PMS and PMDD – Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

PMS and PMDD – Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Hey everyone, this weeks video topic is what is the difference between PMS and PMDD. And what do we do if we have them. So stay tuned.musicSo like I said, this weeks video topic is what’s PMS and what is PMDD and how do we know if we have one or the other, and what does that even mean, right? And I’m sorry guys, ‘cos I know this is a very woman centric video topic but I promise I’ll do others that are more man centric, so. The first one, PMS, is something that people use a lot and it can really frustrate us because they’ll say “What are you PMSing or blablabla?” “What is that just ‘cos you’re about to start your period?” “What’s wrong with you blabla?” And PMS is something that is actually very common. There a tonne of different statistics that I’ve looked up but, it it almost equates to about half of women struggle with PMS. And, this is the week before we start our period. We’ll be irritable, we’ll have a lot of, what they call in the therapy world, like mood lability, like our moods likenoisesI’m happy, I’m sad, I want to cry, I want to scream, I want to kill you, oh my god everything’s so stressful! And we may be bloated, umm a lot of us will umm, feel really tired and just irritable right? And it’s almost, ahh, it kind of varies from person to person, but that in a nutshell is what PMS is and as soon as we start our period, poof, it goes away right. Now, PMDD which I am in the DSM for because I want to make sure that I’ve got it correct, because I haven’t personally dealt with this and I, um, don’t have any clients that have it currently. So it’s something that I had to lean about. And PMDD, for lack of more knowledge, which I’m going to walk you through the diagnosis, is just an extreme version of PMS. But it still will stop as soon as we start our period, okay, and most commonly it is still the week before we have our period when it’s at its worst. Some people will have it longer and it can go almost the entire month, where they only have like a week where they’re free of symptoms. But the DSM states that we must have 5 or more the following symptoms and they must be present most of the time during that week before our period. And the symptoms are: feeling sad, hopeless or self-deprecating, self-deprecating being like “I’m terrible, I can never do this right” when you’re always putting yourself down. The second one, feeling tense, anxious or on edge, we’ve all had that, you know, where you just feel really, it’s just that irritability component. Three, marked lability of mood, like I was talking about we’re up and down, um, frequent tearfullness, you know, ‘cos were all over the place with out emotions. Number four persistent irritability, anger and increased interpersonal conflicts. A lot of times we’ll start fights with people just because we’re irritable, right. Number five decreased interest in usual activities, so you might withdraw from certain social relationships, so you might just want to stay at home, watch re-runs of Sex in the City all week, we might want to watch all of our romantic comedies that we have on DVD all week. Um, six, difficulty concentrating. Seven, feeling fatigued or lethargic. Eight, marked changes in appetite, so we might eat more, we tend to binge eat ‘cos we’ll be craving more foods. A lot of times people will crave salts or sweets. Um, number nine, hypersomnia or insomnia so that means you either sleeping a lot like I’m sleeping like 15 hours or insomnia where ahh I went to bed at 4am and I got up at 7am and that’s all I needed. Um, ten, a subjective feeling of being overwhelmed or out of control and they say subjective because what that means is that it’s up to you, as a client, to express it to me as a therapist and we can together kind of decide if we feel that it is that overwhelming feeling, right. And the last one, eleven, physical symptoms such as breast tenderness or swelling, headaches and that bloating weight gain kind of thing thing that I was talking about. Now, I know that’s a lot, that’s eleven items and I had to read through all of these to kind of understand PMDD and, like I said you have to have five or more of the following, and it even goes as far as to say that you must have at least one of the first four, but lets not get, I feel sometimes we just get caught up in the weeds of things ‘cos diagnoses can be so intense and overwhelming. To know that you have PMDD is something that you’re going to have to go to a doctor for. You’re going to either have to see your regular doctor, your obgyn – whoever your gynnaecologist might be, either a psychiatrist or your therapist. Those are the people