• 77FantasyAngel77

    I'd take the test, if I had any idea where I stood anywhere. I think I'm an introvert, but I'm also quite social and like meeting new people. . .

  • Kimball Coffin

    D&D Character creation + Myers Briggs = OP

  • SheTheTDE

    I thought this was about character creation.

  • Abdul Masaiev

    And people wonder why I speak out about this. Look at how far it's spread. Look at it being considered genuine here and "informing" character design.

    MBTI is pseudoscientific nonsense. That's the long and short of it. All categories in it are made up for no reason other than "just because", and the only scale with any statistical validity is the introvert/extrovert one – and even if there was something to those scales, its approach would still be very akin to trying to saying that all people are of one of two types, "tall" type and "short" type, and pigeonhole them into that. If you want something with at least some research backing to it, try the Big Five. MBTI though? That needs to go into the same bin of "possibly fun, definitely irrelevant for real uses" as the "what Disney princess are you" tests, which have about as much evidentiary backing to them.

  • Danae Kelly

    It keeps asking stupid questions I don't know how to answer: like "what's more important, having a plan or leaving your options open"

    And "would you rather have a to-do list or improvise?"

    But i Do both. I like knowing what needs to be done, but I also like spontaneously deciding to do stuff as well.

  • Danae Kelly

    But apparently I'm INFJ-T

  • KendrixTermina

    Also check out enneagram or Oldham ~
    Again this is just a starting point for ideas & consistency

  • N W


  • Insert Channel Name

    4:30 to 4:39
    What does it mean to but the weight on the empathetic and emotive side?

  • Thomas Buckley


  • matriarch918

    Hey, do you guys know any good Myers Briggs tests online? I would like to take it but I don't know of any.

  • Cambriel

    Meyer's Briggs is not more reliable than astrological horoscopes. You should use the Big Five trait inventory instead.

  • celine nadia

    i really wonder if people can actually just know my personality type by just seeing this comment.So what's your answer? And by the way, if you are just going to say it won't be accurate,it's okay. I just want to know what you think.

  • Oicmorez

    I'm on an edge of INTJ and INTP

  • mikfhan

    Note also that MBTI uses the extremes as its personality label. So if you're an introvert thinking judger, but somewhere in the middle regarding intuition vs sensing, you might be IxTJ.
    Someone tending toward the middle for all 4 scales would be an xxxx in which case the MBTI labels don't help much there 😛 you may need to also show the percentage of each four.

  • jebber gaming jaws

    INFP 😊

  • Tobias Schwarzberger

    I know this is old, but still, one quick clarification.
    The letter pairs are not really how a MBTI is properly analysed/defined. You use the cognitive functions stack to do so. It is more precise and leads to fewer stereotype driven mistypes.
    Essentially, you have thinking, feeling, sensing and Intuition in introverted and extroverted variants, with four of those being your stack, the other four your shadow stack, your most prevalent function being dominant, etc.
    For example, an ENTJ stack is TeNiSeFi, with their shadow stack being TiNeSiFe.
    Going into each function in Detail would take way too much space, so <i will leave it at that for now.
    Great vid on good character creation nonetheless.

  • Dat Harass

    ENFP… huh. Ehhh, further reading leaves me confused on the F/T part.

  • Salem Nightlark

    The important part of running this test is not the answer but the fact that you can answer differently for the character if you can confidently run a character through the test two or three times even if the results vary slightly (again its science of generalizations not exactness) then it means youve thought out the character well even better compare it with your other characters to help flesh out the the synergy and conflicts they have.

  • Abel Linns

    really suits me.

  • Vermillionsweets


  • Blaineworld

    Typing with my left hand, LOL this be easy!

  • Luxa-kun Anonym


  • Flyin' high

    Intj all the way baby!

  • Taylor Gibson

    I think it's important to have a combination of neotypes, archetypes, AND steryotypes in a work. Just putting focus where needed and easily filling in the details where not.

