Nervous Breakdown (What To Do About A Mental or Emotional Breakdown) – Teal Swan –

Nervous Breakdown (What To Do About A Mental or Emotional Breakdown) – Teal Swan –

A nervous breakdown is overwhelming and painful to the grid[sp?] that you loose ability to cope with life, you just cant handle any more. It’s not really necessary for me to got in to the symptoms of a nervous breakdown because if you’re having if you’re having nervous breakdown you’ll know it. It feels like an anxiety attack that just doesn’t end, and you may feel so exhausted that even the smallest task is too difficult. You may even feel like you’ve lost touch with reality if seek your force to simple surrender and allow the feeling to take over your body like emotional version of a flu and most common causes of nervous breakdown are past traumas, permanent intimate relations like breakdown or divorces, experience deaths of loved ones, [xx] pursuits like career schooling, health problem such as injuries or chronic illness and financial problems such as debt of property. Why do I use this common causes because it is important if you are having nervous [xx] realise that it is happening for a reason. I can assure you that if you are in the middle emotional or mental breakdown. You will not be thinking you have good enough reasons to feel the way you feel, instead you will feel like you gone completely crazy cause the feeling seems to be so disproportionate to the things that you are considering thus having calls that particular sensation within your body, which you are not crazy this are happening for a reason that is why you are experiencing this sensation is just a stress crisis, most importantly you will not feel like its temporary you will feel like you have lost if for good but it is not true it is temporary. So what should we do if we are having a nervous breakdown? The first thing we have to do is to competely re-surrender to the breakdown itself. Breakdown functions like leptide, if you try to resist them or go against you are just going to get sucked under the water ten times quicker and it’s going to drown you. Your action is to let go to it and let it take you, let your body instinctively draw you towards to it’s own way of healing treat it like an emotional flu or healing crisis if you had a bad viral illness you literally couldn’t function so you have to treat the breakdown the same way intentionally the experience the worst thing you could try do during a breakdown is try to function. Now I know you’re probably thinking if you give in to a breakdown it’s never going to but in fact the opposite is true your quickest way of getting out of a breakdown is to go to totally through, it so don’t go get a psychiatric medication prescribed try to get help from others with the things that quote and quote have to be done because I want you to be really you are honest with yourself. I might be telling myself that this thing is something that has to be done when in truth I’m just choosing to do it because I think it has to be done. If you haven’t done it yet I want you to watch my video on you tube entitled how to heal the emotional body. The reason is that in that particular video I present a process which I want you to do consciously what you enables you to work your way through this painful crisis of emotions. Ironically during an emotional or a mental breakdown the body is forcing you to do that unwillingly it’s attempting to self generate a healing and a symptom of healing forces are at work during an emotional breakdown and remember these feelings are not trying to hurt you and they know something’s happening to you they’ve even stayed like a small completely paralyzed and fragrant child begging for help. Step two, the breakdown is telling you that there needs to be be a serious change to your life, so I don’t want you to be thinking that just by going through the breakdown completely you can stand back up on the other side and go right back to life is normal, that’s going to set you up for yet another nervous breakdown and also you’ve got to realize it’s happening for a reason. So do is look at your life at the areas that cause that particular breakdown and you have got to make ten differences and changes to those particular areas. Seek help from other friends are professionals. A nervous breakdown happens when stresses uncovers your deepest fears, so this is the time that is right to discover what those fears really they are and to address those fears directly when you still capable. Step 3, stop leaving for future plans. If you have any nervous breakdown, the future no longer exists, you’ve got to drag in so they are only living  five minutes to five minutes or hour to hour nothing more than that. I want you to leave according to the question, what would feel like just a little bit more relief, right here now, maybe it’s eating a bowl of mushed potatoes. maybe it’s watching a funny movie, maybe it’s laying a blanket in the forest, maybe it’s crawling under the covers, whatever it is do it and when you feel done with that ask the question again, when you begin to feel more energy and less incapacitated which happens naturally you’ll naturally be compelled to starting your life over and to extending that line so that you’re seeing into the future a bit more. So, contrary to popular belief the step does not have have to be forced, four, if you have the tendencies to have chronic nervous breakdowns, that is, they tend to happen with enough regualrities that you fear them happening again, then chances are you have a chronic stressor in your life, most often this chronic stressor is unresolved trauma from our childhood. I’m going to expose a common pattern among those who have chronic breakdowns. The common pattern is the sense of and safety. The people who have chronic breakdowns have a major major issue, in that they can’t feel safe in the world. It’s almost like the stressors they have because of the traumas they’ve experienced, have created so much stress in their lives, that living life is a little a little bit like tight rope walking or carrying an elephant on their back, of course, it’s like a hundred times more likelihood that that person is going to fall off the tight rope. On top of that we may feel unsafe we tend to use people to feel safe, many people who chronically experience nervous breakdown have this unconscious belief that there’s going to be a negative consequence to being well or being happy, so if you are chronically experiencing nervous breakdown, ask yourself this question and think way outside the box to discover potential answers. Why do you need to be weak or unhappy or in need of rescue? When that thing will happen if you’re powerful, happy, healthy and with no need of rescue put yourself in a position of being happy, and powerful, and healthy, and see if there’re any negative feelings associated with that condition. Some of us find that being well means being abandoned by others. So only by being unwell that we can guarantee connection and  support. Some of us find that by being well we feel we will be attacked, so by being unwell we send up a white mercy flag that says to others I’m the underdog have mercy on me. Don’t take this to mean