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  • Thomas Stecyk

    Here is a question, now why is it that these mental health issues come out after a horrific murder or suicide? Why is it with all these junior psychologists hanging around that no one said anything? They did not suspect mental illness before a horrific act of violence. Then minutes after ow he or she had mental health issues. Sounds goofy to me. Are these people trying to hide the fact that they really did not know the person in question at all? Are these people qualified to make a determination of any mental health issues? Is the MSM reporting on here say from people that may have no idea what they are talking about? The story breaks and I can almost recite thew narrative. He or she had a psychotic break, but no one knows why or saw it coming. Maybe we need to push more people through psychology as a minor and see if that helps. Make minor psychology a highschool subject that everyone has to pass to get out of high school, like it or not.

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