McAfee Back in U.S., Admits Fake Heart Attack

McAfee Back in U.S., Admits Fake Heart Attack

johnnie kathy have will actually just
landed in miami today and that the reason why he was able to
go from guatemala to the u_s_ is because he is a u_s_ citizen is it and his
attorney doesn’t really busy chemo goes to make sure that he didn’t have to
go to the least hired to be questioned about the murder
of his neighbor so stump questionable man here here are
some other questionable things that he has recently admitted that he totally
faked the heart attack and the reason why you think the heart
attack is because he wanted to make sure that that he could buy time for his
attorney to make sure he doesn’t get
sensibilities i’m both happy and pets because i’m a little bit when he said if there was a heart attack
it was a headline space in the morning medium a t_v_ set portion i don’t believe it but come on man it’s a hard time with
you don’t believe i did that as that of all a bit you know had trouble with allow you might have murdered your
neighbor here on the run in almost any of the most could be a heart attack of
all time all wal-mart dog although i think my pet jess’s crib residency the fairness about is that i didn’t see
it on and so i can and it doesn’t happen was that on-air
doesn’t count overrun the clip it would’ve been awesome bluefoot nerve are not the intended he remembers a man pacers remembers irene i remember and departing credit all right bill for and perhaps stories
now about date yes dot com also glad all right so actually has been sent back
to the u_s_ there are a few things that we should
mention so first of all authorities in belize wanted to question him he was in
a primary suspect but that doesn’t matter they wanted to question him any
not super paranoid left a lot of mahler entered the country illegally and when
he was a bus to get asset-backed of at least he’d take the heart attack if you
got sent to the u_s_ instead okay now than after he made his one hundred
million dollar fortune here in the u_s_ by making that anti-spyware software actually laughing united states to go to
belize so it wouldn’t have to pay high-tax auto
hell no hello trend back they would have made any sense of my
blood with edta if you want to u_s_s_ issue where you want the protections of the united states
government you did what paper that right you the patriot excessive taxes paid for
among other things our justice system the things that protect well they didn’t get your answer back on that plane and the police answer
the questions the crowds there in you know that anywhere you like although it’s the reason for that they
don’t pay the taxes they run away believes whether any of this blueberries nihilism and you know what your taxes before they
were for probably thirty five so it wasn’t about very good the prototype you can’t do this but i
was a government like well the other server process or because you back on the plate
believes him which always your what’s interesting is
of course this this is a common theme of the show right the wealthy get the
special treatment you have the money you have the best attorneys if you want to be question for murder it
find a way to escape these guys and one thing about this genocide nj our government is tracked him down
throughout the world on because he didn’t use a condom during
sex wants because the heat exposure the government and is not richard travel is up off our
politicians by direct skype who told us government
or school amount to pay your taxes right and he’s one of on murder possibly what is there a new how can we help you how can we help you because if you’re rich and powerful and
don’t mess with the u_s_ government you get everything all the privileges but if you’re not going to go and that’s
what the u_s_ government other going to come for you man two different justice systems as always



  • Highheidyin

    I think she wants to be a slightly more serious journalist than cohosting with Cenk allows.

  • CamiloSanchez1979

    Oh you mean like she is expecting to land a job at CNN or MSNBC?

  • Zap Rowsdower

    Justice is blind.
    But it can sure smell money.

  • BoredLikeHelI

    what you said has no factual basis whatsoever.

  • MegaAstrodude

    Cenk hired Ana.

  • Highheidyin

    No, I don't mean like that – although I do hope she gets whatever job she wants in the future. I just feel that Ana isn't that big of a fan of Cenks "haha, boobies" or "look at me, I told you so" style of comments.

  • kousoulides

    If you see me with my best buddy you would think we are arch enemies like batman and Joker, or Magneto with Prof Xavier or sheldon cooper and wil wheaton.. get the point..

  • Devilish Face

    His antivirus is utter shit anyway.

  • MonkeyManWill

    I think that anyone with citizenship of our country should be able to come back to our country whenever they please. You have to remember they are still a citizen.

