Mental Health In The Media: Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes? | Doctor Mike

Mental Health In The Media: Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes? | Doctor Mike

– Hello and welcome to another episode of the Wednesday checkup. Today’s topic is gonna
be about mental health and its rise in popularity
across all sorts of media. Most of the articles coming out recently have been really focused on destigmatizing mental health issues, getting people to see their doctor and talk about their emotions, focusing not only on their physical health but their mental health and all of these intentions are great. But the problem is that
within life good intentions don’t necessarily all the
time lead to good outcomes. Is mental health being destigmatized? Or are we feeling more
anxiety about anxiety by constantly covering these stories, overanalyzing what Selena Gomez is feeling based on outward perceptions. A lot of my patients have been coming in, self-diagnosing themselves with a disorder when they are actually
feeling normal feelings to maybe difficult situations. Some patients end up self-medicating. Medications are dangerous,
they have side effects, they need to be carefully monitored. Also at times, they self-medicate
with elicit substances like illegal drugs or
alcohol and I have to spend a lot of time trying
to convince my patients that their anxiety that they
feel in a given situation is totally appropriate and
they don’t have a disorder. In the field of mental health,
professionals like myself, family medicine doctors,
psychologists, psychiatrists, we understand the complexity of making a mental health diagnosis. There’s a lot of overlap that happens. We have to rule out medical
conditions to make sure there’s nothing wrong with
their thyroid for example. We have to rule out
substance use disorder, that they’re just not
feeling anxious or nervous because of cocaine or
alcohol or marijuana. That process takes multiple visits. It takes a line of
questioning by a professional who’s trained in this type of questioning. But what I’ve seen lately
in the media is people talking about mental health irresponsibly, even a series very popular
on YouTube by Shane Dawson. I don’t like speculating
about his intentions. I like to assume that he
had positive intentions to make a healthy conversation
around mental health and get people interested about it. Instead of getting help for someone, instead of explaining this complex process of what it takes to go see a therapist, to go see a doctor and
the stages of how a doctor makes a diagnosis, they
created a very clickbaity, fun, sensationalist
version of what it takes to talk about mental health. I very much urge people,
if you’re trying to make a mental health video,
be responsible with it. Understand that even if
you have good intentions, it can lead to bad outcomes. I’m not saying that this
is what’s gonna happen. I’m saying that I have a
fear that this may happen. Another thing that I wanted
to talk to you about is some folks who say when
you have mental illness, that you should just suck it up and you should just get
over it and stop whining. That’s incorrect. Obviously, I totally disagree
with that sort of method but I do think that there
is some level of personal responsibility that they
need to take upon themselves. In fact, what we’ve seen with phobias or obsessive compulsive disorders is that exposure is
actually curative, it helps. So have that level of
personal responsibility where you challenge
yourself and you don’t use your mental condition as a
handicap that’s preventing you from being the top and most
amazing person that you can be. If you’re concerned
about your mental health, go have a conversation with a professional whether that means a primary care doctor or a mental health specialist, that conversation has to start somewhere and remember, our job is not
to make you permanently happy or to remove all feelings
of sadness and nervousness. In fact, you should feel sad at times. It’s appropriate to be nervous at times and again on the same
side, it’s not appropriate to always be happy. In fact, the way that the mind works, it’s a compare and contrast mechanism. You only know when something’s hot when you can compare it
to something that’s cold. It’s about having a good
baseline about coming back to that baseline and feeling balanced. This by no means is a
comprehensive mental health video. But I’ve seen such an uptick on the news in covering this, some
of it done irresponsibly and we need to understand
that nuance is important, minute details can be incredibly important and if we’re honest about it
and we have trained experts talking about these conditions, then we can have an honest conversation when we’re actually doing some good. And most importantly,
we look at the outcomes to see if they match
our initial intentions. I want this to be an ongoing series where we can have a conversation so jump into the comment
section, hit subscribe, hit that notification
bell and most importantly, stay happy and healthy. (hip-hop instrumental music)



