, since no two trans individuals are
exactly alike and experience the same things in life. But, in the
end it is all irrelevant since all that matters is the
happiness of the individual after transitioning. If
they had a delusion they were transgender, or wanted to escape
or dissociate from trauma they experienced, does it really
matter what mental disorders they have, if any, as long as
they are happy with their life after transitioning? Not at all.
Long term happiness is the key and if they are happy, then they
did the right thing. I hope this video was informative.
Thanks for watching!



  • 88pie88

    2 second version: yes.

  • FA

    bitch boy looks like the male wife of Satan

  • Ellie St croix

    Funny it's always the people who say they believe in an invisible super hero in the sky that say not fitting into your assigned gender role is a mental disorder.

  • ArkansasInfidel

    If it weren't for the astonishing suicide rate amongst those post transition. I'd be far more willing to not consider it a mental disorder. But I'm afraid. Many are taking the politics within this issue, rather than the Science that can bring a resolution all the same…

    "Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

    Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.

    He also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.”

  • apply green

    very interesting video. thank you for your perspective : )

  • GrandDan0is

    LOL! According to the 'logic' in this video,( "the only cure for 'transgender syndrome' is to change the body.")
    People who are depressed and want to kill themselves, their only way to get cured is to kill themselves.
    If there is 1 thing you can be certain of, it's that your chromosomes will tell what you are.
    Based on personal experience, I used to know a girl who was at first in a heterosexual relationship, then she "became" a homosexual, when she found out that the lesbian thing wasn't really for her, she became a 'he' …. This tells me this person that I know is completely delusional, she thought that she was a dude, after the Eurovision, with the bearded woman. To some it works as a way of creating acceptance, and to some it becomes something like a promotion and those people they do not know who they are so they're easily confused by media telling them who they are instead of finding out for themselves.

  • Mr. Dr. Professor Penguin

    What has this world come to.. I'm not just referring to the transgenders. I'm referring to the Christians going against them too using no logic. I was born in a Christian family. I respect Christianity. But you people can be just as deluded as you claim them to be.

    And for my opinion, I do believe this is a mental illness. I can't think of why a person is so uncomfortable being a male that they go as far as to having their penis cut off to become something they're not. Sounds kind of mentally ill to me.

    Lastly, I'm not one to point fingers at who is mentally ill or not. I'm giving my opinion on whether I believe this is an illness like we all are. Like you are. I have multiple mental illnesses and it was hard to accept at first but I was born this way and I learned to accept it over the years. These individuals were not born this way but something in their mind kept telling them daily that who they were wasn't good enough and have not learned to accept that they do have some kind of mental condition that lead to removing and replacing their genitals and changing their personality. (I literally just saw your video on the side titled "My Childhood & Teenage Years as a Transgender Schizophrenic with PTSD) …I'm actually not sure what to say at this point. Oh and I too have schizophrenia. (Been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder to be exact)

  • mechmusician

    Does shoving feathers up your ass, wearing a beak, and sitting on an egg make you a chicken? No? Then yes, thinking you're something you're not IS a mental illness (specifically a delusion), and surgically attempting to be that something indeed is enabling a mental illness. End of discussion.

  • Thomas

    Apperantly this is the super liberal generation. C'mon guys…before like, 5 years we were talking like this for gay people.

  • Mantis 503

    You can not change your gender, gender is determined by nature. That is just how it is. Now just because people can dress up and that we've come to the technological stage of being able to turn body organs inside out and make them look like other organs etc, still doesn't change what you were born as.

    I also think its bizarre how people think they can just play make pretend and then expect the whole world to go along with it. Doesn't work like that. If I woke up tomorrow telling people I'm Napoleon, they will think I am crazy and I would be, or maybe if I woke up wanted to be disabled, what doctor in their right mind would start cutting bits off me.

    Its also gotten so bad now that children are given drugs to stop them going through puberty so that when they get to age, it will be easier for them to have a "sex change", in reality, mutilation. Sex cannot be changed.
    Kids are not old enough to make that decision or even fully understand it.