  • Tonjaka Hinkson

    Well as you said Cenk the justice system favors elite so he's made a smart move coming back here

  • Village Idiot

    calm down Anna. Some of us like it when Cenk injects himself into the stories. He makes the news fun. If I wanted to listen to the news being read, I could turn on the TV.

    And his name is pronounced MAC a' fee, not Mc AA fee

  • jerran sperarman

    good video

  • webmacho

    great vid

  • hurasane

    he lost 96 million dollars in 2008 and has 4 million left i dont blame him for moving to a place with less taxes, tyt stop being hacks , he was just trying to keep his money

  • Fangtorn

    Only 4 million left? The poor guy! What a tragedy. No wonder he didn't want to pay tax like a responsible member of society. I bet he could barely afford to move to a different fucking country.

  • Fangtorn

    Well actually it was Ana who brought up that McAfee left America to avoid paying taxes, but Cenk's point is still entirely relevant. If you don't want to pay your fair share of taxes, why the fuck should you enjoy America's legal protection?

  • Fangtorn

    And I think if you're a citizen of a country you have a certain civic duty to that country, such as paying your fair share of taxes, not leaving the country when its convenient and returning when you need the very protections you didn't want to pay for.

  • perfectibility999

    If he lost $96 million, it's not the government's fault. He should blame the banks or blame himself. If you make a stupid decision and lose money, this doesn't relieve you of tax obligations. Man up! Take responsibility! Don't act like a three year old.

  • Laze

    I love Cenk and Ana. They always make smile

  • robobrain10000

    Naa… it is just right.

  • Rob -

    it's mac-ah-fee

  • sefrzan

    is this the shitty antivirus?

  • Fetzie

    Send him back on the next plane out.

  • dd1987x

    Yeah. Spend enough time with anyone and their mannerisms go from cute to annoying, lol. This holds true in romantic relationships as well.
    But yeah, on top of that, who doesn't get irritated with their boss from time to time?!

  • hexatentacle

    I bet he's gonna quickly look at the top comments and think "see, they like my huge ego!".

  • Literally Hitler

    He left for Belize because of everyone and their grandmother trying to litigate him.

  • Sentinalh

    When there is a lack of justice, government always fails. As soon as the American citizens realize they have no justice, it'll be a second revolution, but only then.

  • MrG0TH1ER

    Yeah I'm sure that's why he went to Belize…

  • MagnesDrachen13

    This man is either guilty as hell or completely insane.

    Or both.

  • Prelude610

    Strip him of his citizenship.

  • mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]

    im curious to know who is really pulling the strings of the american government

  • hurasane

    hey its his money not the governments okay, the governments bailed out the banks who robbed him so why the fuck would he want to pay taxes

  • jimjim13061

    "I'm glad the story is now about you" – Cenk we like you, but Ana that was awesome.

  • Apollo Sun

    Lol, Cenk is hilarious

  • Lord Goat King

    despite his questionable actions my computer is virus free


    He ran because he killed the guy. Deport the prick to face justice.

  • waswestkan

    I used McAfee anti-virus starting when it was shareware & has always worked well for me. I'm going to have to reevaluated that on hearing he is tax dodging hypocrite.

  • Rolished

    Nice opinion, what are your sources?

  • DOW234

    no not big just to fat

  • blackkakari

    "too", not "to".

  • charlieapeshit

    … I'll allow it. haha

  • Rolished

    This is a shitty broadcast with opinionated idiots who making a mockery of the news. It's jokers like Cenk getting paid to loudly tell his whack views that warps people's minds from any kind of practical reasoning and diligent search for the truth.

    I'm not saying Mcafee's a saint, but if you know anything about schizophrenics and meth addicts (slander that the Belize gov has used) then please find his interviews also before you make up your mind. And please, don't hate all rich people.. ffs.


    ?? Source for what? My opinion? It's called 'news'. I followed the story. I formed an opinion based on what I've read. Have you been following the story? Or are you one of those self-appointed arbiters, regulating everybody's comments? IMO, the prick is guilty. But whether he is or not, let the jury decide. That's how it works.

