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  • A nobody Really

    “I had everything I wanted and I still wasn’t happy” I feel this so deeply

  • SabexTiger

    Best yt channel ever

  • sheila adhita


  • first name last name

    You will be found

  • AloTheRainbow Leo

    Eat healthy, exercise, create good memories, keep yourself busy, stay away from toxic people, learn new things etc😙💖

  • Khup Tuang

    Didnt you steal this idea from jubilee

  • Lucifer Lucifer

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share my little story with you all.
    So I'm a 23 yrs old boy who has lives his life uptil now as "the entertainer" or even "the boy who always cracks jokes and smile". I am actually the most jovial person you could ever meet, friendly but I do have my dark side as well live every person.
    However, no one in my surrounding know that I am struggling daily, all those laughs are actually fake. I am actually in a lot of pain inside myself.
    I have some problems which are permanent in nature, beyond my control and I can't say that to anyone. But I am dying inside.
    I just wanted to live a normal life like anyone else but I know that the worst is still to come.
    You may find me pessimistic but I gave everything of myself to fix it but I was faulty by nature.
    I find solace in crying as it later makes me feel better.
    I am aware that people have gone through way worse than me but I pray to god, no one has a fate like me.
    I am stong enough not to kill myself but I'm dying daily already.
    I promise to be strong until god puts me to sleep.
    May god bless you all

  • Zitronen Pie

    Wow… Thats absolutely crazy and depressing. You are such beautiful and amazing people! Nobody should feel so worthless and sad and if you do right now, remember that you are unique and absolutely wonderful exactly the way you are! ♡

  • sofia almeida

    this is hard to watch, i also cut myself

  • jolie

    For anyone reading this who's struggling, it will get better. Life's a roller-coaster: there will be many dips but a high will always be waiting. Enjoy life while you still have it, life is truly too short. Battle your demons. Conquer your fears. Love yourself and live life to the best of your abilities. Remember that you always have someone – even when you don't think so there's someone looking out for you. You're not alone. You'll never be alone ❤

  • Maria de los Angeles Añon

    Sometimes I feel empty even though I have so many blessings in my life, but the worst part is because of that I feel like I don't have the right to feel empty and sad and I just should feel good and happy. My heart is broken and is all my fault, I should know best.

  • Reach For The Sky


  • Laderas 08

    Salute to the Crusaders of 21st Century plague…..☝🏽

  • Georgia Andreou

    I teared up watching this video because I relate to this struggles with mental health, and I believe that is soo important that videos like this are made. great job

  • UNOIT Official

    no one wants to die , they just don't want to feel the pain , put a gun to one of these cunts heads and they will soon beg for life !!!

  • UNOIT Official

    "My only friend is my razor " thats embarrassing

  • I might need security

    i got goosebumps watching this, so beautiful

  • Akwaaba B

    powerful! thank you.

  • nobody nobody

    Oh gosh😢 here comes the onions

  • ByTheWay

    After getting through my suicide attempts a couple years back/ I found a purpose. It does get better, you’ll even come out the other end stronger. You may still fall from time to time but just brush it off and walk/ that’s life. You have something to offer the world/ go find that something and share it ✨

  • Niranjan Balaji

    Im holding so many secrets, waiting for the right moments to burst out😔♥️

  • prince Wilkie

    This is my secret I try to kill myself about 7 year ago i was very depress so I understand


    😭😭the missing thing in your lives is the purpose of life and how it should be lead, if you want to know this Question then search for Islam please,and you will never regret,you're going to find the full happiness and joy you're searching for😭😭🙏

  • 송은진

    have a nice day everyone :))

  • keikazama

    When I decided to take a break to face myself, I was shunned for "having fun" while I'm "supposed to be resting/getting better"

    I'm supposed to stay home & sulk, yet I shouldn't stay inside to wallow in pain – they seem to imply. Another reason why I feel I want to disappear

  • Saffron Grass

    If people were less self-centred and got out and about in the fresh air, made friends, gave instead of expected, did a bit of exercise, ate properly and stopped junk food – greedy psychiatrists and psychologists would be out of business and there would be no need to rely on big pharma.

