Marriage & Mental illness? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Marriage & Mental illness? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

– Hey everybody, happy
Tuesday, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and
enjoyed Monday’s video. I’m starting to put together
kind of this stress-free holidays series that I talked
about, so keep, you know, your eyes peeled and subscribe
if you haven’t subscribed. But I’ll be putting out
videos focused on holidays, some tips and tricks
to stay as stress-free as possible during the holidays. Okay, so when it’s Tuesday,
I’m on Tumblr and I have three questions today, as
well as a journal topic. So let’s get going. First question. “Hey Kati, I was wondering
what the difference is between “psychologists and therapists. “Like when you go to see one or the other, “would they practice differently? “Is it better to go see
one rather than the other?” This was a good question,
I haven’t talked about this in a long time, I think
I put out one video, maybe it’s Treatment
Team, way back in the day, like one of my first 10 videos. I talk about this and I
don’t know if I’ve talked about it differently since
then, but the difference between a therapist and a psychologist
is level of schooling. So I got my master’s
in clinical psychology with an emphasis in marriage
and family therapists. Now, social workers get
the exact same thing, except for theirs is a
master’s in social work. So you can see how we’re
focusing on certain things. Now, a psychologist goes on
for two more years after me. So I got my master’s,
they get their doctorate and they become a Ph.D., or
some people become a Psy.D., which I’m not gonna get into
the difference of those. One’s clinical, one’s more research-based. But a psychologist does pretty
much exactly the same thing as a therapist does. Now, some people when they get, like… I don’t know, people have egos
about it, I personally don’t. I considered getting my
Ph.D., but the pay difference and the difference of
what I do in my practice isn’t that great. Psychologists do tend to,
or at least in the past, they used to focus on
testing and assessments. So, because a Ph.D. means
that you’ve done a lot more research and a lot
of them spent time in labs and working in different
research projects, a lot of them do different
testing and assessments and they are able to do some
testing that therapists aren’t. However, it’s more
normal now for therapists to be certified to give out certain tests, to administer certain
assessments and tests, and also for psychologists to do the same, and then psychologists also
do a lot of clinical work just like I do, and see
patients in their practice, so at the end of the day,
there’s really no big difference from what you would feel. The only difference is
really what their degree is and then we really actually
care more about how long they’ve been in practice,
what their specialties are, and if we really jive with them, right? So yeah, so that hopefully
answers some of that. And then if you’ve seen a psychiatrist, just to clear things up,
they’re a medical doctor. They’re the only ones that
can prescribe medication, the only ones that should
actually talk to you about medication, and that’s,
like I said, psychiatrist. Okay? Question number two, “Hey
Kati, in my last session “I ended up being there
for an hour and 20 minutes, “versus the usual 50 minutes. “I didn’t realize it had been
that long and the next client “was waiting when my
therapist escorted me out. “Is it normal to have a session this long? “I really felt weird about
it afterwards, the session “was pretty intense and I’m
assuming she wanted to make sure “I was safe before I
left, but I’m not sure. “Do you ever get annoyed if
you take longer than expected “with a client? “Thanks, and P.S., you’re amazing.” Oh, thanks, you’re amazing. So, I thought this was a great
question, I’ve never talked about this before and to
answer the one question, no, I don’t get annoyed. It’s actually therapists’
choice to stay longer and to spend more time
because let’s be realistic, if we’re running our, you know, business, our therapy practice,
50-minute hours, we are aware when we’re running over
because those 10 minutes are the time that I jot
notes, I call patients back, I respond to emails, I’m doing
stuff in those 10 minutes and that’s tight as it is. So if I’m running over,
it’s usually because I feel the patient actually needs
it, and it sounds like that if it was really
intense, I have run over… I don’t know if I’ve run
over that far, probably, maybe about that long,
that’s probably as long as I’ve run over. But I would pop out and
tell the person waiting, “Sorry I’m running over,
I’ll be out in 15 minutes,” or whatever, but it’s usually
to make sure that you’re safe and that things are okay,
because if I’m only seeing you once a week, then I wanna
make sure things are okay in that other six days in
between when I see you. So that’s really why we do it. I don’t get annoyed, it’s a
choice that we make clinically as we’re with you, noticing
that if you need more time, you need a little extra,
you know, processing. Sometimes clients even won’t
bring up big things or be able to even talk about something
’till towards the end, so they barely get any time to process it, so that’s maybe why we run over. But yeah, it’s our choice,
it’s not something that I get annoyed with, it’s just
something that happens ’cause everybody’s situation’s
different and some days can be really hard, m’kay? And I’m glad you have a
good therapist who did that when you needed the extra time. Okay, question number three,
“Can you talk about how “a married couple/long
term committed relationship “might deal with the
strain of mental illness, “something other than just
