Psychiatrists Get Blunt About Trump – He’s A Textbook Sociopath

Psychiatrists Get Blunt About Trump – He’s A Textbook Sociopath

Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals
are tired of mincing words about Donald Trump’s mental health and they’ve now come out and
been very blunt about the fact that the president is not well. Earlier this week, a former psychiatrist and
psychiatry professor at Harvard university, dr Lance Dodes as came out in an interview
with and straight up said that Donald Trump is a successful sociopath. I want to read the direct quotes from dr Dodes
here. His focus on his personal benefit at any cost
is why he’s assessed a successful sociopath. You know, I can see Donald Trump for who he
really is and it’s because he has the training and he taught people how to recognize these
things. It’s very hard to get this across to the public
because every time people talk about him, they start out with the unspoken unconscious
assumption that he’s basically like the rest of us, but in order to explain and predict
Trump’s behavior, you have to begin with awareness that he is essentially a predator. Once you keep in mind that Trump lacks a conscience
and lacks empathy, he becomes very easy to follow. Unlike normal people who are complex, he’s
basically running on a very simple and very disordered program and that is protect me
at the cost of everyone else. That’s what Donald Trump does and that is
exactly how dr Dotas here explains it. Donald Trump cares only about himself and
his money. So I did a little digging into this and wanted
to come up with, you know, is Donald Trump in fact a sociopath and when you look up the
common traits that you see with a sociopath as described in the DSM five here are some
of the diagnostic criteria of what makes a person associate path or how you arrive at
that diagnosis. First one, glibness and superficial charm. President’s got that. The superficial charm. Absolutely. That’s what we see at the rallies. That’s what we see from him on the campaign
trail. There’s no depth to it. Manipulative and conning. Yeah, I’d say that describes his entire life. Grandiose sense of self. I don’t know. Do you think the quote, very stable genius
who’s made more progress as president than anybody else in history according to himself? Do you think he has a, a grandiose sense of
self? Tricky one there, right? Pathological lying speaks for itself. Lack of remorse. Shame or guilt. Yeah. Shallow emotions obviously, and capacity for
love. Yes. We’ve seen that need for stimulation now. Okay. There’s another one need for stimulation. Plenty of people have talked about Donald
Trump’s ADHD in the past. How he always gets fidgety and needs to be
doing something during meetings. That’s part of it now that’s, those kind of
seem like little harmless quirks, but apparently it’s a symptom. Callousness and lack of empathy. Yes. Um, impulsive nature. Yeah. early behavior problems slash juvenile delinquency. Maybe not. I don’t know enough about that. So maybe he doesn’t fit every criteria. Uh, irresponsibility and unreliability. Yeah. The guy would rather be golfing than do anything
that resembles work. So that’s pretty irresponsible. uh, here’s a good one. Promiscuous sexual behavior and infidelity,
lack of realistic life plan and a parasitic lifestyle. I think that actually applies more to Donald
Trump’s kids. And criminal or entrepreneurial versatility. Oh, he’s proven to be very versatile as a
criminal. Right? Here’s the thing, folks. Those are the criteria. These are the diagnostic standards for a textbook
sociopath. That is what we’re dealing with in the white
house. Not to mention the fact that pretty much any
mental health professional who’s spoken out publicly about Donald Trump has warned us
of the same thing. We can’t deny this anymore. We can’t ignore this anymore. We have to start taking it very seriously,
and I’m hoping that the 2020 candidates understand that they’re dealing with a sociopath and
adjust their plans accordingly. Cause this guy’s going to get dirty. He’s going to get desperate, and he’s going
to get crazy to stay on message, talk about the issues, don’t get dragged in his personal
feuds, and you should be able to do just fine. And hopefully we can send this sociopath back
to his ivory tower.



  • inandof myself

    I think "parasitic lifestyle" refers to Trump's habit of not paying for anything. You know, like work done by contractors, or police overtime during his rallies.

