LOONA/Chuu ‘Heart Attack’ Reaction/Review

LOONA/Chuu ‘Heart Attack’ Reaction/Review

Hi guys, this is Umu from React to the K and I am back home on winter break And it just so happened that my family lost their camera So I am without a camera and using my father’s iPhone 7 to film my reaction Yeah, I just I couldn’t wait for better quality. I just had to react to…Chuu’s! Debut! I am so so so so so so so so so crazy excited I’ve watched the teaser at least 20 times, just so Excited to how fun this music video and song is going to be- I like- you have no frickin idea, like- I haven’t- I haven’t been this excited for a comeback in a really long time Let’s go And also I love her color. I love love love love love that peach color hello. I’m already biased. [Shook by the intro] [Even more shook] (umu, are you okay….?) That was a….. Oh my god, okay. I’m gonna do a second listen and actually talk right now. I’m just kind of in shock I Feel like right now they’re using some tropes, but they’re using like a trope per measure ??? So it’s keeping it exciting even though I’ve heard some of these used before….. or used often in pop music Like the descending bass line used right here or in the vocals. But really really crunchy vocal cords Really really crunchy chords in the vocals This is so cute how she’s just like the biggest fangirl of Yves… (Umu she has a crush on her lol) Damn! This is so fun! And I’m loving loving these crunchy harmonies (chuu has such a great voice i’m so proud of her & loona) Did that modulate? I just… I need to really pay attention more… Yeah, I love the chromaticism. They’re using a lot of that in this one, but mainly in the instrumentals Man, I can’t describe this a song, it’s just a bunch of a lot of things Ohhhh~ and then we– here we have the beginning of the teaser, it’s a nice bridge Chuu’s gonna take a bite and it’s.. gonna.. THAT was a modulation I was expecting something to happen like in Choerry’s music video So this is turning out way more melodic than I thought it was going to be I love her voice! (me too umu) I feel like all the other members have either much more airy or nasal or…. You know…. Not quite as in-your-face vocals, but hers are- whoo- loud, baby, loud or it could be just mixing Oh! Haseul! Hello! And who’s singing in the background? (It’s the original version of The Carol playing faintly) Wow, well, that was a rollercoaster… But in the end, this song didn’t turn out as quirky as I thought it was going to be Which was, I mean, it had plenty of fun noises, but… It kinda just went with the pop-y side of quirk. If that makes any sense? I don’t know, it could have been quirkier Oh yeah, so. [struggling] Mmm, it was just octaves, but it’s from something, another song has.. I think the exact same notes Oh, my god. That’s gonna kill me for the rest of night I don’t know how to feel about the percussion samples used. As in, like, I both love them and it’s kind of painful.. maybe it’s because I have my music turned up really loud but. The bass drum is super super quiet and muffled and the….. Snaps? Are super super super high pitch and like really close to my eardrums, so I just wished that was levelled out a lot more But it does add to the hype and to the style that this song is going for so. mixed feelings! And I love like the video game *ba dee ba dee* and then I love the- just- layers of this song It starts off very….thinly layered….and then….more vocal harmonies…. And here’s the tonic tonic tonic tonic tonic tonic tonic in the piano Chromatically descending synth! This happens a LOT before choruses, I find now… So this song switches between like, no progression whatsoever, to either [thinking] Oh, there’s kind of a progression right now….. Oh it’s the.. I think it’s the I, III, II, V that plays during the bridge in the chimes My favourite part about this song is Chuu… her voice, her rapping, she adds all the attitude, she adds all the flair, all the fun. I- There’s really not much going on in the instrumentals at all, no crazy rhythms, [missed the last part] Constant eighth notes, or just one two three four, one two three four… So THE most typical pop beat you can have But, you know, taking out the instrumentals, leaving it just for the vocals Seen that before, but you know what that’s what I usually like about songs And I really really like the vocal… the background vocals in that part, the ahh’s And then you add the.. I’m not sure what the chords are, but… the scales degrees to the main melody of the chimes in the background is I, III, II, V… And then modulation! I was looking through like a bunch of comments and stuff and I saw that it seems like the majority of Loona fans like Eclipse And then I’ve seen a lot of comments people saying that they like this a lot. Tell me what you think I’m curious I was… Honestly, a little bit let down just because you know I’m seeking the craziest stuff, and, in my mind.. the craziest stuff is, uh, (Yeojin’s) Kiss Later, and Heejin’s Vivid, and Choerry’s (Love) Cherry Motion, and… Haseul’s…. Oh god, what was her song called (It’s called Let Me In), but yeah, Haseul’s song, and of course… Loona 1/3’s songs (Ex: Sonatine), and I’m.. that’s what I’m looking for, that’s what- those songs are why I stan Loona Also aside from the freaking amazing concepts that this group?? Has?? But it seems like right now Loona, the Loona members are getting more and more and more pop-y, and which means that they will become more popular because, you know, the… Point.. of pop music is to be catchy and pop-y But, on this channel, we look for a little bit more.. if that makes sense.. and so Um, with Yves’ song, I was a little bit let down and this one I was a little bit let down Um, I can’t wait to learn about the next two members, right? Because there’s 12 Loona members, and yeah, okay Thanks for watching my reaction, and I will see you guys later. Bye!



