Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 5 | 11th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 5 | 11th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

mom brother move a bit faster…
first of all get a slip made from here slip? you can get the slip made, I’m with her give me the slip take this it’s been so long now, don’t know where both of them must be if something had happened to mom, then it will be so difficult I need boss signatures on this, then your cheque will be prepared, OK
*phone ringing* yes, Shaheena… say Javed, your mother is so ill, come home quickly what has happened to mom? don’t know, she fainted… so Maira took her to the hospital OK, that’s why she must be calling me…. let me call her back, in fact I’m going to the hospital just do one thing, come home quickly… then will go together what will you do at the hospital?
I’m already going there instead of arguing, it will be better if you can come here if there will be a need to stay at night in the hospital, then I’ll ask Maira to go home and do some rest women can only stay in the women ward yes, alright… I’m coming to pick you.. OK, bye! I’ll do it later on, bye! if the old woman discloses about my secrets to Javed, then what will be his reaction with me? this old woman is so clever she wants to keep him in his control with her flattering talks brother, show me the bill bill has been cleared already it’s cleared! what does it mean, who has done the payment? I’m sorry maam, he didn’t tell me his name though but he is the same person, with whom you’ve come along with your mother you can get the slip made, I’m with her I’ll also see, how will he refuse for Shahmeer’s proposal I’ll make sure to get Ayesha married to Shahmeer I’ll play such a smart game, that he’ll just watch mom…
mom let’s go for shopping…
I’m so bored and you know, the weather is changing…
please get me some new clothes think about something else than shopping every time you just talk about the expense only *door knocks* aunty I had given you mom’s jewelry, can you please give it to me? what will you do of that? actually they are all kept together, so I thought to keep them separately hey child Ayesha, you’re a kid now I’ll keep them safely, don’t you worry mom, didn’t you show Ayesha my new gold jewelry? the one that you’ve brought from the jeweler for me hey, keep quiet which jewelry do I have?
I had told you, that it’s artificial and what treasures do I have, that I’ll get your gold jewelry prepared, yes? Ayesha, I’m having severe headache… please bring me a cup of tea, please OK, let me get it what are you planning? let me be happy sometime also try to hold your tongue sometime what was the need to talk about the jewelry in front of Ayesha? why?, why shouldn’t I’ve talked?…
I really like to annoy her you unfortunate…
it was her mother’s jewelry which I had got exchanged from the jeweler you’ve done such a big fraud! and you use to teach me so much about the money keep quiet! am I you mother? or you are my mother? yes? come on, kid of a black mailer… let me take you for the shopping else your tongue won’t stop… and don’t you dare to talk about this to anybody come on, get up No man.. I’m unable to get this B negative blood I just recalled about you, so I called you finally! you recalled me due to some excuse though take care of uncle, I’ll visit in the morning your tests will be done till tomorrow morning then we’ll go home peacefully my heart is sinking.. hi! aunty greetings hi! hi! thanks God aunty, you have gained your conscious else, your daughter was so worried mom he… I’m so sorry I forgot to ask your name, in the hassle Shahmeer…
my name is Shahmeer mom, just think that he is our well wisher today, he has helped me so much in fact, if he wouldn’t be here today… then may be your condition wouldn’t have got better at all you’re making me feel guilty, it’s my responisblity on the humanitarian grounds it feels as if humanity is getting finished from this world stay blessed son thank you, aunty..
just recover soon I just came to inquire about your health…
let me take your leave now listen at least give me your number…
I mean so that I can return your money money..
