Lauv on the Importance of Asking for Help | Seize the Awkward | Ad Council

Lauv on the Importance of Asking for Help | Seize the Awkward | Ad Council

Sometimes I just hit a point where I don’t want to make music anymore. I don’t want to do anything anymore. I’ve come to realize- oh that’s not my rational mind. It’s just coming back. So I wrote this song right- I would say- right before I started really getting help. It was actually a friend of mine- who really- he helped me a lot. I would explain all these things I was obsessing about to him, and he would be like, ‘Ari, I don’t think there’s one fix to your sadness, like I think you might just be depressed.’ He listened to me every single time. Every single time he played it out with me. And he never once started to check out or get tired. So I was really lucky to have him- like really lucky. Since I started to deal with my own situation I just find that so many people are struggling and they don’t really talk about it. You know? As soon as I start to talk about my story- that’s when people start to be like- ‘Ok well here’s what I’m experiencing.’ You know they start to feel like welcomed. That’s what really helped me. Talking to somebody who had experienced some issues themself. I’ve found that even when I think it’s gonna be awkward or think it’s gonna be bad- When you open your heart up people are receptive. It seems like it’s gonna be a lot more awkward than it actually ends up being, ya know? So that line where I say: ‘I don’t wanna be medicated. I don’t wanna go through that war.’ Was right before I started seeing a psychiatrist cuz I was very… what’s the word for it? Stubborn. I was like, ‘I don’t wanna go through this! I don’t wanna deal with that!’ My whole perspective ended up changing. I’ve developed a relationship with my friends where there’s a precedent where I feel way more comfortable to talk to them about stuff and that has to start somewhere. It has to start with one conversation. I feel like I have people around me that- anytime it gets bad I can lean on them. When you’re going through it- anything that you’re going through- it can feel endless. You know- it just feels like it’s swallowing you. And um… When I started talking to my friends and my family- that was when everything changed. It really just comes down to being that person that somebody might need. You know- if you feel like you’re witnessing something- take a leap of faith and just start talking. It doesn’t really matter where you start. It just matters that you start.



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  • Alan Malcheski

    you can't say that being awkward works every time but it doesn't work at all if you don't try. Better to be awkward than completely complacent.

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