  • Patton Sanders

    Dr. Mike, I am slightly more sensitive than other people, and may have ADD or ADHD. My therapist that I’m going to to work on my sensitivity told me that anxiety and depression may be heightened because of my ADD or ADHD. Is this true? And if it’s not can sensitivity be heightened via ADD or ADHD? Thanks to whomever responds

  • The Falcon Nation

    Thank you for this video mental disorders are NOT something to glamorise as the media portrays. Recently even some of my friends have been self-diagnosing their very normal human emotions. Of course, you would feel stressed out and hella anxious when everyone is pressuring you to increase your GPA and your procrastination time is running out. The issue though is once they self-diagnose it's near impossible to convince them that they're just going through a rough patch. I think everyone at some point definitely should just go to a therapist just to make themselves aware if there isn't a problem that they're perfectly ok or if there is a problem that they became aware of it early on. There is no harm in checking up on your mental health with a professional it can save you from stressing yourself out and helping you in the long run.

  • Henrik Rónai

    Please someone help me what watch is that? 😀 It kind of looks like a Zeppelin.

  • Peachy _Gloss

    Depression and anxiety is a trend now…… that’s sad

  • keaira

    I STRONGLY agree with everything that was said in this video. As someone who has struggled with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and PTSD, it’s annoying and frustrating to see these illnesses being glorified and glamorized. I’ve had to explain to one of my friends that anxiety in certain situations is a completely normal thing. I mean, suspecting that you might have depression or anxiety is totally fine, but diagnosing yourself and self-medicating is something completely different.

  • Jenwithie

    If you fit one criteria of a diagnosis, it's easy to make yourself think they all do. That's how things like astrology and personality tests always hit home. Something fits, then you fit yourself into the rest. I also think the you still need to talk about mental health, because there are still people who need help. Speaking from experience, I know how liberating getting the right diagnoses can be. I was in my mid 20's when I was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism (which I see more as disabilities than illnesses). Though I was completely shocked when Autism was first brought up as a possibility, and I still had doubts for months after talking over the criteria I with my psychologist, it now feels more right than anything in my life. I went from falling apart and thinking I was going crazy, to hearing my life struggles describes with someone else's words. That relief of not being alone was (and still is) indescribable. It helped me understand myself better and gave me insight in how I function to build better strategies in how I study, work and just overall plan my everyday life.

  • An yee

    Thank you.

  • Amelia Bowerman

    What are your thoughts on 13 reasons why I feel like it's has made me realise the feelings I experience and just highlighted that they are there but enjoy the show

  • Speedpaw

    Can you make a video about donating blood, stemmcells and organs?

  • Adventures of a service dog jenna and sky

    I have manic biopolar depression and treatment resistant anxiety and ptsd

  • Pretty Ipe

    hey dr mike x i love your vidios you are so kind on camera acleast
    but could you talk ab suicide and self harm i know it is a sensative subject but i would really apriciate it if you could x thankyou your the best

  • Mal

    my psychiatrist is wants me to take anti-depressants for more than a year and I don't think i'm depressed, but they do.

  • blacK stonY rosE

    Serious video and all I can think of is how much I love those couch cushions xD also hope i spelled couch right 'cause I'm English ha ha

  • Cherie Wilson

    Did you go to traditional medical school or are you a chiropractor or osteopath?

  • Lisa Doan

    Dear doctor mike,

    Most of my life Ive been struggling with self-worth and validation some days out of the blue I get really anxious about my actions such as walking or if the person sitting behind me is judging the living crap out of me .That being said, I’ve also started picking at hairs on my body(Trichotillomania I believe it’s called) it’s started when I was little but I’ve never really grown out of it. Please tell me what you know/think!!

  • Billie’s Eyelash

    I have anxiety and depression and I genuinely get offended when people self diagnose, or fake it because they think it’s cool or for attention. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, etc. are no joke but people take them so lightly and when people get sad for one day they think they have depression. Meanwhile they have no idea what depression is like. Especially offensive for people like me who’ve been sad for 3 years and always over analyze things CONSTANTLY. (Also, if you have been dealing with things like this for longer then I really hope things turn around for you, of course none of us have completely identical feelings but I can somewhat understand what you’re going through if you are.) My school counselor also thinks that I may have some type of OCD, but I can’t confirm that for sure because I haven’t been to an actual doctor for that.