which money! mom, he has paid our bill please how did you get to know? a good deed done with whole heart, never stays hidden number! 0310…. OK bye! bye! OK aunty, bye! bye son what was the need, my child? it could be arranged from somewhere mom I didn’t knew it myself, he paid our bill secretly if I say the truth, whatever happen… it was good I didn’t had even a single rupee at that time Javed hasn’t come? he’ll come mom I had told you, that after seeing my picture you’ll be amazed you’re right after seeing your pictures, now I wish more to see you what! to meet? excuse me! I’m not that sort of a girl it doesn’t mean that I’ll come to meet you, if I had talked to you on call for sometime & had sent you my picture Oh! now I understood it means, these pictures aren’t yours or else, you aren’t allowed to go outside the house you know, just like the same typical middle class, mentality kind of people it’s not the matter, Aimen doesn’t need anybody’s permission at all and there is a very big factory of my father in this city and we aren’t any middle class people, understand! but how can I accept all this? if a girl is being so feared for the meeting, so there must be something and if there isn’t any such thing, then meet me tomorrow OK then, I am not scared of anyone… done for tomorrow take this, make her drink this mom I thought to bring soup for you mom drink the soup mom, very fortunate people get such sort of generous daughter in law she was so worried for you if she hadn’t informed me after calling, then I wouldn’t have reached here leave it, what sort of talks you are discussing here this is my responisblity, mom am I right? sister in law, leave it I’ll make mom drink the soup No, no… why will you make her drink the soup?
I’ll make her drink the soup OK mom, drink the soup quickly… else you’ll feel weakness furthermore, you’ll be discharged by tomorrow afternoon then I’ll serve you with whole heart, come on… have the soup OK, no problem have you eaten anything? no brother, furthermore, I’m not hungry there must be so much expense done in the hospital, what about the bill? brother, one of my friend works in this hospital some of the payment she has done, some is left alright… Umm just do one thing, keep some money hey, take the money hey, keep it what about the money, it is something to be kept & spend.. today they are with you, tomorrow will be with me I just want that, mom shall recover soon & come back home I don’t want anything else then I’l serve you so much keep it… keep them keep them, Maira keep them pass me that this one?
OK is this some food… so bad, I don’t want to eat whatever is made, eat it quietly brother I’ve talked to a friend about Aimen’s proposal they are coming to see her in a day or two I want her to get married soon, as it’s good OK, what does the guy do? you know him… son of brother Abbas hmm… he has a business of bangles, it’s a very nice business uncle, is the guy educated or just a business only? what do we have to get out of the education, my son? he has his own business & then he is from our own extended family, what else do we need? yes, but education is also important Shahmeer now you’ll interfere in elder’s decision, if you’ve taken some education have you seen the result of higher education? what does this innocent child knows about elders’ matters anyways Zafar, what were you saying? I was telling that, he has a business of bangles in Hyderabad also… he has got a very good supply if he is that good guy, then get you daughter Ayesha married from that bangle guy but I won’t get married to him, at any cost Aimen did you see?
she is getting cranky day by day let me talk to Raheel today, wed off her as soon as possible why are you getting angry, Zafar? call them, we’ll meet them… right? ill-mannered just a bit of distance is left, just leave it I wish you had a good job, then I shouldn’t have to walk like this and we would be safe from your non-sense bike.. don’t know when our days will get changed don’t know when you’ll get a good job… dirty streets & to walk on them on regular basis this has not happened with me for the first time, this is the regular matter…. brother Kamal how are you, brother Kamal? you’re asking me? no body else is there in the street, I’m asking you only how are you, brother Kamal? I’m fine Shaheena was telling me that, sister in law’s condition is well now that’s why you’ve given the holiday to Maira Javed, will you start talking about everything on the road?.. come on one minute, I’m talking she is fine… she has gone with her brother that’s why you are roaming in the neighbor all alone as sister in law isn’t home brother Kamal, you know that we are coming from the hospital & we are so tired you also started talking with Javed, here in the middle of the road OK, OK… I’m feeling so tired, let’s go…
at least let me say bye to him OK, will meet soon… take care of your self OK, brother Kamal that what about the job? yes first of all you’ve made me tired of walking, furthermore you’re standing & talking with brother Kamal brother Kamal is coming along, can’t you speak softly? if he walking along, then can’t you talk to him at home…
you create fuss in front of everyone *door knocks* you haven’t gone till now? I overslept I thought to leave after breakfast has brother left? yes, he had left early in the morning what is sister in law?