  • Mark Sutherland

    Wasn’t his grandfather John G Trump the leader of the FBI?

  • Tank Boss

    Sociopath I agree he's a Dumbass in common sense and text book this psychiatrist is telling a lie to a point

  • Jimmy Brown

    Trump 2020

  • Jose Grullon

    He fits all the criterias of a malignant narcissist,. A Commander in chief to boost, we are totally fucked. Hope he don't press THE button.

  • John Villalovos

    He's a genius and he's your PRESIDENT get over it

  • Craig Simulate you mind

    Tell us the progressives something that we already know about him

  • i gumby

    Ha,ha,ha you're losing again so here goes your street doctor opinion.

  • Gustavo Finklestein

    1) Cops
    2) Serial Killer's
    3) Donald Trump's
    4) CEO's
    5) Anchors at Fox News.

  • Chris Paris

    This channel is more like ring of bullshit

  • Sky Forge

    This is what money and Power do when you raise a kid without any chance of conseqnence… You create a sociopath. Btw a psychpath and a sociopath are the same…one is born the other is made.

  • Paul Jon Westergren

    I think that's funny people still trump going to be running in 2020 he's going to be starting the trial that's going to put him in prison for the rest of his life in 2020 mark my words on this day of our Lord November 3rd 2019 12:33 p.m.

  • Martin Munoz

    i don't care i have no issues

  • Jody Abbott

    Fake news liars.that dr. Is a psychopath. I

  • Big Daddy

    Trump is the symptom to the cancer called , communistic, socilistic, treasonous, jihads, terriosts the decrepits.

  • Bubbles

    Alt left radical cult members are getting really triggered these days. Very entertaining !

  • ElectroVeeDub

    You needed a psychiatrist to tell ya that? Obvious stuff is pretty obvious…

  • Tahoe Nevada

    It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

  • Don Oldwell

    Kelly Anne husband called it way back

  • Bubbles

    Coming from the bald guy on a Alt left fake news channel. You alt left radical cult members have been brainwashed to death you know nothing about politics and have been wrong on every political issue since 2016. You get your news from bias alt left radical news sites like CNN NYT TYT you think the late shows are real news sources, late shows are classified as entertainment silly propaganda goblins.

  • norman waller

    The Fact that trump is the only one with a diagnosis tell you all you need to know. What about bill, Hillary, Bedo. Lord knows there's a lot of subject matter their.. Best economy in the world, revitalization of our military, Building the wall. We could use a few more Psychos..

  • Shadowcruise99

    As despicable as Trump is, he isn't the problem. The problem is the mentality of the U.S. populous on both sides of the political spectrum and their inability to realize that we have been gamed on both sides of the isle. The problem is corruption and the cognitive dissonance of the constituency of the United States.

  • Mason Kaufman

    What in the world do some psychiatrists know about the safety of Israel?.
    .. Ya can't have dead air yahoo's

  • Olivia Purcel


  • Mary Jo

    I think you should check your mental health! You don t know how stupid your videos are.

  • sataniccookiemonster


  • Alisha Gadson

    If you want to persuade Trumpeters you have to change your tone. Be understanding that they have been deceived and empathize with their dedication and loyalty but let them know it’s ok to change their minds 😉 DEPROGRAMMING 101

  • Skee bo

    Psycho not socio.

  • sataniccookiemonster


  • James Mullen

    It is scary when you think of what he might do if he loses the presidency. He's already said, if I lose, it was rigged. He's capable of anything. Absolutely anything.

  • R Keller

    Trump’s declaration that “he has great and unmatched wisdom” right out of dictator’s playbook. Of course am aware of who he favors.

  • Michael Martin

    I'd rather like a Sociopath than be sweet talked by Odumber while he's screwing me in the ass.

  • Jean Nieves

    Needs therapy

  • Juan Ramirez

    A deep, dark dungeon, prison cell close to hell would be okay by me.