you would see who would make sure you have the features of it and you’re diagnosed properly. Now, once we’re given a diagnosis, ok, so I thought I had PMDD but it’s just PMS or I thought I just had PMS and everybody felt this way but my doctor just said I have PMDD, now what do I do. The best thing to do is medication, and I know you’re thinking “Kati, I don’t want to take medication, I’m holistic, I don’t like that stuff”. Medication can mean a lot of things. It can be anything from, I take in ibuprofen because I have really bad cramps or um, I take it because I have a lot of um, breast tenderness or I’m really bloated, right. It can anything from that to taking some medication you get from your doctor, or taking the midols of the world, all those different kinds of medications that are out there that help us with these symptoms. And there are actually medications to help with PMDD. I’m not as familiar with them, or the side effects. Always ask questions before you go on any medication from your doctor so that you know what the side effect profile is, how it can help you, stuff like that. Um, but that is usually the easiest thing for any acheyness and stuff like that we’re gonna wanna make sure that we have medication to help with the symptoms that we have and the second best thing that we can do is planning. Pay attention to when your period is, mark it in your calendar, know when the week before is coming and guess what, maybe don’t plan a tonne of events with people at work or people who if you’re irritable and you’re agitated that you can’t just say you know I’ve been having a bad week like I told you, I’m going to have to go home, you don’t have that ability. So do your best to plan around that time and also during that time make sure that you’re eating properly, you’re taking time for yourself, you’re not over caffinating, you’re not doing those things that can make us on edge and irritable in general. We need to take care of ourselves. Watch my video on yoga stretches and try to take time to self care because we all know that our hormones are driven by the food we eat and what we do with our bodies, so we need you know healthy mind, healthy body and in order to make that happen and to make our PMDD and our PMS as less intrusive as possible is to take that time for ourselves. So if you, yourself have experiences with this and you have things that help you, I know some people put hot heating pads on your tummy when you’re having really bad cramps and that helps, some of you put it on your backs and that helps. There are a bunch of different things so please leave your experiences and your tips and things that can help because we’ll all work together and I’m going to learn more too. Like I said I don’t have a tonne of experience working with this so I had to read a lot and try to learn about what it is and what it looks like, but we can get better. And also, before I forget, make sure that you talk to your doctor and you notice for sure that this is happening before your period, not all month long because a lot of times they’ll misdiagnose our depression as PMDD and we don’t want to be treated for something we don’t really have , right. So the more questions we ask, the more honest we are about it the better our outcome. And keep working with me as we take one step more towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. And don’t forget to check out my website There are tonnes of forums, theres a free workbook and I am going to put out two new workbooks soon and you don’t want to miss it and if you haven’t got the first one hop on there ‘cos it’s free and nothings better than free, right. So you can sign up for it, it’s my eating disorder workbook, I’ll have others coming out and you don’t want to miss, there are forums, chat rooms. You can friend one another and you can share your helpful tips and experiences. I’m also on Twitter @katimorton and I’ve opened up my Instagram katimorton1 ’cause somebody took my name, jerk. So, anyways check me out. I’m all over Facebook, Tumblr, I’m trying to think of other places but there’s tonnes of places, Google+ you can follow me and that will give you more info, more tips and tricks and you’ll make sure not to miss anything okay. Do I need to say anything elsemumblingawkward. I need to get the new one, this is old now. It’s like sell it on Amazon and they’ll only give me like 10$crying noise. I don’t want to get rid of it though, it’s all tabbed and highlighted. It’s so helpful. Oh my god, look what I found, would you like to download Bitter Sweet Heaven song of the day. Oh my god this expired like. Oh my god this expired in 07. Wow. It’s been my bookmarker since that time so hey it’s done its job. Subtitles by the community



