Mental Game of Thrones feat. Steve Zaragoza | The FlipSide

Mental Game of Thrones feat. Steve Zaragoza | The FlipSide

-Tyrion Lannister said, “People often claim
to hunger for truth, but seldom like the taste
when it’s served up.” That’s exactly how I feel. That’s it.
That’s me. And obviously I want to believe
in myself, but the only way to truly find out my self-worth
is to put myself out there. And what if I put myself
out there and I find out
that I’m not good enough? What if the truth is
that I’m a fraud? What if the truth is
that I’m a failure? Tyrion’s right.
I don’t want to taste that. -Yeah, just shut up and grow
a pair! You’re a grown man! Time you start acting like one! Tyrion Lannister also said, “Never forget what you are, for
the rest of the world will not. So wear it like armor and it could never
be used to hurt you.” -You have but what
if I’m a coward? Am I supposed to wear
the cowardice armor for the rest of my life? How does that help me?
-But you’re not a coward. If you put yourself out there,
you’re gonna strive. I promise you. You’re an amazing human being. -You are an amazing human being. But even human beings
have their flaws, boundaries, and limitations. You shouldn’t feel any need
to put yourself out there. -Don’t let him off the hook.
He can do this. He just needs a little kick
in the ass! -Ah! Come on man, I want to trust my gut but my gut keeps telling me
not to trust myself. -I’m your gut, trust me. -I’m your gut
and I say no — no pressure. -For those of us climbing
to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule,
hunt or be hunted. -That’s, that’s not
“Game of Thrones.” -Okay! He’s trying to distract you
from your real purpose here. -Yes, I am, because it was
getting a little bit too intense for me
in here, Brosario Dawson. What other shows you guys watch? -Are we talking about Netflix?
-“Three’s Company.” Let’s stay just focused, guys.
All right? -Death is so finite, whereas life is full
of possibilities. #PeterDrinklage. # — Have we all seen
“The Station Agent”? -#StopDistractingUs. -No, actually
that’s a great quote. Death is finite. So we must avoid
living dangerously. -No death is finite. So we need to
seize the day, carpe diem, take risks and get rewarded! -Ooh, if I could pull you guys
out of the honey a little bit here, actually, I’ve got his app.
I don’t really have an app yet. I’m about to download it,
but basically it’s kind of about “Game of Thrones”
and “Song of Ice and Fire.” Basically,
George R. R. Martin… -[ Yells ]
[ All speaking indistinctly ] Stop listening to these guys
and listen to me. -You’re the best man
in the world, all right? -[ Shouts indistinctly ] -Come on, man!
Watch it please. Watch where you point
that damn thing. That’s enough! I can’t — No more!
All right? Please. [ Grunts ] Aaah! -Hi! Max, right? -Yes, Paige! Great.
-Hi. Yes. Oh! No, I’m a hugger, so.
-Okay. [ Both chuckle ] -So, you saw my profile? -Yeah, you have more of a beard
than your profile. -Yeah, I was —
I thought I’d go for more of a Jon Snow kind of thing. -I like — I like — I like —
Well, yeah, that’s I guess in right now. -Yeah. Yeah. How — How are you? -I’m — I’m good. I’m good. A little bit of traffic,
but, well, how are you? -Um…[ Sighs ] I’m good now that you’re here. -[ Laughs ] -Uh, are you hungry?
-Yes. -Do you want something to drink?
-Yes, all the above. -Oh, great, okay.
-Yeah. [ Conversation fades out,
music fades in ]



  • Josh Piatak

    Cool, I can't hold that many conversations in my head

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  • Will Ho Sun

    This idea of overthinking is completely relatable, but the video feels way too drawn out without anything being done. There have definitely been much better flipsides, so you guys have the bar set high. But this one falls real short of it.

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  • PeterVaughanification

    So this is why he easn't on the Game of Thrones TV Show Show on SourceFed! haha nice little video

  • UltimateBop

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  • T'kehya P-Cupid

    how do I get out of my head? I sleep

  • MattSings2

    I literally just got a bunch of chills and goose bumps from this episode… I always do …. It's just so mind blowing what you guys come up with! Love the writers you guys! Keep em coming! My most favorite show on soul pancake along with The Impression Guys! You rock!

  • Patrick L

    STEVE !!! 

  • The Halfpace Project

    It is so cool to see Steve playing a different role like this! Awesome job!

  • J.L.M.

    Another great FlipSide. I can totally relate. But, you just have to get yourself out there. Conquer your fears.

  • Brandon Rosenthal

    So much Zaragoza!…

  • Madman0001

    Steve with the moves!

  • imyouandurme

    Very little of this has to do with GOT other than a few Tyrion quotes are mentioned in the beginning. I was waiting for Steve's date to poison him or crush his head or something.

  • Tay Eats Cheese

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  • Connor Shakles

    Scrolling through my subscription box and honestly thought this was a source fed video

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    Steve ditched TV show show to do a video for soulpancake

  • Steve Zaragoza

    Had so much fun with this!!! Glad you guys like it! <3

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  • I'm Justin Y. & I Post Pointless Trash

    Steve we love you buddy

  • Christopher Clayton

    @Steve Zaragoza What just happen, had me weak as a bitch! Right after the two Steves said he was an amazing human being, one of the host said, "you two really are amazing human beings" couldn't have been 10 seconds apart.

