• DTuned

    Thanks Doc for bringing important info. Just turned 49.

  • dragonfly111cute

    I can't do anything like that due to orthostatic hypotention but swimming and walking I am able to do. I am trying to prevent deconditioning I guess I could do hiit in the pool??

  • Paul Yac

    Great video, thanks

  • Ira Weinberg

    Dr. Brewer I am 65 and I love your channel. I have learned so much. Keep up the good work!

  • Wayne Trenton

    Maybe this was covered in previous videos, in addition to the high intensive exercise, I recommend testosterone replacement, dhea, 3 grams of leucine three times per day. If you nothing else, and just want to walk for exercise, walk up hills or stairs. For about $35.00 you can buy a 12 or 20 pound vest you can wear while walking, the added weight will stimulate muscle growth or just maintain what muscle you currently have.

  • Sawmiller Smith

    Video I made a few years ago of how I try to keep my muscles . Its on my youtube channel playlist

  • Dr. V. P. C.

    Dr Ford, when you have time, please take a search about ostarine, it is a selective androgen receptor modulador that acts almost selectively in muscles and bones, and doesn't have the bad side effects of anabolic steroids. I am using ostarine in my eldery patients for a while with great results preventing sarcopenia, frailty and falls.

  • Jay Kienlen

    Am 76 and have sarcopenia BUT no other signs of "fraility" —> they may overlap but by no means "identical." And while muscle loss is a main aspect, loss of strenght is likely a neurological loss as well. And yes HIIT helps but overload progressive resistance more important for building-maintaining. And increased levels of protein (maybe 1.5gm/kilo) over spaced intervals (Dr. S. Phillips) Apprectiate your videos but seems here you need to dig deeper research wise.

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    I have a neighbor woman who is 67 and except for face wrinkles is in shape like a 40 year old. Zero frailty. Question is: why is one person frail at 50 and another not even when approaching 70. Could it be that most of the sarcopenia loss is really just insulin damage to the body?

  • David jones

    Very interesting. It puzzles me why the body is so willing to give up muscle. If you have a cast on for a leg, arm,… the muscle just jumps off. Then takes months to recover. Similar but more complicated, how zero gravity strips muscle and bone almost immediately. Our extremely adaptive body may not always know the best course on it's own. In this case diet can not save you without activity.

    Very good video

  • Chris Seal

    HIIT may be good for mitochondria but it is not nearly as effective for muscle mass as resistance training. Ideally we should be doing both.

  • William Bibb

    Dr. Brewer recognizes the need for both high intensity cardiovascular exertional exercise and resistance training….. He said that in other videos… marathon runners have been lifting weights since the 70s.

    I'm 71 and have been lifting weights since the 60s. I did 125 squats this morning and use an elliptical trainer, treadmill, uphill walks, swimming laps for 30 minutes, pilates… plus I'm a vegan. I bet Dr. Brewer does more resistance and HIIT than I do.

  • Klaus Muhlhoff

    Thank you very much

  • Seppo100100

    Gym training is not only for young males. Do deadlifts with heavy weights (max 5 reps) and you can almost feel the hormonal response.  Squat is great too but deadlift is even better. Too many are doing "isolated" movements such as biceps curls. Even elderly should skip machines and use free-weights.

  • Lee Jones

    Maybe it's glycogen resistance in the muscle itself.

  • Elenice Anastacio

    Não entendo seu idioma, mas fui atraída pelo termo sarcopenia.
    Meu rosto está bem magro e um profissional me falou que perdi a gordura facial.
    Como faço para recuperar?
    Estou com 40 anos e sempre aparentei ter menos idade.
    Me ajude, por favor.

  • Damjan K

    testosterone and intermittent fasting ?

  • L. Thill

    I was never concerned, or even heard of this before. now at 65 and noticing muscle loss and strength loss I stumbled on to this term sarcopenia. now Im reading so many other factors such as insulin resistance. Im grateful to this channel and others like Dr Berg, Thomas DeLauer, and Jeff Cavaleir.
    but im having trouble even doing some of the exercises and when I do them Im wiped out for the day or longer, I wish I could have known sooner.
    I have a cabinet full of the latest supplements and diets but I still seem to missing something. I will keep studying these channels for further information.

  • poppy flower

    OMG, I just noticed that one arm is totally normal, but as of today, the other arm looks like the muscle left overnight. Skin has no spring-back, and is all wrinkled. Since I do resistance arm exercise and carry heavy bags of groceries, I am stunned, particularly since only one arm is affected….. looks like it belongs to someone else. I am sure it is, somehow, the result of lack of absorption of lotion, calcium, vitamins A, D, E, K….. all due to a full ileostomy. What do you think? Why only one arm?

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