• RealBabytVlogs

    I feel SO BAD FOR HER she is defenseless

  • RealBabytVlogs

    The fathers a waste man

  • hobo jankins

    Smash all those games and phone!!!..The only way it will stop

  • Jasmine Nicole

    He needs a whooping aka “beat down” aka send him to my house and I’ll get him in shape!

  • giselle joseph

    He needs a good whipping to spoil he dont want to bathe. The people with the video games have money

  • Jimin's pinky

    No, mom, you don't need to get this kid to put the controller down-

    you need to put HIM down

  • GuyWhoCameInFromtheCold

    dang, my heart goes out to her on a number of fronts but when she said she doesn't sleep…it's the absolute worst!

  • HoneyBee 13

    That’s when u say “I’ll buy u it if you take a shower

  • kelly wuorio

    She needs to stop babying him she needs to literally yell at him and if he throws hands simply call the cops

  • Ashley Castro

    This mom has no control whatsoever. ———take his phone!!!
    Moms a total push over and the son knows it.

  • Marc Giancola

    This is what Americans come to!

  • Francesca Yuranich

    They should put him out for adoption.

  • Taylor Clark

    Dude my mom don’t even need to tell me to take a shower

  • Kate

    This episode made me sick. This child needs help. Dr Phil was gracious enough to send him to a wilderness therapy program and his parents pulled him out after 9 days because he was cold 🙄

    This kid is going to end up murdering someone and it all could have been prevented if his parents had backbones.

  • Youngy

    He does this cause it’s fun lol

  • Savanna Kokitka

    Peter Griffin as a child

  • Mickey Andres

    This is nuts!
    I can’t believe people actually live this way….
    That kid would hate my house, adults live and run the house over here haha

  • Nya Sings

    This is why white ppl pay black ppl to take care of their kids

  • Marvin the Maniac

    I thought that was a girl!

  • John Trussell

    Future Steven Assanti

  • Suave Dude

    Call super nanny!

  • Zoeee 123

    17 hours a day playing video games- kid needs to get those numbers up, he’s slacking big time

  • Axel A

    If he was my son I would give him a good slapping

  • リルデビルリルデビル S̶ ̶A̶ ̶T̶ ̶A̶ ̶N̶

    Try this with my mom and ur getting smacked for raising ur voice

  • Charelle Unique

    There are no consequences. Just a bunch of begging

  • Allison Williams

    My son wouldn't even own video games in the first place if I knew he didn't shower everyday 😂

  • Carla Notarianni

    So bang the phone and break it don’t replace it. Turn off the internet and don’t turn it back on? What’s so hard?

  • Jasmine

    How has he not been taken away? He's not in school or in an organized home schooling program. I understand he's disgusting, but he's also being naglected by his parents.

  • Naturalbeauti78

    Turn off the freaking wifi…There is no way!!!🤦‍♀️ Bribing my child to take a shower…Out their minds.

  • XxcharisherexX

    If my Mum was his Mum, she'd scream at him until he went deaf

  • JessicaLee

    I would whoop my kid in to the next century

  • Ricky Castillo95

    I only got one Answer the kid has to Drop the game console and stop playing video games every hours a day take a shower and do something else for once in your life stop playing games every hour boy

  • humbledb4jesus

    when i was 18 (39 yrs ago) my mom tried to bribe me with an allowance so i would stop stealing money from everyone…i still stole money but i got more for doing it…

    bribing your child to try to stop them from destructive behaviour only reinforces the behaviour…

  • 667mumble

    If that was my kid and he kept banging stuff until it got broken, he's not getting new stuff

  • Mari Diaz

    ⚾️⚾️ 🤢🤮.

  • Betty Lawson

    I felt very badly for this family . At the end of the show it said, the teen was taken out of boot camp after 9 weeks . Did he complete his stay and did it work ?

  • Heather Todd

    His parents need to smash or remove all his electronics and video games and tell him these are privileges not necessities and if he doesn't want to listen he doesn't have privileges. If he wants to freak out and threaten call the police and have them help deal with it show the kid who is boss.

  • c r

    This doctor feels himself a little too much's like chill , people can talk during part of a conversation

  • BlackandWhiteCat

    This kid is going to be a future neckbeard.

  • I have to power of god and anime on my side!

    To the RANCH!!!!!

  • Amy Anderson

    Omg just take it all way and bin it or give to someone who can’t buy one

  • beela rehman

    My mother would have murdered me. My body would have been under the patio

  • ASMR touch

    Lol I would love to see one of mine try this. The cords to the game console would be gone. They dont come back until chores are done and if I have to ask more than twice, the cords are gone til tomorrow. Next step would be the wifi password bring changed. Then the game console would go. Then the phone. I legally have to feed and shelter the kids. I have to provide them with a long list of stuff. Xbox and cell phone are not on the list the courts care about.

  • Quan Raye .

    Ew he don’t like taking showers

  • lateralustrated

    Who else wants to step on this kids face ?

  • Arisa Yamada

    Literally this kid would not last a day in my house. All electronics gone as soon as he decided to talk to me the wrong way. His poor mom.

