Prince Harry ARE YOU OK?

Prince Harry ARE YOU OK?

now everyone feels the pain of
abandonment at some point in their lives from the loss of a parent at a young age
the fear of an intense romantic relationship ending abruptly or simply
been dropped by friends or family so today I’m going to talk about what
abandonment is the impact it can have on your life and question whether Prince
Harry could be the victim of abandonment now if you’re new to my channel I’m su
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videos because who knows next week’s video might be all about you now I don’t
think there’s many people out there who haven’t discussed or questioned Prince
Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship in some form or another because their
recent announcement to quit the royal family has sent the media into a frenzy
and shockwaves around the world as it’s been seen by many as abandoning Queen
and country because their decision has certainly got
many people questioning Harry’s state of mind on whether his recent behaviors and
actions are a result of his childhood trauma of losing his mother Princess
Diana now I’m not here to diagnose or put labels on Prince Harry and Meghan
Markel because I don’t know them personally so I can’t make a judgement
however it is believed that the way we behave is often a direct result of
events that take place in our childhood and there are many observable signs
which support theories and why somebody behaves the way that they do as an adult
so in this video I want to look at the signs of abandonment behaviors alongside
Harry’s life’s event to allow you to make up your own mind as to whether
Prince Harry’s behaviors and actions stem from his own childhood traumas now
losing a deep connection with somebody you loved is called abandonment
and the effect it has on one’s life is cumulative in other words the longer is
left untreated the greater impact it has over time so abandonment isn’t really a
scar it’s it’s more of a deep wound because every future loss and the
related negative emotion that somebody would collect throughout life stems
right back and after the original childhood trauma preventing the wound
from ever healing now these losses can come in many forms based around death
divorce serious illness and emotional abandonment so imagine a young boy who’s
not only experienced the very public divorce of his parents when he was just
11 but also the subsequent death of his mother when he was just 12, two very deep
and significant traumas that would certainly create abandonment issues
throughout anybody’s life so looking back at Diana’s death it has been
reported that she phoned William and Harry on the night that she died but
they were having too much fun and playing with their cousins that they
were too busy to talk to her now as a mom I can imagine the high mum yes mum
no mum gotta go mum type of conversation and I think we’ve all done it we’ve
received a phone call and said that we’re too busy to talk and we’ll catch
up later but imagined the increased pain of
looking back at the last time you spoke to somebody you loved and relied on so
dearly and you didn’t have time for them I was once told that the saddest words
in life are ‘if only’ words that I’m sure will resonate with both boys for the
rest of their lives now although abandonment isn’t actually
in official phobia the fear of abandonment is arguably one of the most
damaging fears of all as one of the common findings is the resulting fear to
trust others which leads to anxiety depression and codependency which
ironically are all the behaviors that lead to the abandonment they so dread
becoming a reality so today I want to run through some of the general and
comments abandonment which do seem to question
whether the alleged lack of support given to Harry after his mother’s death
has played a significant part in influencing the man we see today
now before you shout out that William was also made to walk behind his
mother’s coffin he was 15 and I’m sure that parents of young boys will confirm
that the leap from 12 to 15 can in many cases also be boy to man
and add the fact that William was raised with the responsibility of becoming heir
to the throne and therefore he was almost fulfilling a public duty
Harry on the other hand was just a small boy and to him he lost his mummy now the
real impact and danger of abandonment issues is actually the deep-seated fear
of losing your partner and finding yourself alone once again now this feel
encourages the person to behave in ways that they falsely believed or prevented
the person from ever leaving so what happens is the increase in passive
behaviors as surely the other person will never leave if they always get what
they want but this overriding need to please the other person unwillingness to
go along with whatever they want results in the individual taking more of a
backseat leading to weak personal boundaries because they then put their
own well-being second to their partners it’s the feeling that if they don’t
fulfill their partner’s every desire they will start to look elsewhere
because their sole aim is to please the person and in return once committed they
will stay no matter how unhealthy that relationship may be but this fear of
losing them means that they’re willing to overlook any red flags and warning
signs as the fear of being alone is actually far more powerful than the
feeling of staying is something that’s not quite right they begin to visualize
their partner leaving them and it’s this vision that starts the dark and
dangerous downward spiral in which they recall the
pain of being abandoned by somebody that they loved and once again opening the
wound of all the childhood trauma and related emotions but this is where we
actually become what we think because the brain thinks negative thoughts the
body reacts as if it’s actually true leading to bouts of anxiety and
depression and the phobia of being abandoned but just like all phobias it’s
impossible to talk somebody out of it because I have a huge phobia of spiders
and then after how many times my spider saving neighbors thank you very much
tell me that they are harmless and more scared of me the name of them, hmm I will
never have the desire to be a spider catcher, so no matter how much the
partner tries to reassure them and talk reason it will never be enough and
eventually the behavior patterns and irrational reactions can drive the partner
away leading the very conclusion that they feared the most now for most people
the fear of abandonment is so deep-rooted that it requires
professional help to rebuild the self-confidence and the belief that
their deepest inner fears don’t need to be a reality but what’s interesting here
is that although treating the fear itself is crucial it’s essential that
all of the energy and devotion is not focused to that one person because no
one person can solve all our problems or meet all of our needs so it’s vital that
we build a community of solid close friends who will each play an important
and individual role in our life so from what we are led to believe Harry had a
really solid group of friends all of whom were not only extremely close but
extremely loyal because whenever the press seemed to report anything about
the couple it does always seem to be Meghan’s friends who have done the
talking Harry’s friends have never really shared intimate details even
after themselves have been abandoned and they have all remained silent but
what I think is quite relevant is that those who have suffered from fear of
abandonment have reported that they never felt that they were part of a
closed group or part of that inner circle which does question how Harry
will cope without his own family and friends when he moved to Canada because
people with abandonment issues do have a tendency to downplay or ignore their own
feelings they put themselves second to their partner so no matter how convinced
he has been made to feel that this is the right decision the issue of
abandonment will always be lurking under the surface of his life and can raise
its ugly head when he least expects it and that is when he’s going to need the
security of his family or long-term friends more than ever these same people
he’s now abandoning himself so what will happen to Harry and Megan when they
leave nobody knows many will speculate but I don’t even think they know or have
really considered the possible endings to their own story but what I do feel is
that Megan struggled to have a sense of belonging in a different country with a
new family and a culture very different from where she grew up so I want a
question why they both believe that Harry will find it easy to move to a
different country with no family none of his old friends and a culture that could
not be further away from the family he was born into Megan doesn’t seem to have
an issue with abandonment and has proven that she is capable and willing to walk
away from anyone at anytime without a second thought
so for me this is a marriage of two extremes as once greatest fear is the
others greatest strength now before you go don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel you can do it just up here and if you have found it
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your thoughts in the comment section below thank you so much for watching
next time let’s talk about …..