  • HotDog Mary

    My PMDD I don't even know when it ends. It's a rollercoaster I don't think I truly know myself anymore. I've never been diagnosed,it's complicated but I know I have it cuz I have all the symptoms. I'm going through it rn. Kill me!

  • createdncali

    I think I suffer from paranoia and intrusive thoughts when im pmsing!! I hate it. It's the worst.

  • Hi mi

    I thought I was PMSing but than my brain started planning out its own suicide and I was like,"nah this ain't PMS this something else". So glad I got curious enough to search it up and got more information. Smh

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Good grief you also just described perimenopause!

  • adayinforever

    I can't wait til my girlfriend starts her period so I can show her this video.

  • Liv

    What if these symptoms are present when you're on your period, and worsen when your period comes? Is there another term for that?

  • Sarah Crittenden

    So, what do you call it when you feel those symptoms the week before AND during your period? Mine tend to start a few days to a week beforehand and subside the last few days of the period itself. Not maybe fully PMDD, but PMS severity at least. (Add in that I have Adenomyosis, so they are a bit erratic often 2 periods in a month.)

  • Emiliya Danilovna

    I scream and cry usually before and after periods , idk what to do maybe its my behavior .

  • Anastasia Kuc

    I'm not sure what I have. A few HOURS before my period I feel very anxious, depressed, agitated and even suicidal. It lasts for about 30 min to 1 hour. Then it suddenly goes away and a few moments later my periods come. I mean WTF with this super condensed PMS or whatever it is.

  • Erin Master 11

    I came here, because Im suffering really bad right now. I'm not suicidal, but my God I wish I would just drift off into permanent sleep.
    I'm calling the obgyn now. I just sobbed my eye balls out, because my BF didn't text me for 2 hours EVEN THOUGH……I knew he was in surgery….wtf is wrong with me. I'm getting back on Depo. i dont want to, because Im at my sexual peak and for once in life I enjoy sex, but I cant do this mood shit no more. I may hurt myself one of these days. thank you for the video

  • Holly Whyte

    To all of you who have this: stay strong. Cramps are so horrible it seems you're gonna die. "It's way more painful than giving birth", said my mom who also suffered from this. But the pain, which makes you scream, cry, stay in bed for hours wishing it stops and almost lose consciousness is not the hardest part of it. The hardest part is all the week before that, when you live thinking you're going to commit suicide at any moment. You are very afraid of your impulsive mind, you try to control yourself from self harm… this is hell. This is just a nightmare. 2 weeks nightmare: first mentally ill second you die from pain. I don't know if I prefer to be dead because it ruined my entire life. And nobody believes you…

  • Brea McClymont

    Over the years I have been trying to figure out what is going on with my mental health and have seen several doctors about it and a counsellor and none of them have ever diagnosed me with anything or given me any medication. The closest I have been to being told something was when a counsellor told me after 1year of counseling he might be able to diagnose me, is their any thing that u would suggest me to do. I am starting to give up hope and think it might be only in my head thank u so much in advance xx

  • Moira Manion

    I have had most of the PMDD symptoms, so I went to my OBGYN. She recommended I change my birth control. I was on the Copper IUD which was making my symptoms much worse. My OBGYN hade switch to the marina IUD. This IUD has localized hormones that will " dry up" your flow. I haven't had to use tampons in year because of it. With this change in birth control, my PMDD symptoms have gone down to " normal" PMS symptoms.

  • Xxx Melina

    I literally cry about everything the night before getting my period. Like I have a very severe melt down and have a panic attack and feel suicidal the night before.

  • Vaccines & Islam destroy lives, Christ Saves Souls

    PMDD is from ovulation until menstruation.

    The mind is taken over with continuous negative and paranoid thoughts. The mind re-runs upsetting and traumatic events past, present and future imagined ones. There's no getting away from these thoughts until menstruation begins.

