• Trap Town xyz

    Loving it!

  • Regina St. John

    The Gossip App lol

  • Amanda Peterson

    I like this idea however it's executed poorly and isn't going to help, it could make things much worse. for one children are bullies… so if a group of friends ostracizes one friend out of the group bc of whatever reason, they could then make up a lie and report a person. What if several people could conspire together and report a person who didn't do anything wrong or against rules? How are you going to separate the BS from the truth? When you call the police tip hotline anonymously not all the tips are true claims and they get a lot a false reports. So how are you going to separate the lies from the truth? Seriously this is an issue. It's not fair because you doing this gives angry bullies, bitter people and jealous girls a chance to report anyone with no accountability. I really hope that you guys look into these reports instead of quickly taking disciplinary action against these students that have been reported. This is in no way helpful. At all!

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