Odd For An Election Year: Trump Proposes Massive Health Care Cuts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Odd For An Election Year: Trump Proposes Massive Health Care Cuts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



  • Ray Dirkin

    No worries he's got our vote.

  • Ryan O'Brien

    The failed business mind is gonna help us win.#biglylie

  • Kay Bergstrom

    Trump is just going for the cult that just wants to destroy the U.S. and take away all good things about our government and reputation. Trump is still Putin's man in America.

  • C Cole


    Coming for you TRAITORS next January:
    Rudy Ghouliani, William Barr, Steve Mnuchin, Devin Nunez, Rick Perry, Don Jr, Mick Mulveny, and the MAGAT God himself. Can't wait to see the Orange Cheeto in an Orange Jumpsuit!

    Coming for you too Moscow Mitch McConnell for interfering with the bipartisan election-security bills and for taking Russian oligarch bribes to reduce sanctions.

  • Rob Robson

    With the cuts to health care trump is bringing about I guess he's not worried about the Corono-virus. Maybe now is the time for Chinese representatives from Wuhan to have a White House meeting with trump, sans mask of course!

  • Boyd Gilbreath

    King trumpy will do whatever he pleases. Remember he has said he is the second coming.

  • Michael Cresta

    Rachel, what u r forgetting is… Trump will outright lie about it and blame the “fake news media” and there isn’t a debate moderator or democratic nominee that will call him out on that lie. He will duck and dodge, his supporters will back him, cheering with their arms held high holding his banner, while being pickpocketed and robbed.

  • K W

    BSNBC, you ARE a disease and Trump is the cure, now take your medicine 😉

  • cu jimmy

    He knows he's going down, so do the GOP, so times running out for them to line their pockets, and still try to make deficit look good.

  • Drupi Carbon

    The electoral college put Trump in the white house if he gets a second term it says that their intention is to assist in the destruction of this country.
    He knows he is going to lose so his intention is set everything that made this country what it is on fire
    Truly the work of a devil he knows not compassion for poor suffering people

  • Francis James

    Trump knows all he has to do is deny it and his cult will eat it up

  • Wesley C.

    Granted, Republicans and Democrats both need health care. However, this is about Trumpers (who do not want you to have health care) and Not-Trumpers (who want health care).

  • Sound Thinking

    Trump is about maximum damage….A Russian asset that was installed to unleash just such chaos. Wait…it will get worse…it is how it has been planned all along. Then he will refuse to leave the office and start more chaos. Remember this is what Putin specializes in for the KGB. He played the undereducated like a fiddle and his asset sits in the white house as America reels and Putin giggles like a schoolgirl.

  • Steve Johnson

    All those tax cuts for the rich — donald dump finally found a way to pay for them.

  • Roy Causton

    His cult are too DUMB to understand this ….until it hits them … Serves them RIGHT … Go TRUMPY….

  • Allan West

    Worst reporter of the year, and dumbest.

  • canuck

    Over ten years he said. Is he planning a third term ??

  • Adam Packard

    Trump is a hump and a liar

  • Nicholas Woods

    Trump is America's Bad KARMA

  • Charlton Bruton

    He's appeasing his base; and taking a strong negotiating stance. what would you expect him to do?

  • Cinderella


  • brenda mcdonall

    Given that Trump is severely compromised morally, ethically, and has a very severe character/personality disorder ( Narcissism with Sociopathic tendencies), this budget at this time is no surprise. In his head Trump believes he is immortal, will never be called to account, and can do anything he wants and with no repercussions.

  • Peachy Keen

    14% of food service workers qualify for healthcare through their employer. In a state that didn't expand Medicaid, their income may be too low to qualify for subsidized ACA. The situation with the food pickers is even worse. When you take the kiddies out for Happy Meals, would you like a little cholera with your cheeseburger? How about some tuberculosis with your tomato?

  • Cynthia Sala

    Trump will win nevertheless. I don't know what is supporters are listening to

  • Jeanne 54

    The DEPLORABLES believe whatever they’re told like ROBOT NARCISSISTS!

  • Ryan Anderson

    Trump's got russia hacking Florida and Pennsylvanja since 2015. He doesnt have to worry about those pesky elections.

  • Wanda Pease

    Bernie/Buttigige President and Vice President! Or Biden/Buttigieg, President and Vice President! Mayor Pete needs a bit of international and Washington D.C. experience before we throw him into the Marianas Trench.

  • Stealth Cobra

    The more I see how trump has been acting lately, the more I believe he actually intends to either totally cheat the results of next elections and/or go full dictator mode before that and dismantle what's left of democracy. I mean, he already controls the senate, he keeps firing everyone that opposes him, has it's own shadow policies and ties with Russian intelligence, he's trying to make it impossible to investigate upcoming election frauds by forcing people to ask Bill Barr for his authorization to dig into the corruption.

