Mental Health & Therapy : What Is Solution-Focused Counseling?

Mental Health & Therapy : What Is Solution-Focused Counseling?

Maybe you’re the type of person who understands
that you have a problem or a stress in your life and you want to be able to fix it, but
you want to fix it fast. Hi, I’m Virginia Intelisano a mental health counselor registered
intern with the state of Florida and I’m here to talk to you about solution focused therapy.
Solution focused therapy is one type of therapy that you can seek out to help solve some of
your problems and stresses. Basically it’s a theory that mental health counselors and
psychologists can practice and it can serve you in an efficient way. Usually it lasts
about six to eight sessions or less. This can be covered by your insurance provider
or you can seek it out without insurance. Basically the mental health professional will
be very goal oriented in the approach and help you get to the crux of your problem fast.
It won’t be delving in to your past and it won’t be looking in to your family matters.
But it will help you think of the solution to your problems directly with the counselor.
If you’re open to the possibility it can server you very well. If you have any questions about
this or you want more information on solution focused therapy please contact a local mental
health organization or a local mental health professional in your area. Remember to be
safe and be sane. It’s important. Thank you.



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