  • A 181

    Vivid and let me in are my favourite solos but chuu's song is up there too

  • that kid

    the sound of both hear attack and i'll be yours by girls day seem really similar

  • Aaron Kepley

    Heejin Vivid and Choerry Love Cherry Motion for solos, and Odd Eye Circle for the group songs. Those are my favorite songs to listen to, but i think 1/3 has better songs in general, they're just a little harder to get into the mood for.

  • Ash2theB

    I don't know why but I keep thinking of Britney spires when watched the video. But the beat is like Beyonce Single Ladies circa 2012 era. I to tried to find the song.

    Update: it is the same composer as vivid and red velvet’s ice cream which makes sense. Also may sound like Girl’s day I’ll be yours because of the piano. And the back beat of the chorus does sound like Twice’s Touchdown. The dance moves reminds me of Beyoncé 2012 and 2000s Britney more here which figures.

  • 211xx112


  • blu3draco

    I'm done. I admit defeat. Sorry HeeJin, temptation got the better of me. Blame the snake.
    (Get it? Temptation? Eden? Nvm.)

  • tvince


  • Corina

    please react to let me in my haseul!!!

  • Asian God Sex Dean

    React to Dean – Instagram please

  • Common Senso

    Ur one of the pro musicians i appreciate that

  • Common Senso

    I heard 9 member will debut , because they following the contract that in this coming 2018

  • ToShi Star

    looks like Chuu got everyone jaw dropping XD I did the same thing in my reaction. I hope you'll check it out <3 #stanloona

  • Uynga Moomoo

    React to Mamamoo's last performance in Immortal songs 2

  • aliceramenhead

    umu be slaying dat short hair tho

  • Syahrulsyabani y

    React exo. Universe pleaseeee

  • Syahrulsyabani y

    React to exo universe

  • Ly Nguyen

    This song is so fucking gay

  • Lenard Salceda

    tbh i had the same thoughts when i first listened to this but i was too distracted about this girl's PIPES. im shaking

  • Raisya Renata

    I think this is catchier than kiss later cause i can sing (?) the lyrics in one day

  • Reddyice100

    The jeanxmarco in the background though

  • s

    even though it wasn't very musically interesting(?) i feel like heart attack is one of my favorite loona songs to date. it just makes me really really happy and i'm in love with chuu's voice.

  • s

    also it makes me so happy when you react to loona related stuff i'm soooo so glad that you like them 💓

  • orbit67

    i love this song, the chorus chord progressions just get to me its so catchyyy although eclipse isnt one of my faves for loona even though its popular… I definitely like this comeback more than Yves but not more than Girl front

  • Jane S

    Can you do a review of 1/3's songs? Because I love their songs but I don't know why I love them


    Do you will do girl's talk reaction?