    In case I have to point it out, I have no hate. It saddens me to see people with gender dysphoria being given surgery as a form of help.

  • madnsdestiny

    It's nice to have someone speak honestly on this subject. I don't know why so many trans people are scared of talking about it.

  • Felisha

    I just want to add this in early in your video. There is a website that talks about endocrine disrupters that even if a pregnant mother consumes it can affect her unborn. The fetus may have developed into a boy, but it's getting estrogen inducing chems producing in it's brain. This may be the reason for gender dysphoria, least in part.

    After all, numerous transgenders do go through discomforts that seems to suggest it's not a natural relaxing transition to another gender. It's like the entire experience is painful to them, some even commit suicide. So this is why I'm led to believe that environmental pollutants may be responsible for gender dysphoria.

    This is quite different from homosexuality. After all, animals engage in gay/lesbian sex. The Spartans and Romans were bisexual. And homosexuals don't equally exhibit the distress as transgenders do, except where they are trying to be accepted. I mean, I don't see the same hormone issues with them, least not on the same level.

    EDIT: regarding what you say about trauma turning one transgender, I've looked into war vets going through a similar experience. The hardship of being men is too much for some, as was noted by some during WW1. They felt they failed as men due to breaking down in tears and overwhelmed with dread, and during a time where that was less tolerable than it is today. Hence, they couldn't feel they could continue on as men. So I agree with you there.

  • s f

    I'm typing this as I'm watching, so not sure if you've addressed my points.

    My 5 cents with this whole thing is, I do not believe in free will. Who/what you are is a mixture of genetic and environment. So any characteristics that one has is from their brain. If the identity does not match physical reality that is a form of mental illness most when they think of mental illness they assume crazy, for me mental illness is subject related and everyone experiences it.

    Here is my dilemma, given the high statistics if transexual depression and suicide what needs to be done? I'm all for people having surgeries to alter themselves, but what if in 10 years we find out what exactly causes one to feel that way and bring forth medication that would treat them, but now they have hacked away at their own body and is too late? This gets even more scary for children on hormones. If a child feels like he/she doesn't belong in their body, is it the right choice to put them on hormones early on in assuming given early they can have better results as they have not fully developed or is the right thing to do is to wait until they are fully grown and then THEY can decide but unfortunately without good transformation results.
    What if by the time the child grew up the treatment was available but they will not ever fully develop into their full physical potential because of previous hormone therapies?

    I really can't tell what's the right thing here

  • PING1

    god help us, the devil is alive and well in our society.

  • SpecterWSA

    If someone can find a transgender person who has no other mental disorder I would think otherwise, but the lot of them seem to have "anxiety" "depression" or schizophrenic tendencies (observational claim, but i'd love it to be challenged) The idea is virtually lycanthropy, pretend to be something that you aren't. So many trans dudes in schools show up one day as bob (their legal name) then another day as jasmine, or jesse, or a variation of some chick name to match their stuffed bras.

  • alphonse mills

    A penis or vagina is not a birth defect it means your a dude no matter how much you don't want to be one. People do not become happyer after the surguries. the suicide rate of transgender persons who have not gotten the surgeries and hormone therapy is very similar to those who have not.

  • GrandDan0is

    We can only talk out of what we know.
    We know that a man thinking he is Bruce Lee, he is not Bruce Lee, he is deluded and should get help, not to turn into Bruce Lee or to tell him he is Bruce Lee.

    If you switch "Bruce Lee" with "a woman" you will call me a bigot and biased.

    This makes you biased, because no matter what kind of argument I come up with you will not listen to me.

    I love all of you out there, and I my biggest wishes are that people will not attack masculinity but embrace it, don't look in your mirror and be disgusted but rather be happy, and last but not least never think you're not good enough and you need other things or people to confirm that you're good enough.

  • Natasha Hughes

    I love the videos. You are helping me with all this. I love the work you do. I wish you could get out and find friends. I understand from the friends you talk with. I have PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. I love the HRT and the mood swings are rough

  • YtubeUserr

    Five VERY important points to note if you are an LGBT:

    1) There is nothing wrong with your LGBT feelings. Do not repress who you are, because this will lead to more torment and not help you at all. LGBT feelings are perfectly fine.