  • Will Storm

    Has anyone noticed that the gap between the one percent and the other 99 percent has grown alarmingly while trump has been playing with taxes on the middle class so the rich get welfare. You might notice that your paying for these taxes the rich don't pay but also for trumps tariffs and job loses. Say good bye to healthcare. Vote Blue generations depend on you.

  • Nathan Kriever

    we do have the fiscally-irresponsible GOP trying to juice the economy in the runnup to Election due to their candidate's very historically low pre election poll numbers

  • Julian Crooks

    So it comes down to do you want healthcare or not? Yes, vote Democrats, no, vote Republican.

  • S H

    Republicans don’t care. They’ll just cheat to win as they always do.

  • ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ

    Budget cuts to social programs, gee whiz, nobody saw that coming🙄. What will his cult members who rely on those programs do without SOCIALISM when the money that's meant for them is most likely going to end up paying for that stupid wall?
    Anyone else have that Pink Floyd song in their head? 🎶"All in all they're just another brick in The Wall."🎶

  • Valicity Hudson

    Why would trump have to defend that when Trump cult members don’t read or do research? That budget proposal showing those cuts has been online for months. I have posted the link and screenshots of each page to trump cult members and got nothing but insults. They only want to hear the lies and propaganda from their cult leader Trump, or from Fox News. Smdh

  • M Czerkie

    The GOP's game plan is to bankrupt the country and then use that as an excuse to cut safety net programs (Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps,…). That's it! That is what the GOP wants to do.

  • imiss toronto

    Maybe there's a Presidential Aide who decided to help the Democrats? Who cares why he released such a stupid budget! Fact is, he did, and if impeachment couldnt bring him down, maybe the budget will.

  • Starzan Wieber

    Mad cow always been a political agenda guy? Or chick, whatever? Instead of hating our President, maybe try using your limited, doomed, TV time to endorse someone? Hate and evil is all you have. It’s disgusting. Embarrassing to the world. Shameful

  • Catherine Brown

    Mitt Romney, the Republican Party's 'solitary boast' and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have more than qualified to receive the American equivalent of the Order of Australia! God help them save the American People.

  • Catcher-N Rye


  • nicholas schoonbeck

    I think our only saving grace possible is the fact that Trump will do what he wants no matter what & only his cult minded followers will go for it.

  • Jewel

    i love you rachel and i hate to think this but NO ONE will remember this in Nov.

  • Mark

    Shut up!!!!!

  • boatnikdog

    How did the republicans convince Americans that affordable healthcare for all is such a bad idea?

  • Chris Bellen

    its true. Romney lost me when he chose Ryan as VP

  • Kim McDonagh

    Could it be… Trump is actually being honest about slashing funding for every day Americans in favor of endless wars & welfare for billionaires????

  • Ramona Ray

    My brother has never ever had health insurance until Obama care came along and it saved his life! He ended up super sick and miraculously was covered!

  • Per Jensen

    2020 and the US still have a healthcare system like a 3rd rank shithole in africa lol, for some unknown reason I will never understand the US people just sit back and accept it.
    So happy I live in a country where healthcare is a human right, and where we help each other.

  • Jack Hawley

    My, how things have changes eh Rachel; since the Republicans stopped picking nice losers. MSNBC is very fake news👎

  • dan112020

    But will the pathetic do nothing Dems bring healthcare/Obamacare/affordable healthcare to the Attention of the American people effectively. Bloomberg need to do an attack ad about IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump 2 trillion dollar gutting of the American healthcare bill.

  • Kathleen Austin

    Trump supporters are too stupid to know there getting screwed by trump!!! They don't read either!!! Scary!! Vote all the GOP out!!! Save our Democracy!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔜💪

  • Tunbosun Oyenuga

    Meh that makeup doesn't you justice…
    just my p

  • Crozbyguy

    RINO rally Romney is done, the implosion of the democratic party is due to the media supporting them being so misleading aka lying all the time!

  • Befire Befireangel

    I hope these Trumpies need to wake up , stop living in Trump's imaginary world in his bedroom , to understand what this 3rd grader no clue one a bee Dictator is doing , there want Trump there need to move and take him and his family with to Russia or North Korea and hope his boyfriend's say yes , America is not a Communists Country .

  • beldyl

    LOL were going to build a wall and who is going to pay for it? Your healthcare.

  • Charles Clark

    Ryan is a duffus!

  • frances -duty

    Vote Blue, no matter who.

  • DogCurio

    So billions of dollars fro NASA and cuts for that average American health cover who paid taxes. Yup, makes sense NOT.

  • Rohan Twyman

    …and nobody watching Fox will ever know because they choose to be willfully ignorant of how truly awful & incompetent this man is

  • Noeline Rapley

    Maybe Toxictrumpf is determined to cut the population of America. By cutting health care he puts a lot of people at risk
    In NZ we have a health system that works. I can't understand why America can't have the same system.