  • Ubiquitous_Star

    Loona have always had pretty vocals and of course Heejin and Haseul are amazing vocalists but they've never had a vocalist like Chuu who has a more powerful voice. With the majority of Loona having softer vocals i was beginning to wonder if there was gonna be a member who had that power to her voice and Chuu delivered that.

    I honestly dont know which solo is my favourite but Heart attack, Kiss Later, New and Let me in are definitely up there.

  • Vitor Alonso

    HaSeul making an appearance is not at all random. Remember the Moebius form of loona's universe? When you "flip sides", everything gets inverted.
    Yves (1st of 4 members new subgroup) meets Vivi (4th of 4 members LOONA 1/3), Chuu (2nd) meets Haseul (3rd). The 11th girl (3rd) will probably meet HyunJin (2nd) and the last one will get to meet Heejin.
    I can't even measure my hype for the last subgroup.
    Also, note her color is just a lighter version of Yves'. The shipping here is THICC.

  • Spooks Boh

    it's gay and i love it

  • Ken Nguyen

    Was the song you were thinking Girl's day I'll be yours?

  • minilysm


  • Rob Chang

    Umu, I have a question that I think will really resonate with you and your fellow classical musician reactors. How do you all feel about the way gaining musical knowledge (theory, performance skills, composition, arrangement/orchestration, production, history, etc.) has changed your ability to enjoy music? (Maybe you can do a video on this topic for CMR?)

    I personally find that there are always pros and cons. For example, I do art, photography, music, writing, and directing, and in each of those creative endeavors, I find that gaining knowledge will both increase and decrease your enjoyment. You often realize some of your favorite works are actually quite basic and you start to notice flaws you couldn't before, and you would also experience new works with a much more critical eyes, thus decreasing your enjoyment because you see all the areas that aren't good enough. But on the other hand, the knowledge you gain allow you to appreciate the more sophisticated aspects that you didn't have the ability to understand just how impressive it was before, and you know much more intimately how hard it is to achieve that (not to mention discovering new genres that you never would have gotten into in the past because you didn't understand how to appreciate them).

    Sometimes I do wish that I never delve into creative passions seriously, so that I could be easily impressed so much of what I experience, as opposed to only being able to enjoy the really excellent works, which severely decreases the percentage of every creative work I experience. But I try to maintain that enthusiasm and try to enjoy the simpler things even if it's not sophisticated or impressive, because there are lots of songs that might not have complex harmonic structure, unpredictable melodic contour, sophisticated arrangement, high-end production, impressive vocal ability, etc., but it is still very pleasing in its own way and deserves to be loved, even by those who have a good understanding of music theory/production techniques.

    BTW, "Eclipse" is still my favorite Loona song. The sultry/airy vocals and the electropop meets R&B sound is just heavenly. I do like Chuu's "Heart Attack" though–it's definitely one of the most fun songs in Loona's discography.

  • Ryan Wright

    Fellow classical musician here!

    You should def do a second react! I really liked your react from a musical perspective. I also stan loona like extremely hard. The layering technique they have is a neat idea imo but idk why I’m in doubt. Haha. Thanks for the vid!!! ❤️

  • iamadragon rawrrr

    Am I hallucinating or did I really see some yaoi art in the background.. XD

  • mimosaist

    Chuu's voice is holy

  • katie kawaii

    Are we really not going to talk about that gay storyline in a major kpop video?!

  • somy

    The song vaguely reminds me of another kpop song, atleast the beginning lol I can't put my finger on it but I'm thinking maybe IU /akmu but actually not really lol idk maybe it's just the genre!

  • Aira Biyo

    I like chuu's solo song better than kimlip's.