going to couples therapy? “Thanks.” Thought this was also a good
question, good questions, guys. So many times you have
so many good questions. The best way to talk
about it is, other than couples therapy, so let’s
say we’ve to couples therapy and we’ve learned some
communication techniques because the thing that
couples usually struggle with the most is bringing
it up in the first place. Like, “Where do I even start? “Uh, so awkward.” But if we’ve started with
couples therapy, then we’ll have already broken the ice, we’ll
have already started talking about it, we’ll already have
some verbiage that we’ve used and we can go from there. So I would encourage you to
set aside time, which I know sounds silly whether you
have kids or not, or you’re living together or not,
you need to set aside time each week where you just talk. Whether it’s like a family
meeting, or it’s date night, or whatever you wanna call it. Make sure you’re setting aside
time because the difficult thing with life as we know
it now, is that there’s so many distractions. I mean, I can sit on a subway
and not talk to anybody ’cause I can be on my phone, right? And I can be with my spouse,
or my boyfriend or girlfriend, and we can not even be
communicating ’cause we’re watching TV, or we’re on our phones. And so we have to set aside
time where we actually communicate, like a dinner
every night where you don’t bring your phones or an
evening at home that you turn the TV off and you put your
phones in the back room, or whatever. That is pivotal because
we really need to focus and have some good talk time, right? Now from there, the most
important thing that you have to work on as a couple is honesty, even when it can feel really
scary or embarrassing, or whatever it may be. Depending on what your mental illness is, the more we communicate about it. So let’s give an example. So let’s say we’re struggling
with anxiety disorders and we have bad social anxiety. Holidays are coming, we’re
getting party invitations, your spouse or boyfriend,
girlfriend, really wants to go to this one and you’re
like, freaking out already. We need to have the verbiage
when we have our meeting that week, maybe we make notes
during the week to make sure we don’t forget anything. Then we need to say something like, “This event’s coming up and
it’s really giving me a lot “of anxiety.” And then we need to know
what we need from them. That’s the struggle most
people have, when we’re having some kind of issue or
we need to communicate, we don’t really know what
we’re communicating about or what we’re asking them
for, or what they may need from us, so we need to find
time to figure out what we need from them or even ask, like,
“I may not know what I need “from you, but kind of
what I’m feeling now…” Ooh, sorry, bumped my elbow. “What I’m feeling right now
is that I would just really like your support and I’d like
to only stay for an hour.” Or whatever. And that’s just one example,
but the key of this being that we set aside time
each week to communicate about things, we make notes
during the week of things that we wanna bring up and
we keep talking about them. No matter how embarrassed
you think you may be, no matter how uncomfortable
the situation, no matter how much we’re worried that
we might let down our partner. At the end of the day, if we
keep an open dialog about, “You know, I was really
struggling with eating “the other night and it
was really great that you “got seconds, ’cause then
that gave me, you know, “permission to eat.” Whatever your issue is, the
more we communicate about it, let each other know how
much we appreciate them. Thanksgiving is coming
up and it’s a great time to remind those that we love,
you know, how thankful we are for all the things that they
do for us, but keep talking about it, keep conversing
with one another. If you’re concerned, if you’re the person in the relationship who isn’t struggling with mental illness, it’s
okay to ask questions, it’s okay to say, “I noticed
you were a little distraught the other day, is it your social anxiety? “Is it your eating disorder,
is it your whatever?” And as the person with
it, we need to be able to hear that and to respond,
and for it to be okay to talk about it. It’s the fear of talking
about it that usually ruins relationships, okay? Now, journal topic from
anonymous, so thanks, anonymous. You’ll know who you are when I say it. Says, “Possible journal topic?” I think so. “Sometimes journaling is
really hard and you don’t know where to start.” I hear from a lot of you, “I
don’t know where to start.” “My therapist had me,
instead of normal journaling, “write down song quotes.” Like we were talking about last week. “And that, I felt, that
I could identify with. “It was actually fun to come
up with quotes and help me “identify how I was feeling.” I really, really liked that
identifying how you’re feeling, like finding songs that
express an emotion to you, which can help us figure
out what we’re even feeling in the first place, which
many of you have said you struggle with. So I thought that was really
cool, I hope you like it and I hope you use it. And today is Veteran’s Day in the States, and unfortunately I had to
work today, but I wanted to thank all of our
vets and their families for the sacrifices that
they’ve given to us, to keep us and our families safe
and happy where we live. I can’t thank anybody enough
for all of the sacrifices they’ve made, whether it’s
the life of a loved one, or it’s just time away from family. It’s something that I am so
grateful for and I thank all of you for everything. Have a wonderful day,
enjoy the evening, and I’ll see you all tomorrow. I’ll be on the website and
I’ll be on YouTube, so ask your questions below today’s video, bye.