  • Yasminee

    THANK YOU! People really need to hear this

  • ChristyNINdie

    What had a huge influence on my mental health was gluten and milk, is there a connection? I stopped eating both just and everything got better.

  • Anita Rawal

    Thank you so much for this video you have no idea how helpful it was for me. Thank you

  • Jan Schittek

    How do you feel sad?

  • Smurkus

    Regarding the Mental health stuff, I was always told: whatever is wrong with you, in my case ADHD, PDD-NOS and Dystemia, it's an explanation, not an excuse. So I've always tried not to blame some of my failings on my disorders and question myself. Is this really cause of my disorders? and even if it is, what can I do to not have it happen next time?

  • Tran Hoang

    Hello Dr. Mike, I’m not sure if you’ve done a video about this matter. If you haven’t, would you please do a video on PANDAS? I wanna know your opinions on this.

  • sanjukta ganguly

    I'm really thankful for this video cause I'm studying with psychology and want to be a psychologist, I've seen many cases of our clients who does self diagnosis. And it's pretty dangerous. We maintain DSM 5 ( The Diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorder, 5th edition) for matching the criteria of a disorder, if there is 10 criteria all of them should be matched to call it as a "disorder", otherwise all of them are just traits not disorder. In maximum case, the worst thing is, the clients face 1 or 2 traits of it and diagnose it as a disorder and start to take medicines.

  • Tom Higgins

    See the primary care for a referral, NOT treatment, they will try to medicate the situation immediately with SSRI's & worse. It's beyond sickening.

  • Ella Chamberlain

    I keep coming back to this video and sending it to people who don't understand what I mean when I try to spread this message, because you explain it so well and this is SO vital. I think part of the problem with media is that it means normal human emotions are just not taken seriously – so people don't pay attention if you say you're just feeling 'sad', but as soon as you say you have Major Depressive Disorder, they start to take notice which is so wrong because it completely invalidates people who do actually suffer from these disorders. I've actually seen people around me go as far as self harm, simply because their sadness wasn't taken seriously. It's not their fault – it's just so sad that we live in a society that feels the need to either label every emotion with a disorder or brush off what we're feeling without getting help and I hope we can learn to feel like humans again! Love the channel so much Dr Mike – you're doing such amazing work 🙂

  • Totally Nameless

    Thank you. I am not my disorder nor my illness; despair is not an integral part of me, it's something I'm choosing to destroy.

  • Hannah McMillin

    Yes. Yes.

  • Noah & Atlas

    "Exposure helps."
    This hit me. I have post-traumatic stress disorder with psychotic features (yes, diagnosed) from a hospital stay five years ago. Any doctor's office/hospital related content triggers flashbacks and hallucinations. After the traumatizing incident, I discovered Grey's Anatomy because it was my mom's favorite show. After the initial terror and paranoia subsided a few episodes in, I really began to enjoy the storyline. Best of all, they introduced a character, Owen Hunt, who has PTSD too. While maybe not entirely accurate, it gave me incredible peace to know that a man can be strong, resilient, and self-assured while having this debilitating injury.

    Some episodes are too difficult for me to watch or enjoy. But after fourteen seasons, I can positively say that by exposing myself to more medical content and associating it with good feelings, my terror of doctors and hospitals has begun to diminish. I was actually able to self-admit myself into a psychiatric unit last month, which is a HUGE step in the right direction for me. While not without breakdowns, I could have never done that six months ago. It may sound silly, but thanks to Grey's Anatomy, I feel a teeny bit more comfortable in hospital settings. And because of that, I was able to seek out the help I desperately needed.

    Exposure helps.