that you’re faking nervous breakdowns in order to have people around, rather see that you can’t stop having break downs because of the absolutely incapacitating fear you have of abandonment or harm. Step Five, when you’re having a Nervous Breakdown something in our life is gone badly enough that it has caused us to enter into a total negative spiral, there’s really good exercise to use in this particular circumstance. You take a look at what’s going really, really badly, do you aware of it? Then you ask yourself. “What is this really bad situation cause me to know that I want., but what is the possibility on the other end of the scale? ” And then you do everything you can do to find a way to make tangible steps, or think that’s deliberately that will get you from point A where you are to point B where you want to be. In other words when you’re having a breakdown and you know why you’re having a breakdown, you’ve got to ask yourself, what’s this caused me to know that I want or what possibility exists as exaltation of these circumstances this should never be forced, if you force anything during a breakdown you’re going to nothing but add fire to fire and it’s going to just fuel the breakdown more so make sure you do this when you have enough energy. So here is an example some having an emotional breakdown because potentially, my husband walks through the door and said, I want a divorce. That sent me into a spiral. Potentially these circumstances caused you to know that you want to be valued for who you are, and to feel like you have value. To get closer to that stage, you can perhaps sit down and write a list of valuable attribute that you posses that others might find attractive. You might buy and read self esteem books, you might try out the exercises provided in those books you might get a new makeover, you might signup to a life transforming workshop or seminar. You might fill your schedule with things you know cause you to feel more confident like a hobby you’re particularlily good at or you could get on a plane go visit a friend who makes you feel valued. Six do things that make you feel safe. If you are having a nervous break down the new nervous system is in hyper alert mode, your fight or flight mechanism is so triggered that you’ve gone into a freeze state. So, what you need to do’ is to find a way to feel more safe. one of my favorite ways to do this, is to help people compile a list of the things that make them feel safe, both big things and little things. and then, what they train themselves to do when they’re feeling unsafe, is to just go to the list and pick something off of it, to go do. Maybe what makes you feel safe is the sound of a cat purr, or the smell of cinnamon, or warm towels, fresh out of the dryer, or the sound of someone’s voice. make this list as long as possible. Also I noticed that one of the things that makes people in general feel the most safe, is the sense of being cocooned. So, one of the other things you can do is to visualize yourself being cocooned in light energy or cocooned in a bud of a flower, or cocooned on some other type of thing which causes you to feel a sense of containment looking yourself high on the cover when you’re having a nervous breakdown is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing potentially even creating secret hideouts for yourself regardless of whether you are an adult is good too Seven. Do trauma release processes. When you’re having a nervous breakdown, your nervous system is literally shot. So you have to give it some distance in moving that trauma through and out. I think my favorite technique is far as this is concerned was invented by a man called David Barcelli he does TRE, trauma releasing exercises so go ahead and look him up and try those exercises out. Eight instead of slipping into the deprivation whole, give your body something to live off of. Go for a walk even if it’s just around the block, during a nervous breakdown you may loose your appetite entirely, but you need to try to sip and nibble so that to not feed the cycle of your stress hormones wrecking more havoc on your body than they already have. Do not indulge in junk foods, this will only exasperate the problem. Instead eat tiny bits of healthy foods or protein shakes, that require no preparation. Also get on the sun for 20 minutes a day, just pull a blanket outside and a chair on the ground and lay on it, vitamin D is an amazing mood stabilizer. Another thing that you definitely want to take which is really for you if you are having a mental or emotional breakdown, is a vitamin B complex. So find a really good source of that, and then consult a professional about what dosage you should take, if you are experiencing an emotional breakdown. The way that our society is set up, is ripe to cause emotional and mental breakdowns. Now I know that a lot of points which I hid in this video might leave you looking at me saying, Teal obviously does not live in the real world, why can’t she just give me some information about how o get on with life as usual? I can’t do that, because getting on with life as usual is exactly what brought you to this exact position, we need to create a life for ourselves and eventually a society that allows for things like breakdowns and illnesses, we can’t expect ourselves to function under the stress of most of our lives. The serious reality is that if we don’t allow ourselves to have a nervous breakdown if it occurs our bodies will find a way to stop us and usually does this through debilitating chronic illnesses. So my question to you would be do you want to willingly do it today and make hard changes that guarantee you a life that feels good, or do you want to wait for your body to literally force you to do it unwillingly? Another common excuse I hear is that I can’t let myself have a nervous breakdown because of the kids, I want you seriously to ask yourself this question what message am I sending through my actions to my child? Do I want them to grow up believing that they have to pull it all together no matter how they feel and get on with life? or do I want to teach them that I want them to sculpt their life according to what feels good? Children don’t need you to be perfectly strong for them all the time, what they need is a secure connection with you, they can handle the reality that people have a hard time and the people get sick in a difficult stuff happens, what they can’t handle the repercussions of you treating them like there are just one more reason that you have to keep it together. Can you feel the guilt and pain of being settled with the that you were the burden or one more item of pressure from your parent, the parents that handle these breakdowns the best are the ones that reassure their child out of the security of the connection and of the unconditional nature of their love, thus allowing themselves to have a breakdown. Letting yourself intentionally melt into the break down is the fastest way through the breakdown. I can promise you, you will not be the same person on the other side of this breakdown and there will only ever be an improvement on the other side of this breakdown. So repeat after me, it’s okay to not be okay. Have a good week.



