Mental Health & Therapy : About Family Counseling

Mental Health & Therapy : About Family Counseling

Did you know that family counseling is here
for you? I’m Virginia Intelisano, Mental Health Counselor, Registered Intern with the State
of Florida and I’m here to talk to you today about family counseling and why it’s important.
Family counseling are for all members of the family, it can bring you closer together,
help promote unity and understanding. Also, it can help educate you. Let’s say for instance
that someone in your family has a mental health issue or illness and you do not know much
about it. You don’t know the symptoms, you don’t know the treatment. You can contact
a mental health professional in your area or psychologist to have an appointment for
family counseling in order to bring all of your family member together, to talk about
and help support this person in your family. You can also do an intervention in terms of
alcoholism or drug abuse. These types of things can help you save one of your family members.
I’m Virginia Intelisano and if you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact
the psychologist or a mental health professional in your area. And please remember that your
safety and your sanity is imperative.


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