  • elj hajar

    ❤️. 🙌🏻 Peace to all who suffer from Bipolar Disorder

  • Carol Tassin

    My husband passed away, have no children, became housebound, don't see people(except the doctor or when my sister takes me food shopping) or she goes for me, felt so alone ended up in the hospital & almost died but if I were to hurt myself it would hurt my family & I can't do that to them. Just keep busy with what ever & keep your mind busy with positive things!!!!

  • ga kailyn

    I suffer with chronic depression and suicidal thoughts. I have since I was 8 years old. I'm in therapy and recently went back on my medication. Maybe I'm doing better but the only way I can convince myself to take my meds is to believe I'm killing myself. My authentic self the one that's "problematic". I have to kill her to be deemed acceptable. Please don't try to tell me I'm perfect the way I am. If that were true I wouldnt be paying hundreds of dollars to get fixed.

  • Autumn Johnson

    i am past being emotional about suicide. i dont fit in this world and i dont want to. i dont want to live in this society but I have too many mental issues that hold me back from finding a new place to call home somewhere far far away. i never see a future for myself i dont want one. i think the best years of my life have gone by and im happy leaving that as my legacy. sadly i know that i dont want to change everyone in my life's reality. its unfair of me to do that to the people that have supported me to no end. so i suffer. i still want to not be here everyday but i know that i cant leave. is this living?

  • A Poynta

    Everytime I get into my car I just want to drive somewhere else out of the way and just scream, it feels like it's building up and I'm about to explode

  • grbrown09

    Everyone who worked on this video saved lives. Congratulations.

  • karla andrea gomez amador

    vi su expo en san diego, y senti mucha empatia ,gracias a todos los que revelan un poquito se su alma

  • Sasa Makhila

    We are not alone💛 you and me, stay alive 💛

  • Honey Dubey

    So many hurt me & all I ever did was forgive and try to help others. Why do things always happen the opposite of what you want…

  • jen


  • Manny I

    thank you for this video, its given me some hope

  • Stupid Bird

    Imagine getting sent hundreds of secrets, and then paying people to come on, read four (with only two of them really about mental health) of them, and then have them talk about themselves for the rest of the two minutes. Yikes. If you were just going to bring on people to talk about their experiences why even include the secrets?

  • Gamp Lane

    I have never considered suicide, but there have been times when I wished I was not here. Then the next day…or the next year, something great happened and I was glad I didn't just disappear. Life is just up and down for all of us.

  • * tova *

    the whole of 2017 was probably my lowest point in life so far, i'm so glad i'm better now. i mean i'm not 100% over it, but my depression has gone down to pretty mild instead of tip toeing the line between moderate and severe, as well as my anxiety and other things. i can never thank the people helping me through it enough, even though most weren't even aware of it.

  • Charli Tingey

    😭never cut ur self it hurts 🤮

  • Dillon

    i've seen some of these secret cards in the all american rejects video, dirty little secret

  • Alex C

    We could use more of this one

  • SuperBigdude77

    The blonde looks like Alexis Texas.

  • Adam vance

    The first time I cut is was 7. I didnt do it again tell I got in to 6th grade. I'm now in 9th grade. I'm in a happy relationship with my boyfriend. I have friends who love me. But I still cut myself and my family dosnt know about it. Its become an addiction and my first thought if something goes wrong. I promise my boyfriend I would get rid of my blade. But what I didnt tell him was that I had two. I been told countless time that I do it for attention because I show my boyfriend so he would grab my wrist again. (We were play fighting) I wanted to kill myself several time but I'm to much of a pussy to go through with it and I dont want to hurt my friends or my boyfriend by killing myself.

  • tarka the otter lives

    I am scared of opening letters and answering the phone. It sounds ridiculous, and I've never told anyone.

  • Waffle Grimes

    I was just diagnosed with bipolar1..😑

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