  • lostcountofmyfandoms

    Y'all need Natural Progesterone Cream

  • Hosanna Easterly

    After having a major blow up with my husband and feeling totally out of control, I realized the trend of my symptoms and started charting them. I have the occasional anxious / depressed days not during PMS/PMDD week, but it’s nothing like I feel right before my period. I have found several support groups on Facebook that helped me realize I’m not alone in this. Some groups are for venting, others are for managing your emotional symptoms.
    From personal experience, I can say IT SUCKS! I found taking magnesium supplements helped both physical and emotional symptoms tremendously for the first couple cycles, but now they aren’t as effective, so I’m taking a broader multi-vitamin that includes several supplements known to alleviate PMDD symptoms. Hopefully it’s effect lasts longer.
    If you suspect you have PMDD, be prepared for doctors/therapists to ignore your symptoms and write you off with anxiety or depression. Documenting your symptoms as they occur will show them when and how they happen. If it’s PMDD, it will only happen up to 14 days before your period and subside soon after you start.

    Vitex/chasteberry is a common PMS/PMDD relief supplement, but if you’re on birth control and trying to avoid pregnancy, Vitex effects the efficacy of your birth control.

    Good luck ladies!

  • Me Mi

    My emotions are normal and in balance, but the pain is unbearable. litarly I once almost fainted, I start puking and I cant stand or sit or do anything.

  • Sylvia's Channel

    My period hurts so much I AM SO MOODY AND HUNGRY WHYYY

  • skeleton . kid

    I'm 14 I think I have pmdd ,I'm very irritable and inpatient I swear alot, I get extremely angry,deppresed at my time of the month..

  • Elle Ceexo

    You look like a white Tyra Banks

  • Its a Great a day here in existence

    I am monster when I start my monthly not before please help because the older I get the worst I get

  • tammy lee


  • babyfoxx

    Exercise has been my life saver with my PMDD and birth control with drospirenone has helped too.

  • magicalmysterygirl

    I have all 11. I have no family doctor, but I ditched out $50 to get a diagnosis from a private doctor. He's sending me to a psychiatrist. It's an absolute nightmare to live with. There are days I want to smash my head through a wall.

  • fuck love xxxtentacion

    I'm 11 and I think I have off bc I have 9 of the symptoms and I've been feeling weird

  • Cannabaudis

    I get really super depressed and suicidal and I sit in my bedroom and just cry all day… I can be really on edge as well, where I jolt at every sudden movement. I also get really angry with my sisters, although I never leave the house because of my social anxiety, so the only person I fight with is my little sister with anger issues – she hates me for no reason and I hate her for it. I don’t know if this is PMDD but I’d hate to just brush it off as nothing because it gets so bad that I’ve actually attempted suicide with how horrible I feel before my period. I’m thirteen and apparently most people get it as young adults so still, I don’t know, but if somebody could help it would be appreciated. ;-;

  • Hannah Raymond-Jones

    Don't understand why you feel the need to apologise to the men in this video, they shouldn't have clicked on it if it's not their thing, if anything they should be very interested in learning about this as it would clear a lot of confusion and even angst towards the females in their lives. Never apologise for female issues!

  • Ms Rain W.

    About a week before my period I get horrible body aches, my breast swell, my nipples get sore, I get bad headaches, I have no patience for anyone in front of me in line at the store. I do snap at people, I cry over nothing at all. The worse part of all I don't like to be social with people. I just want to be left alone completely and only talk when I want to. And your right it all stops when my period stops.

  • Esperanza Vazquez

    I was diagnosed with PMDD at age 19 and my boyfriend was the one who wondered when we argue and I would get so emotional and start saying things like I rather die and etc. This always had happened a week before my period. What I do is exercise and lift weights. I do in general, but I go heavier to really push myself. I take a walk or a run listening to motivational music or podcasts and just really relieve myself because the I only take medicine for cramps. I get pain a lot. It gets so bad I can't get up and I cry a lot.

  • Jessica Plaza

    This was helpful. Thank you.

  • HelMaschine

    5:56 yeah my therapist refused to answer any questions regarding anti-depression after also refusing do discuss any type of diagnosis besides depression or general anxiety stuff.

    She just acted like I was being difficult, so I got the hell out

  • Marii Marrero

    Having BPD and PMDD simultaneously is HELL!!!!