  • Rolished

    Did the news mention that the last foreigner in Belize who was brought in for questioning ended up shot 14 times still handcuffed because (police claim) he went for an officer's gun?

    How about the 2 million the government demanded from him for campaign funds months before this incident?

    He's no saint, but maybe you should try and listen to some of his interviews before you label the man a killer. 'News' is a pretty loaded answer to my question, which network?

  • Azazel Acheron

    Must be great to be rich, and in the US…

  • Shumon Johnson

    Did Cenk just call him a B1tch?!


    Oh, I see. It's all a conspiracy. They wanted to kill him and instead of just doing it framed him for a murder. Clever. Hey, I have an idea… you're an adult right? Use your search engine… I'll assume you know what that is… I use Google but any will do, and type in something like 'Gregory Faull murder'… you might add the word 'details' to get specific. Then click on ANY story and read. Keeps you from making stupid assertions while trying to sound intelligent on YouTube.

  • simreviews

    we should all just sit around a camp fire together with Mr McAfee and listen to him while he talks about how good he used to have it. xD

  • Axe Music

    Ana reminds me of this girl I dumped back in 2004. She could be her twin sister. What a damn fool I was.

  • Piranha7x5

    eset nod 32 is one of the best antivirus out there.

  • Joey B Smooth

    We have people shot in the back of the head while sitting in police cars . We have unarmed people shot 47 times by the police for having a wallet , we have police asking people to sell them drugs and when they don't say they are no drug dealer they end up dead. This all happen in America. But yeah look at ONE thing that happen in Belize .

  • Mr Berg

    Why do we care so much about this one guy? Oh he must be rich.

  • levimon

    haha cenk, you rock

  • Etheoma

    Well alegadly didn't he try to sleep with a women that he had been having sex with the same night when she was asleep, which is rape because it is sex without consent.

  • bscrazy007

    Good Job ana…nice bitchslap with the ' I am glad you made the story now about you' statement. Cenk is turning in to an unbearable self-important douchebag now-a-days. He seems to desperately need that.

  • FengxianLeTerrible

    @batshitcrazy007: you mean he's awesome like that.

  • Iksbrown

    He's not actually affiliated with the company anymore. They just use his name because he created it, but he hasn't had anything to do with it for over 15 years.

  • Titus Vespasianus

    In the US? Oh now he can bribe his way out. Fuck that! Arrest that corpse and his concubine.

  • littlemissdimples88

    Oh don't be ungrateful! That guy's software has worked so well for me, I wish him well for that alone, lol. Super useful

  • Yesiamblind

    I like Cenk but he's just not funny. And he sounds like a little girl when he's boasting his chest and yells. I swear to god if he turns out to be a hypocrite on any issue where he makes fun of other politicians and people in general he's gonna be in deep shit because he acts obnoxiously righteous ALL THE TIME.

  • Erilis666

    Man, these people are like viruses.

  • kinkyafrogirl93

    mcAfee?? is this the guy that protects my computer from viruses?? :/

  • Archer Cillian

    Cenk nailed it! Per usual.

  • Rolished

    I was wondering when someone was going to show up and say "Well hey it happens all the time so it's not that bad."
    No, it isn't normal and it isn't acceptable at any time or place in any quantity. Just what the hell kind of argument is that? Have you just given up on ethics?

  • nosuchthing8

    Ana, don't be so serious. People watch this show because you guys don't act like stuffed shirts.

  • n00bMaster69

    he should have to pay all back taxes for the years he ways away plus interest or send him back

  • Lobos222

    Thats the right attitude. ๐Ÿ™‚

    For almost EVERY product on the planet there are options and if more and more customers shy away from Companies and their products when they do dodgey stuff they ether change or go out of business.

    The only problem is that humanity is too stupid to get that on a macro scale.
    That said, it should not stop you and me from acting in such manner. I never shop at places that treat their workers badly for example. Dont really give a shit how good their prices are.

