• Sawmiller Smith

    It is my opinion that to clear your arteries fasting and a low carb diet exercise is probably the main ingredients.

  • Paul Yac

    Will taking K2 help? I think that's the main question!

  • Nmethyltransferase

    Eat liver, fish, and natto (or take A, D3, and K2 supplements) because they're essential nutrients, not because they're panaceas or miracle cures!

  • Kay Tee

    What about co enzyme Q10 as well? That’s good for circulation.

  • Kay Tee

    If you take increased d3 it is important to add k2 as well.

  • Erik Janse

    Thanks Dr. Brewer. Very interesting paper. This triggers the following question: Why are Calcium volume and Calcium density not also measured along with the scan determining the CAC-score?
    Reading the paper, there seems to be a high correlation between the number of people with diabetes and the calcium volume, i.e. the group of people with a higher Calcium volume (4th quartile) is also the group with the most diabetes people in it. Which is fully in line with all your prior VDO, i.e. having diabetes increases the risk of CVD.
    However there also seems to be high correlation between the number of people that uses statin and the Calcium volume, i.e. the group of people with a higher Calcium volume (4th quartile) is also the group with the most statin users in it. This would be contrary to the thesis that the use of statin would decrease the risk of CVD.
    Do you see any explanation for this outcome or do I misread the table (Table 1) in the paper? Thanks!

  • Alex Katsanos

    Don’t forget little things like making sure you get your minerals into the cells like taking Epsom salt baths. Stretching also helps improve the flexibility of the arteries IMO. Also Dr. Brewer are you aware of Dr. Wright who YouTube suggested I view. In Wash State He talks about blood being too thick causing inflammation at the bifurcation points causing plaque and giving blood drops your HA/Stroke risk way down. Basing it on two large studies and the book “The origin of Atherosclerosis” comments?

  • Jake Hayes

    Hi DR.
    Great video!  Thanks for revisiting this. So the court is still somewhat out on K2? This study certainly makes it much less certain that it's helpful. Maybe it's even harmful for certain folks?

    How do you draw the LDL out of the plaques? Is it assumed that when calcium density goes up that's what happening?? 
    That volume is going down and LDL is being removed?
    That makes sense to me…. but I don't want to assume this… as you say… it's just not that simple.

    FYI: At 8:58 you state that the higher the density the great the risk… clearly not what you intended to say.

  • Keny Charles

    Thank you for showing the studies and how to find them. I am learning.

  • Radnally

    Great insight. It seems like so many of the anecdotal stories have the subject patient doing a multitude of beneficial things and thus make it difficult to isolate the greatest contributing factor for the positive outcomes. And whether some of the factors really are significant at all.

  • JediStockTrader

    Look what happened to Susan Lucci… She was bragging about her exercise and diet routines all over the net and boom she almost died of a widow maker.I went and looked up her diet.Wow pretty much sugar sugar sugar! "Natural" sugar in her coffee,fruits fruits fruits etc etc.

  • Ahmet Erdemir

    Dr. Brewer

    Greetings from Tucson AZ

    At 10.51 you say at higher the density higher the risk. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? i.e. higher the density lower the risk.
    (Density and Volume inversely correlated for given mass, so higher the density lower the volume ?)

    Love your videos by the way. When you have time can you elaborate more on low dose Crestor and inverse effect on calsification.
    Thanks very much.

  • Andy Bowman

    Possibly a different discussion, but Dr Rhonda Patrick cited a Spanish study of over 7000 individuals over 55 that found higher K2 intake was associated with fewer incidence of heart attack or cancer. Perhaps these folks didn't have any calcification in their arteries though. The debate goes on, lol.

  • NutraNuva - FACE FOOD

    Wow, that was great – but the issue continues. What do you think needs to be established before we know exactly what it was that reversed John's volume to such a marked degree, so that he got a much better CAC score?

    It seems the jury is still out on K2.

    Thanks for readdressing this.


  • Annette Fowler


  • judi be mellow

    When looking at the study at 8min 57 sec you said higher density higher risk. Then you went on shortly after to say the opposite.( higher density == lower risk) Which is it?