  • Basil McDonnell

    By now who fails to get it? Cruelty is the point. Suffering of others is the product. This is what Trump sells to his base: other people in pain. His base will be thrilled- including many who will die as a result.

  • Col C

    Something that has a direct effect to dress the economic indexes (stocks) and morale boost to wall street, with more cuts for corporate incentives. It's like giving strong medicine to a sick person. Probably someone else will have to deal with the problems later down the road. Budget deficit will be significant.. it's all because of re-election probably

  • keith johnson

    Maddow put a boob in it.

  • Woodie Edsel

    He isn't dumb he is getting it hard for people to oppose him . If he is giving you what you want why would you not vote for him. And most of all you will look the other way while they do what they want.

  • Scott Kraemer

    This story needs to be talked about on every form of media. Everyone needs to get this out there and get it out there NOW

  • Trin's Connection

    Thrump knows he will be debating Bernie Sanders so he is preparing. I think the people are smart enough now to know he will never do it! Looking forward to Bernie and Thrump on the debate stage. Imagine Bernie's response to Thrump when he tries to lie to the people again! Stock up on popcorn folks it's going to be a great year and I'm feeling the Bern for 2020! It's like 'Good vs Evil' and the good for all has to win!

  • Me Too

    Corona virus is a mutation of TDS that learned to speak chinese. 😊

  • Josh

    Don't worry he will run a campaign that he has a super secret health care plan that will be more affordable, cover more people, lower prescription prices and be the greatest ever… like he did for the 2016 election and his base will fall for it again. What we got was "who knew health care could be so complicated", which turned into him cutting what we have to make it worse, trying to get pre-existing conditions thrown out, and ended with him giving up and saying will reveal his super secret plan only if he wins in 2020. You have to be a real moron to believe him and vote for him again.

  • Richard Edwards

    Yes to screw public more

  • Mr Underhill

    trump knows the corona virus scare is manufactured and he has the ethiopian head of WHO under his thumb- we think of it as the world health org but in reality it is mostly funded by America and is run by this admin. my opinion – when trump, the germophobe, stops doing rallies I will believe something may be happening.

  • Nicholas Batshon

    He is boundless and we r all in trouble trumps a corrupt monster

  • Roman Clay

    For the first time, Mafia Don Trump told the truth about cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

  • Fred M

    Trump is a plague on this planet.

  • Cory E

    His supporters don't care. At this point, the only thing that matters to them is beating the Dems at all costs.

  • Orchid Lilly

    "Appears" to me, Trump wants us Dead & as Slaves…………sigh………………

  • C J

    Pssst. Rump is a liar, pass it on. If someone shows you who they are, believe them. Bernie 2020, anything else is suicide.

  • bonnie duncan

    trump barely waited a week to go back on his promise to not cut social security, medicare, medicaid and food stamps…his base relies on those programs but he knows they’re idiots…

  • Just Me

    DJT will cut programs an cheat elections while telling you every things OK folks haters b hating meanwhile the deficit rises by the trillions, I am president trump I order these decisions
    "in the best interest of the United States of America"

  • Above All, United

    He could shoot someone on fifth avenue without losing a single member of his base, but take away their food stamps and healthcare……?

  • Anna Smith

    well put ms jones.he and his repub should all be put out to pasture.when mitch ppl in kentucky realize this includes them and the aca maybe,just maybe their ears,mind ,brain will see trump and the repub is all about them,not the ppl they work for.the demo is the lesser evil although some are right in there with the repub.they should come together and get a message the ppl understand.some are are only concern for illegals and seems to take it for granted that ppl will vote for them.they needs to change the message medicare for all including illegals,many americans don't get medicare if they haven't paid into it.they needs to fix the immigrations system and loopholes that many have used.hurting americans don't want to hear when they are hurting themselves about others that walk into the us and do gooders rush to assist and vets and many are living on the streets.

  • Michael Hagan

    Thats because they don't plan on winning the election , they plan on stealing the election from the American people by purging voter rolls and suppressing the vote and possibly with Putins help again. They are doing so to steal the wealth of this Nation , like the GOP did with their criminal tax cuts to billionaires and their Corporate donors. Tax Cuts of $1.5 trillion that the American working class will pay for , for generations to come.

  • Michael Hagan

    Trumps cuts will decimate and destroy Medicaid.

  • Michael Hagan

    Trump also wants to cut Social Security and Medicare for the elderly and disabled.

  • Asarni Thomas

    Time to pivot to the caravan of migrants at the boarder.

  • Al Baars

    Oh that's fine. The very stupid will get their trump. When the "health care" industry goes bankrupt due to unpaid medical bills and the country firmly slides into third world status we will be ripe for Russian takeover.

