Master | Psychology: Development and Health Psychology | University of Amsterdam

Master | Psychology: Development and Health Psychology | University of Amsterdam

My name is Emma. I’m doing
Development and Health… …which I chose to do because
in my first year of my Bachelor’s… …I did some health psychology… …which I really wanted to pursue
in my Master’s course… …because I want to do something
in health communication after my degree. I really like the focus on addiction, stress,
and sexual health in this course… …and I think it’s actually really applicable
to the real-life world. Psychology at the University
of Amsterdam is 17th in the world… …so it’s really well-renowned.
And the teaching is really good… …and I wanted to try something
in a new country. I’m Reinout Wiers. I’m a professor
of Developmental Psychology… …here at the University of Amsterdam. Health psychology typically
does not really take… …developmental aspects into account.
We argue that it’s really important… …because the same intervention
may have completely different effects… …if you do it in children,
adolescents, adults, elderly. So that’s really an important angle
in all of our studies. We use problem-based learning here. So that means that you can have
a broad topic, say addiction. Within that, you have
these specific cases… …where you first talk:
What is this case about? What is the effect of say, terrible pictures
as warnings on cigarette packages? So you come up with questions yourself
and then you go to the literature. And the nice thing is,
research has shown… …that when the learning is curiosity-driven
rather than obliged literature… …you actually memorize more,
so you learn a lot. My name is Deni van Schagen… …and I’m studying Development
and Health Psychology… …at the University of Amsterdam. We’re a really small group
of only 16 to 18 people. That makes that you get to know
each other really fast. All these people are from different
countries, so you see different cultures. That makes not only the studying… …and the way of working with each other
different, but also the informal part. Just having a beer with each other
and starting your life in Amsterdam. You really get in touch with each other
because it’s such a small group. We see students branching out
in different areas. Prevention, health promotion,
health policy-related organizations… …but also maybe even advertising… …at a company which does
a lot of health ads and health promotion. It’s quite broad really. I recently graduated… …from the Master Development
and Health Psychology at the UvA… …and now I’m working as
an intervention developer at Minddistrict. In my current job I’m developing apps
for improving sleep, increasing activity… …and improved coping
with negative feelings. We are faced with problems.
For example, insurance companies… …they tell us to develop
an app for improving sleep. Then we are brainstorming
about what the app should look like… …doing some literature research. The process of intervention developing
in my current job… …is really similar to the problem-based
learning process… …during the tutorial groups in the Master.
That’s why I’m now really able… …to use the skills I acquired
during my study in my new job.


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