Marianne Williamson Apologizes For Calling Depression ‘A Scam’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Marianne Williamson Apologizes For Calling Depression ‘A Scam’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC



  • Poemi10304

    And don’t cut funding for scientific research, like the Trump administration, please!

  • LVW

    She’s absolutely correct.
    We tell people all the time:
    -Sadness and clinical depression are NOT the same.
    -Pills can have serious side effects, are not magic, and are not appropriate for everyone.

    But our voices are drowned out by pharmaceutical companies that sponsor bogus studies to justify pushing the agenda that Sadness=depression=pill,
    Inadequate parenting=ADHD=pill.
    Read studies from other countries (Canada, Sweden, UK…).
    Poor diet, vitamin deficiencies, imbalanced gut bacteria, heavy use of social media, environmental pollutants, and lack of sleep/physical activity/purpose/connection are the biggest contributors to the rise in mental health issues (which is not the same as Mental Illness).
    -A Mental Health Nurse

  • Deen Truth

    MSNBC is pulling a hit job on Marianne Williamson. Williamson2020

  • Jack Daniel

    Thanks for the misleading title, now I feel scammed.

  • Bronte

    Marianne Williamson – an American who is, on every level, fit to be our President. I'm going to give her some of my paycheck tomorrow & put my money where my mouth is. And my heart.

  • waltzguy14151

    This woman is nuts period. Read her book for f sake. She’s dangerous.

  • Paige 1996

    Well I have severe anxiety and depression and it’s by far from being a SCAM!!! I’m in my 20’s and I can’t even get out of bed! And I need that medicine or I would literally be dead. I get that she’s saying every little thing these days is being dished out a drug “oh just take a drug and you’ll be fine” I get it but there’s also serious serious serious mental illness, which again she said but still, it does scare me that she would take away a bunch of pharmaceutical drugs and then a bunch of people would be in an absolute nightmare

  • Aaron Carson

    To keep Marianne in the debates go to

  • Wendy Pastore

    She’s too thoughtful and nuanced for a sound bite driven media and the outrage Olympics. She’s a very nice person. Very gracious. I appreciate that she’s not defensive and willing to be honest.

  • Beaye

    As someone who suffers from serious depression I even found her answer a little offensive. Bipolar (manic depression) is somehow a more credible illness than just depression? This coming from a woman who doesn’t believe in science but does believe in spirits. I think she should probably go back to scamming money from rich people as a cult leader.

  • TCt83067695

    What is wrong with these biased titles?
    Shame on you MSNBC

  • Aneshia Dixon

    She means well. I'm not voting for her for president but she needs to be in our government.

  • Monkey Wrenching

    CEO of Discount Tire backed $1 million to anti medical marijuana campaigns in Arizona. Not because he believes it’s wrong, it’s because he is heavily invested into big pharma.

  • Cocoa Liveson

    I think that Marianne is a fresh voice that is having a positive effect on the political conversation. That's valuable.

  • Heidi Nikodem

    sorry woman, you blew it and thanks for the apology but your not presidential material. You need to learn more about mental illness. Your blabbering fast speak when you don't know what your talking about is demeaning to those with mental illness. Go away and do what you do best, running for president isn't it.

  • Spencer Williams

    What will it take to spend an evening with this woman?

  • médiatique .video

    love marianne!!

  • Edward Wallace

    she's the best

  • Earon Maneotis

    So true!

  • Josh Stallings

  • Quenton Upshaw

    Coming from a woman who rubs crystals and thinks you can heal from holding poses on a subway flavored mat. Next!

  • Harry Lime

    You are correct woman about mental illness….soooo right….and pharma is fn us. Predatory Pharma. Thank you. Thank you M'am. Antidepressants are a crime. Ms. Williamson….please call Dr. Peter Breggin about ssri's. Please.

  • Rose Jett

    WTF "Normal human dispair" should not be a constant "TRUMPHOG DAY"! Leaves us NO WAY OUT!! NOT GOING BACK

  • Dawnabrat

    I think Marianne explained and apologized well which is more than most. She was talking of a setting where people take a happy pill for everything instead of growing from experiences. As for the vaccines I am pro vaccine, having said that one of my sons had a problem with a shot and has either tourettes or aspergers syndrome I think we have valid questions and we want outside studies of drugs so we can trust the studies. How often have we later read like with opiods that they knew people were being addicted, then they even come out with a pill to unaddict those addicted. Marianne is for alternative healing. Using diet, lifestyle changes, exercise, and meditation and yoga. I think Dr.'s should be able to sit with patients and discuss food and diet changes rather than here's a pill. I agree on helping people stay healthy, chose healthier lifestyles.

  • John Smith

    A diagnosis for depression can ruin your life and make you ineligible for jobs. Depression is a scam

  • Zeb Zaman

    Another US American keeping up the idea, that not all there have lost the plot majorly. She makes a ton of sense, and she talks like an intellectual who knows the difference between stuff she knows and stuff she does not know.

