Is Depression Real? What Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You to Know – Marisa Peer

Is Depression Real? What Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You to Know – Marisa Peer

– Hey, this is Marisa. So, I’ve been a therapist
for over 30 years and in that 30 years I
must have seen thousands and thousands of clients with depression, with bipolar depression, with
indeed suicidal depression, with debilitating depression, and they all tend to say the same thing, “I’ve got the depression gene.” And they all tend to say the same thing, “I’ve got the gene. “It’s been passed down. “My grandmother was depressed,
my mother was depressed, “it runs in the family.” Or they say, “You know, “I’ve got that chemical
imbalance in the brain, “and now I’m on medication,
and first I felt better, “but now I’m still depressed.” (empowering music) I just met this lovely
client coming in and saying, “You know, I was so depressed, “I couldn’t actually
have sex with my husband “and I felt so bad, I went to the doctor, “he gave me medication, “and I still can’t have sex with him. “You know what? “I don’t even care, I’m just numb. “I’m just so numb that nothing bothers me “because I’m just on medication “for this chemical imbalance.” I’m gonna tell you something
that might blow your mind. The studies on a chemical
imbalance in your brain, they’re not flawed. You know why they’re not flawed? They don’t exist. You cannot study someone’s
brain for a chemical imbalance. Any doctor will tell you, “No, you can’t put electrodes
on their head and go, “oh yeah, we’ve done some tests “and you have the chemical imbalance.” And believe me doctors
didn’t even create that myth. It was a drug company that said, “Oh, you have chemical imbalance. “If you take these meds, they’ll
readdress the imbalance.” While there are some people
who do do well on medication, who do say, “I feel so bad and that
medication helped me,” and I’m not here to tell
them to come off their meds, I would never do that. Some people do well on medication but many, many, many more don’t. They go out and feel bad, “I got the medication, I
need more and more and more, “and now I’m just numbed out. “It’s not helping me.” I work with people all
the time on medication who actually start to feel
suicidal on the medication, or they become so dependent on the meds that they just don’t know what to do. And in my 33 years, I have
studied depressed people, suicidally depressed people, and I found that depression is
caused by only three things. I’m gonna tell you what they are. The first one is not
following your heart’s desire. Not doing what makes your heart sing is a major cause of depression. I’ve been with many who will say, “You know, I’ve been a
lawyer my entire life. “I’ve been an accountant. “You know, when I was a kid, “it was always understood
I would follow my father “into the family accounts firm, “into the family law firm, “and yet, I wanted to be a tennis coach, “and I never did and
here I am now depressed.” I worked with someone who said, “I wanted to be a vet my entire life, “but I wasn’t smart enough
to go to vet school. “I applied and I didn’t pass the exams. “I didn’t have the money and, you know, “I became a schoolteacher. “I’m just about to retire
and I am so depressed. “And when I work out
why, it’s because well, “I didn’t follow my heart’s desire,” but it’s never too late. The client I work with who
wanted to be a vet said, “Well, what can I do? “I’m not gonna be a dog walker.” I’m like, it’s not either/or. She actually ended up becoming
a dog behavioural expert. A bit like Cesar Millan, working with animals, she
had her own television show. She’s got a wonderful life. I worked with someone else
who wanted to be a doctor. Couldn’t be a doctor,
couldn’t go to medical school, had a family very young, and also in retirement became depressed. I said, “Well, why do
you want to be a doctor?” She said, “I wanted to help people.” Long story short, she
trained to be a healer. She went to work in a hospice. She was blissfully happy. She was doing what she wanted to do, touching people, helping
them, making them better. In the hospice, not making them better, but helping them cope. And sometimes you have to think of, “What do I want? “I want to be in the theatre. “I’m never gonna be an actor, “but I could work in production. “I could work on lighting or
rigging or being a dresser.” There’s always a way to
follow your heart’s desire, and many people when
they retire get depressed ’cause they think, “Oh,