  • Sue Blackhurst

    What advice would you give to Harry if you could?

  • Pat d

    UK public gives media/press too much power! How soon you forget- they hounded & caused Diana's death! UK mourned, wished Charles & Royals protected Diana. Apparently, they were crocodile tears. Harry did not forget- he is protecting his wife & child! Thankfully, Queen has wisdom, love, & support Harry & not swayed by the Press!

  • Elaine Fournier

    This was absolutely excellent, well explained and so true! I wish they, Harry and Meghan, will listen to the clarity found here of abandonment issue!

  • Liane Cornils


  • Maristella

    I would say Harry, slow down, breathe, call all of your good friends and hang out where you are most at home. Dont let anyone isolate you away from friends, go see a therapist and take time to think about all that has happened and how it happened. Be careful as I would hate to think that MM would try to harm you. But I absolutely do not trust her at all. If you were my brother, I would beg you to take time to think and rest!! And then beg you to rid yourself if this scheming woman.

  • Kathryn A

    MM has cutoff, isolated Archie from 2 families.
    Think of that, both families. Ummm.
    Archie is purposefully deprived of playing with cousins, visiting families, holiday memories.
    He’s not an orphan, but to be raised as such-no family connections.
    It’s damaging, I was raised cutoff from family & not by distance. I’m near 70 & have so many hurts & regrets of not having the precious memories that I could have had, bonds, closeness.
    For Archie, his loss is so MM can seek fame & celebrity friends.
    She’s a selfish narcissist.
    She pursued Harry/royalty.
    She doesn’t like the rules.
    She likes the title, status, $ & connections.
    Harry’s new job is promoting MM, he got her the Disney voiceover job.
    His Marines are done with him, he went to the Lion King premier instead of attending the ceremony for fallen soldiers, as Captain he should have been there.
    Harry should be kicked in the rear all over England for disrespecting the Queen. Ppl are furious.
    This was a selfish move by both, Harry pleasing MM, at Archie’s expense, & hurting H’s family.

    He was warned by many.

  • Maristella

    I would also encourage Harry to be in touch with Chelsea Davies and other women friends. He needs to experience the real love his friends have had for him, not the manipulation that comes from MM.
    This is a very good analysis of the
    abandonment that Harry hasxexperienced. Also the fact that his father had the affair and then married Camilla. Lots if pain for Harry to have endured, also his mom was very lonely in the RF. So there may not be enough support in the family fir Harry i think some relaxed time with William and Grandma would be healing as well. After all he mussed out on Christmas. And some play time with the nieces and nephews. I think things have been ruined for him in this marriage which is getting worse.