  • John Smith

    Why does the reporter keep blinking? Is that just me? It’s distracting

  • Carolynska S

    Marian……I now know that nice people can be kooky……..she talks like a motor mouth. People seem to like her because they seem to be making excuses for all her silly faux pas.

    Trump can change his mind….and he can apologize but it doesn't matter …Marianne says he is possessed of a dark force that need intervention from her. She will help the American people to be more compassionate and moral.

    I had a friend whose mother didn't believe in vaccinations and from the age of sixteen to when she died at age 33 lived in an iron lung. What a vibrant, beautiful girl she was……….so I am glad that Williamson made herself clear on that and admits there is such a thing as PSDT and clinical depression.

    Do I really believe her….hmmmm I don't like all the talk about "big pharma". Its not clear in what way she disrespects them…..they spend billions of dollars on research for cancer etc. but have made dreadful mistakes too.

    She seems to have aged in the short time she has been running for President……anyone notice? Or are her publicity pictures much younger?

    Hopefully, Marianne is surrounded by that "light" she talks about. Does Marian really understand that if people don't like her they will treat her the same way she treats our president.

  • Pinion325

    U Q'd her up for an "I gotcha" moment…& then she smacked U with her dissertation😂

  • walt charamba

    I will say one thing about this woman..
    She's honest with herself!!
    And you can feel it when she talks..
    Will she win?
    No! but I hope Bernie gives her a Job in his administration..

  • KaikalaMoon

    She cleaned that up nicely. "A RETURN TO LOVE" helped me tremendously during one of those times in my life.
    LOVE🌹 Marianne Williamson!!

  • Ouranus

    Not a single lie was spoken. Absolutely incredible. <3

  • FirehorseCreative

    So smart. Williamson is absolutely right. Whether it is milk or leafy green vegetables tainted by radioactive contamination/fallout… or water & rain contaminated by refinery & petrochemical explosions (& releases*) up & down the Texas coast & across the country, to some vaccines tainted with Big Pharma Thimerosal… industry is *paying to spray Americans with known toxic pollution. Who wants their kid injected with a known toxic chemical like Mercury/Thimerosal? Only someone who wants their kid sick, that's who.

  • Mark Lyles

    This woman is BRIGHT!

  • Sam Chiu

    Running or not, you cant just say anything you like. Like a trump to be?
    She lost mine.

  • Annette youtube

    Most anti-depressant type drugs aren't meant to be used long-term. They're intended for use in the critical initial state until other more exact and specific treatments (ie: vitamins based on genetic needs, proper sleep, mindfulness practice, etc) can be implemented.

  • Ernesto Ybarra

    Marianne Williamson MlLF say'in

  • Sam T

    I wish this guy would let her finish a thought. I was getting irritated with his constant interruption…can only imagine how she felt

  • Jeffrey Morton

    And speaking of mental illness… This Trump thing is getting more like the point at which a family has to get together to seriously discuss what to do about the Uncle with Alzheimer's, who not only wanders around the neighborhood lost, he does it while naked, shrieking passages from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and brandishing a bloody three-iron at shocked passers-by. What must be done before he truly injures himself or someone else?

  • Kevin Rivers

    At least SHE DOES Apologize for her faults UNLIKE Trump and other candidates! That’s why she has my cote and I’m black 😎👍🏿

  • Ticotech Houston

    scam is her candidature

  • MC3 News MCOC Concierge

    I’m definitely donating to her again and voting for her.

  • Madelene Y

    Bye Felicia!!!

  • Holly Lisa

    💜💜💜 her!!!!!

  • backspace4353

    I like her

  • Shona Lovely

    She is right. Mental Health has become big business and sometimes I see doctors making dx based on keeping you coming back. Its crazy

  • Picasso Varner


  • Boipelo M

    Maybe next time my sinusitis flares up and I’m struggling to breathe I’ll just think about her ‘return to love’ instead of taking my medication THAT ACTUALLY HELPS ME BREATHE! 😑

  • Enstigator Official

    I likes her

  • Thomas Hall

    What a difference between your respectful, listening interview of Marianne Williamson and Anderson Cooper's interview where he repeatedly cut off her answers and explanations of her position on anti-depressants.  It's refreshing to hear a public figure apologize.  Cooper kept raising the same point but didn't give her the time to reach the conclusion of her sentence.  Very frustrating.  Thanks, Ari, for an example of how to ask  questions and wait for a completed response.

  • African Defender

    She is rite people are sicker these days people trust these pharmaceutical companies, and the trickery of cigarettes companies teaming up with pharma alternatives for getting off the cigs yes! now wee see the negative effects of E-cigs and the many different flavors of death the reaper pops up smoke shops every where 🤡😈 and all these meds with all kinds of side effects, think I will play Blue Oyster Cults the Reaper.

