• Francisco Rivas

    3:09 from what humans know life has only been around for about 500 million years not billions of years

  • Nathan Gordon

    11:21 Rhett’s face is everything 🤣

  • Brooke Jxx

    here in the uk cheerios are super sweet and sugary in comparison to our usuals😂 shredded wheat and special k are like normals and our healthy are like granolas, bran flakes and porridge/readybrek

  • CottonFluffer

    Special k is the best i eat it with yogurt insted of milk and its amazing

  • Go Bucks

    I thought Life was nasty as a kid.

  • David Aspillaga

    I discovered life today at breakfast and thought how dont more people eat this!

  • Ray HomeCooking

    it's funny how after watching them for a few years I noticed that they're going easier and easier on the censorship lol
    they used to not do any innuendos and be pretty much a disney equivalent rating. But now they're just like "ahh F it! the OG mythical beasts are all grown up now" XD

  • Brynn Layton

    Which one is the best to try I have never had any (:

  • Bobbnoxious

    If Rhett and Link had added a little sugar to these cereals I think their opinions would've dramatically changed.

  • Sky Hameed

    who else eating cereal while watching this

  • James SAP

    In Australia what you call “rice krispies” we call rice bubbles

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