  • Leonardo Gonçalves

    do classical musicians react to odd eye circle

  • Jonalily of Lilayie

    The first few seconds of the song kinda sounds like the first part of Adrenaline of TTS (TaeTiSo)

  • Dream Yume Entertainment

    Hey Umu!!! I wanted to see if we had some similar things to say about this song and we did… especially that one Melody line that is similar to Girl's Day ' Something'. I was wondering if you thought that the descending synth bass line during the pre-chorus threw this song off a bit. I don't know what it is about that part but it really messed up the song for me. Loved your reaction as always. For me, JinSoul's 'Singing in the Rain' is one of my favorites. Musically it kills me and it just constantly has this heaviness. The weird things they did production-wise during the chorus really freaks me out (in a good way). Anyway awesome reaction! 😜💜

  • Gonza MartinS

    LOVE your reaction👌

  • XIUMIN'S HOE 24/7

    oh we CANNOT WAIT for the GAYS to TAKE OVER in 2018

  • øohdiānax

    when I first heard the song I automatically thought about snsd – you think!

  • øohdiānax

    and her voice reminds me of Kriesha Chu voice!

  • Carol

    As always thank you for your reaction and for sharing you opinions!! It’s always so interesting to hear about❤️ Personally Chuu’s song is one of my favorites of all of LOONA’s individual singles, only contesting with Haseul’s Let Me In. I do like Eclipse but it didn’t interest me very much unfortunately; I guess I had really high expectations, but I wasnt really let down, just was expecting a more dark and sultry type of song. And yas i agree, Chuu’s vocals are mainly what made me attached to this song! I would’ve liked it to be more quirky though, but they do have lots of time to experiment and see what works for Chuu as well as the group as a whole.

  • Hanna Sandy

    i'm umu

  • floralaesthetic

    I like your haircut it's so nice !

  • why is gamora

    I think the octave jumps at the beginning were also used in ‘you think’ by SNSD chorus, just with a different rhythm

  • Sami Haggood

    I love your commentary and your use of musical vocabulary. What about the side track, Girls' Talk? I feel like that might be another D-1 for you. And now that you're pointing it out, I bet you'll love the B-sides of these next LOONA girls more than the lead singles. That's my theory. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • BangLeeAhnYooChoI

    I enjoy d reaction.. but d pic behind umu distracting me..a bit… 😆😂

  • C Bold

    “She’s the biggest fan girl”…… umu they’re GAYYYY

  • Chrstaph Jhn

    Oh my. 😂😂
    Can you please also make a reaction to another chu?
    Puhleaaasee!!!! 😍

  • Tammy Tortilla

    omg I’m screaming @ your jeanmarco art on the wall in the background. I️ Love

  • Toni Rose

    I feel like it was similar to Girls’ Day – I’ll Be Yours?

  • Ulises S. Palma

    I invite you all to spread this (still unofficial) fandom name proposal: MIDΠIGHT (한밤중); as soon as the whole group gets revealed we will be able to say "We waited until 12 (the number of girls that will construct the moon in the LOOΠΔVERSE)", letting know that we have been supporting all the members and will keep doing so till the end.
    LOOΠΔ (이달의 소녀) fighting!

  • Dani

    I appreciate Umu's reactions because on this channel they focus on music and actually react to it, which is completely different from most reactions you can find on youtube, but I still keep waiting for them to react to what's happening in the video and keep getting frustrated over how Umu often doesn't pay attention at all at the screen haha. When I first watched Heart Attack I immediately fell in love with the song but also got so so excited about how gay and cute the mv is ♡♡♡

  • Myr

    Your reactions are so fake omg

  • Nyasia Manning

    the beginning of the song sounds so familiar to me but I CANNOT FUCKING REMEMBER! Someone help!

  • annie jo

    "fangirl" its gay sharon

  • Eneliko Vaotuua

    Whoops, wrong heart attack lmao, and im not talking about the demi lovato one either, 😈😈😈


    love love love this song…. her voice is PERFECT

  • ICan'tBeNormal xd

    Are you ok….?

