Nicole Arbour Depression Shaming Video | The Science of Depression and Anxiety

only one person can get you out of
depression and that is you know I’m holding you accountable for your own
feeling oh why do I do this to myself I know every single argument that people
are gonna throw at me about how depression is so hard and you can’t just
beat it and you can’t just get over it what’s up everybody this is Chris from
the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and
today’s problem is Nicole Arbour I saw this video getting shared and one of my
mental health support groups that I’m a part of their kind of you know do the
things I do on the rewired soul but I help give other people suggestions who
are struggling with anxiety and depression and other symptoms of mental
illness somebody shared this and this depression shaming just blew my mind but
I’m actually not all that surprised because some of you might think that she
looked familiar like I did and not long ago she blew up because she made a
fat-shaming video all right now I want to make very clear I want to make very
clear just in case of Nicole arbors fans show up on here at like I think she’s
onto something but she’s doing it in a very poor way and it’s because she’s not
educated very well all right so the first thing that we have to do the first
thing that we have to do when we’re receiving any type of information is
check in with the source who is the source who is relaying this information
because the problem is is that you can’t just be a charismatic person doing a
bunch of jump cuts all over the place and then people say oh you know what I
think this person’s on to something all right like we’re seeing it we’re seeing
it right now in in politics you know Donald Trump’s the president we’ve heard
of people like Mark Zuckerberg and the rock say that they’re gonna run for
president oprah winfrey made a speech and they’re like oh that should be
president like just because a lot of people are hearing you doesn’t mean that
you’re saying the proper information all right
but anyways Oprah’s kind of dope Oprah 2020 anyways let’s jump into this so
first first let’s do this when Nicole Arbour is talking about how to press
is all in your head which no duh let’s take a look at Nicole Arbour skra
dentals real quick so what I’ve done is I have pulled out Nicole arbors Facebook
page her Facebook fan page alright so first off and know this isn’t any kind
of shaming or anything but first I’m gonna take a look at this and say is
this just looking at the picture is this somebody who I want to get my mental
health advice from right like let’s put in these times am I gonna go to the
grocery store and ask the person in the produce aisle how to fix my car probably
not I gotta check the source of what I’m getting this information but maybe I’m
wrong let’s check in let’s see what kind of credentials miss Nicole Arbor has so
here is her biography now let’s see I’m a comedian cuz people laugh at me I’m a
recording artist because I spit fire like a witty dragon I’m a writer because
words fall out I’m a model because I find a hilarious and absurd beauty is
subjective yo I’m a choreographer because I see music I’m a dancer his
music and sucks because music said so I’m your new best friend because we’re
both awesome I’m a youtuber because I love making things and I’m a cheerleader
for life because it’s the best way to be hashtag go team so looking at her
credentials I don’t see anything anything that says that she is any kind
of health professional depression is a chemical imbalance in your head you
can’t just fix it so the fact that her video is getting millions of views and a
ton of shares is kind of strange like why is anybody taking mental health
advice from this woman I went to I did some digging I did some investigation
and it looks like Nicole Arbour struggled with depression and I feel for
this time about three years ago I sat trying to figure out how to commit
suicide in a way that it would least affect my family and friends moving
forward that was my plan I was done and anyone who’s ever been in chronic pain
understand that you get to a point where it’s not even you anymore you just want
to make it stop now her depression came from a car
accident that gave her chronic pain quality pain and that can put you into a
depression okay and that’s for different reasons
and she talks about how chemicals in your brain are constantly changing
agreed but her depression was not a biological issue it’s it’s almost like
when I’ve talked about the different risk factors for addiction some people
are genetically predisposed and other people develop an addiction same thing
with depression some people are genetically predisposed to depression
and other people develop a depression Nicole arbors depression develop because
of a car accident and I get it like she got out of her depression and she tries
to motivate people and like trust me you can check out the other video I did when
an arm I was reviewing Neal Brennan comedy special where he talks about
depression and I even tried to hold all of you accountable out there too like
you have to put in work the problem is is the way that Nicole Arbour is
portraying that message is depression shaming it is shaming people with mental
illness it is not just a button that people can flip and quit being depressed
okay one of the biggest issues with people with depression that is that is
the hardest hardest portal to overcome is motivation exercise go to the gym go
to a dance class get up walking just keep it moving I swear you will feel
happier like I get it yeah get up go out go for a walk do these activities that
increase dopamine the serotonin and all these other neurotransmitters in your
brain go do those but it’s it’s getting that engine started okay she has this to
say about antidepressants I just felt like a robot who was now functioning
versus a robot that was frozen okay Nicole if you see this let me explain
this to you okay different medications have different side effects not only do
different medications have different side effects but different people react
to medications differently so I’m not sure what they put you on that made you
zombie out but for many people these
antidepressants do not do that they might have put you on something really
strong they might have even put you on some kind of tranquilizer too so that’s
something that you have to take into consideration not only it doesn’t depend
on the medication which there are dozens of antidepressants but it also depends
on how your body reacts to them I know plenty of people who take
antidepressants regularly I’m one of them and do I look like I’m old zombie
doubt no I don’t do you see the smile on my face something’s working alright and
the other thing is she mentions like these these pills aren’t just happy
pills I’ve done another video about antidepressants and that’s a common
misconception about these medications is that they are happy pills that’s not how
they work these medications work in a couple different ways so when she keeps
saying it’s all in your head I know it’s all in your head but some brands have a
problem creating certain neurotransmitters so some of these
medications actually help the brain to produce these neurotransmitters in other
cases these neurotransmitters have to attach to each other to create more and
if you familiar with neuroscience I’ve heard neurons that fire together wire
together so when they wire together people some people with depression do
not have the no transmitters that stick to each other so there are certain
medications that make these neurotransmitters stickier so they can
stick together and reproduce more so what these medications are trying to do
is get you to a base level to increase that motivation so you can start doing
more work on your own so these medications may not fix you but
they’re a good starting point just to get you out of bed in the morning just
to get you to take a shower just to give you the motivation to go to the gym to
go live your life and create more neurotransmitters that’s what these are
there for I have a lot to say about this but here’s the problem with the world
today here’s the problem with living at a time where the Internet is so easily
accessed ok and me’ll Degrassi Tyson actually said it best
this clip that you’re about to watch is from one of my favorite YouTube series
called hot ones the internet has turned turned the world into a place where you
can do a quick google search and you can find at least one other person on the
planet to agree with the insane idea you have that has absolutely no scientific
backing and Nicole I’m very sorry but you’re not allowed to just use the words
like scientific studies say it was proven at Harvard that only 10% of our
long-term happiness has anything to do with external factors that only this
much of your happiness is based on this you can’t just say that without
providing sources like I talked about this in my prince ba versus boy in a
band um video like you can’t just go around saying that scientific studies
say certain things without providing sources because after she said that I
spent about an hour researching this and I couldn’t find one study that said that
so that’s the problem with all of this stuff going viral and spreading is that
ignorant breeds more ignorant and then people think that it’s the word of truth
when there was actually no backing for it alright so I know Nicole Arbour is
trying to come from a motivational good place but she did a very very very poor
job of it all right but if you retained some information if I helped you
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