LOW BLOOD PRESSURE-SYMPTOMS, CAUSE, PRECAUTION & REMEDY I निम्न रक्तचाप-लक्षण, कारण,सावधानी एव उपाय

LOW BLOOD PRESSURE-SYMPTOMS, CAUSE, PRECAUTION & REMEDY I निम्न रक्तचाप-लक्षण, कारण,सावधानी एव उपाय

Welcome to health care at home Today we are going to talk about hypo-tension means low blood pressure. A blood pressure of a normal human being is 120/80. 120 is our upper blood pressure that means when our heart shrinks The pressure with which blood reaches to the all other parts of the body, that upper blood pressure In normal human its 120 after that when heart relax or open up again. The pressure with which blood comes back to the heart that low pressure is 80. If your BP is not 120/80 rather its 110/70 You need not to worry, its not counted as a low blood pressure. Lot of people has this BP 110/70 throughout their life. When your BP is less than 100 and the lower figure is low than 60. That means your are suffering from the problem of Low Blood Pressure. What are the problems that comes with Low Blood Pressure? Blood doesn’t get supplies to all the parts of the body. Due to this all the other parts of the body didn’t get proper oxygen. Kidney, Liver, heart & brain will not get proper oxygen. So due to this reason lot of problems can come. At times many body parts stops functioning smoothly and at times some body part stops working completely. It can very cure, so let me tell you. But firstly we should know about its symptoms that our Blood Pressure is low. When you are awake in morning and you are feeling lethargic You must check your blood pressure once, chances are that your BP is low. If your heart beat is very high i.e palpitation.. in low blood pressure palpitation goes high which is a symptom. Vertigo and dizziness or blur vision. Or nausea. so all these symptoms are related to low blood pressure. Even a person get faint and even at times inability in breathing is also observed. Now what are the reason behind this? Its important reason is Emotional Disturbance means Stress. Low blood pressure is often seen in females mostly In males the problem of low blood pressure is minimal as compare to females. Malnutrition is the another reason. If you don’t have proper & balanced diet and suffering from Malnutrition Even then you will face the problem of low blood pressure. If you were on anti-depressant tablet for prolonged. Even then problem of low blood pressure comes. What to do if you are suffering from low blood pressure? but you should know first that what not to do. Complete no to alcohol consumption, for the people suffering from low BP. It contains intoxication. When we consume alcohol, our BP gets low Due to this we feel intoxicated. So if your BP is already low and to this you have consumed alcohol. Then it can be dangerous for you. You shouldn’t consume high carbohydrate food.Just like Pasta, Potato, Rice & Fried food items.. What to do? If your BP suddenly fall low The most easiest remedy is to mix 1/2 tsp Salt in a glass of water Add little bit of sugar, mix it and drink it in one go. This will bring your BP normal, Salt contains sodium which will normalise your BP. Although too much of salt intake is injurious. But in emergency you can do this remedy and your BP will be normal. Use Chocolate, as in it immediately normalise your BP. If your BP is getting low & if you’ll swallow a small chocolate immediately Then within 5 mins your BP will be normal. But if your BP is low always means if the upper range is lower than 100 and the lower range is less than 60 Then you must consume a strong cup of coffee. But don’t drink coffee with an empty stomach, you must eat something along with. As in coffee with an empty stomach can be injurious, caffeine is injurious so don’t be habitual of this. Do exercise, jogging, running and this way your BP will be normal. Till the time its low, one in a day you must consume a cup of coffee. If your have regular low BP then how to cure this? Let me share some remedies, Take good amount of ginger, approximately 100 gm Peel it and cut it into fine julienne Put these ginger juliennes into a bowl and squeeze a 3-4 lemon juice on it Also sprinkle black salt.. mix them all and cover it with a clothe and let it put under sunlight. This way lemon juice and salt will be incorporated in ginger If it becomes completely dry, well and good. but if it doesn’t, even then there is no problem. Take 3-4 julienne of this ginger and suck it before having your food. This will not let your BP goes down. if you’ll consume this regularly , your BP will be normal. There is one more remedy “licorice root powder” Either take licorice root or its powder Put 1 tsp licorice root in a boiling hot water Either put its root or powder and cover it for 5-10 mins. Later on sieve this water and add 1 tsp honey in it If you’ll consume 1-1 cup of this water twice in a day, your BP will stay normal. Also if you’ll eat 1 Gooseberry Jam, your BP will stay normal. You can keep your BP absolutely normal with the consumption of some juices. What are those juices and how to consume them, that I’ll share in the next episode. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people Should get the health benefits by sitting at home only So don’t forget to like and share our videos as much as you can. Thank you…



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