  • You can Change your name on google

    So basically if a patient shows up first he tells what's his problem, what he want to achieve etc…
    But in order to distinguish delusions from actually disordered people you have to explain whats going on with mental health.
    But patients/ppl in general are often stubborn and they really believe in their made up diagnosis even if this diagnosis says that they die in seven day right after a phone call. But in reality it was just a really bad week with not much of a water intake, and or sunlight.

  • emfab19

    Thank you for talking about this!!!

  • Laura Smith

    Thank you! As a person with mental illnesses who has also been in treatment for them for over 10 years it’s so great to hear a medical professional address this rise in people mistaking regular emotions/anxiety as mental illness. When people do this, it can make people think mental illness isn’t as serious as it is. I have bipolar type 2 and trust me, there’s a difference between feeling sad and being in a low state. I can feel sad without being in a low state and I generally enter low states without any reason for it.

  • Kathy Doss

    Thank you for this. As a person with OCD, I can tell you it is an exhausting and draining thing to have! I put a lot of effort into self soothing and fighting the compulsions. It has taken years to get to where I can successfully (at least I think so) hide most of it in public. You are right that we have a responsibility to do the work to help ourselves so we can actually have a life! I never could afford therapy, but I did a LOT of research and talked to my family doctor. I have used that information to at least control things enough that I can work . The OCD is just part of who I am and I accept that.

  • Marisa Bradshaw

    What about people who are depressed most of the time?

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    I get that you want to get views but please keep making videos about the important topics like these

  • Małgorzata Wilk check my little passion 😉 i feel better when i sing 😊 its my therapy 😉 my mental health it better then. hugs Doctor !!:)

  • P S

    Can I be real here?
    I appreciate how media, especially things like shows or movies, are moving away from mental health as a gimmick or plot device, and more of a character exploration. But god dammit, it drives me up a wall when the disorder is portrayed incorrectly, oversimplified, or even vilified.
    I struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder, which itself has long been stigmatized in the medical community for its pervasiveness and difficulty to treat, as well as the toll it takes on professionals. Thanks to new understanding and techniques, it's not nearly as taboo as it was even a decade ago (thank you, Marsha Linehan~), but media is still catching up with that. I can't think of one intentional portrayal of BPD in media that is accurate, and it is often shown in a way meant to evoke fear in others, which is exactly the opposite of what this PD needs. I've seen characters who exhibit some Borderline behaviors or traits, but anytime a name is put to it, I never see a show or movie depict it aptly. It is so, so, so frustrating.

    BPD isn't the only disorder or issue that gets this type of treatment, but it's one that sticks out like a sore thumb due to its relevance to me. I really do appreciate the shift away from plot device, I can't state that enough. And I love seeing these issues explored and humanized. I even appreciate how you can use genres like horror to explore mental health (it might be the best genre for it, imho). But when it's done wrong… That's so detrimental…

  • isabell haveman

    As someone who has suffered from depression and social anxiety for the last 2 years , this is so so so spot on. That you so much for sharing your view on mental health 🙂

  • Denise Usagi

    Can you please talk about 13 Reasons Why? I think they didn't handle mental illness well. What they did was more sensationalized and some parts were just shocking for shock value's sake.

  • Da channel

    Is there any place online were I can get help incognito because no one believes me that I could be depressed

  • Nidhi Patel


  • Lord Potato

    What if you cut yourself dose that mean that I might have a meantl illness

  • QuMocha51

    Speaking of phobias

    When I see small clusters of irregular shaped holes like a baby's skull teeth and a lotus seed pod, I feel this weird wave starting from my head to the rest of my body. It feels like my nerves are sending this one strong sharp shock (like some kinda wave going down a rope, sorry trying my best to explain the feeling) from my head to everywhere else and I'm just forced to turn away to stop that feeling. Does that mean I have a phobia for small clusters of holes?