  • kaileystall

    #katifaq hey Kati! Can you please talk about dealing with an eating disorder on thanksgiving and other holiday dinner type things. Thanks!

  • Libbey Ketterer

    #KatiFAQ Hey Kati! Do you think that therapy always helps? I know I've got some issues, and I've been to therapy, but I feel like it didn't help me much. I don't know if it was just me not putting enough effort and faith into it, or if maybe therapy just wasn't for me. By the way, thanks so much for putting up videos daily, you rock(:

  • Kendall Ashley

    #KatiFAQ  @Kati Morton Hi Kati – firstly, your videos are so helpful, so thanks for that. I have two questions if that's ok.
    1. How can I explain my self harm cuts and scars to my partner and other family members. My partner tries really hard to understand everything I've got going on, but I'm worried he won't be as accepting of the cutting, especially now because I have a couple of cuts in visible places on my wrist, and coming up to Christmas there'll be more people to have to hide it from.
    And 2. My doctors sometimes threaten me with a feeding tube. My old therapist and I discussed it and its repercussions for me, and I'm wondering if you think it would be ok that, if the time comes, that I could ask her to be with me when they put it in? She and I had a good bond, but we no longer see each other; I feel like she's the only one who will understand the emotional impact the tube would have.
    Thank you for your time, sending love from Australia x

  • Jenn Asbell

    #KatiFAQ  Hey Kati – How do we cope with grocery shopping? Having an eating disorder, I find it so hard to go and buy groceries and sometimes find myself disputing in my mind sometimes for even 20 minutes what to get. How can we overcome this? It is just getting so hard to deal with.

  • dramageek333

    #katifaq  My mom told me that she thinks my theperist made up my Self harm, and Eating Problems. She thinks she made it worse because i am not as bad as some of her clients. Would you ever do this to a client? How should i tell my therpist? How do i cope when my mom thinks its made up? 

  • Clara Morris

    #katifaq  hi kati!  i have been experiencing a serious bout of bulimia and depression that came on within the past few months since college has started again because of all the academic stress. i had bulimia in high school that i never dealt with and only came back recently with the stress/depression. I have no motivation or focus to do homework and when i do become even the tiniest bit stressed i feel an instant need to binge/purge. I am also studying abroad next semester. I want to have a good self image and be free of the constraints of my eating disorder/depression/stress before i go abroad, is this a realistic possibility that can happen before january? thank you!!

  • chelsie owen

    #KatiFAQ heey Kati, how do I go about dealing with difficult things? I'm 17 and since the age of 13 I've been hearing people talking to me and seeing things that other people have said ain't there… When it first started I ignored it, just thought it was me being silly but over the years it's got a lot worse, I've self harmed for years also but more recently because this 'voice' tells me I'm not worth living. I've been in and out of hospital with self harm and overdose etc over the last month and my therapist put it down to "bad thoughts" and prescribed me anti depressants but it's still happening, I know something isn't right. Can you please help?& I'm in love with your videos you're amazing!! X

  • shesaidwhatnow

    I need your advice my significant other hates taking to me literally he will leave the room. But he put a tap on my phone to see where in at all times. He doesn't want to be near me or with me but wants to know everything I'm doing? What do you think?

