Postpartum Depression – Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Postpartum Depression – Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. Today I want to talk with you
about Postpartum Depression. How do we know if we have it? And how do we deal with it? So like I said, Today I want to talk with you
about Postpartum Depression. Now what is Postpartum Depression? This is when we experience
a depressive episode, Or major depressive disorder, After having a baby. Now, first I want to let you all know, That there are over three million
reported cases in the US alone. For Postpartum Depression. In the US alone. So you are not the only
one going through this. Having Postpartum Depression, Doesn’t mean that you are a bad mother. It doesn’t mean that you
are flawed in some way. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s honestly one of the
most natural experiences, That can affect our mental health. Now firstly, There is something that can occur, And I don’t know the percentage. Because it varied a lot depending
on what article I was reading, Or what thing I was looking up. But most women, We will just say most because it’s
over, usually around 50% or more. Experience the ‘baby blues’. Now how are the baby blues different
from Postpartum Depression? Well, the baby blues are
usually short lived. They happen right after
having the baby. And within a couple of weeks, Like two weeks or so, They go away. So they’re transient. And so it will be like we
kind of have a downer, And then we come out of it. And we’re okay. But if this depression, Like this depressive episode, Or this depression feeling, Lasts for more than two weeks. That’s when we would say that
it’s Postpartum Depression. That it’s something that you
should seek help with. Now I wrote down some differences
between Postpartum Depression, And just to give you an idea
of how it may feel. So that you know,
if you’ve just had a baby, And you’re experiencing this, You’ll know if this is something
that you’re struggling with. Now, most people report fatigue. Also severe mood swings. And a lot of these are characterized as
having, you know, severe fatigue. Where it’s hard to get up. It’s hard to shower. It’s hard to take care of your baby. You’ll have difficulty bonding
with your baby. Withdrawal from your family and friends. And even thoughts of even harming
yourself or your new baby. And there is a caveat
off the side of this. And something I want you
all to be aware of. That there is something also
called Postpartum Psychosis. So if you find yourself imagining, like
seeing things that you never saw before, Hearing things you never heard before, Please please please see your doctor. Take yourself to the hospital immediately. That’s a very serious condition. And something that can be
treated and taken care of. But to go back to Postpartum Depression, The most common symptoms are
the ones that I just described. And obviously if you are worried that you
may harm yourself or harm your baby, It’s time to seek help. There is no time to wait. But if it’s something like
fatigue and mood swings, Like I said, after two weeks, Is when they say that you
should be seeking help. They also say if it’s getting worse, Or if it’s making it difficult for
you to care for your child, That you should also seek help. Now the causes of Postpartum Depression, Are the things that we kind of hear about. It’s like a ‘drop in hormones’. Or it’s a ‘hormone change’
when you have the baby. And that’s what causes it. And that essentially is what it is. Now I wrote down, There are a ton of causes. So you can see why this is so so common. Now there’s the dramatic drop in hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone. Those go down right after we have a baby. And we know how hormones, I’ve talked about in many other videos
with depression and things like that, Our hormones can really affect our mood. That’s why some women really struggle
with different birth controls. Because that affects our hormones. And that can make us feel really bad. Like my PMDD video. Also there are changes
in our blood volume. Our blood pressure. And this is what leads to those
extreme feelings of fatigue. Like it’s so hard to get out of bed. It’s so hard to do anything. You can’t even imagine
taking care of a child. And that’s not even to mention the fact that
part of having a new baby is being tired, We’re getting up in the
middle of the night. And we’re feeding all of the time. And it can just be exhausting as a whole. But this is an extreme fatigue. Where doing anything, regular even, Like if you had, lets say your
spouse is taking care of the baby, You can’t even take care of yourself. Also there is emotional factors. Having a baby can bring
up a lot of feelings. Even being pregnant. You know, where there’s all
of that excitement. But there’s also that anxiety. You know, what kind of a
mother am I going to be? What kind of a parent do I plan to be? How am I going to do things differently? All of that. And so all of those changes. And it can just be really overwhelming. We’re feeling a lot. Also they talk about lifestyle issues. Finanaces. Having a child can make a financial
situation that may be kind of bad, worse. And that puts a lot of pressure on both
parents to, you know, pull their weight. And if you just had the baby, You’re at home. Also getting support from your partner. Making sure that you’re sharing
in the care-taking of the child. And all of the work
that’s involved in that. And also, if you have another child, It can be hard for you to manage both. And trying to get your toddler to sit
still while you do things with the baby. And while you bathe the baby. You know, it’s a lot more to manage. And it can be really overwhelming. Now, so what do we do? What do we do if we think that this is
something that we’re struggling with? How do we even pull ourselves out of it? I know many people who struggle with this, Feel like they’re a horrible person. ‘I’m a horrible mother. I can’t even believe
I had a child. This is so terrible.’ This is not as bad as it feels. I know depression as a whole can just feel
like this huge dark cloud, That just is suffocating. It feels like we can’t get out. And there is nothing we can do. And every day just seems
longer and harder. But there is a light at
the end of the tunnel. I promise. If we get treatment quickly
for Postpartum Depression, It will not last. Honest. And the things that are recommended, Obviously is counselling. Hidey-ho. Someone like me. You can come talk. You can process through all
those things you’re feeling. All of the experiences that
you’re having with your child. Maybe feelings of overwhelm,
or financial issues. You can have someone
to talk about with it. And you can process through any of
those feelings that you’re having. Many people who had
depression in their past, May be more susceptible
to Postpartum Depression. Therefore hopefully you have a therapist or
psychiatrist that you have already been seeing. But if you haven’t, now is
the time to reach out. And start talking about it. Another thing that they obviously
recommend are anti-depressants. Now, I know many of
you out there are like, ‘Kati, I wont take drugs.’ And if you are breastfeeding, I would encourage all of you to, or if
you are even trying to get pregnant. If we are at the beginning and this
hasn’t even happened yet, If you are seeing a psychiatrist
and they tell you, you know, I think we’re going to put you on this. Always ask how can this affect my baby. Is this something that I need
to be concerned with? Do I need to switch to formula? You know, ask what class it’s in. Because there’s a ‘pregnancy class’. And most are class c. Which means that it can be
transferred to the baby. So just something to be aware of. And something to ask. Now, the last thing that’s recommended, And I got this treatment recommendations,>From the Mayo Clinic’s research
article on Postpartum Depression. And the last thing they
recommend is hormone therapy. Now this is because, like I said, Estrogen and Progesterone are going down. And we have a lot of different things that
are going on in our body hormonally. And if we are given the right hormones, We can come back out of it. And be okay. And so those are all things that I would
encourage all of you to reach out, to ask for. And like I said, Those support groups, There are over three million
cases in the US alone, Each year. Those groups are available. I know, almost every hospital in
LA that I have worked with, Yes, they all have groups for this. And talk to your doctor. Your OBGYN. Your lactation consultant. Anybody in that area will know
of one in your area. Usually they are even free. It’s something that the hospitals put on. So reach out. Get the support. Know that you are not alone. And this is something that
you can overcome. The world is not coming to an end. You are not a horrible mother. You are just struggling with a
severe drop in hormones. And an extreme change in your lifestyle. But together, we will get through it. And as always, Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I put out videos and you
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