  • Macy V

    The BIG question is will Harry be strong enough MENTALLY to live on after Meghan divorce's him? That's what I'm worried about. I think Harry has never ever been exposed to a woman like Meghan. 🤔

  • Beloved Frend

    His wife is the cause of his recent pain, she is a narcissist. My message would be Run, Run to your brother and your family and don't leave your elderly grandmother and grandfather for more drama. I does not appear he is in a healthy marriage, drama filled.

  • Elm TreeABC

    He definitely has abandonment issues. He was 12, there is a big difference between your self development when you are a 12 year old and a 15 year old. That same year, William went to a different school then Harry. All his mother's belongings were ushered away. They were allowed to keep one thing of hers. How generous! Charles could now marry Camilla so he was very happy and probably spent most of his time working and being with her. Let's face it Charles is needy himself so he probably thought that vacation with Harry would clean the slate of Harry's mommy feelings. Harry admitted he was ready to explode about a year or so before meeting MM. He went to counseling but he didn't continue. Yes he admitted his problem and that brings an immediate sense of relief, but he never finished rebuilding a stable core lifestyle. He needed years of counseling! He met MM while on this high note and he was putty in her manipulative narc hands. JMO.

  • Hermione Danger


  • Mari Lan

    Thanks so much for explaining this in this way. I’ve been seeing so many comments all over the web where people are so angry at Harry for not being stronger. I always felt that it’s not a matter of Harry being a weak person, but of Harry never having recovered from losing his mother, especially the way she died. I’m sure growing up he vowed he’d never let that happen to his family. Unfortunately, as you said, that open wound was just the perfect bait to attract the man-eating shark that was circling. Well, you said it much nicer! If I could advise Harry I’d tell him to get some intense, regular counseling, not to leave his family and country….and to research NPD!!!! Love your channel and lovely way of teaching!

  • Miranda

    Terrific presentation!

  • Merl Tope

    Harry slow down. This is a huge decision to make. You are being fired up by Meghan and you are not the same personality. I think she will crush you with her ambition. Even worse she will leave you behind if you can’t keep up.

  • Mango Mac

    Absolutely,he is not Ok.He is nut,out of his mind.No one at his age would ever behave as he does.The hate from loosing his mother because of his father,jealously of his brother and his sister in law….eating him alive.He is using his stupid wife’s race,her father,blaming the media for his agenda….suing the media…blaming everyone for everything….lying…pretending…does not want to do his duty but still wants The paychecks from Britain taxpayers…He is going to explode very soon ..Someone need to get him and Meghan in metal hospital soon.That is what this crazy couple needs and save that innocent baby Archie,bring him back to Britain where he belongs.

  • Nathalie Dufour

    The media is missing the point. We're seeing an empath, codependant, being manipulated by a covert narcissist. It's paint by numbers.

  • Moi S

    I personally think yes they need a break. They both need therapy and she needs to be groomed and return to their posts . They looking weak spoilt and entitled.

  • Ирада Ахмедзаде

    MM just uses Harry knowing his week sides… I’m so sorry for Prince (((…

  • maree van grondelle


  • Car Lover

    What about babies who lost parents ,do they have to stay at home and not attend their parents funerals . This is stupid .if your mum and dad died you have to be at the funeral .but for Harry to come with all this now is really puzzling ,because we used to hear he's fooling around with friends even running naked in USA .why now ? His RF looked after him and media left him alone . Since meg came into his life ,Diana's name and her life and death came up . This woman read too much into Diana's life and is feeding him bad jibes .now he's being isolated from all his family including the brother he loved so much .would Diana have wanted this too ?……

  • Rabbi Law31r1

    Yes Harry is a victim. Love this topic. I think Meghan was also victimized as a kid, maybe molested. I'm from the U.S.

  • England Person

    All these opinions on this spoilt brat and his bitch it’s quite sickening.
    The worlds in turmoil and these two parasites take up the headlines like they matter THEY DO NOT.

  • yvette vernet

    Well explained.

  • Gillian Brookwell

    Many have lost their parent at a young age, not only Harry, Don't forget his brother also lost a mother. I lost my father as a teenager and my mother and myself had very little money or extended family to fall back on. Harry had financial and a lot of family support and he's a 35 year old man. He has to get on with his life and stop using the Diana card at every opportunity. Yes he does look lost and lonely but that is because he married a very narcissistic controlling woman.

  • wendy graham

    what people seem to forget is that william lost his mother too, but he quietly gets on with his duties and continues his mothers charties in and outside the uk,

  • Al Ha

    I agree with this take on things. After the events of the last week, I'm thinking that Meghan is starting to sounds more and more like a narcissist. Isolating Harry from his family and friends (moving to Canada) and Harry more than willing to acquiesce. Who the hell does he know in Canada? Prince William was quite right to warn him against marrying Markle so soon – you need to see if you are comfortable with all the attention and scrutiny and THEN get married. It all moved very fast (as a narcissist likes to 'lock you in' quickly) and then Markle decided she didn't like the negative press after the wedding and the baby (too late to break up), when she had some hold over Harry. Narcissists like to social climb and love to be adored (charity work) but can't stand to be criticised (the press). This is why she wants to get away and doesn't care whose life she disrupts in the process.