  • Ryan Reeta

    So I've been feeling sad and suicidal for around 11 years of my life (I am currently 14). There isnt a day where I dont feel this way, of course I feel glad or joyful but at the end of the day I just feel depressed. My friend was diagnosed with depression and when I wanted to talk to her about it so I could help myself she refused to help. I want to get properly diagnosed but I dont know how. I cant get myself to tell my parents about it because in my family Mental Health is such a taboo topic, please help me Dr. Mike


    Can we get a Dr Mike collab with Shane about mental health that would brake youtube just saying XD

  • victoria tojun

    Doctor Mike, is there any medicines or other ways to help me with my PTSD apart from having a puppy because my dorm doesn't allow me to have any pet.😢

  • Fla Fla

    I couldn't watch Shane even if I wanted, he is too annoying.
    But thank you Doctor Mike for pointing out how the subject of Mental Health has become a sort of trending topic for some social media stars to use as clickbait. A lot of people listen to these stars and it can cause a lot of trouble and misguided decision making.

  • Landry Reagan

    Thank you for this. I have severe PTSD to the point where I literally have to take my assistance dog out with me to simply check the mail. I see my psychiatrist twice a week and my GP does house calls once a week. I have usually between 3-4 panic attacks a day and even more flashbacks but luckily, my dog can sense them and I'm usually able to catch them in time. If not, they turn into seizures.

    I have been looking for someone to do PROPER coverage of mental health and I've definitely found one. Please continue to do mental health videos.

  • Don't Worry be Happy

    Can you do more videos on mental health 💚

  • Rivka Maria

    Thank you.
    I'm diagnosed with recurrent Depression and one of the most important ways it shows is in the mismatch of what I experience vs how I feel. People don't unterstand that during my last episode even if I was working out regularly my body would feel so tired I frequently needed to use both hands to hold the waterboiler, had to really struggle so I wouldn't fall down all the time. Now, that I'm out of this, I ride 20 to 30 km on my bike a day and I can feel my body getting stronger, working out gets more effortless by the week.
    When i'm depressed, i can meet my friends, get tons of reassurance an help and nothing seems to stick, when I'm okay, I can go days in peaceful quiet lonelyness. I guess people experience crazy things in hard times, but for me there is usually not even a trigger event, it's simply been like that since puberty.
    We should differenciate simply to get people the right Kind of help that they need. We should neither deny people help and compassion because they're not 'properly mentally ill' nor to those who 'have nothing going wrong in their life' for them to excuse their depression.

  • c4arla

    Yup and medication is not the marble it’s made out to be.

  • Kyra Holt

    Thank you! Taking mental health seriously has been part of my new self care. I'm glad you spoke about it. As a chronic illness advocate, I emphasize doing something that's just for you for self care. Hope you share my sentiments.

  • Theta Sigma

    This is such an important topic and I applaud you for how you handled this video. As someone with a diagnosed form of PTSD from years of childhood trauma, I feel that it is important to talk about mental health and not be afraid of it as a topic of discussion, but to also be responsible because I have seen many people do one google search of their symptoms and diagnose themselves with a disorder that they do not have.

    Which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t do research about mental health, even if it’s just a topic you find interesting, but it needs to be responsible research and not self diagnosed — if you do research and feel you may have a disorder, then it’s important to see a doctor or mental health professional and discuss it. This was how I found out that I had PTSD; I did my own extensive research after years of different therapists telling me that I simply had an anxiety disorder, and then sought out a mental health professional who was able to really help me and who found out that I did, in fact, have PTSD, and not only an anxiety disorder.

    I believe in the good intentions of mental health representation in the media, and de-stigmatizing mental illnesses, but I agree that it is often not done responsibly, and that when it is done irresponsibly, it does more harm than good.

  • The Marine Belle

    Thank you for this video Mike!

