• Robin Alcorn

    I'm one of these,people who have been taking this Valstrtan gave been on this befor the generic brand was on Market …Diovan it's it's brand name been on this one since it hit the market now what am I supposed to do

  • Drexmvile Eilish

    I've been complaining about alot of light headedness from mine. We need to find out our legal rights.

  • Jim Bo

    KXAN might want to mention the 3rd party providing the tainted drug that's used in these generics is Chinese.

  • mgee63

    its made by a Chinese company!!! once again the US Big Pharma is fucking the American people with substandard suppliers

  • Ryan Dolce

    Don’t take medication , if u have high blood pressure it’s because of you!! What you eat , smoke etc . Look at ur diet and change it. These medications are just band aids and all have side effects in the long run that will cause more health issues. Eat right and take care of yourself.

  • Michelle

    The pharmacy nor the doctors have no clue. The doctor prescribe the medicines based on certain kickbacks for pre scribing certain brands and the pharmacy job is to fill the med of what the doctor prescribe! They truly have no clue of the bigger picture! I’ve asked questions when I get my meds and after seeing stories after the fact of recalled medicine I truly know now they don’t have a damn clue! Big pharma getting paid to almost kill people and we just take what we are told based on numbers from lab reports and don’t even feel any issues. I agree doctors are trained however trained to treat symptoms not get to the root cause. People we are dying off slowly . Our people parish from lack of knowledge

  • K. voo

    I took valsartan for 3 yrs, and it made me urinate quite frequently, glad its off the shelf

  • Just Me

    Sometimes hypertension is HEREDITARY.

  • Just Me

    The medications co tents are supplied by china. A few years ago the baby binkies and sippy cups were Tainted w lead. Is America so stupid we will continue purchasing from them. Is it a retaliation for America and England devastating their country w the import of opium

  • D Confused

    Repeated news from 9 months ago!? What bs abolish the FDA they do nothing

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