    2) What is wrong is all the femdom/maledom crap. Avoid the sick assholes in the femdom/maledom community. Completely avoid femdom/maledom.

    2) Do not send bad vibes out there about your LGBT feelings. The problem with femdom/maledom crap is that they make your mind send bad vibes continuously about your LGBT feelings. I say this because what you feel and think is exactly what you get back from the world/others!!!!

    3) Many LGBTs have found happy fulfilling lives with other similar-minded LGBT partners.

    4) Your job is to find a good person as an LGBT partner for a happy, fulfilling life. Interact with the right LGBTs and you will be happy. Interact with the wrong assholes and you will be unhappy.

    5) Point 4 above applies to straight to straight people relationships too

  • Alex Spasevski

    Just looking at you I see Mental illness!!! I bet every 5mins of each day you think about your tran gender, now thats one fucken mental battle. Transphobic now thats are term to defend your fucken bizarre mistake. You will always be socially rejected and only the weak and gullible we go along accepting you. You look like a superficial witch. I bet your transformation has turned you into a feminist too.

  • Madalina C.

    Guys don't be offended by this but if you are a male and feel like a female instead why don't act like a woman and instead remove your genitals? I'm open minded but it seems like SRS is for the people not for you so they see you in a different body. It's superficial to think of yourself as female only if you have the right body . Why can't you love yourself for what your are inside and need to change the body? Self love is acceptance but you changing your body proves you are thinking if yourself as an object not a spirit.

  • Voeris

    Wow you are beautiful. Thank you for this video.

  • Master Ikem

    dude dress like a man…study biology then you will realize that no matter how much you change yourself physically, your DNA,cells and hormones will always show that you are a man. you people just use your fucking brains. lol cmon

  • Destiny Pressey

    she swear she no what she talking bout

  • Ren C

    dominant mummy + weak and or distant daddy = sissy boy son

  • Liam is moist

    ah yes, I wonder if you have any bias towards this subject….are you a psychiatrist? Do you have proper credentials to talk about this subject? It's called gender identity disorder. You're denying your biology which is a delusion. I can think I'm a cat but I'm still a homosapien male, that would be a delusion.

  • The Wacko Green Alien 1212

    I'm female to male and I'm 12. My parents are unsupportive and my mum wants me dead… Litterally… I've know I was in the wrong body since age 6. I always thought I was going to grow a penis and I would have a flat chest. I don't know how to deal with my parents… HELP!!!

  • Lisa Track

    I just want you to know, not all Mothers are like yours. I would be proud to call you my daughter, I hope and pray that you meet a wonderful person that will love you and make you feel safe! I just feel that you need someone to finally just say, you are beautiful, you don't need to be anything or anyone but who you are! Just remember, there's someone out there that is your other half, when you find them, you will be able to be whole and healed. I'm sorry that so many people hurt you and let you down.

  • A smol uke player

    oml these comments are soo mean

  • Wulfshade

    I personally consider it a mental disorder, or at least a birth defect, though I do think it's a pretty mild one since it doesn't greatly affect a person's functionality. So in the end of the day that's kinda irrelevant. The stigmatization of mental disorders and people who have them is a way bigger issue.

  • Beatriz Karwai

    The definition of "personality" is kinda blurry. What makes somebody have a separate personality? I'm also transsexual and I used to "play" that I had multiple personalities when I was 13, because I thought that was the best way to understand other human beings. Doesn't seem very normal for a 13 year old to care about that, does it? It's because I was "gifted". When I transitioned, I felt I was trying to kill the other person, but it wasn't clear if the other one was part of me or the reflection of the image society made of me. After many years, I finally found internal peace and completeness, but I'm still trans.