  • Jane Slater

    Absolutely he does that kind of trauma will cause that abandonment issue which meghan is threatening him with triggering his traumas

  • llea Nge

    he loves his mom too much and he knows how his dad did not love Diana. MM used that weakness and MM is portaying herself as Diana.. PH doesnt want to be like his Dad

  • Theresa

    He should be ok, cheater

  • Elizabeth Ashley Everhart

    This was good to hear. I lived this. And I killed myself essentially to please… I mean I didn't even exist. I didn't know I was doing it. Just in a constant state of fear. I had to do whatever it took. Could only think an inch at a time. Barely breathe. TBH I don' know how I even made it

  • Lisa Li

    Sue, I think this issue of abandonment is more obvious for those who are affluent ( I stand corrected.) For children from poor economic background, I don't think they give two hoots about abandonment. They are probably more concerned about survival. They have issues like starvation, no shelter, no clothing and poor sanitation to worry about than to worry about abandonment. Somehow, these children toughen up and get on with life. I may be wrong in my views though.

  • nancy3853

    How does the Family get Prince Harry get him Help before Meghan Markle Destroy Him completely?

  • Linda Sue Suits

    Yes, I believe Harry was looking for someone to mother him. However, he did have a father, etc…to step in. My husband and myself raised my nephew from 8 yrs old to adulthood. We had no problem until college and he moved out. He finished and moved to follow snow boarding and working at a resort. He moved to Alaska and is now working for the air force and is married. He told me he was sorry for giving us such a hard time. He learned we were right he just wished he'd listened. And all the things we paid for him to learn he was sorry for. If only. My opinion is that Harry will learn too but it will be full of disappointments. He will have to hit bottom and that is where it becomes hard to be a parent. P.C. will have to strong. But neither Meghan or Harry are capable of being parents. They will pass their problems on to Archie etc…Meghan never had a mom. She did have a dad and sister who stepped in but no mother. I have to wonder who this unknown woman is. She doesn't seem like any other mother I've know.

  • ana mysstic

    Hi Sue, great video! But you can't leave us at that moment! So they both married their opposite extreme, which in itself is not that uncommon, maybe just the extreme factor. But now you need to explain us more about their dynamic and how can this play out. What is Meghan's greatest fear? What is Harry's greatest strength? Well, his greatest strength in my view is that he comes from a long family tradition, outstanding family, outstanding social status, outstanding influence and recognition in the community, hence power? Consequently, I guess I can say Meghan's greatest fear is to be not seen, not heard, not recognised, ignored, powerless, at the merci of others' decision, with no social status. Wow, makes total sense! But please tell us, your perspective is so enlightening and refreshing! You left me on the edge! 🙂

  • Tani_Leo

    True. She has separation issues as he hasn’t successfully seperated from his mother. E.g. Klein’s theory.

  • freshstartification

    I think he is also not very bright

  • Natasha

    I do not fully agree… This marriage is all Harry's and M. Responsibility. I've lost my father at 16 and did not see him much until he died when I was 25, no contact at all almost.

    It's very painful even at 16, you don't need to be necessarily 12… It is still a tragedy for both of the boys. And yes it will affect future relationships and the constant fear of abandonment is always there, but both boys are equally subjected to this mental condition.

    I agree how the video ends: "one greatest fear, is the other's greatest strength." And if this is true in their relationship it's extremely cruel from her side to do such thing to another human being. It's really devastating to exploit his pain to such a degree.
    I hope this is NOT true!

    He will feel that everything is his fault, and not worthy of love for many years if not, maybe even his entire life.


    But the analysis is correct because I have experienced similar situations with the "abandonment" for many years, I am now strong enough to STAY AWAY from toxic people, that either laugh or feed on your pain… Even worse he is young, naive, good hearted AND from a rich family = the perfect victim.

