Mental Health & Therapy, Everything You Need To Know!

Mental Health & Therapy, Everything You Need To Know!

I’m Dr Emma Gray, and I’m the Lead Clinical
Psychologist at the British CBT & Counselling Service. 
And on this channel, I’m going to be looking at everything related to mental health—so,
emotional problems, psychological problems, behavioural problems, things we have a name
for (like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship problems), and also the things
that we can’t name—so just not feeling right.  And I’m going to look at what you can do about
these things, the types of help that are available—ways to manage. So, from professional help (like
talking therapies, cognitive behavioural therapy, medication), to the things you can do for
yourself at home. Now, all of us are struggling with something—it’s
part of being human. Maybe you know what that something is, maybe you can’t quite put your
finger on it. But whatever is going on for you, you will be able to find what you need
to help yourself on this channel. And if you can’t, post your worries or questions in the
comments, and I will do my best to help you.  So, please subscribe, and I will see you soon.



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