• daniel tuitt

    im going to have nightmare for a while

  • Joyce Lesly

    That's scary !

  • Li-San Loves

    Disgusting and quite scary to think about.

  • JustOneAsbesto

    Gross. This totally put me off my gagh.

  • Nikolay Nikolov


  • TheStewieGriffinShow

    If you think this is scary, one of my required courses at the university was Medical Parasitology. Gnathostomiasis is just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Greger stated that there is no effective treatment, however Albendazole and Ivermectin are two powerful anthelmintics that are available and effective for treating internal parasites. Ivermectin will work on most parasites except tapeworms.

  • Yuyiyo911


  • Malon

    squid sperm bag right in the mouth, okay then…

  • NGC6144

    So much for squid bukkake…

  • Jeremy John

    Gross but great info.

  • energyquicksand

    Where those broccoli sprouts?

  • Frank V

    Not to be a jerk but sushi is not raw fish but a rice dish that may or may not contain raw fish. Also, if you are going to target a food group, there are also other foods that contain raw fish so pointing out just one is kinda unfair.

  • Erik Hartmann

    I ate sushi like canned sardines, mackerel and tuna all my life and never had these issues.

  • Sv Yakudze

    Жесть! Но все равно Спасибо

  • Randy Lantz

    One more good reason not to want sushi

  • Yogi Neferititi

    Oh my….gross!

  • YoungDragon

    I love this guys videos. The way he talk, its like you know he knows that hes smarter than 90% of people in regards to health. cynical mf lol

  • Alexandre Gareau

    LOL. Turns out eating living animals or raw animals can be dangerous. Who would of ever thought of such a crazy idea right? …

  • ckdoll

    OMG I love sushi!  Maybe I will bring apple cider vinegar with lemon juice while I continue to power down the dynamite rolls!

  • Angela

    Sounds fishy…

  • Name Plant

    urghh this is so creepy and gross

  • Lisa Luminaire

    At the risk of sounding 5 years old again, ewwwwwwwww!!!

  • cruciferousvegetable

    Sushi is definitely not off the menu.  Shitake rolls, squash rolls, burtok, asperigus rolls, avocado rolls, veggie rainbow rolls, vegetable miso udon (ask for pure miso, no fish stock, its better anyway), seaweed salad and green tea.  You can just have a field day while vegan at a good sushi place.  And if it is a good place, there is no cross contamination, if not you will taste it if you have been vegan for a few years.

  • Melissa

    Good thing I don't eat sushi.

  • Angela Cummins

    bottom line, go vegan

  • Rayvenne R

    Sushi and fish were the two things that kept me from going vegetarian, after I gave up those I went vegan. I knew parasites could get into your stomach from sushi but I didn't know about skin and nervous system so now I'm so glad I did. That creeps me out more than horror movies.

  • Dwight E Howell

    I took parasitology in college. I like meat well done. Cooking can kill a lot of pathogens and neutralize a lot of toxins including many plant toxins as well as making foods much more digestible.

  • MsMilkytheclown1

    yuck.  thanks for sharing

  • Matt

    How often does this occur? Is sushi really that dangerous

  • Lil Millz

    Iwas eating from 16 yaers sushi

  • Joseph1NJ

    AI stopped eating sushi over 10 years ago. I know, a little paranoid, but learning how toxic fish is turned me off. To each his own I guess.

  • Betsy Cosmos

    This sounds like a bad B-horror-movie!!!  Glad sushi and raw fish products have never appealed to me in the least 🙂

  • Netinspired

    stick to what is physiologically suited for you only which is greens, fruit, nuts, seeds, veggies.  we lack strong digestive acids to digest the parasites in meat like real carnivores.  this article proves it

  • Steaphany

    Aren't there any effective parasiticides available that would treat Gnathostomiasis ?

  • Howard Johnson

    I think the answer is to eat BACON and let the worm in there eat that little fish worm.  I have every reason to believe the BACON worm will win out.

  • The Gaming Family

    Lol nice touch with the women harming her mouth from ingesting sperm. Had nothing to do with the parasite, but i knew it! Even doctors are immature some times lol! Dont look at my butthole doc, you are inappropriately making jokes in your head. I knew it!

  • Fellow accelerationist

    Dang … . I´ve eaten Sushi a lot … .

  • yournutriciouslife

    uuuääääh this is so disgusting. Thankful, that I'm a vegan and never ever again thinking about eating animals 🙂

  • Ess Aye

    that is nasty

  • Immanuel Kant

    So you would feel pain if those suckers would try to enter your brain right?

  • Alice Purton

    So where I live the main argument is that all fish is frozen, killing any eggs or worms.. is this true? Does freezing kill all worms and worm eggs in fish?

  • goddessOfLove

    Is seaweed safe to eat? No parasite eggs on them?

  • Miguel Jr. Orias

    we might don't know how the other restos preserved it?

  • Rosa H

    Glad I went vegan. I used to love sushi.

  • Vegan Walk

    Pimples moving around LOL!!!

  • Shari T

    Oh, yuck! Just 1 more reason to stick to plants!

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