  • whitwhit87

    I feel like i have pmdd…and i have it for like the whole month. Its sucks.

  • Nella Gh

    I have PMDD! I passed out every month because of the pain! I tried different type of painkillers which didn't help until I discovered Meloxican!This pill is great I take one a couple of hours before my period! And that's it! My life changed! 😜 for mood changing a glass of wine the day before period can help!

  • Melissa Johnson

    PMDD sounds like normal PMS. What is it when you are completely crazy; like a complete crazy person?…and as soon as the period comes, its like a major relief, a calm blanket….the world is a better place. And it starts all over again.

  • Jeff Goldblum

    Some months it's a bit of anxiety and puppy videos make me cry bla bla bla etc, other months I just want to die.
    I told my doctor this and that it was ruining my work life and relationships and he gave me a survey and a leaflet 😐

  • Ly Bo

    I used to be fine with my period for years and years… One day I started to feel really depressed the week before my period… Then once my period came, I was good. But few months after I started to feel really depressed before and while my period. Now I feel bad before, while and after… all other the month basically. Hoping is not going to last all other the year.

  • Camibwatson

    I have a question: I'm from Italy and here PMDD is not a thing. It can't really be diagnosed, at least where I leave.
    I have always suffered from anxiety, but last year it was a nightmare. It got to the point where I wasn't able to leave my room without having a panic attack. I was also having very dark thoughts and kind of a depressed mood for some days, which really isn't me.
    After some months, I discovered PMDD, I realized I suffered from almost if not all of the symptoms of it, and after that I checked if my symptoms were in any way connected to my menstrual cycle and they were. They lasted about 6 months. Then it all came back, in February of this year. Only now I have symptoms during the ovulation cycle too. The symptons stop for a week, but if it is a bad month they will go on until my premenstual phase. They stop for the 3 days before my mentruation cycle begin, then continue for about a week or so, so they actually go on until my mentruations finally end.
    Now, my question is: does this happen to anyone else? (Meaning the symptoms of PMDD during the week of your period too)
    I have never talked to someone that suffers from PMDD like myself.
    Sorry for my English, and thanks to anyone who cares to answer this long comment.
    Have a good day everyone 🙂

  • Emily Coutu

    I only have 12 days a month where I’m not experiencing pmdd or very intense cramps, I’m not into medications because i found they were only causing worse side effects, was on and off them for 6 years. There has to be better options then just rendering myself useless for the good majority of the month.

  • Jen nifer

    I'm kinda suprised that she didn't mention anything about suicidal thoughts? which is very common imo when you have PMDD

  • Alexis Pahlman

    This is really helpful for me right now. I’m on my first period and I have plans Friday.. I haven’t eaten much. Some days I will have really bad cramps, headaches and I will be severely bloated. Others I will sleep 10 or more hours..

  • wendy lopez

    I’m currently feeling all of this. Been taking prescribed Xanax to cope today. Feel like I’m in rage, wanting to scream, cry and throw everything on the floor. Even feel a knot in my throat…it’s embarrassing so I’ve isolated myself.

  • Fatima Khorsheed

    I have pain before my period begins for 2 weeks

  • Leroux Leroux

    Your channel has so much insight for me. Thank you.

  • Emilia Krizic

    I really think I have this but my mom thinks not. I mean i have the Anxiety, irritability, hopelessness, mood swings, fatigue, and I even get pretty suicidal too.

  • Merci Beaucoup

    tylenol, heating pad, lots of fluids and hot baths. the nuvaring has helped me a lot more. in the past it was worse.

  • Whitney Masterson

    I found that being caffeine free cured my pmdd. I went onto a website and this woman stopped having food and drinks with caffeine and it helped with her symptoms. Nothing else helped for me and I had pmdd for about 4 years it was horrible…I enjoyed coffee because it increased my seratonin levels and made me feel happy but it made my symptoms of pms more severe. So I have stopped having anything with caffeine in it and it has helped soo much 🙂

  • Kerry Althea

    Maaan, I knew mine is too extreme to be just PMS

  • QueenPearl

    I have all these symptoms the week before my period. It gets so bad that I have horrible fights with my husband, self harm, drink, and have attempted suicide during those times.Do I just bring this up with my doctor?