do you want to say something? forgive me Zafar why, what happen? that day, without inquiring I repeated in front of you, what Sajda had told me I believe that she wanted to make Ayesha her daughter in law, that’s why she had told a lie and Ayesha, also liked her son actually, she had liked Ayesha so much she wanted to make Ayesha, her daughter in law at any cost how dare she to put a blame on my daughter? then she keeps the hope, that I’ll agree upon the proposal thank to God, sister in law… that i didn’t took any strict decision in anger and you show yourself as a very wise woman couldn’t you understand the cleverness of that clever lady? she puts blame on my daughter a mistake has been made, Zafar but trust me, I’ve never differentiated between Aimen & Ayesha whatever it is sister in law, the punishment of your mistake is beared by Ayesha where is my breakfast? let me bring the breakfast myself Ayesha what are you listening by standing here? go, give breakfast to Zafar… he is getting late OK when will I go home? when you were sleeping, the doctor had already discharged you thank God, my lord thanks to God, my lord may God never let the enemy see the hospital’s face Javed hasn’t come? No, mom he had called, but I’ve asked him not to come we’ll go home ourselves how would he have come?
it’s OK we’ll go our self be careful hi! hi! hi! hi! how is your health now? doctors are sending me home, I’m fine now good… come let me drop you home now no son, it will be a burden on you, uselessly there are already so many favors of you on us, and… your mandate seriously, I haven’t come to take the money No, no.. keep it son, keep it aunty, you pronounce me son… and then you don’t appease what I say it will be burden on us, keep it please alright, on one condition that, I’ll drop you both of you home alright, OK let me take out the car from the parking, you people may come outside that’s it! stop here this is our poor house aunty, what’s there in rich or poor? I’ve learnt from my aunty, that she use to thank God in every circumstances she had all the luxuries of life, but… but.. may God place her in paradise coming… the door has been opened where is mom? she’s in the car, let me bring her come son, have tea No, no aunty… I’ve to go on the job I’ve started the new work may God give you success thank you so much it’s OK.. it’s nothing OK aunty, remember me in your prayers brother Zafar, incidents do happen in life time same happened with this innocent Maryum her husband had died Nimra, we shouldn’t have done this…we did so wrong have you gone mad, if you’ll keep fearing the same way… then you won;t be able to get married ever furthermore, a lot of courage is needed to do love, this cowardliness won’t work may this love rot in hell… presently, I don’t know Ali very well I just had few words on the call, and he is insisting upon meeting up it’s fine if you meet & check the guy, whether you want to keep an affair with him or not OK, look at me now.. and stop worrying…
just relax & sit in peace OK?
*text message* finally your prince is here what has happen to you, remove this from your face… have you gone mad? are you blind, can’t you see… Zafar uncle is sitting behind.. can’t you see him? Hello! is everything fine? what is it?
is there any problem? what bigger problem can be there, more than you… let’s go quickly what happen to them? every person is not hard working… sister in law… sister in law… listen what is it? I’ve forgotten to take some medicines of mom from the hospital just look at her for some time, I’ll come in a while after getting the medicines, please this girl is flying so high earlier she use to be with her mom only, & don’t know where is she going now don’t know with what luck this girl has been born, in whatever work I make her do she creates problem there Sakina… Sakina yes, yes madam madam, no need to come on the work, from tomorrow sister Maira, will do all the works… understand! but madam… it’s just been one week of me, working here no ifs or buts… whatever I’m asking you to do, just do it… I don’t need to take extra burden of maid’s salary hey wow! both sister in law & sister had made me fool together, yes brother Kamal, leave my way… else I’ll start screaming scream… shout shout today I’ll make you scream leave my hand, brother Kamal I’ll recover every single penny it’s not that easy to eat Kamal’s money leave my hand, brother Kamal what’s this non-sense? leave her hand… Maira, who is he? Shahmeer Maira… Shahmeer seems like both of you are so familiar with each other, yes? this is non-sense… leave her hand she is my wife…
i won’t leave her hand this man is telling a lie, he is crazy…. his mind is so dirty I?…
I’m telling a lie? she & her sister in law has taken Rs. 50,000 for nikkah (marriage) with me ask her I swear upon my mom, this man is telling a lie… there isn’t any such matter leave her hand… I’m asking you to leave the hand she is of your daughter’s age… learn to pay respect both of them had eaten my money together who are you to speak in between, yes? I’m asking you to leave the hand…
and if I won’t leave, then? go from here…. go from here what will you do? go away, else I’ll call the police I’ll see you.. and also you this man is of very dirty mind… he is such a liar your mother’s medical file was left in my car, I had come to give this back come with me… I’ll drop you home no, I’ll go by myself…
give me the file it’s not safe for you to go alone, please yes, brother Zafar… how do you find Maryum? let me tell you the truth, I find her so good with you… she’ll suit you so much have you gone crazy, Rabia?
