Keith Eats Everything At Panda Express

Keith Eats Everything At Panda Express

– In 1973 in Pasadena,
California, Panda Inn was founded. 10 years later a sleek,
sexy businessman showed up and say hey, can you throw one
in my mall but make it quick? And in 1983 Panda Express was
born in the Glendale Galleria which is the mall that I go to. That’s my mall. Let’s dive in. (uptempo engaging music) (gong reverberates) It has been one week
since we ate everything at Burger King and now we are back. We’re eating another menu,
this week, Panda Express which in itself a hilarious
name because pandas are not known for their speed
or there being many of them. (guys laugh) So we’re gonna go in there,
get one of everything on the menu, which I think
is only 26ish things. The way we’re changing it up today is I’m gonna eat until I get bored of it. Every single thing, black
pepper chicken, fried rice, white rice, Beijing beef,
chow mein, a lot of things. That was five minutes. I am so excited this visual
menu is gonna be my guide today ’cause sometimes I get it and I’m like I don’t know what this burger is. I don’t know what the fuck that is. The fortune cookie, did
people always used to say like if you don’t eat the cookie
you don’t get the fortune? – That’s true. – I’m like fuck off. (cookie crunches) This is so sweet and dry. – I’d like the other half
if you’re not gonna eat it. – Oh I love, yeah I only
have to eat one bite, so. Your passionate heart will meet a matching flame today, Panda Express. Is this saying I’m gonna fall
in love with Panda Express? – I think so. (gong reverberates) – Let’s eat Panda Express’ menu! Yeah! The egg roll, it’s like the best frozen college dorm room egg roll. Egg rolls are definitely
something you never get bored of. – [Producer] The egg roll
was probably invented in the like the 1800s in San Francisco. – Nah the egg roll was definitely invented deep, deep in China. I’ve just been informed
the egg roll was invented in 1930s New York, but you
know pretty much ancient China. My favorite and my mom’s
favorite the crab rangoon. (engaging music) Mm, it’s like a Chinese cheesecake appetizer with a light crab flavor. I fucking love these. (rangoon crunches) This is the vegetable
spring roll which typically is only in rice paper but they’ve done us the honor of frying it
and I appreciate that. It’s like vegetables turned into goo but the outside is so
crispy and the flavor is so good like I can look past the goo. It’s like if an egg roll was a gusher. This is the fried lo mein noodles. Enjoy our crispy noodle in salads, soups, or with your favorite meal. They are even delicious
straight from the bag. (noodles crunch) Wow, those are some crispy noodles. Did you see how far that
one jumped out of my mouth? Jesus, the tension on that. They’re good, they’re
bland, I think they would probably be better on
a salad or in a soup. And now that we’ve finished
a course of the meal of course I get to have a fortune. Be curious, be present,
embrace uncertainty. And we’re gonna do just
that because we’re moving into these boxes and
they all look the same. So let’s just start being
uncertain and embracing it. (gong reverberates) White rice, I mean it tastes like how the rice out of the grocery store smells, kinda woody, kinda dusty, kinda ricey. This guy’s gonna hang out. He’s gonna have buddies joining him later. Broccoli, could’ve used a little more time in the steam bath. Oh fuck yeah! Everybody loves lo mein! (engaging music) Good chew, not too much oil, definitely has a a lot better texture than the rice. I would never get tired of eating lo mein. I’ll keep this around because this is also like essential for the dining experience. That was chow mein not lo mein. I guess chow mein and
lo mein are the same. The fried rice, you know perfectly simple. It’s better than white rice. (mumbles) I’m in my house today just
like in the Taco Bell episode. I got a new painting. All of these sides are
very much carrier pigeons for a more important message
and the message is meat. Brown rice, oh it’s so wet. Can you hear it? I mean look at how together it is. (engaging music) It’s glue. Remember in The Matrix when
they eat that soupy cereal? This is probably what I
imagine that tastes like. ‘Cause they say its very
