• Yellow Submarine

    Thank you so much!

  • Beulah flower

    I truely learnt a lot from this lecture. You make it so easy to understand. God Bless!

  • stefan morley

    these are excellent

  • YoruMakale

    Derse çocuk getirmesi gerçekten bu konunun öğrenilmesi için gerçekten mükemmel iş! Berbat ingilizcemle bile birşeyler anlayabildim 🙂

  • Latesha Saunders

    great teaching! can i get the notes for it?

  • Richard H.

    As I was watching the end of this, I realized a childhood memory where at the end of the hall at our cousin's home was a full length mirror. I thought it was a door to another room. As I approached the mirror, I perceived my reflection to be another child who was taunting me by walking toward me, blocking my way so I could not go in. I would retreat and saw the other boy retreat at the same time. I can reason now that the perceived door was a mirror and the other boy was my reflection.

  • skybluejellybeans

    Poor baby monkey! That's awful :_(

  • MzWillEamz

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 thumbs up…..

  • Danielle Shaw

    A great help, thank you!

  • mahamoud jamal


  • JohnLuke

    Grace just got flipped off, haha

  • skeptikai

    What a fantastic class! Truly a great professor.

  • KEk Kekins


  • Lourdes Sp.

    Great professor!

  • adams hu-amar

    that was a great class and a fantastic professor. 
    the actual experiment helps a lot because of the help of the smart kid. 
    I wish I was on this class when its happening !!!

  • Frankie Martinez

    What a great lovely child! That Andrew! So darlin'! Absolutely added to the enjoyment of this video and subject matter!

  • Andrew Eilers

    I enjoyed being on the stage deign asked the questions!


    about to have my first child. this helps so much in the understanding of what's going on in THEIR mind. thus helping us be better more efficient parents. great video.

  • Hüseyin Doğan

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

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