Mental Health & Therapy : How Do Coping Skills Help With Everyday Life?

Mental Health & Therapy : How Do Coping Skills Help With Everyday Life?

Your best friend just made a rude comment,
all you want to do is lash out and get angry. Well take a deep breath. How do coping skills
help with everyday life? That’s what I’m here to talk to you about. I’m Virginia Intelisano,
Mental Health Counselor, Registered Intern with the State of Florida and there are very
many effective coping skills that you can do to take care of stress. Some of them include
exercise, stretching. Doing cardio-vascular exercise and stretching not only take care,
takes care of your body, but also alleviate stress in your mind. Meditation and deep breathing
also help with this. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the amount of stress that we have in our
life and Yoga meditation or deep breathing can help with this. It can be as simple as
watching TV, reading a book, going out with friends and making sure that you’re laughing.
Laughing everyday can help relieve stress; also, and it’s a very effective coping mechanism.
Make sure that you take time for yourself because it’s really easy to get caught up
in work, a busy schedule with the family and being the roles of many different people.
I’m Virginia Intelisano talking to you today. If you’ve any questions, or you think you
need more help, please contact the mental health professional in your area. And remember
to be safe and be sane, it’s important.



  • Dru Djuardi

    exercising etc etc releases endorphines 🙂

  • mind wipe

    learning to deal with sudden changes in mental state. might help you more than complain how unfair sudden changes are, yes they're the most unfair thing. also seeking advice from religious figures can help also. since reporting something i couldn't see was trying to poison my air quality and simulate me as mad by trying to poke me with hypodermic needles, but others couldn't see these people. well i stopped seeing them after i was prayed for. and stopped demonstrating symptoms of simulated mental illnesses. Importantly isn't to focus on massive distress, but pray to how to either cope or find lifestyle changes to see if you can make use of mental state changes. For example crippling dispair is a great time to lay down quietly and whiten your teeth with tooth whitening trays, while you see it out, whilst massive aggressive thoughts is a sudden great opportunity to do massive quantities of manual labour. Just sitting feeling it's not fair, it isn't fair, but it doesn't achieve anything simply pointing out the obvious, yes of course it's unfair, nothing avhieves pointing out obvious things. as you get older you should research more on bio-chemistry and supplement a regime of natural foods and holistic remedies, if you trust big business chemical giants their answer is never to treat or cure only to make money, anybody who expects fake doctors i.e psychiatrists ( deniers of biology or bio-chemistry, no biological training) you will shoot yourself in the foot, their answer anways is to double triple quadruple their pills, if you say they dont work, their answer will be to try doubling again the ammount, it's like they're not human beings. it's a known issue. you may find biological physicians offer much more logical answers than people of no training in biology like psychiatrists

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