bland and very boogery. – It’s a bowl of snot. – Some quick research:
chow mein is supposed to be when the noodles are fried
and they’re kinda crispy and lo mein is when they’re like boiled and probably stir fried
so they’re pretty gummy. These are gummy noodles, these are lo mein but I think Americans
just call all noodles and veggies that are stir fried chow mein, and I, you know chow is a
better word for Americans We like to chow down but
we also like to get low. (gong reverberates) The honey walnut shrimp,
look at these walnuts! Let’s try a walnut. Mm and these are like candied walnuts. This is the least healthy
form of walnut I’ve ever had. Walnut, walnut, walnut,
these Panda nuts are nuts. Let’s try this shrimp,
I’m very excited for this. I’ve never had the shrimp from there. I’m always wary of seafood from fast food. It’s pretty pleasant to eat. It is very gummy. It’s not the best shrimp in the world but it tastes kinda like shrimp. So there’s a vegetarian thing on the menu that’s tofu and eggplant,
what’s it called? – [Producer] Literally just eggplant tofu. – This is also the one that
leaked all over everything, which Chinese food is kind of
like you always get one thing that spills in the bag and
then you pull everything out and it’s just covered in some
sort of brown sticky goo. So that is part of the experience. Tofu and eggplant, I think I
could blow a bubble with this. It’s like eating a manila envelope. It tastes like shards of
paper are floating around my mouth and just slowly getting soggy. Let me just see. Very similar experience
to the food in the box. Shanghai Angus beef, straight
from Shanghai, so tender. Just watch, this is beef. Okay I didn’t do what I
thought it was gonna do. My teeth just went through like butter. I know there’s sauce on my face. Okay I need a towel; it’s all over me. Well the Shanghai beef really fights back. It’s pretty good. I’m excited about this little mushroom. Look how perfect that
little mushroom looks. Whoa, that’s an excellent mushroom. Green bean, what the fuck? What’s wrong with this dish? – [Eugene] You keep kissing your arms. – No there’s sauce on my arm. I’m not kissing my arms. – [Eugene] You’re doing it a lot. – It’s like a good version of
the terrible Taco Bell beef. I should try it with a noodle. Maybe that’ll help quell its anger. Mm hmm, mm hmm, so you do need to balance this with some of these sides. I feel like I need to take a bath. (blows nose) This is beef and broccoli. I can tell because it’s
got beef and broccoli. Thin strips of beef that
are soaked in sugar and oil, a little too wet, much tougher meat, with that fried rice, solid dish. Can’t go wrong with beef and broccoli. It’s a little bland but it’s definitely what you expect it to be. I could see myself
getting bored with this. Let’s introduce the first guest
of the day, Eugene Lee Yang! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – I wear black and white
’cause I’m a panda. – Oh that’s so cute, you do love pandas. – I do, I mean I’m Asian
I’m required to like pandas. – Yeah. – A lot of Asians and a lot of people like to say that places like Panda Express are not legitimate Chinese food. Fast Chinese-American
food is its own category. I would argue that it
its own type of cuisine. – Yeah. – And Panda Express was
created by Asian people. – Yeah, it was. – Yeah. Let’s eat the the Kung Pao chicken. – Yeah, I’m already eating. – Careful! Good flavor, it’s spicy– – I mean it’s not super authentic
but I don’t really care. – Yeah. – Yeah ’cause it’s, it’s yummy. – You know I’m not eating
those peppers are you crazy? This pepper is just screaming fuck you. – The fried rice, it could
use a little more flavor. – It just needs some salt. – Mm hmm. I like the chicken, really fatty. – Mm hmm and like when
you’re at the mall don’t you wanna eat the food
that has a reputation of you’ll be hungry again in two hours, so then you can get a pretzel? – [Eugene] Yeah. – Let’s open our cookies. – But you have to say your fortune in an added embed at the end. – Ooh, you will place your trust in others and be rewarded in bed. Wow that seems like it’s only for that. – Yep, your boundless heart will make room for one more in bed. – Wow. – Wow. – Is that saying you’re goonna like– – Fuck a lot of people? – Have a threesome? – I feel like this is gonna be your least detrimental to your body Eat the Menu yet. – I think I might be hungry. – You might want more Panda Express. Usually you’d have the