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    The Domes will be able to expand or contract, depending on the volume of the Spiritual Energy they contain. The Spiritual Energy in the Domes will be used up in the course of living and would need to be replaced.
    Imagine also… that at birth, and during the formative part of your life, that the dome that surrounds YOU, is mainly filled and maintained by your Family, but also may include help from your: Community, Country and others, with Spiritual Energy.  Explain that they create this Spiritual Energy for YOU and other areas or 'Gifts'  with their Positive Actions for the 'Gift' areas
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    Imagine also… that as you grow and develop, you learn that there are tasks for you to do as part of YOU, your Family and Community. And that… as you become more aware, you accept greater tasks and Responsibilities. You  also have learned to expect REWARDS of Happiness and Satifaction for your Positive Actions!

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    Explain that… taking Responsibility for all the Gift areas with Positive Actions, where possible and practical,  would the only way to avoid this collapse and that Positive Actions would also be the main source of the Reward of HAPPINESS for Human Beings!

    This imaginary post is part of a real 53 minute DVD called: THE 10 GIFTS OF THE CREATOR.

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    I had my first nervous breakdown at 14 years old. I still have them. Iv'e been in the hospital 8 times in the past 3 months. I have PTSD from my past experiences..I was 18 years old when I met my sweet husband who was a sailor in the Iranian Navy. We married 2 months later. Little did I know he was the devil himself. He talked so highly of Persia…this was back in 1973, I went. I was a sheltered child…his family treated me so good. But when I got so sick from the food then I got pregnant, I had to come back to the States. Well he was so angered he had to stay behind because he was still in the Navy. When he joined me one month before our baby was born…it was good at first. After my daughter was born then it all started… He would beat me so bad strangle me, always told me he was going to take my baby back ti Iran … Then he would tell me he was going to kill me and my daughter she was 1 year old. He would pick me up and throw me against the wall, while I was laying there he would jump on me and bite me. After 4 years of torture and him keeping me locked in the house, having to look at the ground when a man walks by… And GOD don't make him see BLACK as he would say.. I ran away with my daughter one day while he was at work. I went to my moms work place. She saved my life. Can't write any more. To upsetting. I raised my beautiful, daughter to be strong and fearless.🌹

  • Sophie Ras

    I feel like I am beyond breakdown… There is literally no reason why I have them, in fact there is literally nothing in my life that could cause me stress. I just didn't get a call from my so for a day and I spiral immediately again. No therapist understands and they all just kick me out of mental hospitals bc I am "unmotivated" bc I can't tell them what's wrong

  • John Kinsey

    How does she always look like a movie star? She just looks like she’s a Greek goddess sorry it’s not relevant but she is distracting! Maybe she should get a person who isn’t a 10 to do this, like she gives them the words and they speak she’s hard not to look at and go well that’s where all the pretty in the world went. Not just that, she is intelligent and beautiful. But anyway I and a couple friends find her advice useful. Constantly. But seriously it’s great that it’s not coming from someone who looks Amy Schumer and instead someone who makes Megan Fox look like a sea lion,and she does.