  • Cattyshedevil 1986

    Mine is half of the month for pmdd. A week before the week of

  • I am Cheesus

    I hate periods. Even tho I had depression for 4 years, it makes me even more depressed, suicidal and angry. Periods make me remember how much I hate being a female and that never wanted to be one. It also makes me remember how after 2 years since your first period you will stop growing. I had my period when I was 13 and now I am 15 which means I stopped growing. That's sad for me cause I am 166 cm and I always wanted to be 175 cm. The worst part is that I do 2 hours of martial arts every day so I need to do high kicks and it makes me really uncomfortable it feels like I am kicking with a diaper. I wish I could get those pills that stop your period so I could completely stop it, but I doubt my parents would let me since they are sexist and will get scared that won't be able to have children ( I DON'T WANT CHILDREN ) from those amounts of pills. I wish I was born a man 🙁

  • Michaela Silinger

    I’m not picking on you. I just want to know why you chose to do a video about something you know little about and had to research. It’s great to research. I personally think you should stick with topics where you can actually help someone and never ever suggest pharmaceuticals. A hearing pad is helpful but an ice-pack can do wonders too. Try suggesting natural remedies such as chamomile or peppermint tea to help reduce the nausea that is associated with this disorder. Deep breathing techniques help. Relaxing as much as possible. Sleeping does wonders because you’re not in pain or discomfort. Watching movies or doing anything that will take your mind off of this stress helps. Watching helpful YouTube videos is a helpful. Taking Epsom salt baths works and helps alleviate pain. Getting a massage will help too. Sticking to an organic diet helps me. Hope some of this is useful.

  • Joyce Coetzee

    I literally have all of them, and never realise what has been going on till my period starts

  • Belinda Carter

    I finally have menopause so the life of suffering from this is over and the dragon PPMD is slain. If you don’t have this, you cannot imagine how horrible it is – even many doctors & practitioners do not know about or understand it. I do – bc I had for 30 years. It ruined my relationships, abused my child and possessed me, from ovulation to menstruation month after month, most of my life. What helped? An ssri (I took Zoloft) from ovulation to menstruation, and no more. Zoloft prn (meaning: as needed). Don’t bother talking to a practitioner who doesn’t at least know what it is, and preferably 1 who has more than 1 patient or client who has or had it. You are not alone, you’re not bad, and there is help.

  • Chloe Fizzy

    Can you have depression/anxiety and pmdd?

  • therabbithat

    kati you forgot that about 1% of men menstruate. love you xo

  • Ruebzzz

    Cbd helps with some of the symptoms

  • DarkA.NJell

    I have all of those symptoms…

  • PeaceboneGotFound

    This is so helpful 🤗!

  • Snatched your McDonalds

    I don’t have my period yet.. And I’m 11 years old. and I am dealing with ALL the PMDD symptoms!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! :C

  • Perry Soda

    trigger warning
    I know something is wrong with me especially when my period is about to start. My mind would run like wildfire and I would extremely feel terrible with my self then would think of life negatively. There are even more times that I would shut myself off from the world and the worst case that ever happened to me was I self-harmed. I tried telling this to my mother she kind of acknowledge it but somewhat doesn't get me at all. I badly wanted to have myself check because I don't ever want to have that same scenario all again. It's too toxic to the point that you would think of ending yourself. And so may I add, spiritual advices at those times didn't help me at all. 🙁

  • Hacina W-H

    I have alllll of thosee …. but I thought I had psycotic pms lol

  • AC S

    Diagnosed with PMDD in my 20’s, it’s just awful to the point I can’t wait to go through menopause or have a hysterectomy. Thank you for talking about this “normalises” things. I tick of all 11. I medicate and couldn’t do it without it.