  • charles marriage

    Heartening news in a way. I have various neurodegenerative diseases, increasing deafness, poorer vision through AMD, poorer short term memory, cardiovascular disease, and increasing tremors from a condition that is inherited (essential tremor). High blood sugar is a commonly suspect cause. So perhaps I can kill 5 birds with one stone. Good news

  • Richard Burklin

    You make very good points. However, there are many lengthy studies involving thousands of people showing the benefits of vitamin K2, which you may not be considering. I recall seeing that a daily dose of 300 micrograms of K2 is required to remove arterial calcium. Therefore it may be beneficial to take a lower dose say 100 micrograms of K2 along with a prudent diet and exercise program.
    Rich Burklin

  • Typical Male

    So is it not possible to get a density score from the typical calcium scan result? I know I just got a score number on mine. Is the density score available but just not given to the consumer?

  • Brian Crane

    I was an engineer in the defense industry for 30 years…a scientist if you will..I absolutely LOVE the detail and analysis that you provide for us. Many, many thanks Dr. Brewer!!

  • SteveAB4EL

    High volume: high risk … High density: low risk. A plaque that was inflated (low density) collapses (by unknown mechanism) and converts to thin, high density. The two measures might be semantic flavors of the same underlying bloodstream reality … and not two independent factors?

  • Paul Lasa

    Sometimes I miss the paper waving 😉

  • gary smallwood

    That guys a champ!Five miles a day hikes at 70 on high altitude.

  • Akane Cortich

    I wont repeat my links etc except to say there are many good reasons for K2 re CV disease.

  • Akane Cortich

    would be interesting to see if K2 reduced further events of calcification, rather than just reducing the level of existing calcification. i.e. it prevented calcification through its supposed mechanism of protecting vascular health.

  • E Yarar

    Thanks to you (because my doctors never mentioned the importance of CIMT to me; thank you so much indeed) I did my first CIMT in 11/2017 and the second very recently 02.2019. Right ICA posterior wall showed a stabile and hypoechoic plaque %20 and now it seems only %10 of stenosis. ICA/CCA ratio was 0.887 and now 0.858. Right intimal thickness from 1.0mm to 0.9mm. Peak systolic velocity right ICA 95 to 97 and right CCA 107 to 113 and and end diasytolic velocity ICA from 17 to 33 and CCA from 25 to 32. Left Peak CCA from 95 to 113 and ICA from 78 to 98 and end dia ICA from 30 to 33 and CCA from 26 to 29. I smoke 0.5mg nicotin cigarettes 14 cigs a day ( i will quit promise); have IBS-D; chronic prostatis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome CP/CPPS (after my abdominal bleeding surgery developed) and hypertension (on hyzaar 100/12.5) and never used statins but all cholesterol seems fine for my age 57 and 165 lbs(lost some 10 lbs after paying att to my diet yet sedentary still unfortunately); and for the past 2 years daily 200mcg menaquinone7 and mornings DHA 600mg and nights 500mg EPA. I wish machine was able to calculate my arterial age as well but id didn't have the software (is there any way to calculate it manually at home or so)… i wanted to share my data and strongly believe that K2 really works because i had a high stage osteoporosis and after 2 years with K2 my bone scan shows it does not exist anymore… thank you so much… i must say that i will also initiate a 3 days a week 2.5mg rosuvastatin. My HsCRP is 3 due my IBS and CPPS as my doc says and but offers nothing and so maybe rosuvastatin low dose low frequency will also deal with that… again many many thanks indeed and i would welcome and appreciate your friendly comments on my results (with no obligation ofbcourse)… also please take care of yourself too cause we need you Sir…

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    It was the exercise for sure. 10mi uphill is incredibly good for you.

  • Dave Oatway

    It's never that simple! I agree. And of course there is no way to know what actions caused the possible changes I experienced, but I felt that none of the life style changes were risky, and there was a possibility the K2 could help. Did it? unknown, and probably unknowable. I will ask my very excellent doc for a CAC test. Thank you for your usual insightful analysis.

  • Jim Dandy

    So CT "low" calcium scores of coronary vessels may be deceptive.

  • Steven Dragoo

    so if someone takes nattokinase and K2 then clots, calcium, and plaque are removed?

  • Ed Roy

    CAC Scan reports really should include volume and density. You can work it out from the Angatston score and raw volume but it’s a pain. CAC should go down as inflammation goes down, but maybe K2 helps ‘normalise” calcium once it’s no longer needed. Btw, I bet the original plaque was a response to necrosis caused by damaged vasa vasorum rather than LDL penetrating the artery for no reason 🤔

  • Ethan Wang

    It said you need to take D3 with K2(Mk 7) version. Mk7 stays in your body much longer than Mk4. The only benefit I have seen so far is that my panda circles are slowing melting away !