  • Mudassar Nawaz

    Eating french toast at 9am then planning on sleeping the rest of the day.

  • Alley COOPER

    I had had one two days and it was so bad I locked myself in the bathroom and started crying cloundt breath my fiance almost broke down the door.

  • jpage99999

    Some notes from the video: Surrender to the nervous break down, give in to it, watch video on how to heal the emotional body, breakdown means there needs to be a serious change to your life, look at areas that caused the breakdown, stressons uncover your deepest fears, stop living for future plans, live 5 minutes or hour to hour, what would feel like just a a little bit more relief right at this moment, watch out for a chronic stressor, common pattern for breakdown is they can't feel safe in the world, belief there might be , why do you need to be weak or unhappy or in need of rescue? What bad thing will happen if you are happy, powerful, healthy and with no need of rescue?Perhaps by being well, you'll be abandoned by others, a subconscious fear. So by being unwell we can guarantee connections and support. There's an absolutely incapacitating fear of abandonment and unsafety in a breakdown. Exercise, look at what is really really going badly so you're aware of it, what has this really bad situation caused me to know what I really want?What's the possibility on the other end of the scale? What are things you can do to feel really safe?Make a list of both big and little things. Visualize yourself being cocooned in light. David Barcelli, Trauma release exercises on youtube. Children don't need you to be perfectly strong all the time, what they need from you is a secure connection from you. Letting your self intentionally melt into the breakdown is the fastest way through the breakdown. It's OK to not be OK.

  • ohsnapitssuz

    I can't have a break down. If I cant work we wont have a place to live. We'll be on the streets. I can't do it. 🙁

  • Tan Poliak

    Having a mental breakdown was the worst and the best that has ever happened to me

  • userofyoutube

    When I had a breakdown I hallucinated and went to a different dimension. I nearly died.

  • [email protected]

    I love this… thank you @teal ❤

  • yebudds

    I had a nervous breakdown over a month ago and i'm still stuck. I cant read or even understand what people are saying the majority of the time. Everything is a struggle.

  • Nicole Rebitski

    This forced 40 hr work week to survive and employees that can't get time off work is essentially killing us more than I thought. Emotional days need to exist everywhere

  • SlimyboyDave

    She is amazing!

  • demoify

    I'm having really bad chronic breakdowns

  • Lim Lop

    Thank you Teal.

  • Sam Vostworthy

    Thankyou for this my family member is and he is living with us, do you have any advice for the carers xxx

  • Lindsay Bagnall

    amazing advice

  • Dimitris Giannopoulos

    I won't go into the symptoms…
    Goes on to talk about the symptoms…

  • David Hamilton

    Good advice. From your lips to my crash.

  • It's what You make it

    James Earl Jones has an amazing voice! Bill Kurtis too!

  • Jennifer Hergert

    What do I do if I just have emotional flashbacks/ flareups of very complex and heavy trauma? So I am not having a complete break down, but I feel like my body is drawn, like a magnet towards going through these certain traumatic emotions. But I feel I cant take it and will just dissociate. It's very exhausting fighting this "magnet", I want to give in, but I dont want to end up in a break down.

  • ben Broughton

    I know when a nervous breakdown is coming, I have no energy to poop, and can barely cook or clean, I just have to lay on my back in silence in a quiet room for a week, to gain some energy, then make a plan going forward, that plan never works I end up back in that quiet room, coming up with another plan. im exhausted typing this.

  • Chi Chi


  • Sarah Kim

    I love you ❤

  • Kati West

    Why do I want to do unsafe things when I'm having a breakdown?

  • Disabler

    I would be cool with having a mental breakdown if it wasn't for the fact that everyone sees you as a victim, which is worse than the breakdown itself..

  • Lily Val

    The landlady evil covert narcist. I can't get out on pain & I was okay. I longer believe her charm. I no longer want her saved I want her to stay pay in hell.

  • Sarah Chm

    What's the name of the men who invented the TRI technique ?

  • Catherine M

    I just want to get out of this toxic relationship

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