• Ilani mykal Montelongo


  • Jefferson Zavaleta

    mura masaaa 🙂

  • ルトヴィク

    Why this hit in the feelsss

  • Artem Smith

    Haven’t even listened to it and I know it’s gonna be a banger

  • Armonia

    [Verse 1: Mura Masa]
    I want to be free
    Remember how we used to be
    Sit at home and dream
    Stare at each other like TV

    [Chorus 1: Mura Masa & Mura Masa & Ellie Rowsell]
    Teenage headache dreams
    Come back to me at night
    And try as though, I might, to live for now
    I don't know how
    I just feel down
    Teenage headache dreams
    Seems like the good time's over
    But nothing's really over anymore
    Just take control

    [Verse 2: Ellie Rowsell]
    I want to be free
    Romanticize reality
    Reminds me what it means
    To be free

    [Chorus 2: Ellie Rowsell & Mura Masa & Ellie Rowsell]
    Teenage headache dreams
    I put up on the fight
    And try as though, I might, to live for now
    I don't know how
    Teenage headache dreams
    Up all night, take life twice when I think back again
    On back again

    [Break: Mura Masa]
    She rests her head on my shoulder, blue
    Just like always, teen made me shoulder too
    She softly spoke the words, "Is it gonna be okay?
    And how am I gonna do today?"
    And like a runaway train, I try to explain
    "It has to be, just, try and see tomorrow"
    You'll look back funny, I promise

    [Outro: Ellie Rowsell]
    Teenage headache dreams
    Teenage headache dreams
    Teenage headache dreams
    Up all night, take life twice
    Teenage headache dreams
    Teenage headache dreams
    And try as though, I might, to live for now

  • Daniel Crow

    v creative…mura don't listen to a word of the guardian review today…you are very talented and this is great work

  • Matheus Carvalho

    Mura Masa is out of this world. I love your aesthetics and everything you touch. I'm here again to beg: COME TO BRAZIL, PLEASE!!

  • TheMerik26

    Wow, this is just incredible. Such a metaphoric video and it creates some insanely strong emotions/bonds with the characters. Amazing acting <3

  • TheMerik26

    The back and forth and constant pulling and pushing in a (crumbling) relationship feels so real in this video.

  • Paullo Torquato

    I'm loving the post-apocalyptic universe Mura Masa is creating with these videos, i feel this one follows the same timeline as No Hope Generation


    Boa meu bom

  • Yena Ju

    I love the way you produce your music, my favorites from yours include blu + what if i go?
    this one sounds incredible as well.. and cinematography is really on point too.
    my goal is to work with you in the near future if that is ever possible <3 (:
    Keep doing music!! thank you for inspiring so many of us.

  • no idea why - sunny

    this is beautiful

  • Apex Parker

    High school relationship mood for sure 😥☔

  • wh90

    The second half vibes remind me of skins

  • musicblogspot

    this is so different

    different beautiful

  • Natalie Voss

    Here at 1,4k views, biggest achievement I'll ever have probably

  • Art Aestaetic

    So good 👏👏👏

  • Art Aestaetic


  • カツオのたたき

    I want to be free(受験生)

  • Dean Stott

    Yey my comment is as legendary as Freddie Mercury

  • Peng Shaw

    Using body language to express how we struggle in a complicated relationship, you can't save people who are down on themselves. It's heartbreaking that you have already tried and loved but it's unhelpful.

  • adhi

    ayy sammy gee looking 👌🏻

  • R F


  • Gabriel Del Toro Rosas

    I fuckin love you :)))

  • Indie Music

    This makes me so nostalgic <3

  • Chuki Beats


  • Andy Beat

    Like a beautiful Moshing So PUNK

  • suaryps

    this is so gooood

  • Noah Alexander Harris

    If you're reading this I love you Alex, you've helped me through the toughest of times mentally and I just wanna hug you.

  • J M.


  • 이창민

    I don’t know why, but this song makes me sad.


    I feel like I'm gonna have a mental breakdown at this song live if I'm gonna attend the tour

  • Sergej Lovrekovic

    ellie knows the knots to my teenage heart <3

  • Fadhirul Ikhwan

    your music makes my life a little less suck

  • Александр Лисогорский

    У нас бомжи также отношения выясняют

  • Hammy 2.0

    Thanks for the vocals Ellie!

  • Sheila AM SheiShei


  • RagazZzo 014

    So the girl basically plays him multiple times, til he gets stripped of his physical and mental wellbeing. Then she leaves him one last time, in his final broken state. Hmm.

  • Xavi Farré Ricou

    Buf man this is so deep…Really good job, both the music and the video <3

  • Christopher 95

    What happened to you man
    Bring on the old times
    When you were actually making good music

  • eric guillerm

    Best song this year sofar

  • Wike


  • MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Mura Masa & Ellie Rowsell – Teenage Headache Dreams

    ❤️ 8.400 LYRICS+VIDEOS

  • Arcadia Arcadia

    Te amo

  • Lucas Sala

    awesome hear this

  • Christine Morey

    It's been a while since I was a teenager, but I'm definitely vibing with the teenage headache dreams again from this. ❤️ It's nice to be past that point in life, it's a lot when it's the main focus.. but kind of visiting that headspace again is a nice trip.

  • Miaella Tshimbalanga

    This collab is exciting, love both mura masa and wold alice♥

  • X Merula

    that video was so expressive… it really captures the feeling of being a teenager. Trying to be close, never really fitting, being confused, happy, anxious and angry, understanding, far apart, close again, lonely, moving, constantly moving, coming to a stop only to go on again (and the whole range of emotions)

  • Meine K

    Its weird, but it sure is the good kind of weird..

  • Kaleb Lasham

    New fave I already know it

  • 엄로


  • gogo vic vic

    ITS SO BEAUTIFUL WOW. I wonder if were the tunders real or special effects? Sorry my english is not the best

  • gogo vic vic

    Amo esta canción, i love ellie's voice so much it makes a thing to my heart and i didn't knew much about mura masa's music but I'll be listening the new album . Thank you for the beautiful song and video so much. Greeting from Perú ♥️♥️💘

  • Lucas Ozean


  • Cinema Lights

    This song/video exemplifies everything the Chainsmokers tried to do with millennial culture, except Mura Masa is covering deeper, more authentic emotional territory. He’s a true artist, and I look forward to RYC and his concert here in New York this spring.

  • Samuel Napoli

    only an artist like him can enclose so many emotions in a song. I’m crying, thanks❤️

  • Mike music.

    missing the old mura masa

  • roz well

    this video made me feel my skin

  • Charles Lumia

    Awesome video

  • Sam Bell

    What a beautiful song the melody flow of the vocals is incredible Ellie is an incredible vocalist ! she has matured beyond her years 💝💝💝

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