  • Birgitta Mercedes

    Harry never perhaps went through a genuine grieving period (sometimes takes years) of his mothers death. And when then the media started with stories about Diana (mostly true, sadly, though) which must have confused, angered and frustrated the young prince, there was no one to help him handle this onslaught well. He also was subjected to many doubts and gossips: * is he Charles son, REALLY? he looks like Dianas lover* and so forth. Such constant psychological attacks on him have done much harm, left him vulnerable. He went haywire when he was a young adult (but most young people have a rough time before they settle down, so this is nothing unusual) and got thrown into the presumed basket of being * the fun Prince*. But a lot of fun (read: being the clown and getting drunk) happens also because people want to forget their own misery and harry might have been still in great pain (mums passing and so many unanswered questions about that). Then Harry went to Afghanistan and saw another world. one of suffering and injustice but also building a comradeship with his fellow military which made him the man he is now. He married Meghan on the rebound, I have no doubt about that, (after his failed long term relationship with a girl he got along very well,) and this decision was made in haste..Also, done to prove to the world: *see, I am like my mother. I do not look at skin colors, Meghan might be half black but that is fine, I am not a racist*. (Diana had relationships after the divorce of Charles with first a Pakistani Dr and then yet another colored man, Dodi). Now though Harry is stuck in a relationship which is so very wrong, seen from so many sides a total disaster and he needs to get out. I think the fact that he is still in the UK and Meghan (where the heck is Archie? dont see him anywhere, do we 🙂 ) is very good. He will be calmer and feeling safer being close to all that he knows, his family and friends, I think first and foremost Harry needs to take a month solitary rest at a safe place, eat healthy foods, no phonecalls , internet and media, and definitely nothing from Meghan, and needs to have the chance to get through all that is still upsetting him (his mothers passing one of them). He needs one or two very trusted psychologists (not psychiatrists. Harry hasn't got a brain illness and should refrain from taking medicines). He perhaps should start writing down how he feels, what is going on in his mind, his life, he can cry and laugh, scream and be depressed. Teach him genuine meditation, how to relax, find the answers to everything that needs addressing by going inside his heart. He can heal this way and come out refreshed and anew. And then, bugger the press and everyone else: make it clear: get away from Meghan, tell the truth who Achie really is, divorce, stay in the UK and then find his soul again in the work he really loves doing: the military, Africa, and the Games he has founded for his mates from the Military. Perhaps he can become a Member of UNESCO and start work there. Whatever it is he wants to do, it must come from his heart but never in haste, —

  • Rohan Cox

    Run Harry Run.

  • Hazvinei Chiota

    I’ve been following this Harry and Megan thing. I think people are blowing things out of proportion. They are just normal human beings trying to live a normal life and accommodate each other’s needs. Megan had a life before Harry, Harry had a life before Megan, and now there is a son by the two a product of a marriage. What this simply says is that these 2 people are trying to reach a compromise where they can all be happy as individuals and as a family. Love does that, it’s not shocking at all. My advice to the 2 is do what makes u happy and what works for you. The world will always make assumptions and you can’t always reconcile them to reality. The best you can do is live your truth.

  • zippy blessed

    Two words

    Meghan Markle

    I rest my case

  • Jungian Studies

    I think abandonment is part of this; but I also feel he has very easily turned on his own family, and complied with shutting out Meghan's family too (apart from Doria) – but there is more. He is accommodating, I believe, a fierce ambition which he is doing everything he can to service. My personal sense is that Meghan brought a global ambition, and possibly political aims as well, into this relationship from the very beginning. Therefore, if that is true, Harry has been manipulated and may have projected much of his mother into the situation and onto Meghan as well. Unfortunately, Meghan is nothing like Diana, who was a genuine humanitarian and a lovely soul. We have another picture here. It may be that Harry will be abandoned again and if so that will be very tough and possibly damaging.

  • Cheryl Bruno

    Yes Harry has reason to feel abandoned and so does William. It's a matter of what you do with it. Millions of us have been abandoned as children and rose above it. What choice do you have. In my day it was sink or swim! Harry has been more privileged that most and had the best psychologists money can buy at his beckoned call! He can still get that help! No matter what age you are abandoned, I was 8, I grew up poor, no money for mental health as it was back then, you just pick yourself up and dust yourself off! That's what your told. That was your choice. eventually I knew this is what I had to do. Inspite of bad health I still had to work for a living, although not privileged enough for college, I managed to make a good living, worked my way up the ladder by learning, taking classes etc. I survived it all and I'm sure Harry could too when he has certainly had so many options to help him! Millions rise above it!

  • Martha Sanders Parker

    I'm sure Prince Harry made his decision to protect his family and baby Archie was being leagally ok with the Queen and the Queen made this decision to allow him to do so because after reviewing the situation she knew it was the best thing for her grandson a d his family. And she knows there are no abandonment here she made the right decision so to you reporter dont lie on the Royals.

  • Sue Peterson

    Very informative and enlightening discussion. I had never really thought about Harry's issues before and how their personalities contrast. It seems to me that might be why the queen and his family are so desperately trying to convince him that he will always have them and perhaps that's why they're not willing to take his titles away. She, Megan, is manipulative and controlling and downright nasty to treat him this way. I do have more sympathy for Harry now than I did before.

  • Thịnh Lại

    Con rắn 🐍 Meghan revown scandal

  • araucana1976

    Great analysis!👍

  • M Lloyd

    Abandonment by a significant other is hugely traumatic. For those who say they’ve been through it and moved on, that’s good. For some of us the wounds are really hard to heal and deal with, no matter what your life circumstances are.