other Try Guys come guest. – Yeah. – But because this is Asian food, I mean who needs more white guys
commenting on Asian food. I think you should have all the other Asian people in the office come in. – All right, well I guess I’ll have YB and Alexandria show up. If you sign on up on Patreon
you can watch YB and Alex eat all of the food that I
don’t eat in these videos. ‘Cause everybody’s like
Keith you’re wasting food. I’m like uh ah, I’m making
my employees eat it. – [Alexandria And YB] Oh my God. – You have a little
pepper here on your tooth. – I have a lot of problems. The beautiful Eugene Lee Yang. (hyperbolized applause) – Go Asia. – The teriyaki chicken, this
meat was cooked recently. It was grilled, it’s got that sear. It smells amazing, I’m excited. (engaging music) That is the flavor. When you walk around that
food court you’re doing laps just to get an extra bite
every time you take the lap and hope he doesn’t remember who you were. Oh thank you, mm, oh yeah I might get that and then I walk away. If you did this and just that broccoli and white rice; it’s
probably the healthiest thing you could do at a fast food restaurant. I need some noodles. Mm hmm, oh, oh, these
two are best friends. Ladies and gentlemen, she’s
our editor, she’s amazing. Welcome YB Chang! (applause) – Yay, hi. – YB, I have a very special dish for you. – Okay. – I think you’re gonna like it. It’s the Beijing beef. – Yes, I like going back and forth between this and orange chicken ’cause it just has like a good flavor. – So if you did a combo you’d do the Beijing beef and orange chicken? – Yes. – And then noodles, fried
rice, or white rice? – Noodles. – Yeah of course. – Chow mein all the way. – Yeah. (jazzy music) Oh wow it’s so sugar-soaked. It’s like breaded like a fried chicken but it’s pounded and it’s a piece of beef. So in the South this
is chicken fried steak. This one, I’m not getting
tired of eating it– – Right? – It’s really quite good. – Okay, that’s why you go
between this and another chicken or something else so that you can just eat more and more and not get tired. – [Keith] Why do you wanna
be called Food Babies? – ‘Cause it’s like cute. You know it’s like we
have food babies ’cause we’re eating so much, but
you know we’re also like– – You’re also? – Like… (both laugh) – Please, please explain. Are you saying that you’re hot like a babe or you’re like sexy like a baby? All right, thank you YB we’ll see you next time on Eat the Menu! – Oh am I supposed to
open a fortune cookie? – Fuck! – Oh you don’t eat it? – No. – So you don’t eat your fortune. – It’s magic; it doesn’t matter. – Nurture your dreams. – That sucks. – I know. – [Eugene] In bed. – In bed. – Those who have hope
have everything in bed. (YB laughs) – Well thank you. – Okay, you’re welcome. – Bye. – Bye YB! YB Chang everybody, yay! What are you doing? – R. Kelly was just charged with aggravated criminal sexual misconduct. – All right, yeah, we got him! Wow I can’t believe it;
we’re a news organization. Mushroom chicken, oh
fuck, it’s really good! That’s a terrible name
for how delicious this is. It’s really savory, oh wow. I could eat this whole carton. – [Eugene] You know that Chinese takeout carton unfold into plates. – Unfolded? – [Eugene] Yeah. – But how will I fold it back? Eugene, oh wow, oh look
it it’s like origami. I, wow, whoa and then it goes right back. Wow, fuck, China. Salty, amazing, I would never get bored. String bean chicken
and there’s onions too. That was a pretty piece of chicken. This one tastes like at the end of your Chinese food meal when you’ve mixed everything together, this
just tastes like that. All the way from production
it’s Second Try LLC please welcome Alexandria Herring. The other half of the infamous
duo, the Leftover Ladies. – Nope, nope, no– – The, I don’t wanna
call you the Garbage Gals but if you insist, the Garbage Gals. – Hi, I’m one half of the Food Babies, like a child of the food. – That’s close, that’s better
than ’cause you know we’re– – Also yeah ’cause you know, you know. – Okay. – You know. – Okay I don’t quite