  • MrMarioSm

    I wanted to say this , u say u were born in the wrong body , , that it self condradicts u when u say its not a disorder, because first of all , u are born with a perfectly healthy body who is full functional , its the brain who is able to synchronize with the body , that is a disorder itself , , i mean it just needs common sense to know its not normal behavior , stop fucking denying it , let science study things ,

  • MrMarioSm

    i dont mind u changing ur body if it will make u feel better, but i dont like u indetifying as a female , but as a transgender , because i dont like to go out in a date when it cmes time for sex the girl to suprise me with a dick bigger than mine ,

  • G F

    If you can have a female brain or a male brain, doesn't that prove that gender is not a social construct?

  • Junaid Iqbal

    I feel disgusted and shamed of society, so many ignorant transphobes in the comments.

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  • Bodhi Music

    I ate an apple today and it tasted like a tomato.

  • Random Uploader

    I find it comical with so many commenters stating it's a mental disorder and yet nobody bringing up religion. Because science is the new religion these days, it's preached beyond belief, it's a world spread cult (get it?). If you disagree, you're hated on, you're told you have a mental disorder etc etc. The amount of commenters here is clear proof of this. in the end, no matter what you say, Autumn or any other transgender arent going to change their mind. And its obvious they will let you live your life. The question is more; why cant you just accept that others live differently? Is it because you're afraid? Jealous? What? Why do you have such a need to point out things and not accept how they are? If you think about it, science is a disorder too then; the need to find an answer, a proof, for everything and its existence and why it happened or is there.

    I love your videos Autumn, I look forward to more, youre an awesome soul!

  • Dana Adalaide

    You don't look mentally ill at all.

  • RiverTree

    There's no such thing as being born in the wrong body. That's just something confused people made up.

  • JimmyNeutron7

    saying that your born in the wrong body is an illness

  • alexis gonzales

    Hello autumn i am a male and i have an androgynous personality and appearance.In the past i wanted to transition to female but then i realized that its currently imposible because hormones cant change my genes.I also didnt do it because i realized that mutilating my testicles has no logical reasons also getting breasts is ilogical too because i wont use them to breastfeed.Anyways i think your beautiful and i find you really attractive but you should consider yourself a male because thats what yout genes say.Society needs to learn that men can have feminine appearances and personalities without them having to say they are female, females shouldnt be the only ones allowed by our culture to be physically attractive.

  • alexis gonzales

    Transexuals are people who think they need to mutilate their bodies because their personality is similar to the opposite sex.The delusion of transexuals is caused by our culture because our culture says certain personalities only belong to one sex.Its not a problem if men are feminine or women masculine the problem is when they think theyre the opposite sex and mutilate their bodies.Chromosomes dont lie.

  • Jorge Figueroa

    So on one side you've got opinions, and on the other side you have scientific facts… I wonder why you chose the first one.

  • Anon ymous

    You say you have a female brain in a male body etc. BUT is there a research that shows that your brain is actually female like you say and you do not have a mental illness that simply affects the correct process of your brain?
    How can you say for certain that you brain is perfectly healthy but a female one and not malfunctioning? What prove is there that a person like you has a brain of the opposite sex?

  • Soft Poor Corn

    This transgender/transsexual movement has been awesome! It has really opened me up to the possibilities. I am a 47 year old man who never mentally developed past being a 12 year old boy, but I am still sexually interested in 12 year old females. This movement has allowed me to plead my case. I am so sick and tired of being labelled a pedophile. I WAS BORN TO BE THIS WAY. IT IS NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS. I am currently in transition to become a 12 year old boy. I am getting laser hair removal on my body and I have removed my testicles. I replaced these testicles with smaller prosthetic ones and I have been taking a dose of Testosterone orally every day. I left my wife and family and have moved into a home who loves me dearly. I like to play my Xbox one, skateboard, and play basketball with my buddies who live on the cul-de-sac. I am excited to be starting 7th grade next August at my local middle school and cannot wait to meet new friends!

    My girlfriend Emma, who is 12, loves me for the way that I am. I should be allowed to be with her.

    I am no longer depressed, I have stopped taking my anti-depressants, and I am no longer suicidal! Thank you so much transgender movement! I couldn't have got here without you!