  • 'Berto O. A.

    I don't understand why ppl don't get what she's saying when the topic of vaccines comes up. She's anti conflict of interest and anti bias. Simple as that.

  • richard wilmot Ph.D

    Marianne Williamson lives inside Oprah's ah soul… very roomy!

  • Afaf Benhara

    She's very convincing. I'm concerned.

  • polara01

    Comparing Marianne Williamson to Trump is actually an insult I wouldn't compare Trump's intellectuality to a hamster because I don't want to insult the hamster Trump is a predatorial moron who only cares about Trump he would sell his first-born for a second term because his ego could not accept losing he cares nothing about this country except using it as a tool to pay back the debt he owes to all the Zionist Bankers that have been bailing him out of every bad business deal he has made in his life anyway Marianne Williamson is brilliant thoughtful and a genuine leader who cares about everybody and her integrity is second to nobody. We are so blessed to have a handful of candidates that are probably the best Democratic candidates in modern history. And I'm talkin about not only Marianne but Tulsi, Andrew yang and of course our Rock of Gibraltar Bernie Sanders I think the four of them together would change the world and I think Tulsi is my first pick for president because of her incredible foreign policy positions Bernie second Marianne Williamson 3rd and Andrew Yang 4th but no matter who is Top Banana the other three need to be in the cabinet of the president because each one has unique skills that complement the others I think we will look back historically and realize just how blessed we are in this moment to have these voices speaking truth to power God knows we need them I hope people are waking up! Peace, Bob

  • The Pope Of White Trash

    Some one needs to bump her off . .

  • Scott Muir

    I wish she hadn’t retracted what she said. The over medicalisation of normal reactions is frightening.

  • you jones

    She is a genius and real. That makes it difficult for some people, because they are not used to genius and real when it comes to politicians.

  • Warrick Chan

    I would like to see her and Trump run on the same ticket. They say the same thing just different words.

  • Magnolia Flower

    She's uneducated and ignorant. Shut up and go away!!😕

  • adriana mg

    Thank you for being a legit reporter and letting her explain unlike Anderson Cooper. It’s up to us to make up our minds with the answer.

  • My Bottle

    That guy blinks so much

  • Harry Lime


  • Jennifer Rowe

    I understand her point, but i don't think she is successful in clarifying the difference between "normal" situational lifetime sadness (i.e. grief, disappointment, discouragement, etc) and the physiology-based mental illness of depression (caused by brain chemistry).

    I believe the reason many ob/gyn's prescribe antidepressants is because they understand the role of hormones and neurotransmitters in body function, including depression.

    Ms. Williamson seems to lack understanding of the mental illness of depression, lumping it in with all other types of sadness.
    Additionally, she seems to think all antidepressants have a numbing effect, which they do not. She aptly ackniwledged her lack of expertise in diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but doesn't seem to grasp that the mental illness of depression is not the same as other types of sadness.

    She didn't go into it very deeply, but she did mention seeking help from clergy. While seeking spiritual solutions is always wise, the disease of depression, like the disease of cancer or diabetes, may also require medical intervention.

    Without education and stigma reduction, people who desperately need medication to manage their disease will fail to seek life-saving help. I appreciate her apology, but now i think she needs to refine her messaging. Perhaps she needs to seek a deeper understanding of the mental illness of depression and its treatment options. Then she needs to make sure her sound bites are on point because everyone won't tune in for the nuanced conversation. This is literally a life or death topic for many Americans.

  • Peter Franzen

    When you are sad you know why you are sad. When you are depressed you are unaware of why you are depressed. That is what I believe Is the difference.

  • Esteban Delgado

    Love Marianne! Donate at least one dollar to her campaign if you haven’t yet to keep her on the debate stage!

  • A A

    She is dead on right about predatory big pharmaceuticals; and other chemical companies world wide; destroying and manipulating health issues.
    The vaccines have been changed since the late fifties early sixties. The truth;? more people are dying today from weird screwed up unherd of created in a lab diseases than ever before. Flu shots are one vector. Vaccines are another. Centers for disease control actually guesses what the flu will mutate into actually creating unherd of new mutated strains. Frankenstein science; all for the purpose of generating revenue. Hegelian dialectic ploy that repeats itself.

  • Tay Off The Top

    💘 How She Honestly Handled This.

  • simpleplanfan011

    Let’s all appreciate the fact that she can acknowledge what she said and actually apologize for it instead of calling it “fake news” and other frivolous nonsense. The baby-in-chief could never do that.

  • J C

    I give her just some credit for apologizing but to have her run a country Noooooooo thank you!!

  • Richard Wyant

    She's right, she never should have apologized. Depression is a scam invented by psychiatrist to line their pockets.

  • Toby Saccoci

    Ari is such a hottie.

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