was she a girl? Shagufta was lesser in the age than her, even though she was 10 years elder than me she was of my mother’s age, & you’re saying that she’ll suit me look Rabia! I want that sort of girl, who looks good… while standing with me didn’t you even learnt the lesson from Shagufta? now look, brother Zafar… you are in such a hurry & in such a hurry only these sort of proposals are available leave that old woman… such women are left alone please, don’t show me such old women next time I want that the girl must be just 1 or 2 years elder than Ayesha are you getting, what I’m trying to say to you? yes, brother Zafar I’m getting what you’re saying… don’t you worry I’ll show you are very nice proposal, you’ll be so happy OK, I’m giving you the time… but still, try to hurry up look, I’ll pay you as per your choice yes, yes… just don’t worry… I’ll show you some good proposal I understood! Ok, then no need to be scared go & tell everything to you brother he’ll go & beat that dirty man brother! if my brother would be so concerned about me, then he wouldn’t have sent me to that dirty man’s house to work only sister in law’s magic works on brother he couldn’t see me & mom Shahmeer you don’t know, you’ve come into my life as an angel don’t know, if you weren’t there…. then what would have happened to me what would I’ve done at that time? No, no… it’s not the matter if there would have been anybody on my place, he would have done the same anyways… now you go home… don’t know if that crazy man comes again these… aunty’s reports Maira you seem to be so innocent, but with the excuse of medicine, to whom you’ve gone to meet? sister in law, what are you talking about? do you even realize, what has happened with me on the way? I met Kamal on my way, & he was annoying me and I met Shahmeer, on the way… he had come to give mother’s medical report he had saved me from that dirty man else don’t know… what would he had done to me am I a fool? do you think, I’m a fool… let Javed come if i didn’t tell him about each & every action of yours, then my name won’t be Shaheena fear God, what are you talking about? Aimen where have you been form the college, I had waited a lot for you there I’ve been to Guriya’s house with her now don’t tell this to mom, I’ll tell her myself
go *phone ringing* yes Ali, say No, sorry… there was an emergency my uncle had came there, that’s why i had to come earlier from there Aimen you’ve got a phone, & you were talking to some guy? this is my friend’s phone and why are you always after me, spying,,,
don’t you have any other work? this, you’ll tell aunty no need to be so clever i know this very well, you are doing all this to show your importance I don’t like to do any such act
in fact, I pity on you and you should be ashamed, Aimen you talk to the guys, secretly on the phone
you’ve disrespected the family you & your mother should be ashamed she trapped my younger uncle & got married to her… and taught you the same cleverness Aimen quiet! in future, never say anything bad about my mother go, go… neither your mother had got peace ever, nor you’ll ever get the peace what’s all this?
why did you pushed her? don’t know, what magic you’ve done on my brother, he comes on your single voice you are such a mad girl and what are you? when both of you can’t tolerate each other, then why do you people come in front of each other? come leave my hand, Shahmeer how dare she say anything bad about my mother I won’t spare her today… I won’t spare her today, I’ll press my mother’s feet leave it daughter in law my condition also deteriorated because of you what happen?
what is mom saying? how shall I know, what is she saying?
ask her yourself didn’t you tell Javed? what didn’t I tell? she has taken Rs. 50,000 from Kamal, to keep her mouth shut what are you saying mom, you are blaming me… one minute she is putting a blame on me, Javed
I haven’t taken any money why will I blame you?