  • Teufelsnachbar667

    TYT fails on the whole McAffe sotry. If you want the real story, go look it up on vice.

  • xebek

    Add to that it's a buggy and bloated piece of software likely slowing your system down. Get AVG and be happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • foxibot

    I agree with Jenkins, he left the u.s. to not pay taxes, take his money or send him back!

  • oscar pereyra

    lol wha. whats that have to do with his anti virus

  • Tulip Dew

    So many filthy rich assholes like him avoid taxes. It's too bad they bought out the govt., so nobody will ever go after them.

  • Goodgoyim Takethepill

    Hey Anna are you wearing more makeup because of the new girl?

  • Joey B Smooth

    I am pointing out giving your logic since the US has a worse track record when should support Fugitives from the American justice system.

  • aeeesd

    Looks like mel gibson to me

  • Marisa Holz

    This isn't the whole story Vice had been covering this from the beginning. Educate yourself before passing judgement.

  • Rolished

    I think the reason that what you have just written makes no real sense is owing to two reasons:

    You never had a good point to begin with.
    You don't care/ desire to have an accurate grasp of English.

    I ask that you try again, this time think about what you ultimately are trying to say and maybe introduce someone to our comments so they can confirm you aren't speaking nonsense.

  • Joey B Smooth

    I love the bias in your statement. If English is not someone's first language than what they have to say is pointless. Is that what you must go to support your unjust criminal justice system

  • Rolished

    No, in my last comment I implored you to try again with whatever point you had. I am an English teacher who has taught abroad for some years, so I am very accepting of ESL speakers. It's not that you are wrong, it's that you made no clear point because your language skill isn't good enough. For the record, I am not from America. I am not in favour with the current US justice system either. Maybe you should put less assumption into your writing, it sounds pretentious.

  • CNVideos

    This is the behavior of a guilty man.

  • v8pinball

    Are u for real? wikileaks HAS revealed injustices from all over the world about lots of governments! I'm pretty sure China included. Get your head out of the sand!

  • Lord Bones

    Damn Ana, you are looking HOT, HOT, HOT.

  • rebelsouljaz

    perhaps norton should bail him out for free for 30 days after which mcafee will have to pay him a fee every month for his services

  • rebelsouljaz

    he's not even a suspect, he barely a person of interest for the moment being.

  • Adam Howell

    Everyone is aware of the human rights abuses in China. They don't have a democratically accountable government, they arenโ€™t who democratic western countries have militarily allied themselves with. Are you pissed the US is being held to higher standards than likes of China and Russia? Guess what, we expect better of you than we do China and Russia. Assange should face trial for rape though.

  • ImperatorAvgvstvs

    I don't blame him. If some central or south American country wants to question me about a murder I'm gonna get the hell out of there. I have zero confidence in their justice system and don't want to get fucked over.

  • DisturbedAidan2

    Belize is an English speaking country that was apart of the British Empire, so their justice system should not be too different from the US Judicial system, like with other countries that were in the British empire.

  • zedwid300


  • William Brigante

    My CP never got a virus with McAfee…just sayin'

  • bebeeebear

    Cenk , you are totally right

  • FDSbeach

    I don't know; it seems to me that McAfee's found a loophole in the system. More power to him.

  • TheWordprophet

    The story being reported on is unfortunately obscured by the profanity and lack of professionalism of the ill mannered man on the right…
    Is this supposed to be a news report?

  • BluesInMySoul

    And you have total confidence in the American justice system? WTF?

  • mike chass

    Check out "JOHN MCAFEE How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus" on youtube.

  • Raoul Duke

    TYT is wack, don't waste your time.

  • Troll Baron

    John Mcafee is a smart guy. Invented a groundbreaking security program.

  • Brandon Cole

    why cant these muslims that spent their whole lives pronouncing names with multiple consonants, vowels, and even phlegm not pronounce an irish/scottish last name correctly?

  • Nic Parker


  • gpttut

    are you sad that trump won. You better believe it. Trump is the president and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Ryan Mag

    Cenk was so stupid

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