  • Missy Glitter Vlogs

    I have all these symptoms Kati! I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed and sad and just want to cry. I had all eleven symptoms! I’m literally crying watching this. Thank you Kati! ❤️😍🥰

  • Adriana Ortega

    I know you said it goes away the day you start but I started today and thats when I started getting symptoms. Is this normal?

  • Brittney Brown

    I was diagnosed with PMDD at 16 yrs old. I saw my obgyn yesterday to ask for anxiety medication to take around my PMDD time. She made me feel like I was weak and not practicing self control. It was VERY frustrating and made my anxiety worse. I don't want to have to take medicine and I'm working on using tools to cope too. I was really let down by my Dr. She said I was just having a negative outlook on my period and I should be embracing it. 🤦

  • Liza

    Oh dear, PMDD sounds a lot like me, I have all those symptoms; my friends always tell me they get PMS and they feel better in a few days, which is not my case. I started fearing my cycles because I know I'll turn into a total psycho, I start begging my BF to ignore me during those days because we always end up fighting, I try to avoid friends, family and the whole world, I feel awkward even walking down the street, social anxiety gets so bad for me. Thank you so much for this video, at least now I have a clue of where to start looking for treatment

  • Tree seer

    No need to apologize to the men!!! That is what women are taught to do and it needs to stop

  • Kay Nicole

    Mine is a week before my period and during i feel like shit

  • Taylor Barnett

    I feel like sometimes you really miss the mark with these because you want to make it very safe? But there are a few main treatment options one of them being Prozac one of them being birth control and the other being a hysterectomy. This is an something you can just take ibuprofen for? I’m just really confused by the lack of explanation but I just want to share that I have this disorder and I was Miss diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder all because of PMDD

  • euphoric amber

    I just got diagnosed with PMDD and it’s so frustrating.

  • Tiffany

    Kati, thank you so much for this video! I really think I should show all the doctors I've seen this. I've seem to have tried it all all medications and vitamins. Nothing seems to work. All the doctors I've seen just don't seem to care or don't really take the time to listen to me and just slap some medication on me which I guess to be fair that's all they can really do. I've even had one male gyno tell me he does not believe in PMDD so he was not even any help. One of them tried to put me on birth control and that did not work. My mood swings then became horrible 24/7! I got off of those right away. Maybe they were just the wrong kind I don't know but I will never ever go back to birth control. I'm not sexually active so that's not something I really need, UNLESS there is a kind out there that will help with PMDD. Right now I'm on Prozac 40 milligrams and it does nothing which frustrates me because when I first started to take them omg I loved it. I had so much energy, I was happy, did not even know it was that time of the month because there were no symptoms then after a couple of months the medicine stopped working! I went back to the way I was before. That was on 20 milligrams so they put it up to 40 and I've been on that for months now and again, nothing. I'm also on mood stabilizers and those might help just a bit, but yes I have it all. I do sleep 15 hours a day, I do get very angry, I cry very easily, my breasts hurt so bad, and I do feel very hopeless. I also seem to self harm myself during this time and it's only during that time! I will keep trying. I am seeing a new doctor again. Hopefully this one will have some new ideas.

  • Annette Spizuoco

    DSM is not written from experience.its written by Male doctors who have No clue.Real Pmdd Never really lets up.

  • anonymous

    I have to take birth control all 4 weeks of the months, no placebos. I no longer get my period. I can’t handle having a period. I get very severe PMDD. This birth control saved me. I don’t know what i would do without it.

  • Erin Celeste

    I know this is an older video but is there any info on how BD and PMDD differ and if there’s a possibility of comorbidity with the two? I think I might have been misdiagnosed and I’m looking for more info on this!

  • Erin Celeste

    I know this is an older video but is there any info on how BD and PMDD differ and if there’s a possibility of comorbidity with the two? I think I might have been misdiagnosed and I’m looking for more info on this!