  • Andrew Mastin

    Trump doesn’t care what policies he runs on, or what voters think about them, because he’s planning to steal the election and remain in office whether he wins or loses. Be on the lookout for massive election fraud in November, orchestrated by Trump’s GOP henchmen. Remember he now (correctly) believes he can get away with absolutely anything.

  • Dave Thaler

    In case you missed it …there is not going to be an election anytime soon…Trump now owns the DOJ…and the senate….
    Elections will now be outlawed

  • Janette Smith

    Rachael sad to say, if Trump is really talking about doing all those cuts, during an election year then he must be pretty sure he has this ELECTION in the bag. WOW. He's pretty sure he'll get SELECTED again. Democrats really need to wake up and stop shooting them selves in the foot. The DNC and establishment, need to stop dictating who they want to win and let the people actually determine who they want. For most hard working patriots want someone who is honest, against invasive wars, against constant nation building,want health care, etc. Someone who will be actually for the people for a change. BUT when the DNC gang shows their support for war and nation building BY clapping for Trump at the State of the Union, when Trump introduced the guy, who tried to over throw Venezuela's elected pres. Maduro., they are actually in agreement with Trump. Just saying. That is why he will win again. They will hinder Bernie, Tuls's or whoever is against war and favor instead an elite establishment candidate. That seemed to happen in 2016, Hillary over Bernie. For then the Bernie voters voted for Trump and look what happened then. Will history repeat itself again.That's why I say they always end up shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Janette Smith

    Rachael and viewers: Does anyone wonder why we don't hear anything about Tulsi or see her at the debates anymore?? MSM doesn't even talk about her. The establishment and most democrats are against her, she was in 2 debates, one she chose not to attend, one she was NOT invited to and two debates, she was not eligible to be in.. Here is an article on why everyone is against Tulsi, very interesting. I really don't see why she's hated so much, except she's against never ending wars and she quit the DNC. Sad to say they are right on, we really don't have a choice. The establishment chooses the winners and the losers. Which is why Trump wins again.I hope everyone will be happy. https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Tulsi-Gabbard-not-universally-liked-among-Democrats?share=1

  • Janette Smith

    Patriots here is an article on why Tulsi is hated and I thought it was because she's cute. LOL https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Tulsi-Gabbard-not-universally-liked-among-Democrats?share=1

  • Mandy Heaven

    is that more money for him in his pockets and he thinks of himself and not anyone else promises is telling lies he seems to think he get away with it

  • Deyon Singh

    bla bla bla, I'm still voting for Trump!

  • Pappy Chulo

    Trump believes he has vilified "moochers" of public money enough that it would be a better bet to follow through on cutting said moochers off in order to keep his base happy. This way he'll keep their vote, at the very least and maybe even pick p a few. He really believes his own press that exist in his imagination. Scary.

  • Jyv Ben

    president plump, just wants the poor to die and it costs less : win-win

  • Sterling Pound

    Trump knows his base. They're the kind of nasty-minded, dog-in-manger, pull-up-the-ladder lower-middle people who fear and loathe anyone only marginally better or worse off than themselves. And they're scared. They're desperate to believe in something – anything. Even this awful man who promises them the earth with one tiny hand and takes it all for himself with the other.

  • A Warrior of Christ

    This only proves one thing, that this psychopath does believe that he can shoot someone on 5th Avenue in New York and not have to pay for it! He is gone beyond psychopathic, his 4th stage Syphilis has taken him to depths that this nation never dreamed! Hitler, Mussolini, Stahlin, Kim, Putin, Si, Gengis Khan all rolled in one! And it is incredulous that his popularity is rising after what he has done to this country!

  • A Warrior of Christ

    Don't believe any of his numbers they are being manipulated by the Russians, to show how stupid the American populous is and can be manipulated!

  • Peggy Trawick

    Mitt Romney from Utah he is a Mormon.

  • Peggy Trawick

    Donald (duck) Trump will be Impeached and removed from the Oval Office and a billion dollars that he wasted

  • Nicki Snyder

    We always treat trump as if he "thinks" past one move in chess….forgetting that he does not know how to play chess. He sees his biggest liability as the fact that he has ballooned our deficit to an all time high. under Obama the deficit was 442 Million…that's what he inherited. Now it is over a TRILLION under Trump. (basically he is doing the same thing to our country that he did to all his businesses, bankrupting it). HE KNOWS this is bad. WHY AREN'T THE DEMOCRATS TALKING MORE ABOUT THIS??? So trumps instinct…is to do something about that, thinking that will make him look good. Of course…..we also err if we think his supporters understand any of this, or care about facts. He is their cult leader. He is dumb, like them, & that's why dumb people like him. Unfortunately, there are more dumb people in America than smart people.

  • R McElhaney

    My guess is Nancy Pelosi will say "Dead on Arrival" when Trump's health care cut proposal reaches the House desk.

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