  • Bubbles Babe #1

    I found this video very interesting. I do believe as you, Harry should hang onto his blood family more than he is. She is most likely to turn on Harry as well.

  • Lucyfur Feralcat

    I would give Harry the best advise a person could…..GROW UP LITTLE BOY.

  • Cynthia

    Your video was very insightful… I do hope Harry will look at his life 5-10-25 years down the road… Think about how his decisions today will impact his life down the road… The legacy and how history will portray these decisions… I do wish him the best… I am concerned he isn’t dealing with past, immediate issues well… Sad sad

  • Keith Papulski

    I totally agree, Harry is lucky the queen can take Archie, get out now before it’s too late, get the therapy u need, especially since prince will promotes mental health, put it to use. Go back to your friends and family, and raise Archie right, you’ll be happy. Mm is a narcissist.

  • Omar Ruiz-Diaz

    Stay with Meghan. Because love is the best remedy for all traumas. And love you've found in her. That's it.

  • Omar Ruiz-Diaz

    The truth is that between MM and PH there is love. Real love. Please be kind with them. They are lovely couple means to be together. Forever.

  • Claire Hawkes

    Sue, this is me. I lost my dad when I was 8 and it was handled badly by my mum as she didn’t cope well. As a result I got into a controlling relationship for 20 years. I knew he was horrible to me but the feelings of anxiety got to me and he did play on them. I always put myself second. You put it very clearly, it took me a lot of counselling and reading to understand this ❤️ I feel for him as I feel I can see exactly what’s going on.

  • Elizabeth Cook

    I am no Meghan fan…I think she is a con woman with delusions of grandeur. However, what about her Mom? All about her Father, but there is a lot of murkiness around her mother. Was she abandoned…in a different way…as well? Doria comes in and out…even if she is in fact her mother, there does not seem to be a bond there.

  • Niso Stannard

    This is spot on! And MM is very much aware about him having those issues and uses them to her advantage, and more besides! Especially now that he is the father he doesn't want to be away from his son, either. He now feels especially protective of him because he has an experience in what it's like to be away from one his parents. Yes he was left with his father but it's not the same as when your mum is around. I imagine Charles was also too busy with his floozie and not always there for his boys! 😒

  • Niso Stannard

    I think Harry just needs to experience it for himself to feel the need to change things. I am not sure that this current set up will last long for him. But who knows? 🤔

  • Ca Jo

    No one should put up with death threats and racist remarks. Tweeter, IG and youtube have been full of violent threats against them past three years, and that has affected Duke Harry. The tabloids have continued feeding that hate. I am surprised that people are trying to find other reasons for his frustrastion and blaming Duchess Meghan. I am happy they are taking their son away from that toxic environment. Many parents don't act before it's to late and their children are damaged for life, but the duke and duchess of Sussex desided to remove themselves and their child from that toxicity of British media and social media. Very vice of them to move abroad.

  • Allison MacArthur

    Meghan wouldn't isolate and alienate Harry's friends and family if she truly loved him. She's thinking only of herself and had a baby ASAP to cement her hold on him. The Monarch (currently QEII, and eventually Prince Charles is and will be Archie's Legal Guardian so she better wise up! They do not have to let her be involved in his life or even where Archie lives)

  • pamela joan

    He won't heal if scars are re opened

  • Maureen Oneil


  • lcozzarelli

    I think Harry has borderline personality disorder, and has trouble regulating his emotions, just like his mother Diana (who was diagnosed with BPD). The tragic loss of his mother at such an early age causes him to be absolutely terrified of further real or imagined abandonment.

    Enter (communal) narcissist Megan Markle into his life, a strong mother figure/soul mate, and she manipulates him by playing on his insecurities like a fiddle in order to get what she wants.

    Harry is codependent on her and may not snap out of it before she dumps him for someone better, once she’s gotten what she wants out of him (e.g., house in Malibu, 2 bargaining-chip kids).

  • zealandzen

    Their support systems are on different continents.

  • Absolutely Me

    It is not about his mother died that he can’t get over with it, it is all about how she died….devorse, stripped of her title, with out any security hounded by paparazzi’s and lost her life… now he has his own family to take his mind off the tragedy. he will be alright.

  • Sandra Naylor

    Unfortunately he has met the wrong person. She is all about herself. She should be supporting him

  • A M

    Harry is just running from everything, including Diana’s death. He needs to reconnect with his friends and family, it wouldn’t hurt to keep the distance from MM. There is too much toxicity in the marriage!

  • Grace White Feather

    Excellent assessment… great insights!

  • L V

    Thank you for this analysis. It broke my heart a little to see those old funeral parade photos again with young Harry looking unconsoled.

    Please can you tell us how did a narcissistic partner convince her codependent to abandon his family and friends without making him realize it?

    Feeling so bad for Harry and Archie’s emotional future already.