  • earth angel

    Dr Phil face at 1:23–1:27!! GOLD!!!

  • L- Train

    Disconnect the internet and shut off the electricity

  • Super_ Lemons

    What a jerk! Hes ruining his family! If the mom sees this, I wish her a good future.

  • Angelo E

    Is this how all xbox players are

  • Babydoll

    Shut off the Internet?! Your the boss. Dummy

  • Jessica Lauren

    That kid deserves a good slapping. They need
    to take the video game’s away!

  • Robin Twilla

    Wow! She needs to stop her b.s.

  • mak w

    my mom would straighten him out 😭😭😭

  • Zeesel Cohen

    I’ll tell you how to fix the problem. Turn off the wifi, get rid of the xbox, get rid of his phone, and if he does or tries anything violent call the cops and give him the scare of his life.

  • Tay

    Send him to the Ranch

  • MIdwestMomma

    Ok so… TAKE THE GAME CONSOLE AND THROW IT IN THE TRASH! In my house, Wi-Fi is turned off when chores aren't done. Still wanna argue? Consoles and phones are taken away. Geez.

  • Zeenyl

    ah. he plays xbox.. what a surprise

  • lil meatwad TV

    I mean she let it get that far

  • Kim stop taking selfies your sisters going to jail

    He would get bullied if he went to public school any school for that matter💀

  • Madi B.

    Of course he’s gonna put off showering. He gets paid for it if he does. I’m sorry but how dense can you be

  • Disabled yute

    Why is it always Xbox kids that act like this you never see a kid that plays PS4 that acts like this 😂

  • simplycbh

    Steven Asantis son !

  • Hayden Patrick

    I thought he was 10

  • Kani

    If I were the parent I would throw away the video game and his phone and he would never see them again

  • GHØSTツ

    She can give me money and I'll do work like take out the trash clean the house

    I have to do all that stuff and my choirs and homework

    And im poor

    And this kid has money she has to bribe her child my mom would slapp me if I did this

  • anabelleb99

    I feel bad for the mom she in the wheel chair

  • BimboChan666

    Mom:"Bang yo phone and I take it away"
    Kid:-Bangs phone once-
    Mom: 😑

  • Pam Madrid

    And people wonder…what is wrong with the youth today…..great parenting…Augh!


    Lmao dam bruh

  • Natalie Leonard

    Send him to the ranch

  • Michaela Lucille

    This kid is old enough to know right from wrong.

  • Torres Vlogz


  • Robert Barr

    That game board would disappear, along with all his other worldly possessions!

  • Sphinx Money

    get the belt. this is what happens when people aren't allowed to properly discipline their children without snowflakes crying abuse.

  • Sirena Spades

    So easy. Just take away the games and phone. Why the constant threats and no action.

  • Shanika Kaltenbrun

    That's disgusting he needs to bathe or he will get maggots and bugs.

  • vsboy 25

    In Other countries teens are so motivated to excel and work real hard in America young teens are lazy as can be.

  • Beth Anderson

    There’s nothing funny about this. It’s simply pathetic.

  • Tonie Bembeh

    Shut the freaking WiFi off…send him to a boarding school…they failed him completely as parents!!!

  • Mossfaerie

    This kid clearly is on the spectrum why tf isn't he getting medical care?

  • Barbara Iverson

    what is the name of the wilderness program Dr. Phil uses?

  • Tara May

    Mum enables again

  • Just Chance

    He should be ashamed of himself

  • 7 violett

    He got 4 more years to go before he’s an adult, I hope they can turn this kids life around before it’s too late. Once he’s 18 he’s going to feel more entitled to do what he wants, but at that point the parents will have the right to kick him out. I doubt they would kick him out though because they’ll feel too bad to do it.

  • memester 666

    Bruh if he grew up in my house acting like that my mom would beat him harder then how I beat my meat

  • Tamara Fletcher

    Take all of his electronics away, it’s very simple. Reward good behaviour and punish bad behaviour. The parents are completely at fault here. ‘Children and animals, they do what works!’


    You pay the Bill's and buy the games and wonder how to put a stop to it

  • Not Moonskis


  • Juice Box

    ill beat tf out this kid tell em to drop his addy and ill pull up

  • Michael Ma Gill

    Take the xbox,get some gasoline,pour it on the xbox,force the kid to drop the match on it and ground him.

  • Annelise Barton

    Is that andy milonakis

  • Nanna Muhammad

    I can’t believe im the same age as this weirdo💀

  • Thomas Gerney

    Dr Phil seems more and more over his job the more episodes that come out 😂. His tolerance for the parents and even the kids now is close to NONE

  • Fleece Johnson

    Lol… thiskid

  • Kaven Gilbert

    He would get punched if it was me

  • Dankest of memes

    He plays Xbox. I don't care if he doesn't shower, but Xbox! There's your problem. Get the kid a PlayStation.

  • Matatic

    Clear oppression of gamers, based.

  • MyFinancialSuccess

    Who would hire her as a lawyer? She can't even beat her child in a negotiation

  • Jimmy Norris

    This wee fanny needs a skelping

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