  • Ashley Farfaras

    #Katifaq Hey kati my friends are all fighting with each other and its causing me a lot of stress lately. I have one friend that is not in any fights and is in the middle along with me, but not as intensely. One friend told the other to kill herself. I don't know what to do anymore because I've started to get what I think is anxiety because it make me almost sick sometimes to think about what will happen tomorrow. I don't know who to sit with at lunch so I usually do every other day with one friend on one day and the other on the next. I've talked to my school counselor and she couldn't really give me an answer. She told me to do what I want because I went mainly about stress for haloween and who to go with but she said that there wasn't much she could do. I told my friend that I was going with the other and that was kind of like the last straw for her. It made the parents get more involved but they didn't really help they just started to make it worse. My mom doesn't want me to be friends with one of them now and she won't let me hang out with her outside of school and it makes me cry most times because she feels as though it's one friends fault that the two friends are fighting but I think that it is both of their fault equally. I really want to be friends with both and I thought that was possible but now with my mom not allowing it to happen I don't know if I can. Please help! I'm thinking of going to the counselor again but I feel like I should be able to deal with it myself but I'm realizing that it is really hard. Please answer this it would mean a lot and I really need the help!

  • Sarah Estelle

    #KatiFAQ How in the world can someone recover from anorexia when they experience terrible stomach cramps and pain from food. I've been so discouraged lately- I WANT to eat, I WANT to gain weight, I WANT to be healthy- but my body is fighting me. I just feel like I can't win. It doesn't matter what kind of food it seems like- sometimes my stomach is fine and I experience no pain, but sometimes the pain is so unbearable I generally purge the food so I can get relief. It makes me scared to eat; not even because of the food or calories, but because of what the food does to my stomach. I'm at a point in my life where I WANT TO RECOVER; I hate anorexia. But I'm just feeling kind of hopeless right now. 
    Thank you so much for being available, making amazing videos and helping so many people. You have truly helped me so much! 
    xo, Sarah

  • Dee Rodriques

    #katiFAQ. Hi kati. I have a question. What would you say about prostitution as a proffession? Im 18 and recently ive been thinking of becoming a hooker as I think thats the only way I can feel loved and valued , even if it is just for an hour or whatever. I think if im selling my body for sex then atleast it has SOME value right ? I was emotionaly abused and im seriously considering getting into this proffession. Sorry if this questions completely off topic .
    Ps : I think you ll be an excellant therapist

  • Laney B.

    #katifaq hey kati. i was wondering, since im a minor, that if you tell your therapist about self harm, do they tell your parents? i know that its confidential, but i wasnt sure if they tell them or not and i dont want my mom to know that her daughter self harms. Thanks, youre amazing! xx

  • Angela Toshner

    Social workers are trained to be much more diagnosis dependant that psychologists. I am a Social Worker and my MSW program was all about diagnosis and dictated recovery plans. Very, very specific. When I saw a therapist I chose to see a psyD or doctor of psychology. She was much more open, and free with how she did therapy. Later I saw a social worker and it was very structured. It depends what you are looking for I guess. If you guys have questions on social work you can ask me!

  • Cherry Blossom 13

    #KatiFAQ My question is how to deal with a lot of changes at the same time in a healthy way? My mom moved to Florida just after Easter for the transfer job that she wanted and my sister joined her down there about 2 months ago. I'm in Michigan with my dad, my three brothers and other sister. In mid December my dad and I will be going down to Florida for the holiday but I will be coming back up to Michigan in January for college. In January I will be attending Oakland University and living on campus, which is a huge change for me! Currently I find myself skipping meals and snacks but I still do eat.

  • Madylin Swiftie

    #katifaq  Hey Kati. I've got a question on something you never mentioned  before. What is Hypochondriasis and how do you suspect if your patient is suffering from it?

  • Natalie

    #katiFAQ firstly thank k you for all of your videos and your genuine interest in educating as well as helping as many people as you can

    My question is how can I convince myself that I can push through relapse without crumbling more than I already have. How do I not give into the urges to completely destroy every fibre of my being.

  • Małgorzata Kubala

    #katiFAQ  Hi! I've been struggling with depression and anxiety. Before summer I've seen an university consulter a few times and one of the issues he was focussing on was me not having a boyfriend. He thought I should find someone. This "school year" I've decided I want extra support from medications and I've seen a psychiatrist once so far and I'm waiting to start seeing a therapist in a week (public health care takes time 🙂 ). Psychiatrist in the questions included a bit of talk about "why are you single". I don't really feel like building a new relationship (with a friend or romantic) is something I can manage or want right now since I sometimes have trouble with maintaining existing friendships. Is it likely to be brought up in therapy? Is there something I'm not seeing here? I feel like I have more important issues at the moment and finding someone isn't one of my goals right now. Am I right or was he right?