because I’ve seen your daughter, myself with my own eyes with that guy Javed, both of them were coming home from the hospital with some guy, I’ve seen it myself and she went outside with the same guy for a whole one hour one minute, one minute what is happening… taken the money.. what! with whom you both have come from the hospital? No, no… trust me… why will I lie? why don’t you tell your brother the whole detail? everything? brother we had gone, but… did you listen, that they cam with somebody… I’ve seen it with my own eyes what is this happening? since when you’re having an affair with that rich guy, tell you brother, tell him Javed, just listen to us for once mom, at least let us talk for a minute yes, yes a strange man comes & take them to the hospital & pays the bill also tell us, which of friend is there who had paid your mom’s bill? tell now tell me Javed, listen to me mom tell me, how did you make the payment? brother, it was my friend so she is that friend, right? and you are doing fraud with me? shall I not kill you? Javed, No..
for God’s sake mom, one minute… that’s it! you can’t control your wife, but can only raise your hand on your younger sister only you are putting a blame on Shaheena! No, I’m not blaming anyone today on wards, no body will say a single word to Shaheena in this house and your daughter…
listen to me carefully now, you won’t take out a single step outside this house… else I’ll kill you Javed, for God’s sake are you happy now? be quiet Shaheena, for God’s sake yes, I’ve taken Rs. 50,000 from Kamal what will you do?
can you prove? then prove it Oh God! for what sin you’re punishing me? phone… boy Oh that mobile, that phone is of her friend Guriya you knew about it? yes, how come I don’t know about it? in fact, she has given her in front of me furthermore, she has to get something checked from Shahmeer in that, what do you say to it, ‘download’ she has to get something download, and you came to screaming on such a petty matter? make Aimen understand ask her not to talk rubbish about my mom in future, else I’ll tell dad her tongue is bad, I know… I’ll scold her, but my child you know about Khalid’s anger very well if he’ll get to know about the mobile, then he’ll be so angry and will it look good, if a hand is raised on a young mature girl? tell me? please, don’t tell alright OK, you go to your room let me talk to her.. you go why didn’t you tell me that sister in law has auctioned me? she has sold me in Rs. 50,000 in the hands of hat dirty man how would I’ve told you in the hospital? the circumstances of the house are in front of you trust me Maira, she has taken the money from him, in front if my eyes that’s why my health got deteriorated I should have told your brother at the same time I had gone till the corner, so I bought some food along with the pizza for your brother & for myself now i’ve got so much money, so I have to spend them anyhow you won’t eat right, else your stomach will get bad you have to eat the rice, OK? OK so you want me to make Shahmeer my son in law! yes its obvious after us, our kids have to run this house and the way love has been there in between us, God willing the same love be in between our children hmm actually brother, I’ve thought about it since now you’ve discussed it, give me some time to think about it yes, yes you may take your time to decide
it’s good that the proposal is confirmed din the house only also, if you want you can take your opinion from Ayesha Ayesha won’t be any objection on my decision yes, brother Kamal is everything alright? after ruining my state, you’re asking me… how am I? what does it mean? means, my wife has left me the girl has gone out of my hands I got disrespected, & furthermore you took the money as well with cleverness now you’re asking about what does it mean?
so the meaning is I won’t let you digest my money so easily I will take out every single penny, by putting the hand in your throat talk with respect, brother Kamal I hope that your hands remains safe really! now you just wait & watch you every single call & every single talk I’ve got record of everything when & at what time, where & how you took whatever amount from me… furthermore when & how you’ve sent your sister in law to me and for what what do you mean? means, that if I have given all these evidences to Javed he’ll directly divorce you what rubbish you’re talking? I’m not talking rubbish I’m telling you the truth brother Kamal, what do you want from me? tell me marriage with Maira… and you’ll make it happen but how is this possible! No ifs or buts you’ve eaten my money, right! Rs. 50,000 so now, you’ll make the marriage happen as well else you know that I won’t wait to give evidences to Javed what was this Kamal saying! if he had my recordings in real, then! what shall I do now? I’m into such a deep problem all this has happen because of that unfortunate Maira now I won’t spare that scoundrel



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    Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, By Him in Whose Hands my life is, none of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father and his children.

    بیشک رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے فرمایا، قسم ہے اس ذات کی جس کے ہاتھ میں میری جان ہے۔ تم میں سے کوئی بھی ایماندار نہ ہو گا جب تک میں اس کے والد اور اولاد سے بھی زیادہ اس کا محبوب نہ بن جاؤں۔

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