  • Errin Abagat

    I feel people have a fear of going to the doctor's specifically because of the bill. On a completely different note do you have any recommendations for books

  • Lavender Fae

    Then there are people like myself who really have suffered from a real serious mental illness and phobias and we feel like we are being taken advantage of and aren't going to be taken seriously becuase people are turning it into an aesetheitic or something

  • Blue Five

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  • Emily Oliver

    I was wondering if you could touch on Lewy body dementia my dad has it,…. Robin Williams had it. Despite it to have similarities to Parkinson disease and Alzheimer's people don't really know about the disease! They don't know what to look for, it requires different medication I didn't know about the disease until my dad was diagnosed. Want to spread the word on this less popular disease! Check out , my dads blog

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  • Hunter Gelo

    Good day!
    Dr. Mike, first of all I like that you made this video. I'm just want to ask this: for numerous years I have this thing that I could suppress my emotions that most of the time I could not correctly show my emotions at different situations. Also, for the past years I haven't been crying even there's situations that I need to cry but I couldn't. I don't know what's going on or what to do.

  • __natalie.d__

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  • Drake

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  • Tekkiegameplau

    When I was really young, I was diagnosed with (what was then called) Asperger's (a type of Autism) and ADHD. A lot of people with either of these, myself included, consider both of these states to be blessings rather than disorders, or at least neutral with it's own benefits and drawbacks. I'm curious as to what you think of Neurodiversity and if there are any other mental states you would list as "Different, but Equal"

  • izuku Midoriya

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    this video has opened up new perspective for me and i will be going to my doctor as he has told me in the past that i may have anxiety… i am in high school and i would like to aply to work in phycology for my college/university education

  • Paola Andrea Ortega Garcia

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  • OctarineButterfly

    I love these mental health videos. It took a long time for me to get help with mine because of all the bad things I'd seen in the media. I am getting help now, medication and therapy, but I'd still love to see more positive mental health content on here and just in the media in general without it being romanticized.

  • CJ WildFire

    Hi Dr Mike, I'm curious as to your thoughts on Maladaptive Daydreaming. CJ x

  • Alexisasheep

    So I have depression of some sort, never been diagnosed although I have talked to professionals because of it, but I know I have it because when I was a kid I heard people say things like I'll get over it, it's just because I'm young or it'll disappear over time. I will say it has gotten better over time but I don't know if that's because I've been this way all my life and have just gotten used to it and learned how to deal with it myself because none of the help I was getting, professional or just advise, wasn't working. I'm turning 20 this year but I feel like I've been stuck in limbo for five lifetimes. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I feel like an alien. I've been trying to think positively and see the good in things and that seems to help but it's a massive overhaul and reconstruction of a mindset I learned to put myself into over the years to try and cope with and "protect" myself from myself and my own mind. I've been in dark places, I've made attempts at my own life about 7 times since I was around 10 years old but my wording is vague because I can't really remember properly. My memory is garbage and half the time I feel like I'm going senile because I can sometimes forget my own name and age and stuff like that, more often than I'm happy with. To be totally honest I don't know why I'm writing this but I am. Take it or leave it. If you are dealing with this stuff I dunno what to tell you but to try and "wait it out". You never know what the future will bring but if you make an effort you might actually enjoy things again and maybe you might even feel human again. My depression isn't the kind where I can't even get out of bed, it's the kind that eats away at you slowly, ruining anything you enjoy and killing any happiness you might feel in a moment by pointing out the bad. As soon as something doesn't go 100% as planned (even if there is no plan) everything is ruined and I'll feel like a walking shell of either just emptiness or sadness. Sometimes I'm even a little happy when I feel sad because at least I'm feeling something. That's why trying to think positively has helped me a bit. If I tell the demon to f off it'll stay away until I'm alone and the silence kicks in. Did I mention I have bad insomnia? Lol life better be worth it

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  • Ithica87

    Hey Dr. Mike, someone who was close to me died by suicide. Would you be able to do a video to help survivors of suicide, people considering suicide, and other people can do to support their loved ones? What are some misconceptions about it? My loved one was reaching out but we sadly didn't recognize the signs until it was too late. I feel like it would be helpful if you could do a video about destigmatization and raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention. Thanks for creating these videos, they help me cheer up when I'm feeling down. P.s if you do a video on this topic it would be greatly appreciated if you didn't use my screen name. The stigma associated with this is a lot to deal with.