  • marinus18

    Judging and perceiving is not exactly that. judging people take stock in what they think about something and talk about it as a whole. Perceiving people focus more on the subject itself and how they feel about it. Forming an opinion is not important to them.

  • Susan Hayward


  • Luliby

    Sup, I'm an INTJ.

  • K1naku5ana3R1ka

    I prefer Big Five to MBTI; the latter’s scientificness and descriptive power is questionable.

  • Zachary Damascus

    INFJs represent.

  • CapitalTeeth

    Youtube, i appreciate the thought, but why would i want to have arabic subtitles?

  • goudzoeker HOC

  • Alax Miiwildew

    Which games have James worked on?

  • Kanna Kamui

    Where my fellow INTJs at?

  • Rabid Penguinies

    ENFP-T here!

  • Envy May

    I get a different one each time I take the test.

  • Reghan Funderburk

    ENTP alll the wayyyy

  • Ashley Pavlock

    I cannot be the only right-handed person here that still catches with their left hand


    Man I just realise how much of a Mary-Sue I am on paper…

  • KZFKreation

    I'm a ENFJ. :3

  • GEEK선장

    Let's start a thread of assuming video game character personalities!!!!!

  • Meghna Lekshman

    I'm ENFP/INFP.

  • Crazy Bonehead

    Isn’t this used in tomodaachi life to determine miis personalities?

  • Status X

    I've used myers-briggs on my fantasy-universe and it's usefull, but do not make the mistake of trying to make characters diverse by using it, that just makes it terribly generic. INXP, btw.

  • The Wanderer

    Anyone else a Defender?

  • AllAmerican218

    The Myers Briggs system was based on work by a real psychologist that disavowed his theories. The system itself was created by two people with no bonafides and no psychology background. It has no basis in fact, science, or reality. Just like every other personality quiz.

  • Rachel B.

    I'm an INFP

  • TheMoonPrincess2

    MBTI is and always has been absolute bollocks

  • Please Stand By

    I'm an INTJ. I took the test unlike most of the INTJ & INFJ posers. Apparently I'm the "mastermind" & most often reach a logical decision than trying to tailor to the needs of others, which I feel is justified by the belief of "mind over matter"

  • ravioli789

    intp ftw

  • Jourdan Cameron

    ENFP here, gotta say that I haven't really thought a whole lot about using MBTI for character creation but I'm definitely more apt to give it a shot now.

  • Kat M

    I tried to use the test for myself I got INTP. So cool.

  • ini the man

    My favorite part of the MBTI test is getting a different result each time I take the test. Turns out MBTI isn't a science at all: it is a pseudoscience.

  • Glazeliights

    I'm somewhere between INFP and INTP

  • Boopity Bop

    Apparently im a INTJ,

  • Domesday

    What's far more important than what you covered in the video is the cognitive functions and how they form the ego/shadow/unconcious/super-ego. They provide much needed fidelity to a character with a lot of depth rather than one dimensional ideas like "this person doesn't like being social"

  • Iamlordofthe Internet

    Myers Briggs is wrong, Myers and Briggs are unqualified nobodies, personality isn't fixed everyone is different, the test can't accurately define someone's traits.

  • Unraised Gaming

    I am a ISFP-T even though i don't feel like one.

  • Justin Miller

    Not many ENTJ's here huh?

  • Icyclear

    I'm bipolar so I sway between imtp and imfp depending on my mood change.

  • HauntedShadowsLegacy

    10/10 for the disclaimer. I've heard of some businesses requesting potential hires take the MBTI test and refusing to hire someone simply because they're 'not the same type' as other staff. Even if they're very qualified for the job. Poor practices like that need to stop. Good people are denied work because of debunked practices.

  • Toaster Post Inc

    This helps alot also 2018 Anyone?

  • Arthur Netuno

    MBTI and Card games? That's a cool vid

  • Desiree Paahana

    I've had a revelation. Liberals are feeling. Republicans are thinking.