  • Francisco Garcia

    Thanks, Dr. Brewer for yet another great analysis of a complex problem!

  • Claude Desaulniers

    I guess you know you got mixed up with higher and lower @ 8:56.

  • Mike Anthony

    Isn’t the CAC the volume? My mom understanding is that CAC the amount of plaque. That sounds like volume to me.

  • clean up

    Still gonna be taking my k2 and d3, I'm out.

  • Harald Engels

    Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to correct multiple decades of a bad lifestyle. As early as possible lifestyle changes (especially in the area of nutrition and exercise) seem to be the best answer. Thank you for all the dedication and efforts to make your knowledge globally available via YouTube. I assume that you are preventing many premature deaths with that 🙂
    My only question is if K2 – MK7 might not be helpful if you supplement D3 – e.g. for preventing a D3 supplementation induced increased calcification?

  • TheBeautyanna

    Hi Doc! Just spoke with someone that works with you to ask questions about your program, 2 weeks a go the love of my life my husband had a CAC score 914 which drove me crazy and of course our family, no insurance we from Brazil and our doctors are there, first thing I wanted to do is going there to see what is happening inside his arteries which one is blocked or to put stants or whatever do something so he could be saved, and doing a lot of research found YouTube channel Ivor Cummings and saw Patrick and also Dr Blanchet and I bought vitamin K from Patrick with the koncentradedK, selenium, magnesium we already take D3 with K2 and fish oil! I was not sleeping not doing good at all, then I spoke with someone with Dr Blanchet team that told me about the real score was the volume score not the agatston the volume is 666 which is high and he doesn’t have any symptoms which I know don’t mean anything for a cardiac event, he is in a low carb no sugar and fasting, stop the smoking and what I was told he has been with this probably for a long time, we went to a cardiologist here in Atlanta that really sucked horrible doctor put him is Lipitor didn’t order any lab work and want to do a stress nuclear test, I just told my hubby about you let see, I am a healthy freak I know some about diet life style and nutrition just need help with blood work and to see if vitamin k is the key! Thank you Doc for helping people! I hope you will help us too!

  • Alterofit

    Thank you for this video and nice presentation. Good info! Just want to correct that you might be wrong or misspoken that it's not LDL (which is lipoprotein, just a carrier) but cholesterol by itself. LDL is not cholesterol. Timestamp: 3:00

  • poppy flower

    I have Atherosclerosis, so I'm terrified of taking MK7/D3-K2, because I want to keep the plaque stable! Compounding the problem is malabsorption of all fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, salt and bile issues, etc., all due to full ileostomy. So, the last thing I need is to liquify existing plaque. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Dave FromLondon

    Dr, I just had a CT FFR scan to set a baseline for my artery health. I had a regular ct scan 3 years ago 390 score, then a stent. I’m now told there is a new test using the ct ffr but can identify the soft plaques. In other words, my arteries may have some blockage but if the plaque is hard then no real need to worry. That said, I listen to other YouTube sources on vitamin k7, you are the only one against it and I value your opinion. Your older video said k7 May destabilize the calcified plaque so there is a risk to taking k7. I’m really not sure what to do here. Any ideas

  • farrokh farr

    on one of the channel's one doctor claims that 90 percent of the plaque is calcium and k2 will dencifys the plaque. is it true ? i value your idea. thank you good doctor

  • Stefan Van der Spuy

    Gosh, he is all over the place! He's not answering the question, is he? Does K2 decrease your risk? He keeps on and on about calcium volume and density, but does not give a final conclusion. I did not enjoy this video.

  • Mike Reiffin

    10 plus years followed plaque reducing Linus Pauling thought of soft plaque,.

  • R.R. Hughes

    So Dr. Brewer, Do you feel the Stain drugs are what helped you? Thank you in advance.

  • Gerald's Videos

    Wifey and I are on a daily regimen of D3, K2 and Mg.

  • Norman Buitta

    Great stuff always Dok!!
    Keep it up….you make a difference!
    Thanks much…

  • IncognitoTorpedo

    So what exactly is the takehome message? How do we reduce volume and/or increase density? How do we determine these values? Can they be computed from Cat Scan data?

  • maldives-joshua joseph

    Thanks so much. Not all the world understands the American accent. I did not understand a word of what you ssid.

  • charlie charlie

    This did not explain how k2 do or do not influence calcification. If higher density decreases cvd then how and why?

  • Pmaz

    So 11 minutes of what now???

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