Modern Warfare Frag Grenade Shot – Tipsy Bartender

Modern Warfare Frag Grenade Shot – Tipsy Bartender

(heavy drum beat) – You ready to do this? – I’m ready. – You have what it takes? – I have what it takes. – This is a man’s shot. – I can do it. – This ain’t no joke. Green Creme de Menthe. Limoncello. Soap MacTavish. Bailey’s. Jager. Jagernaut. – (laughs) – Now we make a Makarov. That’s a full shot, OK? That’s some serious vodka right there. All right, that’s enough. Ladies and gentlemen, the Modern Warfare Frag Grenade made in three parts. Soap MacTavish, Creme de Menthe, Limoncello, Jagernaut, Bailey’s, and Jager on top. A Makarov, black vodka, and an energy drink. Three shots in one. You got to be out of your mind to do this! And this chick’s gonna do it! So if you’re gonna do this right, what you do is you grab
the Soap MacTavish. – OK. – You chug that. – OK. – After you’ve chugged that, you drop the Jager ball in the Makarov and you chug those. – [Woman] OK.
– [Man] OK? – [Woman] OK.
– [Man] There will be no throwing up. – (laughs) OK. – You see what I’m saying? – Yeah. – [Man] This is my carpet,
I need my carpet clean. I got chicks coming over, I can’t have no big vomit spot on my goddamned carpet. Are we clear? – We’re clear. OK. – All right. Go. – OK. – Phase one. – Drop it? – Damn right drop it. How do you feel? – Whoa. – How do you feel? – Ask me in about 20 minutes. – Oh my God. Was it hard? – [Woman] Yeah.
– [Man] What was going through your mind as you did that? Let’s do the play by play. – (laughs) – I wanted to stop, that
was the most alcohol I’ve ever drank– – [Man] At one time?
– [Woman] At one time, yeah. – So you’re drunk now? – Not yet, in a few
minutes I will definitely. – Anyway we’ve got stuff to do. We’ve got to go. TipsyBartender, baby!



  • hornymaneee

    while i DO love call of duty games,i would like to actually try this drink but ive never had jagermeister before

  • Banjal cain

    She isn't bad looking,but calling her Hot is kind of overkill.

  • Daniel Perez

    Drinking energy drinks with vodka ain't good for your health

  • Jordan

    my heart was racing while she did this

  • Führer und Verführer

    did she also get HIM all down?

  • Jan de Ruiter

    its a weird idea that after shooting every episode, they are drunk XD

  • Jorge de los Reyes

    For COD fans watching this video, could anyone tell me which is the name of the soundrack used in this video? please.

  • Marco Sosa

    Her voice is sexy!

  • Marco Sosa

    Her voice is sexy!

  • Breanna Hood

    I would definitely try this. I like hard shots. may make this for me and my boyfriend some time. see who is tougher 


    straight lookin at her like "i wouldnt even drink that"

  • Ryan Elliott

    You should have episodes where we see how the girls feel after the shot has taken affect. Especially the 11th hour shot. Yikes

  • BP_Collins

    @TipsyBartender Can we switch Black Vodka with ''regular'' vodka ? I live in a world where Black Vodka isn't sold.

  • Airborne Joe

    what a fucking beast

  • TheSpeedholic

    Thats nuts..She's gonna feel that one.

  • carley duffey

    its actually really bad to drink energy drinks with alcohol because energy drinks are suppose to speed up your heart rate and alcohol is suppose to slow your heart rate so when you drink them together there fighting to speed up your heart rate or slow it down and you can have a heart attack so just please be careful

  • Lucas Nappo

    haha you always got hot sexy bitches downing your drinks taha 

  • Shawn Dwares

    Should just do the mw3 shot, take a shit in a cup, scoop out a chunk then drown it down with some spoiled milk. Because that game is shit. 

  • Intense Pein

    still waiting for the hot girl to show up…

  • Jasmine Johns

    sorry everyone but I'm gonna be one of those people in other videos she wouldn't do shots with baileys in them cause shes a vegan so I'm curious to why she was down to do this shot. I watch this show too much to not be curious.

  • deadmans fury

    i want one !

  • MenaceFan

    Not sure how the name relates to the drink tho.

  • Bandtx

    He got that date rape look

  • Rainbow AJ

    now we know she swallows XP

  • James Summers jr

    This a really good shot it's fucks you up

  • Antonio Farfan


  • SoundifyYourself

    Shoulda had her do the GTA5 shots! haha what a champ.

  • Rampant Redneck

    Shit, that drink should have knocked that girl on her ass before she even got halfway through the makarov. MAJOR TURN-ON.


    at the ending after she takes that fat shots how she was wispering u knoe she wants the D….

  • SuperChickenBurgers

    Everyone knows that after this he fucked her

  • Rico Cedeno

    I am so envious of u sky!!!! I want ur job

  • 1234qwer

    one of the hottest 2 appear on ur show!

  • Micah Dyer

    She wants the D

  • DetroitLuv82

    I love her

  • jak burton4

    Hey SKYY were has she been hiding

  • LukaxN

    He gets them drunk, then he fucks them…

  • Sivemors

    who says they can't handle their drink?