  • Cathy Danner

    #katifaq so it was recently recommended to me by my nurse practitioner that I try ect. I have briefly talked to my therapist about it and she thinks it's a good idea also. I was wondering what your thoughts were on them. The idea of them kinda scares me…

  • Mandy Scales

    #KATIFAQ hi Kati I have been seeing a therapist for a while now and told her i felt unsafe she then brought out a lame safety contact i want to ask her about writing one for myself and do you feel about clients writing their own safety contact

  • Camilla Nielsen

    #kafifaq Hi Kati 🙂 I have never really gotten one specific diagnosis but I have received several treatments. The first psychiatrist told me I had selective mutism (and also used this as a reason that he couldn't treat me…). My second psychiatrist told me that I did not have selective mutism (but might have had it as a younger child and grown out of it) instead she said I had social anxiety. Now my third and current psychiatrist says I have avoidant personality disorder. I know that it doesn't really make a difference but I just find it so frustrating not knowing why I am the way I am :/ I have read about both social anxiety and avoidant personality disorder and I don't really see the difference so I was wondering if you could explain it? Is a personality disorder something you can recover from? I just really want to be normal.. I'm sorry for the length off this but I hope you will answer.
    Love and thank you, Camilla

  • Alyson Bye

    #KatiFAQ Hey Kati, I was wondering what your opinion was on sibling sexual abuse. How common is it? Is it more likely to happen if one child was already molested by a parent figure ? How do we deal with this if it did happen, for both parties? (Meaning the sibling who initiated the activity and the other one who participated)

  • Dancergirl1409

    #Katifaq how do you thank someone who saved your life? I know without a person who is almost like a second dad to me, I would have gotten more addicted to self harm, probably have attempted suicide, and my thoughts would be a lot worse than they are now. Not only that but he is always there for me and he is the first person to show me I can be loved and cared about. He is the first real friend I've ever had. I don't know if I'm trying to hard because I'm afraid I'm going to annoy him and that he will leave if I don't thank him well enough or show enough gratitude but at the same time I'm afraid that I'm expressing my thanks too much which is going to annoy him and make him not want to be there anymore. I don't know where the middle ground is. Help?

  • LoveGia〈3

    How can I explain my mental illness to my husband? I have depression and I don't think he really understands what that means. He always tries to be there for me but I feel like he is just confused and doesn't know how to help me. How do I explain what's going on with me when I have bad days?

  • Rachel M

    #katifaq  Hi Kati, what are the major suicide warning signals you're trained to watch out for? Thankyou so much for your videos
    – Rachel

  • Amythevlogger

    KatiFAQ hey I go to therapy and I feel I need more help for ed and self harm and my hair pulling but I don't have the guts to tell her I need more help ?? Kati help

  • kg062007


    Do therapists get Angry when you switch to their Colleagues???
    Hi, Kati. I'm starting at a new college and getting a new therapist. I met with a male therapist recently, and  it was sort of awkward.  I got the feeling he thought I was wasting his time and I wasn't really depressed.  I honestly feel more comfortable with female therapist because that's what I'm familiar with.  My school provides therapy free of charge, I have 2 options- give the guy therapist another chance, switch to the other therapist the school provides (female) . I don't want to be prejudice to the guy or hurt feelings by switching to his colleague who works in the same office, but I just didn't feel like he understood me.   I’m a guy btw  🙂

  • Gemma Westover

    #KatiFAQ I started therapy when I was 19 and after a few sessions I never heard from the therapist again so I tried coping by myself, I'm 27 now and recently went back into therapy where I was told I have a personality disorder, I was put on fluoxetine and again after a few sessions with a therapist I have not heard from her for more sessions, how do I cope with feeling let down yet again I fear that I will go back to trying to cope with it alone – very bad idea given I've tried to commit suicide countless times.