I lost that chance.” It’s never too late. Martin in “Frasier,” if you remember him. He played Frasier’s dad. He had a medical magazine and became terribly depressed on his 40th or maybe 50th birthday ’cause he was never gonna find
his heart’s desire of acting, and then he decided to
act in a local little rep just for fun, and from there he got cast in “Frasier.” When “Frasier” ended, they said, “What next?” He went, “No, I’m going
back to the theatre. “That’s what makes my heart sing,” and he did that. It’s never too late. The second thing that causes depression, and this is a biggie, are harsh, hurtful, critical words that you say to yourself on a daily basis. That would make anyone
depressed, criticising yourself, being down on yourself,
being harsh and hurtful. If you think about if you
ever spoke to your best friend the way you speak to yourself, they would probably not be a friend. When you wake up and go, “I’m a loser, I’m an idiot, I’m useless, “I’m a waste of space, I’m fat, I’m old, “I’m unattractive, I’ve
got nothing to offer.” And, you know, we are
so hard on ourselves. Harsh, hurtful, critical words that you say to you on a
daily basis cause depression. If I say something harsh
and hurtful and critical, “Well, she’s obviously having a bad day “or she’s just not a nice person,” but when you say it your mind thinks it must be true. Stop it. The opposite of harsh
hurtful critical words are kind, loving, encouraging words. Be your own best friend, and I promise you if you do that you won’t be depressed. And here’s the third cause of depression and it’s an epidemic disconnection. We are primitive people in modern bodies. We are wired to need people. Our DNA requires people. Not long ago survival was a numbers game. If you go to a pet shop, all the little mice and puppies and kittens all sleep in a ball with each other. We need people, and now we live in a very strange world. We have 500 Facebook friends. We get everything delivered by Amazon. We work from home. You may not see anyone for four days. We don’t interact with anyone and it’s making people ill. You need connection. You need people. So if you are depressed, find people, join a group, start online, but find real people. Stop criticising yourself and think about your heart’s
desire and follow it. And if you’re depressed,
eat essential oils. There’s a bit of a clue in
the name Essential Oils. Your mind, your brain, every organ of your body, every function of your
body needs essential oils. When you’re depressed, you just eat crackers and cookies. You’ve got to have healthy fats. They will help you not be depressed. I hope that helps and if you need more, go to We have an audio called The Natural Cure for Depression, and you can cure depression. You can transform it. I’ve had people who are suicidal. I worked with someone the other day, I met someone who was 17, he said, “I was gonna kill myself, “and I came across your
YouTube I’m not enough talk, “and it was a game changer.” Other people have said the same thing, “I was so miserable. “I just hoped death would come quickly.” One person said to me, “You know what? “Before I met you, “I envied people who had cancer. “I’d think, well lucky
them, they’re gonna die. “But I can’t die, my kids
would never forgive me, “it would kill my partner
if I took my own life. “I wish I could get cancer.” And that’s a horrible thing to hear. And they say, “Now I can’t
believe I even thought that.” “I’m appalled I ever said that “because I love my life and I love myself “’cause I listened to your words.” If you are depressed, please do not stop medication. I’m not a physician. You must not come off medication. If you want to come off
it, go and talk to your GP. But if you follow my advice, you can stop being depressed. It’s up to your doctor to help guide you with your medication, but I’m just here to help
you with your mindset. You don’t have to be depressed. You don’t have to have bipolar. You don’t have to be suicidal. There is no chemical
imbalance in your brain. If you don’t believe me, ask your doctor, “Where can I go for a test
for chemical imbalance?” They’ll say, “There isn’t one,” ’cause there isn’t one. And anyway you don’t need one. Thanks for tuning in. Go We have all kinds of free audios on wealth blocks, love blocks,
money blocks, health blocks, and health blocks are
very linked to depression and I’d love to help
you be happy and healthy and free of depression and I know I can. Thanks for giving me your time, I really appreciate it. Thanks for listening to me, I wish you every success in
being free of depression. It’s a horrible illness that you probably don’t even need to have. Thank you so much. See you soon.



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