  • Mutombo

    Most Mental Disorder are not curable but they can be treated and flourished. Its wrong to let people be delusional and think mutating themselves is the best alternative. If you are an alcoholic the solution isn't to keep drinking. If you are a Schizophrenic that thinks the radio is talking to you, society shouldn't tell you "yes the radio is speaking to you" What society should do is actually provide help.

  • Alex Whitton

    you are saying that people with MDD or schizophrenia believe that they are someone who are not. but trans people with out those conditions think the same thing. Also there is no cure for mental illness, there are coping strategies to live with your illness. With your theories is it ok for me to believe im at cat. if so i believe i was born in a cats body, please tell me that i do not have a mental illness.

  • Benn Conner

    Isn't a delusion not when someone as a certain belief or thought that doesn't Match reality? For example if a man complete and truly believes that they where meant to be a woman but the reality of the situation is that they are not a woman. How is that any different than an anorexic person truly believing their not skinny enough or a massive bodybuilder thinking their not big enough. If health damaging surgeries and hormone replacement is the only viable treatment then so be it. However I believe there are still mover effective ways to help people with gender dysphoria.

  • Peter Kazavis


  • Jaegar Ultima

    Simply put people don't get that there are people that decided when they were forming their identity or at some point later on that they believe they are opposite of what they are born as. People like more aka the majority saw ourselves and had no problems living the life that genetics dealt for us. I appreciate the opposite sex while also appreciating the gender I was born as and will die as. I mean I will go on and enjoy life while there are those few people that are mentally tortured by the fact they think they are opposite of what they are born as.

  • SqueakyPiston Productions

    You are spouting Ideology, not facts.

  • Labia Pus

    i identify myself as a jellyfish

  • Adam Smith

    you,re a freak beyond freaks

  • Small Lady

    My head head tells me I am a cat…..So if what you are saying is true…..I was born in the wrong body! I always knew God made a mistake when he made me without fur and whiskers!!!!!!!!!


    you are awesome i loved this cideo

  • AlexLynnCullen

    Sooooo many intelligent beasts out here…wow…

  • The House October Built

    Go see you primary care physician soon, your argument is very wrong, you're probably to late to save yourself but you should see a psychiatrist as well. God help your soul.

  • The House October Built

    And you can't birth a child, you're not a female. You need help.

  • Mare McGee

    You have it all backwards to accommodate your lifestyle. You can't deny biology sir. That's why it's a disorder.

  • Lunæros

    Sorry, "Autumn" but genes and chromosomes are the ultimate authority on your "gender".
    If the brain developed wrong and is saying you are the opposite sex it is a mental disorder. I have seen research that shows similarities between TG and schizophrenia.
    But with radical activists pushing for it to be accepted as normal it is unlikely any further research will be done. Which is really sad, both because it is condoning mental illness AND because it stifles scientific research that would eventually be able to develop pharmaceuticals to alleviate it as was done with schizophrenia.
    The push for acceptance and normalizing needs to stop so science can move forward to develop treatments. Christ they've even got the President talking about it now.

  • Danny Mumbles

    there have many trans that have made the change and then after the change went back…..why don't you talking about that and how many "trans" have come out and are telling trans that their are other ways to deal with the mental illness. when you say you can't change a brain in a safe way? you don't believe in meds for other mental issues. why is trans, changing the body is the only way? get you facts right…..also look up much % of trans that have changed back after changing their body.

  • Tito

    you can't deny nature. you are either born M or F

  • God Enkidu

    Yes it is

  • Kate Smith

    I thought my dog my my baby as a little girl. I dressed him up and carried him in my pram. He was my baby! This is not a mental illness. I have a fir baby! It is my baby, and you're a bigot for discriminating against my fir baby! He should be allowed to get breast milk from donated lactation goods. He should have all the rights as all the other human babies, because he thinks he's a baby! You are a crazy person if you believe my dog should be have the rights to access all the things babies do, and you are crazy if transgenders should have access to all the things their diluted reality suggests they should. No one is responsible for the transgender delusion related to their genitals. Everyone is responsible for themselves. Your video is actually really well done. I'm glad you did your video. I dealt with similar issues as a child and through my teens. I learned to embrace myself for a girl that likes to do guy things. Embrace yourself, it doesn't matter what your mind says to you, you can never change your biology. You can only accept that you are not stereotypical, and that's ok. Rock on! You do not need to tread on the rights of others privacy, and biological needs. I just want transgender females (with male parts) to stay out of my bathroom and locker room. I have the right to say control when a men exposes his genitals to me! There are crazy people everywhere, it doesn't even matter if it's a psychological disorder, you want to pretend to be a woman than do it. I commend you on structure of your video.

