Mental health in the construction industry

Mental health in the construction industry

So, tell us what inspired your
research on mental health? It was a mixture of things. Having worked
in the industry from graduation, in different aspects of the industry and also my own mental
health issues, I then learned once I started talking about them, that many other people
had experienced them. The same issues I had they had gone through as well. So, I wanted
to look more into that and why that was. So from your studies, how widespread
do you see this problem? Mental health doesn’t discriminate. It goes
everywhere from your small businesses, your micro businesses, right up
to the large corporations. And every age, every gender, someone
will be affected that you know. So the the current President of the CIOB
has made mental health a focus for this particular year. How positive are you about the
interventions that we’re seeing in the industry? I’m really, really positive about it. Mainly
because we’re starting to have the conversations and that is the first step to raise awareness,
to make sure it’s on people’s agenda. So they become more
inquisitive about it and want to implement it into their
own businesses as well. So what message do you
want to put out there on mental health in the
construction industry? I want people to know that there is so much
information out there already. There is so much free information, and they
just really need to start to educate themselves and then
help to educate others.


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