  • Stefan

    Chuu is my bias. Vivi is a dangerous bias wrecker

  • Zeldadove

    You should do reactions to the b-sides like just one big video

  • Elfh Rousa Mclyba

    As far as I know, Yves did some harmonies for this song and some of the low vocals, in the beginning, are hers as well. This song is one of my all time favs when it comes to solo Loona! <3 I love your reactions <3

  • lisssie

    choerry's name is pronounced like "cherry" btw

  • Go stan A.C.E

    #myfavsongofLoona 💕💕

  • Zero Omar

    It's SNSD "You think" chorus.

  • Raven Etheridge

    I'm very happy that you were honest with your reaction, I am so down with it. Personally, this song is one of my favorites but that's because I'm slightly less musically and more vocally and I think that's what they were trying to showcase here. Chuu has such a freaking amazing voice and definitely one of the best vocalists (if not the best, tied with HaSeul) so I think they were trying to show that so that might be why they went with a less exciting(?) approach musically. Thank you for reacting to our local lesbian crushing on our Queen of the Gays.

  • Beatriz Zacharias

    Eclipse and Heart Attack are on my top 5 by sure, Let Me In, ViViD and SITR closing it. Also loving Egoist hard so maybe my ranking will change ???

  • K K

    Love gays

  • Eric Lee Piano

    Songs like "Let Me In" and "Sonatine" are also why I love LOONA so much! This song is musically very interesting, and my favorite part is the bridge (2:52). It has one of my favorite chord progressions… I don't know the exact name but it has a dominant with the seventh in the bass (same progression as BoA's Only One). Also, I love the tritone substitution at 3:00!

  • Oscachu

    is the song you're thinking of with the same notes Boots by Gugudan?

  • oyfao k


  • Iver France

    1:51 WAIT!!! Did Umu said crunchy vocal???!!?? OMG!!

  • Kt.kru.07

    “Fangirl” hahahahHahahhaHahahaAAHAHAH

  • Bella Alice Swan Cullen

    I love how you are honest about your reviews. Too bad you didn't like the song musically but nice you love Chuu! 😍 Gonna look up all your LOONA reactions, hope LCM is one of them!

  • Katie Vincler

    you seriously are sooo pretty & have the most beautiful smile!! just thought i would point it out

  • poetic


  • PenJinSoul

    Wait did BBC take 'crunchy' from this reaction???

  • Jatt 45

    Wtf I thought this was SCARXLRT Heart attack fck

  • Bella Alice Swan Cullen

    i feared you be very negative so a skipped it so far… I'm 99% into visuals and vocals, i just can't focus on instrumentals, so it feared there was nothing interesting going on for you.
    it keeps surprising me that you can totally ignore the MV and the story, maybe you have to to hear the music well?

    Glad you liked Chuu and her vocals though!

  • Jingab iGot7

    Will u do a reaction vid for oec's girl front?

  • Sunny Sun

    Love your reaction…n you're very beautiful💕

  • pastel sweets

    Huge gay energy

  • Tori H

    knowing damn well they gay 😂😂😂

  • Lily Ouattara

    honestly yeojins my bias second is chuu

  • euga

    Chuu's voice is frickin awesome. I don't know exactly what it is. It's "fun" but powerful at the same time. That contrast is awesome

  • Tori Gomez

    I’m crying bc she didn’t notice that awful creepy laughter in the briDGE

  • Amber Tirbhowan


  • Lauren Hofreiter

    chu attack my rrrrr chu attack my rrrr

  • clickhead

    Umu's attitude to this MV is Chuu's attitude towards Yves lol

  • Salt _

    “Its really cute how shes the biggest fan of yves”
    d o n t d e n y t h e g a y
    You literally have a Jean x Marco photo hanging up

  • Luna The Princess

    Straights will say they're just friends

  • A Guy

    That thumbnail is hillarious lmao-

  • yooseuls

    did you noticed the scary laughs in the bridge🙃

  • Laura M M

    “It’s very cute how she’s her biggest fan”

  • gemma feltovich

    it's a perfect pop song and i love it

  • DJ Rossi

    What's that art print behind you with the black and white and red/fore, two girls? Sorry-love your reaction it's adorable.

  • xime xd

    Yo no entender ni una verga

    Pd: deveria aprender ingles

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