  • Ican FeeLIt

    yes it is

  • Peace i

    why dont you people stop hating and look for solutions for the problem, as explained by the video maker the medications and counselling doesn't help and there is no cure ALSO medical science has proved the FACT that people with gender dysmorphia have a different brain then then other people who dont have this disorder and that there is a MENTAL SEX and A PHYSICAL SEX that should align to have a normal body and mind processing/FUNCTIONING so if we can not change the brain physiologically or physically we can definitely change the body by today's science so that physical body i.e genitals and hormones are synchronized with the brain…. the patient is cured do you have any other solution than being a hateful person . show some compassion here .

  • brian lunsford

    ohh gawd
    you are in need of help drugs and surgery does not change the fact that you are a man

  • Rebecca Bourne-Smith

    Your are literally the dumbest MAN I've ever heard in my life

  • Robert Hunley

    Hi Autumn i admire your courage and its Bob who was distressed the other,day,,im doing better. i reached out to you, because i knew you would undersand. i have OCD. But i wont say much on here and just read and admire and stay out of the people who have untreated troll-ism. Bob Hunley.

  • Terpz187x

    This is gross

  • Arch Stanton

    Wow. That part about childhood trauma influencing transition likelihood…been thinking that myself :-/

  • David Nicholas

    The answer is yes lol

  • Robbie Dee Woody

    Lots and lots of opinions here from people that clearly have very little knowledge on this subject. I wonder if any of them would be willing to actually spend the time researching? I bet not, most people are happier to just be right in their own minds than, heaven forbid, admit that they know very little and may find themselves to be wrong if they get the facts.

  • Robert Bright

    This man is confused and essentialy incompetent in discussion of the biological imperatives

  • Fred Farmer

    … I hope you keep your mind open and feel where fear and shame shapes your views Autumn. Good luck friend.
    Yes, you're right … there's a lot … TONS that go into gender. There is no ONE issue nor ONE solution. Much of it is chemical, much is what happens during the first 7 years of life… and some are simply born Intersexed.

    There too are some who ARE mentally ill with great personality disorders. We have to accept that.
    But like the Gnostics say … "Whatever makes you whole… makes you HOLY."

    You do great as long as you talk about your direct experience… but when you wander into the unknown world of relationships … the world of what OTHER people "should" or "shouldn't" do… then your projections become visible and your unresolved issues of shame and fear around attachment become visible.
    (… perhaps most fearful are early homosexual fears/repressed ideas and resentments about men.)

    Continue to be honest, work with new therapist when they become available and know that as you age, you will become increasingly stronger — emotionally.

    As Joseph Campbell once said, "The cave you most fear to enter, holds your greatest treasure."

  • Ashley Burch

    You don't think that based on the level of trauma you have gone through, and the DID and dissociation, you don't think that this trauma caused self hatred and rejection of self to the degree of rejecting your own gender and wanting to become a different person? You were rejected before transitioning correct? So couldn't that cause you to hate yourself enough to want to get out of your own skin and become someone else? There's also a high almost 50 percent suicide rate among transgenders. Some would say persecution, but African Americans have the lowest suicide rate. African Americans could arguably be more discriminated against than white people. Yet white males have the highest suicide rate. Therefore I believe that transgenders have had trauma terrible trauma that would lead them to a self hatred that makes them want to reject themselves.

  • theBUBBAMANcan

    It can be fun watching these dudes try to do all the verbal gymnastics to try to convince us that they are really chicks and that they're not crazy, lmao.