  • Michelle Misir

    Great Video Sue I'm working through abandonment issues at the moment

  • Zak Fortune

    It’s not just abandonment that drives Prince Harry. He’s furious at his Father and always has been. Most of what he does is a rebellion against his Father even now. The nazi uniform, drinking,, the drugs, stepping down, all of it is about his Father issues with Prince Charles. He connected with his Grandmother when Diana died, his Father I think he blames, for betraying his Mum with Camilla, and for his Mum’s death. Checkout Harry’s face when bombs a fistful of confetti on to his Dad’s head when his Dad marries Camilla…I think Harry experienced his Dad’s marriage to Camilla as the ultimate betrayal. He’s always had his Mum Princess Diana on a pedestal, and because Harry’s wife Meghan frames herself like Diana, so Harry has Meghan on a pedestal at the moment too, and the 2 are connected strongly in his mind. There’s an interview with Harry and Meghan…think it’s the engagement video…where the interviewer asks Harry about his Father and a body language expert was saying that by Harry’s reaction there’s strong problematic issues in the relationship between the two. When the interviewer asks Harry about his Grandmother the Queen, his reaction and body language shows he has a really good relationship with her. It’s not just the body language either, there’s quite a few negative quotes from Harry about his Father. I’d say Daddy issues and he’s married an idealised version of his Mother 😀

  • Josephine Martin

    If Princess Margaret had the guts to do what Prince Harry has now done, maybe she would be alive today.

  • Kathryn A

    H will have to survive on MM’s coattail, he didn’t go to college, has no real skills.

    He’s done for.

  • Kathryn A

    I feel for H’s family. The Queen & Phillip are in their 90s, have seen the devastation of war; in their late yrs, This. & Andrew.
    As others, I’m furious over the disrespect.

  • Soft white wings

    Yes, poor Harry! I think he will return to the Royal house one day alone! I wish the best for him!

  • Gloria Cheon

    Ask him in a year! See how he adapts to his Stardom in his own Reality Show!

  • Sheila Banks


  • chinyereugoo

    I would suggest that Harry stay home in the UK and nurse his hurting situation before any further decision – he should have a very quiet time with the mother he knew when he lost his birth mother – HRM the Queen. As my name suggests, am a Black British and have had and still go through unfair share of racism; yet I am of the opinion that this is not just about racism. As a UK trained Social Scientist, and a Teacher, I enjoy looking at issues and working through striking scenarios, for argument sake – just like when Meghan entered Harry's life and things moved super fast – I may be wrong. I spent weeks asking everyone if this marriage should be, as I felt Harry had not yet gotten over his mother's death for some reason. I worried because Meghan appeared nonconforming [I may be wrong]; which is opposed to the Monarchy system that Harry was raised within. No-one even considers Archie's future and he is separated from his father. Harry could be scared of losing his son, should he make any wrong moves with his partner; I think Harry needs to take time off from everyone even his young family, brother, dad or anyone else and have serious private talks with Our Queen Elizabeth, and I think the Queen has to put on her mummy hat and share inner most thoughts with Harry as he may need shoulders to cry. He shouldn't worry much about not seeing Archie for now, because Archie will not be voiceless. If Meghan loves Harry she would have seen things from Sue Blackhurst's perceptions, at least some of it. May God in His Infinite Mercies rearrange this turbulent times for a happy settlement for the Monarchs involved. My eyes are misting as I write this, I have great motherly feelings for both Diana's boys for leaving them too young, when she passed; although they have both come a long way and done great since then. I lost my Papa, my loving friend, at the tender age of 13 yrs, but I had the privilege and gave him end of life care, at least we had that last conversation, when he said, 'what will you do if you lose your father?' I replied and said. 'shhhhh', I didn't want to miss any moment left with him in regrets. So Sue thanks for this medium; I pray Harry sees your vlog and be strong enough to make a right move. I post my comment without personal prejudice to anyone.

  • Shay Rose

    I’m truly disappointed in how it all went down. Harry and Megan could’ve handled it much better!

  • Elisabeth Malvisi

    Had Diana not been stubborn and stayed with Royal Protection team, she’d be alive today. She thought she knew better!
    She’d be alive today if she’d been wearing her seatbelt.

  • Parks Family

    It seems that both have some level of loss. Her parents divorced and His parents divorced and then his mother died. So they could both have an opportunity to grow together. her removing herself from his family is a big red flag as that is his family and they seem very very close. I am sure his grandmother is very hurt. I was raised by a narcissistic mother and it caused a lot of trauma and I had to go to therapy. Narcissistic people can strip a person of his or her identity and make a person feel like he or she is crazy. It take years of de program ing to get out under the psychological trauma of a narcissistic personality. I feel very badly if this is the case of Harry! And his son.