  • Jorun Holm

  • Richard Ruiz

    The catching the ball example is technically wrong, a better example would be throwing a ball

  • kow lc

    I'm a healer!

  • Kevin Fuk The Token Evil Teammate

    Extrovert-active, hearty, variety, outer world, expressive, speak as they think, social
    Introvert-reflective, quiet, focus, inner world, measured, think than speak, solitude

    Feeling-values, personal, tactfulness, love, mercy, praise, people-oriented
    Thinking-logic, objective, frankness, truth, justice, critique, task-oriented

    Judging-closure, decision, schedule, organized, plan, control, now.
    Perceiving-openness, options, spontaneous, disorganized, experience, flexible, later

    Intuition-visionary, future-oriented ,imaginative, conceptual, abstract, focused on meanings, read between the lines.
    Sensing-practical, down to earth, concrete, focused on present and past.

  • Sprazzmatic

    The majority of us here seem to be IN, which makes sense.

  • Unraised Gaming

    3:17 N vs S!

  • Plexicon

    Everyone here is either infp or intp

  • Callum Footitt

    Yeah no

  • thespooksterman

    Any istp bois around here?

  • Isaiah Kerstetter

    Can you do an episode on the Big 5 personality test?

  • Maggie ZM

    MBTI can be effected by mental disorders or certain things that have happened to the character

    Just saying

  • Surplus King

    Unfortunately big5s fits better to be implemented on games than MBTIs.

  • randy van der klift

    Damn this is useful for me as writer, definitely going to dig deeper into this

  • Reggie Jackman

    Myers Briggs is about as useful and accurate as astrology.

    Ironically The Enneagram, despite its new age components, is a much more accurate and scientific theory on personality without all the vague "It can fit anyone" garbage of astrology or the fluid ever-changing test results of Myers Briggs.

  • Logan Mailandt


  • /mi/

    I've taken the test twice before. The first time, I got INFP. The second time, I got ISTJ.

    I took it again today after seeing this video, and got INTJ.

  • Paladox

    This seems rather complicated but I'm thinking I should probably study it to give more depth to my characters. It will especially help to note how they change after significant events.

  • Gorky

    No ISTJ here?

  • Anthony Nguyen

    1:37 I can relate to this so much. 😩

  • AAAnt M


  • Tomahawk Chris

    I’m an INFP

  • pfeilspitze

    0:27 those titles for the combinations look like they're from Keirsey, not actually from MBTI.

  • Hat Rægaard

    Introvert-Sensing-Thinking-Judging is me

  • Shredder3931

    I think I bounce between ESFJ and ISFJ.

  • Shredder3931

    I think I bounce between ESFJ and ISFJ.

  • Erin Connelly

    God my dad won’t shut up about this system. He took the personality test in college, and is a strong believer in it. Every time my brother or I does something that fits one of the categories, he tells us. It’s kinda hilarious.

  • halfsasquatch

    INTP here

  • Crazy Ayhan

    Man, don't get me wrong but it's been 5 years but this video is mostly wrong.

  • PoTato Head PokéMario

    5:42 lol

  • waga95

    Myer-briggs hasn't been proven as a sufficient tool in ANY scientific studies except by Myer and Briggs. it isn't a sufficient tool for anything. There is no such thing as broad strokes when it comes to truth

  • Wren Audy


    toad is in fear

  • savannah mccool

    i am an INFP :p

  • Elsa Frost


  • Some random guy

    you know, it doesnt seem right to announce a 4-letter word as a definition of your personality, like everyone is doing in the comments here. like "INTP here!" or "oh i'm an ENFJ" like damn i thought you were a person, not a vague acronym. they might even adjust their personality to the type they've been given from a test, like astrology, but more methodical.

  • Angela Engle

    Any INFJs watching this?

  • Wizardtroll Games

    Learning about personality from YouTube is like learning dating from Reddit.

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