  • mohamed mohamed


  • mmmatsooo

    Wish i was born in the 50s

  • Anti Hate

    answer…. obviously yes

  • Nik Ki

    You are walking mental illness. I have mental illness too, but unlike you I'm not ashamed and in denial. You have the mental strength of an infant, please grow up man-child. You have severe dysmorphia and are completely naive. Mutilation cures… what a sick joke.

  • Nik Ki

    Body obsessed with no sense of soul.

  • mujaku

    Essentially, 'transgenerism' is the belief that gender is a social construct in which biology plays no significant part—put a dress on a little boy he changes instantly into a girl. This bizarre theory was the brainchild of sexologist John Money. Money's theory, many years later, was found to rest on fraudulent reporting. The subject of his fraud was his involvement in the sex reassignment of David Reimer, in what later became known as the "John/Joan" case.

  • caitlin sweet

    that "man up" you say at 9:47 is something that caused me to hate myself and feel like i am a failure of the world and such for more than 1-2 years…though i wouldnt accept im transgender after many thougths, saying to myself you dont want this , it is wrong and such, even though i was feeling transgender,i did believe that i could have made that feeling go away, and i may just maked things worse for my mental health….now i have accepted it and looking a lot into it to figure out what i acctually want to do about it…

  • mnt2449

    Aren't you the guy who has multiple personalities…and made a video on all your "personalities"? There's deff something wrong here. Turn to Jesus before it's too late. God can clear you from the demons that haunt you. I promise…just ask Him to reveal Himself.

  • H2Raby

    Fuck you ozzy/michaeljackson/marilynmanson/ all rolled into one, you're fkn wacked. Stay the fuck away from children and normal ppl who accept their inherited natural gender. You make me sick

  • jimmy johnston

    I think you are an actor. Please try to seek help.

  • jimmy johnston


  • LDS Believer

    I think your video covering being schizophrenic possibly if mentioned was mental health misdiagnosing the fact that you were actually more interested in transgender with support.

  • Finkelroy

    For me, delusions of grandiosity and wildly unrealistic plans and ideas were a function of repressing my gender identity. It was a form of denial, in the sense that I was always seeking something to fill the void I felt. This leads to unrealistic expectations and mood variability because you literally can't do anything to make up for not transitioning.
    I had a lot of trauma in my life but knew my gender identity at a very young age, long before I experienced any trauma.
    I had some degree of dissociation but the worst symptoms were borderline in nature.
    Transition has brought about an end to 90% of mental health issues/symptoms.

  • coalikesdesi

    mental illness is defined as conditions that affect a person's emotional and psychological wellbeing. so gender dysphoria has to fit. and the only known way to treat it is gender reassignment or transitioning.

  • Matthew Bulic

    All I know is that I went to the psychiatrist and he told me I had a duel personality.

    When it came to paying his $200 bill, I gave him $100 bucks and said get the other 100 from the other guy 😏

  • Josie Katz

    The phrase "The only cure is to transition" is too broad. First, one must come to understand that the simple association that MALE = MASCULINE and FEMALE = FEMININE is NOT true. Sure, both words start with the same letters, but after that they are COMPLETELY different. Every MALE has Masculine and Feminine in their mind as do Females. The proportions of these differ and the importance we give them defines us. There are some extremes where women do everything as manly as possible, they are accepted in society as being strong women, but it's the other direction that has the problem, where some men wish to be more feminine. The Masculine men don't understand it and those few girly men are bullied and beaten. Not all girly men need to transition, only the ones that are extremely feminine.

  • Atlantean


  • nequeen Gmailer

    Any process that renders the organism sterile, any process that destroys the reproductive system of any plant or animal is self defeating. Hence not a natural order, hence a disorder.

  • rick s

    Love you Girl

  • rick s

    Agreed 💯. Diagnosed with Major Depression, complete shut down at times, suicidal thoughts etc. With medication for that. Calms me but does NOT change the desire or need!

  • Flegette Rippy

    Hello I am currently with a transgender from male to female and I am a lesbian

  • Alex Deitrich

    it is a mental disorder

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