  • nichtmiles

    I think, for some men it's important to.Like me. I'm trans I have disphoria and pmdd, don't get me wrong I totally understand that this is terrible for everyone

  • Netty D

    The only one I don’t seem to have is number 6 🙄

  • Meowlody

    Pms/Pmdd have become so bad for me I can no longer work full time, I get so fatigued and depressed I can barely function! I work outside my house part time about 25 hours a week and I sell on eBay for extra income! It really sucks, I feel I have so much I want to do but half the month it’s like I’m crippled/disabled!

  • Aisha

    Great informative video 👍

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Women with PMDD can also feel suicidal. I am surprised that was not in your list of symptoms.

  • Charlie Lawlor

    Im watching this with my gf, bit of a revelation.

  • Whitney Glenn

    liquid chlorophyll helps with exhaustion before my period. I normally get insane cravings for red meat. I assume it's because my iron gets so low before my cycle and chlorophyll helps to replenish that. I always put it in a drink with a meal. It really helps me not feel fatigue

  • Bianca Hotca

    If u don't didn't or don't know enough about a subject, then don't talk about it until you have done enough research about it. This so called word "PMDD" that whoever came up with, some smart arse came up with, doesn't just stop when the menstrual cycle begins. It can last longer, until the end of cycle and then progesterone may pick up again. It really depends upon the woman.

  • L 6

    Chinese traditional medicine helped like night and day. Good sex helps as well

  • Lourdes

    I always eat less/lose my appetite right before and during my period

  • MayCleaver

    I thought that was just normal PMS. NOPE! It’s another mental disorder 😕

  • Gracious grace

    I dont have pms but Im depressed to the point I wanna kill myself before my period after period I still feel the same Im depressed but Im happy,I smile but deep inside I know im sad

  • haleysrebornbabies

    I have all 11

  • Riya Potter

    Listening to all the symptoms makes me feel I might have PMDD. But just last week when I had my test (my therapist insisted I get tested before she came to a solid diagnosis for me, but I'm pretty sure it's GAD) and my therapist told me to not over-google or over try to self-diagnose and that's making me feel skeptical about talking to her about possibly having PMDD? Anyways, this video definitely helped me feel I'm not crazy for feeling so depressed before periods.

  • Jessica Alexander

    So much has been learned about PMDD since this video was made. I think you should redo it.

  • Skye santiago

    I watched this video and it gave me the courage to speak to someone. I just recently got diagnosed with pmdd, and now I’m starting to go on the road of recovery. It’s so bad I have almost all of the symptoms, and it last for 2 weeks! It was even affecting my relationships with people. So thank you so much!!

  • DaniiiAkasha

    My daughter’s stepmother has PMDD. Sometimes when having symptoms, she kidnaps my daughter. It needs to stop being glorified and realize who it hurts. Do you know how scary it is to not know where your child is and have cops tell you they can’t do anything?

  • G A

    The only thing i find that helps with my PMDD or should i say my extreme fatigue i get due to my pmdd is midol. Doesn’t always work 100% but have found its my go to to make me feel some what normal when I’m feeling super fatigue which make me irritated. So try it out….i have ALL the symptoms you mentioned two weeks before my period so I’m only normal two weeks in the month then it back to dealing with this whole issue. Some months worse than others. Good luck everyone

  • Media Content

    Yoga stretches and PMDD – I have PMDD and am on several PMDD groups. Many of us have the same genetic mutation as hypermobility. Turns out that yoga and stretches are one of the worst things for people with hypermobility. But other exercises are great 👍

  • Euge Carlocchia

    6:51 I thought I took care of myself until she said that you shouldn't drink too much caffeine

  • Србомбоница

    My pms comes with lots of anxiety and nausea and bad mood,is that PMDD?For me it starts from like 21 day of cycle :(…however I do suffer IBS and generalized anxiety disorder ,but that 8,9 days are terrible

  • The Thruth

    The struggle is real

  • Mercurial Uriel

    I have ALL of the symptoms. I should be seeing my psychiatrist soon about it.

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