  • Ash is weird

    Should soneone see a therapist/counselor if they have cut themselves before and has bad thoughts about themselves but dont want an awkward conversation with their parents about it or if they are at a particularly young age e.g 11 or 10


  • Sara Turgeon

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  • Qijun Xian

    Whoever tells people that has mental illness to “get over it” by themselves is like telling someone with bone fractures to exercise, and the the harder he try he will heal faster. 🙃

  • Olivia Dunlop

    What really sucks is when you have a thyroid disorder (I have hypothyroidism and am medicated) which can cause your mental health (and literally every other part of your body) to go so wonky AND diagnosed mental illnesses (depression and anxiety, which I am also medicated for) and things are getting bad and you never know whether it's your head or your body.

  • Faded YT

    When I was diagnosed with depression and etc, I constantly felt like a joke like everyone who is suffering the same as me or with similar problems due to others' self diagnosis.
    "If they are suffering from depression and etc, then what is ours?"
    I honestly cried to this video because you have hit those statements hard and clear.
    Thank you so much.
    If you haven't done this, I would continue feeling lost, confused, and frustrated about this.

  • Wonder Llama

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  • KatarinaDreams

    when I was a kid, doctors straight up told my mom, "She can't have autism. She's a girl." so I got a misdiagnosis saying I had ADD and didn't get a proper diagnosis showing that I was indeed autistic until I was almost 18 😡

    I often think about how different my life would've been if my mental health had been taken more seriously 🙁

  • Amanda Schultz

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  • Amina

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  • Amina

    Do you yourself talk to your family doctor about your struggles and mental state etc. ?

  • Michelle Woods

    I'm having an issue finding a psychiatrist 2 help me w/clinical depression. But I am seeing a therapist and she recommended taking St. John's Wort. Just started it 2 day so I don't know how I'll feel yet.

  • mayella

    Bro my life is bad at school i have no friends at i sit alone in classes and i barely ever talk sometimes i want to walk out but my mind says no you cant and i have horrible grades and you know i just feel like no one would care if i take the jump i wont even have a funeral no one would talk about the fun times people had with me i would just not you know be known as a human i would just be known as something, something that no one liked a thing that no one cared about something that belonged in a trash can i am still thinking of taking the jump my thoughts are really strong i know i will do it sooner or later and no one can stop me love you doc from Australia

  • Mushtagz

    I’m a doctor and I’m diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder .. you can not believe the pressure I’m dealing with not only because of the stigma but also for those who use mental illness as a trend an do self diagnosis or diagnose for example celebrities with it .. there was this celebrity who was a drug abuser and she went to rehab for that and ppl were telling she’s a bipolar rather than saying she’s a real drug abuser ( i know that bipolar ppl have more risk of abusing drug tho ) .. they make illness look cool and fun and fashionable while it’s killing those who really deal with it and make their lives difficult .. I really don’t talk about my disorder with ppl not because of the stigma i don’t care so much about it as much as i care about them thinking that I’m faking illness just to be fashionable. It sucks .

  • Siena _thegirl

    Me: watches gabbie hannas "medicate"
    Youtube: you need this

  • Sami Agee

    So I went to my Dr and said I think I am having anxiety attacks she said o here is a prescription you should see a therapist??? There are other disorders that cause anxiety attack type feelings

  • Ali Michelle

    Doctor Mike should do a collab with Cassandra Banks

  • Shannna Robertson

    I feel awful because I’m so privileged, but I have depression and I can’t get out of it. My anxiety is uncomfortable as well especially finals week it feels like I’m going to have a heart attack all week. And therapists never help me I don’t know what to do anymore

  • hpycndl

    I don't know why this video has such low views.
    I agree with everything including the Shane Dawson bit.

  • Jim Adam

    i was in a very bad way, i went to the doctor he got me locked up and i haven't recovered from the treatment i got. i haven't seen my doctor since out of fear and i now refuse to speak openly to any medical doctor about my illness. in fact he got me locked up to teach a lesson! to keep my mouth shut. this is a warning to people with mental health problems do not tell your doctor.

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