  • Moth’s Mummy

    And don’t forget that Meghan has left TWO previous husbands. So it makes sense for Harry to be afraid that Meghan could leave him too.

  • Odessa Peters

    Awesome 👍👍👍

  • renata du preez

    Dear people
    The Narcissistic, Meghan, just follow the very stereotypical route they follow, time and again
    Do your research, scientific facts
    1) The predator choose the prey
    2) They choose up their own standing in the social ranking globally.
    She decided Harry is going to be her " Image – husband"
    People knowing the true person might just be impressed
    3 ) Lovebombing all the femme fatale skills let him feel he is the best person on earth
    4) She had unrealistic expectations in her fantasy brain , to become the most popular Royal
    5) She could not , would not follow the normal rules
    6) she has no boundaries
    7) confirmed on neuroimaging these specimens have zero empathy
    8) beware the naricissistic injury , poor UK
    9) their revenge is never ending and cruel
    10) get her out of your lives no matter the costs
    11) she will isolate Harry from you, the cruel breakdown and brainwashing, called gaslighting is going to leave just another victim , whom she can toss away

  • Joseph Mendoza

    Just a side note, thanks for not putting embedded subtitles on this video. The video's easier to watch this way.

  • zippy blessed




  • Джина

    Sounds like Harry has already had therapy when he was talking about his ‘festering wound’.

  • A Girl Has No Name

    I am pretty sure in Afghanistan he made some children orphans and some parents will never seen their child come back home, so my advise is:
    (i) stop playing the victim card;
    (ii) go to see a good psychiatrist as if after 20+ year you did not overcome your loss (and no, you are not the only one who lost his mother at young age, to begin with: look at your brother) and iii) get ready for when your lovely wife will drop you and prevent you to see your son.
    Because, let's face it, this will eventually happen.

  • Beth B

    The move to Canada is probably only step 1 for Meghan because it serves as a way for her to isolate Harry from friends and family in a kind of intermediate way. He's drunk the Meghan cool-aid and now accepts as his truth mantra that whatever Meghan wants Meghan gets and he is there to serve her. He has transferred his duty and loyalty from the Queen of England to Queen Meghan.

  • Sal Reed

    I'm very familiar with her type. I can spot it in the eyes now & she has them. They're akin to a malignant Cancer. Job 1…isolate the prey, 2) Twist it inside out with inane habitual lies. 3) Endless manipulation …they behave badly blame their victim. 4) empty Bottomless Pits, all of them. Entitled to everything but it's NEVER enough. They drain their victims body & soul to the point, if they don't get the hell out they go under. SHE is exactly this & he now is her prey.

    She'll drag him around, meeting her other empty venal critter-pals undermining & abasing til he kills her, leaves her or has a breakdown. None of this bodes well & I assume she hangs onto him like a a Boa Constrictor while making sure he stays hooked in bed & with the child. It's UGLY., all of it….& she is even UGLIER inside.

  • Una Scintilla

    5.40 I understood where you're going ! My children lost their dad at 8 and 11. They are fine. Of course my son had moments of nostalgia during his teenage years but that was it. I think the problem is the lack of talking within the family. Things must be expressed. Even me as a parent and wife had more than one rant after my husband's death! I was furious and sometimes I exploded in front of my children (complex financial nodes left unsorted), but then we talked about it and I understood and they understood and this happened many times. In the end we all digested that death and today my children are rational adults with no scars whatsoever. I don't feel pity for Harry, he has many more "means" to relief his pain than most people in this world come on..

  • Una Scintilla

    Perhaps a second trauma will sort the first!

  • Kitty Watson

    Imagine the reversal of genders here. Suppose it was Princess Henrietta and Morgan Markle. Now look..Princess henrietta is suddenly sad..and quiet. Morgan has urges her to abandon most friends..some family and spend most time alone at home with him.
    RED FLAG. Self centered controlling Morgan has Princess Henrietta under his thumb.
    Have we missed the DABGER signal?

  • Concerned4 USA

    I agree, PH appears codependent, he’s an easy target for predators, I suspect Meghan is full blown NPD. She appears to have brought out the worst in him & I fear he will get his worst fear shortly, abandonment. The queen seems very kind & wise in her treatment of him, leaving the door open for the inevitable.

  • Salma Sadiqa

    Not right

  • winnie

    I need you. Listening to you makes me cry.

  • Jacey Lataire

    Please Harry…. get back to your royal family as soon as possible…. your wife is alienate you from your friends and family… please pack up again and leave her… you are in a COERCIVE CONTROLLED MARRIAGE….. which is punishable by law… in first world countries… please think again…

  • Here and Now 27

    Why would he allow anyone to strip him, his identity and everything he is. Now he is the good dog under Meghan's porch in her world when he was so much more.

  • Lisa Otruba


  • Lisa Otruba

    I wish the Queen Mother was still alive she would never let Meghan do this!!!!!

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