Lisa Maria Cruz |  A Journey Through Schizophrenia

Lisa Maria Cruz | A Journey Through Schizophrenia

When you’re having a delusion you don’t, it doesn’t feel wrong it doesn’t feel bad it doesn’t feel traumatic in any kind of way. When you’re having a delusion your delusion is your reality. I have like this recurrent theme of like thinking people are witches when I’m delusional. So anyway, my husband came to visit me and I was convinced that he was Harry Potter and I told him to get on his broom and fly away. (laughs) He kept coming back and I loved him for that. Somehow I ended up in a psychiatric hospital in Brainerd Minnesota. I don’t really remember how I got there. My goal was to drive to California. I remember I was wearing flip-flops and I thought the flip-flops were evil so I threw them in the garbage and I was driving barefoot and the police pulled me over. And I remember my husband he came out there and he bought me a sweat shirt that said Minnesota on it and that that was like one of my favorite sweatshirts. (laughs) (chanting) I have been chanting since 2000 and I know that I am in a better place than I would have been without my practice. It’s “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” and means devotion to the mystic law of cause and effect through sound vibration. And so when you chant that, it connects you with the universe because we’re all interconnected and sometimes people that have mental health issues aren’t always able to see that because they sometimes have a tendency to isolate. But we are all interconnected (music)



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