• Rich

    The bodycam runs contradictory to this mothers exaggerated claims. It seems like she is the reason the child is uncontrollable. She just wants a taxpayer funded settlement. Its sad really this woman doesn't understand that six year old children don't just learn how to destroy and throw furniture around like this. They learn it from the PARENTS.

  • Rst28

    Kid was launching chairs..

  • angrybull

    If the teachers were allowed to discipline students, this wouldn't happen. A ruler would fix this behavior right up.

  • O-nes-i-mus Onesimus

    She needs a rod of correction. Very unruly child smashing up the daycare

  • David

    How insane and incompetent are the school staff and police for this to happen?

    Also a follow up video provided by the police claims that it show she wasn't in handcuffs. But the video is edited and redacted!!( and they are only saying that when she was lead out and in she wasn't in cuffs. not at any other time. READ THE POLICE AND SCHOOL STATEMENT VERY CAREFULLY!!

    How can things like this happen in a first word country. (or maybe we aren't?)

    Sending a misbehaving 6 year old for a psych hold because she is a little unruly is scarry. Scarry on a personal staff level and institutional level.

  • Hugh Hughes

    In my opinion
    This just shows you how much power has been given to people.
    When the police are even saying how the student was not so bad.
    Number 1 reason why more then just one person should be involved.
    After all what are you hiding

  • JapansAwesome

    Dumping ur out of control child off to people that can only handle so much. ADHD is one thing but shes still waiting for autism spectrum test results, while expecting "love" from someone being kicked and attacked.

  • White Pride

    Maybe quit using a made up sickness to explain your ill-mannered child. It’s not “ADHD”, it’s bad parenting and ethnicity

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