  • Flaming Freedom

    Happy birthday, Steve!

  • SpaceHerpes69

    I'm not sure we would have survived if we had actually entered Steve Zaragoza's mind! XD

  • gzuzumaki2

    (Sorry soul pancake! But this is for Steve!) JONATHAN GAY.

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  • Maddie Myers

    I love that question!! It's so relevant, but I've never heard it phrased. Thanks!

  • Batmonkey7


  • tekoa

    I wish I knew how to get out of my own head. I have trouble with anxiety and obsessiveness. Sometimes, I think and think on things until I work myself into a panic. It's so stressful. That on top of a short fuse with my temper and it's not pretty.

  • AndrewWearsYellow

    Aww. Steve was awesome in this.

  • Tyler May

    This is so great! I was very overwhelmed in the video, but as you guys do in this series you flipped it around and made it perfect! Also Steve is great!

  • TheCosplay101


  • Life In Frame

    You get out of your head by losing in trail by combat.

  • cassmaelou

    SoulPancake, you never cease to amaze me.

  • Zach Sharp

    Put Steve Zaragoza on anything and I will watch it (porn included)

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    I create that's how I keep my mental curiosity and mental ideas satisfied 

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    Love it… I miss u flipside

  • Celeste Tong

    This is really well-done !!! 
    I love to have that sort if argument with myself(s) though. snap snap, It doesn't really matter after all ! 

  • Evan Arnold

    I listen to music and play games

  • MrMarks101

    Steve zaragoza

  • goforthandeattacos

    This video is brought to you by Strens'ms.

  • Basel Abukhalaf

    I can get out of my head easily with a knife.

  • Max

    When I went sky diving last weekend, being afraid of heights, everything in my body told me this is stupid and that I shouldn't jump. The only way I could have done it is to just stop thinking about it and jump.

  • OloEopis

    Yes, yes, yes, The Flipside again
    Please do more

  • Evija3000

    This was interesting and too relateable =P

  • Julian Suis

    the idea was good, but i feel like the first part was too long

  • Open the doors to Rapture

    I don't. I'm captured because my brain thinks all the time about everything. And it is hard for me to forget things, also I repeat most things I have/want to do even though I don't forget them. It is like talking to myself all the time and no I am not mad or crazy (maybe a little) :D, but nowadays it is so hard not to be stressful.

  • Grimm

    I touched Steve's beard. My name is Max. Steve wrote this with me in mind, clearly.

  • Taylor Coffman

    This turned out so great! Really fun working with Steve, Ben, Josh, and the rest of the team!

  • JBugDavis

    Truth is…… you're a hipster. I kid, I kid…….. but you are.

  • ashley

    Good job Steve!!! That's really good!

  • Bima Anggreyanto

    Yaaaay! The Flipside is coming back to town!

  • Bima Anggreyanto

    Yaaaay! The Flipside is coming back to town!

  • Heidi Ivy

    Hilarious and Precious! OH- to believe in Oneself NO MATTER WHAT happens is golden! 

  • themoondontshine

    I love Steve, and man, overthinking things seems to be my forte

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    Carpe Diem 🙂 Reminds me of Dead Poets Society.

  • Melody Young

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  • kujmous

    I go for walks. Or I write down the words that are in the way of the words that are in the way of the words that need said. I find something loud enough to hear sometimes.

  • Sde Hme

    Very inspiring and motivational 🙂
    I love soulpancake videos 😀

  • Tyler Breault

    Wow, very surprisingly powerful video, Thanks Steve and SoulPancake

  • StankPunatra

    Sometimes you just gotta jump and stop wondering how you'll land

  • kuryamtl

    loved this

  • sheltonfilms

    Ben Shelton, here.  Writer-Director of the FlipSide.  Thank you guys for all the wonderful comments.  I wrote this video from a very personal place.  I constantly have an inner fight with myself over how good my work is.  I find that one voice is always encouraging me, while another voice is always poisoning me with doubt.  And then there's usually a few other voices in there that just want to mix things up, change the subject and tell me to put work off for a while and do something else.  Thanks for watching, and be sure to check out the other 29 episodes of #TheFlipSide.

  • badgerman

    i dont care for game of thrones

  • Kye Talks

    Carpe dium full phrase: Carpe dium quam minimum credula postero. Meaning "Seize the day, put little dependence on tomorrow."

  • AussieHavanna

    I find that one of the best ways to get out of my head is to do something physical: yoga, running/jogging, or even a good night of dancing are excellent ways that I've found to work for me.

  • D.M.S.

    I force myself every day.

  • Guillermo Areas

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  • Rebeca Álamo

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  • Breezey bree

    This was so awesome and super funny. I can totally relate 🙂 loved this and gotta love Steve Zaragoza

  • BaTeOo7

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  • From The Vine

    Prayer, always

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  • Jake Burt


  • Enfinite Studios


  • Enfinite Studios

    good video!

  • Cloud Vinci

    Woo, soo glad they're still making these! This one had a good "flip" at the end and brought up a great question that I've actually been thinking a lot about recently. Thanks for another great flipside guys and I can't wait for the next one!!

  • R2green3


  • Dinneyboy


  • Lydia Simpson

    Going for the john snow look. I laughed. I bet most people don't even know who that is

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