understand but comment below if you like Food Babies, Leftover Ladies, or the Garbage Gals which
I doubt even if you vote for that one we’re not gonna
pick it ’cause it’s mean. The Dumpster Divas. (both laugh) – I love it. – [Keith And Alexandria] Pepper chicken. This is my dad’s favorite. He always loved the pepper
chicken or the pepper steak, shout out to Donald Habersberger. – Dumpster Danny? – Dumpster Danny, my dad, my dad’s not part of the Dumpster Divas. – [Keith And Alexandria] Cheers. – Mm. – Mm hmm, yeah. – You have that nice gummy
texture of the chicken but then the nice crunch of the celery. And I love my crunch. – Oh this chicken is so good, is that gum? – I don’t know why you don’t like this. This is delicious. – It’s just sugar Alexandria. – But it’s like a little
spicy, a little pineappley. – Take a shot. – Will you take one with me? – Yeah. – Okay. – [Keith and Alexandria] Cheers. – Honor the restaurant. – Better do it I’m watching you. Mm. – Oh, eh– – So good. – Oh yeah so good. – It burns so good. – It does taste like
a terrible jello shot. – Oh, I don’t feel good. – Ah, bye Alexandria, thanks for, oh no, fuck I can’t try to say goodbye. I want all the fortunes for myself. I love the the fortunes. – For success today
look first to yourself– – In bed. Say yes, in bed. All right, thanks for
dropping by Alexandria. See ya later! – Bye guys, thank you, bye. – See you in the after show. We’re here; we’re at the end of the menu and we’re finally where
everyone wants us to be, the covenant, the golden, the impeccable, the perfectly impossibly
delicious orange chicken. Pow, orange chicken, the only fried… (chicken smacks) It’s the only fried chicken morsel so delicious you’ll want to eat it twice. (engaging music) Mm, oh yeah, it’s so good, God. The orange chicken, you
just can’t fuck it up. I don’t know I feel
like when you walk into a Chinese food restaurant it
smells like the orange chicken. You can smell the oil,
you can smell the sugar, you can can smell the
orange; everybody’s having a good time, people are dancing. Asian ladies are walking
quickly between tables, cleaning up plates as loud as they can and then people are getting big plates, and little boys are going oh wow. And then everybody’s like
the orange chicken is here. And like streamers fall
and everything falls away to black and it’s just you
and your family at the table, and you’re just there and
you’re just feeling good, and everybody takes a bite,
and all the arguing stops. (engaging sensual music) So there’s also a lot of grinning. (gong reverberates) There were like five or
six things that I thought were really amazing, but I think my winner is the going to be the mushroom chicken. Terribly named but I
thought it was actually the best balance of salt,
and sugar, and flavors. It didn’t feel too fatty
and I think people haven’t tried it because it’s named poorly. So I’m trying to put that out there. Try that mushroom chicken. Tell ’em Keith sent you for 10% off. Nah, nah no don’t do that do
that, but you can tell ’em. My least favorite, hands
down, the tofu eggplant. What a garbage vegetarian choice. You gotta give ’em something
else Panda Express; cashew veggies, I would eat
the fuck out of cashew veggies. That was the only thing
that was bad; I ate the box. Out of all the fast food places I’ve tried this is probably the best one, just because I don’t feel like garbage. There’s enough variety
for you to feel like there’s a lot of options but
it’s not overburdening with you with all these crazy, slight variations. Every thing was very different. It’s simple and I think that’s
why they’re so successful. We’ll see you next time! This has been Eat the Menu! I ate the menu, make
sure you join on Patreon to see the
leftoverladies/foodbabies/garbage gals eat everything I didn’t eat this week. Plus I’m gonna make
them buy some more food ’cause I actually ate
a lot more than normal and they really need to do the muck bone, you know eating way too
much food, you know? All right, we’ll see you next time. (engaging rock music) – [Keith And Alexandria] ♪ Beijing ♪ Beijing pork back fat, ♪ ♪ Beijing duck ♪ ♪ Beijing deer ♪ ♪ Beijing fish ♪ ♪ Beijing keep ♪ ♪ That’s the end, pow ♪



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