  • bellaNova Curacao

    The layers in the bottom cup keep changing and it's hurting my head

  • JPP 79

    Wer is she.. the pretty girl

  • Jessica Stephanis

    Do a drink with ouzo in it!! 🙂

  • Wesley Martin

    she acted drunk right after she finished!

  • MrMilkBR

    Is it a good drink???

  • Donnie Johnson

    She had that look like she just was mind blown like straight breast orgasm just happened in her mouth got to be good

  • Scott Stiff

    Damn she took it like a champ!

  • Afroza Sheikh

    This title sounds like a title for a porno. 😝

  • Bigdrop

    props to the girl thats a sick shot

  • robert henderson

    Fuck all the negative comments!!!! Your girls are beautiful, your absolutley hilarious, I could watch your videos over and over and never get tired of em. And I've tried a few of these drinks at local bars and clubs myself. Great channel. Wonderful videos. Keep em coming!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa Flores

    Lmao bet she was fadeddd

  • West Philly Chick To The Bone

    That whisper and that look at the end tho.

  • berry Macokaner

    She drank like a boss

  • ChibiDar

    I can't even take one shot, these girls are my heroes.

  • Luminary CA

    most defiantly is banging that chick

  • Alyssa Salazar

    that looks good 

  • Kimberly Grilletto

    like a beast

  • Trini Trujano

    She's fucken cute

  • ac060

    that chick is bad as fuck

  • Gabriel L.

    You should also add Cpt. Price.

  • Richard S

    wonder if that dude ever fucked a sober girl

  • Jesus Ruiz

    Man… I'm gonna make this for my day bro… big mw3 fan… yo you got a strong multi shoot

  • Makayla Rose

    What ever happened to her?:/

  • Enoch Anderson

    Starting to miss Mel, bring her back

  • Adrian Adkins

    Holy shit

  • Esha Miller

    PLEASE upload videos of the aftermath of these lmao

  • Dre Luis

    Alcohol and energy drinks are the worst things to mix they fuck u up XD

  • Γ. ΜΠ

    Ahahahhah fakeee…When u drink that u are going to the hospital immediatly..I know because i am drinking a lot…1 Haig for fun

  • MegaTech81

    She didn't even flinch..fucking turn on

  • Raven Grey

    Please do Attack On Titan cocktail!!!

  • Fox Legace

    this guy rocks … always come out with something good and very cool .. and she gets a tip of the hat , that was something and im sure most people would think twice , props to both keep making the drinks we love so much ^.^

  • Vern Monk, Jr.

    Wat about a dragon ball Z cocktail??

  • Carissa Page

    this shot killed both me and my bf, but it was actually sooooo good i gotta say

  • James Quinn

    the Wolf of Wall Street shot


    Whats the whole name of the black vodka n where can u get it???

  • Kristine Job

    Did anybody else notice that the Makarov switched colors when going from the zoomed out view to the close up?

  • Julio Guerrero

    make shot WWE

  • DarkEpyon123

    Dat lick lipping at 2:00 though…..

  • thijs de heer

    isn't baileys with redbull or any soda super bad?

  • Troy M

    Who still play MW3 in December 2015???

  • jan bøe

    Better get a real killstreak after this one

  • Bernie Kropp


  • F.k L

    but I don't like red bull, can I replace it with monster?

  • Anthony Kano

    "We got stuff to do, we got to go"

  • Jacobe Mosley

    frag out!!!!

  • Killerjjay

    she's the hottest of all the girls he has on this show

  • Alis Harmon


  • Christopher Dulong

    That's my kind of women.

  • Vinick's.arsonal

    yay alcohol, something terrible for you… sometimes fun, hangover.

    weed, just good ole harmless green. always good, still feel fuzzy after your nap

  • Trini Trujano

    Bring Mel Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crunkaholic81

    I still wanna know what skyy said to Mel about Michael Jackson to make her leave the show tipsy made a video about her departure. I know like skyy said we would side with tipsy and talk shit about Mel and he wanna be respectful to Mel. but I honestly think skyy said something about mjs pedophilia and his death and it crossed the line in Mel. Michael Jackson was good but damn getting mad at tipsy for something he said. I mean who knows because skyy john never told us what really caused Mel to leave

  • Madam Fakename

    Damn, I was just cringing the entire video like "Hope she doesn't die, shit"

  • Ofentse Tshepe

    Metal 0-1 ,this is Over-LORD Actual that girl is KIA, do you read me?

  • JeVez

    I dont know why but im pretty sure this blackman gonna fuck all this drunk girl after is video

  • Anna Ryall

    the title sounds like a porn title.

  • young future

    what a creepy guy

  • papafreshly

    That was really hott actually 🙂

  • _mango-orange_

    those shot glasses are huge 😀

  • Pepe In

    Mel is so awesome

  • Evan Brown

    That was fuckin retarted

  • Devon

    Where's the hot girl?

  • Navy Blue

    @tipsybartender Yes….that was amazing… she still drunk? That was hands down some of the sexiest shot drinking I've seen, even if it is 7yrs? old? She's got that sexy, cute, "let's go" attitude down. Appreciate the show, mang.

  • sean lim

    'We got stuff to do'

    Sky is one hell of a lucky man…

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