  • Rach Delve

    #katifaq hi Kati my sister is suffering from post partum depression, she's on meds but she doesn't want to talk to anybody i.e a therapist how should I help her to help herself?? Thanks xx

  • Disney Amore

    #KatiFAQ How do you cope when your psychologist leaves without warning? I am studying bachelor of nursing, have two young kids, a marriage and exams and 6 weeks ago my psychologist just stopped coming to work. I attend an ED day program 2x a week that she facilitates and then see her privately 1-2 times a week on top of that. She didn't come to day program, then later that day her receptionist called and cancelled 2 weeks worth of appointments. This happened three times in a row. I have not heard a word from her but her colleagues have sort of implied that she burnt out, others say she took time to finish her thesis. I'm frustrated and hurt because every two weeks they tell me it's two more weeks until she comes back and I'm sick of it, why couldn't she just say she wasn't coming back so I could deal with it and move on? And I'm upset because there was no warning of this and I'm not coping. I had one session on Monday with one of her colleagues who is replacing her until she comes back, but it's not the same. And I'm doubting if I can trust her when she comes back, I understand that therapists/psychologists are people too, but I don't think it's ok to just leave your clients with no warning, not contact them and keep making and cancelling appointments indefinitely! Is it ok for me to be mad? How do I cope with this let down? It took me ages to trust her…Thanks Kati – Jessica, Australia.

  • Emanuel S

    #katifaq so whenever my school consular is tries to talk to about how I'm doing and tries to get to me I just can't get myself to open up and I don't share anything even though I really want to. Is it normal that I can't open up even that I want to? Is it me or my relationship with the consoler?

  • Louisyed

    @Caitlin Lipsey Hope you get this, I can't reply to your comment – you need to change your settings although I don't know how. I just wanted to ask, when you say you want to reach out and help others, how would you do this? And also what support do you have? e.g. volunteering for a suicide hotline at the same time every week, where you have a supervisor to go to would be very different to just talking to people online, as there are less boundaries in the second scenario – it would be easy to try to give too much of your self and your time and there are no clear limits on what you can and can't do.

  • Sharon Davidson

    #katifaq   Hi Kati, I found out this morning that my grandfather passed away earlier this morning. We new he was ill but though we had some more time. I honestly am not sure how I'm going to make it through everything. He was in a nursing home so my Grandma does not know yet. My mother and father are going to go tell her in a bit then go say their final goodbyes and I don't have to strength or energy to go with them (I am sick with a virus that is triggering my asthma). My parents understand. I already know I'm going to want to hurt myself. Any tips on how to get through this? (I love your video's by the way. I can tell you make a great therapist)

  • SQLVR07

    #katifaq  I have a history of sexual abuse as a child and was later in an abusive relationship with a partner. Now I am terrified of being touched in any kind of intimate way. I had a experience about a year ago were I tried to be intimate and had to stop. Not being able to even cuddle has really upset me. I was wondering if this is something I can change, is there a certain kind of therapy that would be helpful?

  • Kendall Ashley

    Hi Kati. I already made a comment today sorry, but I have so many questions.
    Is it okay to not have a sense of connection with my family? I have a history of abuse/rape/and now various mental health issues – I feel so let down by them, they were and continue to be so oblivious. I don't feel any love for them, they are more like acquaintances than family. Does that make me a terrible person? #KatiFAQ

  • Camille Campbell

    Is it possible to have an ed being normal weight or even over weight?

  • Kim -

    Hi Kati! I feel like my therapist really, really dislikes me. Would you tell a client if you couldn't help him/her because you 'dislike' him or her?
    My therapist also tends to get very annoyed when I can't or don't want to make certain steps toward recovery because I'm not ready yet. Is that normal? I have a really hard time talking to her about things because I know she'll get 'angry' if I don't agree on practicing it the following week..
    Thanks for your amazing work!

  • Hey_Its Megannnnn

    I've recently got a new job and I've been working there for around 2 months , I wore plasters on my arm last week as I selfharm , my boss keeps asking me why and I say that I have burnt myself , should I tell her the truth? #KatiFAQ

  • Gabriella Luongo

    #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, you always talk about the importance of self care and I was wondering how to make the time/not feel guilty about taking time for yourself.  Between school, work, and volunteering I find that I am always doing things for other people and I am not okay with taking time for myself. I don't want to burn out, but I don't like letting people down either! Thanks and love your videos 🙂

  • Vincent X

    #KatiFAQ  Hey Kati! Is it healthy to have different personality's, and to name them? I feel like I have two different personality's within me, but they contribute to one me. I have different names for them both and usually go by my main one, and acknowledge the other. Its easier for me to organize my thoughts when I understand that personality one is saying this and not the other. They tend to argue with eachother often though, and put eachother down. 
    I know everyone talks and argues with themselves in their heads, i'm just wondering if this is normal to organize them, or if I should talk to my therapist about this. Thanks!!

