• Therra Algabre

    1st comment

  • Joey Monster


  • HollyAriah

    She’s so classy I just love her. She could be our queen for sure xx

  • Cringed gaming

    Who else loves James

    I’m gifting my next 5 subscribers

  • MissChanandlerBong12

    Julie Andrews and Kristen Bell TOGETHER on one show? These are two of my favorites! How did I ever get so lucky?

  • Ramani Muthucumarana

    😁too earlyyy! Dont know wt to comment😂

  • GamerGreninjaGirl

    i love Julie Andrews so much!!!

  • Jaelah Scott

    no one cares about the comment u got and BROO my 2 favorite ppl on here

  • Hail Holy Hwasa

    I don't mind if I heard this story too many times, as long as it's Julie Andrews I'm okay with that.

  • maral ronnie

    im 20 minutes late

  • Martina Bencec

    Julie Andrews is so witty and funny.she's great.
    Love her

  • The PlatinumDiva

    She is just Yar!! I love JULIE Andrews- and I just love that Kristen is like I really get to hear her talk about filming 🤓🤓

  • Carmen Gans

    i think we can all agree that julie will always be one of the most classy, witty, selfless humans to ever grace the planet. she is so genuine and pure. that story was so wholesome, i couldn’t help but smile the entire time 🥺

  • Sophiqui

    I think it’s physically impossible to not love and respect Julie Andrews

  • Jarod Gordon

    I could fondly remember the last few times Dame Julie Andrews was in the Late Late Show a few times with a Scotsman.

  • Samantha

    Wait, what? She wasnt died?

  • Eitan Peles

    Come on, Julie Andrews. There is no such language as austrian. In Austria people speak german.

  • Perpetua Lievens

    i love her omg

  • Fernanda Rojas

    I love our queen Clarise ☺️

  • Glori Snow

    I freaking love Julie Andrews but the fact that she says "it was in Austrian or German or something…" Austrian is NOT a language! There are dialects, yes. But we speak German and it annoys me SO MUCH when people don't know that Austrian isn't a language, especially when they've been to Austria!

  • Macarena Rey Luna

    Where do I sign for Julie to adopt me?

  • Salome Bentic


  • sd61984

    Genovia! Forever will your banner wave! 🤴

  • Sophia Klass


  • Jericho Adiwarna

    Julie Andrews will always be Mary Poppins❤️❤️❤️

  • Mr. Magic

    Jules and K.Bell!!! Come on!! So much talent and lovelyness!!!

  • Lea Jones

    I love how she says "darling".

  • Shams

    so witty and smart. She also looks so fresh and radiant. We need to see her in more films!

  • Maya M

    She's 84??

  • Sreejoyee Roychowdhury

    An actual queen ❤️

  • Lisbeth Guerrero

    I was literally watching the sound of music yesterday! 😍😍

  • Allie McAlister

    I am portraying Liesl in the Sound of Music play in April!

    Wish me luck, guys!

  • Cristina Cabrera

    Our queen!

  • g

    I love that julie is just popping up everywhere now

  • Paige Tan


  • Isabelle Paisan

    why do i get the feeling that julie andrews is my grandma every time i watch her??

  • Aurora Cody

    I met Dame Andrews at the Chautauqua Institution with her daughter Emma. They were there giving a lecture on their collaboration in writing together. I waited in line for three hours to have 60 seconds of her time, and it was absolutely worth it. She shook my hand and was as sweet as can be. Every wonder and thought that I had had of her up until that moment came true when she shook my hand and engaged in some small talk with me about My Fair Lady (I had just played Eliza Doolittle seven months prior to this meeting). Up close she looked like she hadn't aged a day. What a remarkable treasure and talent she is!

  • Thomas Heyes

    i dunno whats better the story or Kristens face during it

  • Chris Kan

    She's Mary Poppins, y'all!

  • Corrie- Onagoodday

    She is an absolute gem. Nobody like her. She is timeless!

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