• Holli S.

    Addiction is half genetics half environment. Those with an addictive personality can get hooked on anything, from drugs to p*** to extreme dieting, etc. Clearly, some addictions are far more dangerous than others, but the point is that it’s not the substance. Most people could take ketamine, opioids, etc. and not ever feel addicted. For the percentage that do, they need help.

  • Holli S.

    Doctors hand out antidepressants like candy these days, now that other drugs are seen as “taboo.” Yet somehow it’s totally okay to put patients on cocktails of SSRIs, muscle relaxers, and so on, because they are incentivized. If doctors weren’t incentivized, they’d uphold their Hippocratic Oath to “Do no harm.” I’ve seen people put on antidepressants for anything and everything

  • Rick rick

    Where is the talk from the ketamine doctor?

  • Reem Mohd

    We use ketamin to intubate people to knock them out

  • Betteroptions Now

    I had severe depression and normal antidepressants didn't work. ketamine saved my life – I had racing thoughts, suicidal idealization, no motivation etc. My depression was NOT due to life problems. Ketamine is for treatment resistant depression. DO NOT make it harder to get. It is really hard to get outside of the USA, so don't f*** it up by protesting against what you personally don't need. I say the more doctors who can administer it, the better, because it will become cheaper and more accessible. A general practitioner's referral should be enough. If somebody has tried normal treatments and they haven't worked, and they are desperate, they need help quickly. They shouldn't have to jump through hoops and pay psychiatrist's hundreds of dollars to be referred. Many people with severe depression haven't been able to work so they can't afford this. RELAPSE, of course you do, you have to take it like a diabetic takes insulin! Not everybody who has severe depression has poor 'life coping skills'. That's an ignorant statement. The symptoms of severe depression make it difficult for you to cope, not the other way around. The dose of ketamine for depression is much smaller than that used in treating pain or what is used by people who take it recreationally. I wouldn't take it if I didn't need to. I've never used street drugs. I wouldn't know how to get hold of it even if I did want to take higher doses than what is given to me.

  • Kel Koeller

    Very biased!!! Seems like they went to some sketchy clinics!!!!

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