  • Jade Slaughter

    Hey Kati!  So I am going through weight restoration for the second time.  But the first time I was in inpatient treatment, so this time is much, much harder, as you can imagine.  The thing is, I love my body right now.  I am not severely underweight, I am healthy, and very happy.  It is so frustrating!  When I left treatment, at my highest weight, I hated myself, and at my lowest weight, I hated myself.  But right now, a good middle ground, I love my self and my body.  I am terrified that after weight restoration is done I am going to hate myself again.  Any tips of how to handle this?
    Thank you so much!


  • Jade Slaughter

    Hey Kati! I have another question/problem. I walk down the street and I see so many skinny girls who all look underweight. But they don’t have to gain weight! I am only slightly underweight, and I have to put myself through hell to gain it back. It just isn’t fair! Every other girl gets to look the way they want and live their life, while I am getting controlled by a dietitian, getting told that I have to gain weight. It is so unbelievably frustrating. How do I handle this?
    Thank you so much! Love you, Kati


  • Neongreengirl06

    #katifaq I have been really struggling with my anxiety lately and I have realized that most if it relates to school. I had my first therapy session last night and she recommended home schooling and so did my doctor. My Mon agreed to do it. I already have been isolated because of my depression and now I'm afraid it will get worse but not going to school and what do I do?

  • Neongreengirl06

    #katifaq last night my therapist was asking about my relationships and love life and I don't know why. I was never sexually abused so I don't know why it cane up. It was very awkward and I didn't feel comfortable talking a about it is this normal?

  • Neongreengirl06

    #katifaq I am struggling with anxiety and my therapist said if I ever am having a panic attack to call her. I feel like his may be over stepping boundaries a bit. Any advice in how to create these boundaries?

  • JustmeNici

    I actually have a psychologist, but when she does whatever she still asks the rest of the treatment team.

  • Neongreengirl06

    #katifaq I met with a therapist last night for the first time and I don't felt like I clicked with her. My mom wants me to give her another chance should I?

  • Jeanett

    #katifaq  i am struggling really bad now and i abuse laxatives i really wanna stop but i just cant . my therapisth dont know because i can't tell him because every session he brings up that i used to binge alot and that i am still overweight. I have to wait 4 months to get another therapist and since my depression and self harm also is really bad i cant wait for help. Any ideas or tips on how to help yourself? 

  • Daisy Garcia

    #KatiFAQ hi Kati today I got called to talk to the principal (I'm senior year high school) about my attendance. I use to skip school a lot but not anymore but I got really ticked off because I've been struggling with coping with anxiety since I started acknowledging the rape. But I'm not about to just explain to them my reasons, I'm a very good student when I do go to my classes it's just really hard sometimes with male teachers and other boy students. I can't even make it to weight training sometimes due to the fear. What do you suggest I should do to help myself get better? thanks

  • Erin

    I'm on antidepressants, benzos and anti-psychotics.  I've been on anti-depressants since I was 12 and I'm 28 years old now.  I was hospitalized before.  Right now I'm on Effexor XR, Seroquel and Klonopin.  Recently I've been hearing about studies saying that these pills don't work and it's a placebo effect and the pharmaceutical companies just want money also I'm afraid of what might happen to my liver in the long-term and if I ever want to get pregnant.  I have depression and social anxiety.  What's your opinion?

  • guindon2211

    #KatiFAQ  Hi Kati, last week, I opened up to my therapist about a possible eating disorder. She is making me write in a food diary, but I feel like I am restricting my intake even more when  I do that. Every time I record something I eat, I feel like I've had too much and I feel guilty, especially because I have a "healthy BMI". All I can hear in my mind is a voice saying I shouldn't eat this or I shouldn't eat that. When I try to increase my calorie intake, I end up binging and purging… Why does this happen and what should I do about it? Thank you so much! You're videos are addicting and amazing! (ps. I still can't activate my account on your website… I don't get any activation email. I checked my spam folder, tried different computers… nothing works :/ )

  • creativeusername_x

    What are your views on assisted suicide? Not just for the terminally ill. Shouldn't we all have the right to die? It would be a lot less 'messy' if that were the case in my opinion. 

  • Sydney Delghingaro

    #katifaq  So my parents are recently divorced and they both already are dating again. My mom is totally open about it and doesn't stop talking about it. My dad doesn't know that I know (I found her stuff in his room) I don't like him hiding it, but I don't want to know everything. How do we find the "Happy medium"? Thanks and sorry this was so long!

  • papondahoops

    Really needed to hear #3.

  • WickedFairyEssence

    I don't know if this journal topic has been done before, but when I was in high school, when I was talking to my school psychologist, I was having a very difficult time dealing with some things that happened with the passing of a loved one that had happened many years before.. So he told me to write a letter to them telling of things that had happened since their passing and things that I felt guilty not doing for them, seal it in an envelope, and place it somewhere I wouldn't see it. This helped immensely and it felt like I was sending a letter to their spirit or something. 🙂 I thought I should mention this in case somebody else is in my situation where they feel guilty about something they never did for a loved one that has passed on. 

  • Pepperoni Sanders

    Hope you are doing good!  Glad you are on youtube when i crave a soothing and funny, serious, sweet and sour, educated beyond me woman, with a lovely voice and appearance!  Calms me just to listen to you, glad I just have to watch commercials, guess advertising ain't all bad considering "shopping is cheaper than therapy".  Thank you for making this channel and sharing and keeping at it!  

  • Marleigh Joy

    I've had quite a few sessions that have gone over the normal hour that a session usually lasts, generally because like you said, you're doing some really intense work. My current therapist (well, she will be for two more weeks anyway) is always really good about not letting me leave until I'm in an emotionally stable place. Once we had an intense session and she had a client waiting so she had to get to them but I was so out of it she actually had me come back in later the same day. Personally, it really helps me trust in her knowing she isn't going to let me leave in an intense emotional state or an unstable frame of mind. Heck, the session she told me she'd be moving 4 hours away, I think we stayed over 2 hours just processing it through together. She doesn't ever have clients directly after me during these times though.

  • sweeetstufff

    I really love the journal topic! thank you 

  • Familia CarrilloVlogs

    Hey I have a question..
    I don't know what's wrong ng with me. Since I was 6 years I remember I had a terrible life
    My dad was send to jail
    My brother staring to touch me inappropriately
    My mom never believe me.
    My mom abandonate me .
    My uncle force me to wash pornography.
    My mom never believe me
    I got together with my boyfring at 15had my baby at 17
    I always hurt him even though I know he is hurt
    He loves me but I don't believe him
    I am a total jealous person I fell I am trust next to him
    Because he has a real family!y
    Now 2014 my dad got kill after 2 months of been out of jail for 16 years.
    3 months after my brothers dissapear I do t know whether they are dead or not.
    I live in USA my family lives in mexico.
    Now my husband wants the divorse because he tinks I am rude and I can't be happy
    I already call a mental clinic because I believe I just have this anger since little
    But I do love him I am a great person but I need help ..

  • Gastly Gengar

    I can say that in my experience, it's really hard to tell which person mental illness takes the bigger toll on. I have known my wife for 8 years, and honestly I am just coming to grips with the idea that I may have a serious depression and anger issue. I can tell when we talk about this that she tries VERY hard to hide the fact that listening to me talk about it is hard on her, she is very empathetic. She feels the what I feel. I have the belief that when two people love each other, they are supposed to help hold each other up. Now truthfully, my support system as I believe it's called is non-existent, it's just her. I believe that if I hadn't met her I would have ended up in the wind, less than nothing. So, it's really hard to feel like I'm not holding up my end of the bargain, that I'm supposed to be the rock that keeps her above water. I feel more like an anchor, and that sooner or later I'm going to end up dragging her to the bottom with me, and that really sucks.

  • toniel miller

    not sure where to ask this, but what would you do if you have or had a friendship where its only love/hate relationship, and passive aggressive shit.. things seem ok and peaceful one moment , then 30 min. to an hour later, this person is very hateful and revengeful…. not sure how to deal with

  • Gay Ricardo

    ugly bitch

  • Nova Xx

    What if you are married to a narcissist, and he won't talk about issues, or won't go to therapy.?

  • lauren paterson

    Great video

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