  • Elaine Zaks

    Trump is what's called a complex mood and personality.disorder. Sociopath 🇨🇭Narcissistic Personality Disorder🇨🇭 No one has yet mentioned so far as I know his obvious problem with reading and language/info processing. & then there's the 'germophobia'. OCD is a component too. Elaine Zaks, MSW.,M.Ed

  • you got TRUMP'D

    When Trump wins in 2020 I'm going to rub that shit in all your ugly ass faces

  • The AMP

    I'm just surprised about sociopath, having read quite bit on the subject, my money would be more on malignant narcissist or Psychopath but, In the end, they are all the same points it's just the basic motivation that changes.

  • Allan Hegyes

    Referring to himself in the third person, ugh.

  • ThatFeel8080

    He's just a typical American. Most of them are this way and if they aren't they are indifferent. What would you expect from a country that is going down the toilet tube of history.

  • Patricia Burke

    His supporters are just as sick as he is. God help our country!

  • Secarah

    trump isn't charming to me at all

  • Pat Stone

    Can you imagine that? We have a Sociopath in charge of the worlds most powerful Nuclear arsenal.

  • Keith Carey

    Need for stimulation ,porn stars and whores

  • Keith Carey

    Kill trump please some one

  • Hailey Brown

    Looking sexy with the beard!!

  • Briar Dan

    So now the media narrative is to send trump back to his ivory tower? Not jail? Not prison? Who cares that he committed treason? Openly corrupted a political party more than it already was? No more rah rah NYSD will get it done? I suppose that works great for the media pundits who have fed off trumps antics for several years now. It guarantees that his crimes will continue, the government will remain criminally negligent and the pathetic media personalities will have jobs covering all this in the most divisive ways possible. Win win for the media. It's lose lose for America. Not to mention we will be big losers to the rest of the world because they'll see cowards. Not ratings hogs. Our justice system will reach it's ultimate lowest point if trump merely goes back to his ivory tower. Criminals will run our country just because Americans are addicted to being entertained and the media wants ratings! No wonder democracy dying!

  • Utter Peanut Butter Nutter

    Assuming their competent they'd have to find the same with Obama, Bush Jr & Sr as well. In fact they are more likely psychopaths.

  • edward starling

    A Harvard professor….a heavily left leaning school.

  • Marie Rose

    Like so much in life, one has to actually experience someone with these sociopathic traits to fundamentally get how dangerous they can become. Having studied about and survived (barely) someone with all these traits, I can add a very thick book to the discussion. Under each category you can also list their power plays, such as speaking in contradictory ways, that I see confuse people ,because we can't imagine how the flip-flops can appear logical. They will throw ANYONE under a bus, literally and figuratively, if they are threatened. They go one step further than narcissism, because they are schemers and schemes are ALWAYS to get some material reward. Their grandiosity borders on psychosis, and people are expendable.
    There are many traits that are common to this disorder, so much so , it is like a cookie cutter stamping them out. Republicans need to run!!

  • jerzy chroscicki

    I my book, Trump is not just a sociopath, but a Psychopath — which means: – person without conscience.

  • itgetter9

    Q: Hey all you fans out there! Do you know why Trump doesn't drink?

    A: It's because his abusive father got him to gang up with Daddy against his older brother, Fred, who was a semi-decent guy; and they bullied him mercilessly. And then Fred drank himself to DEATH. And trump feels guilty about that.

  • Nunya Damn Bidness

    Hes not a sociopath, hes a gemini.

  • Louie Morado

    Who voted that guy? Damn

  • Blatant Foul 88

    4 more years, get use to it ! Cry Babies

  • Urban shmirdin Lennon

    Superficial charm. ? The man is charmless and repulsive he’s not textbook

  • Michael Angelo

    Trump is totally sane and unorthodox at the same time . Of course the leftist narrative is going to be negative which in reality is completely meaningless . I laugh at all the flak they throw at him . Again …..MEANINGLESS !

  • Kimbra King


  • Imelda A. Mila.

    Absolutely agree!!

  • Robert Robinson

    I wish people would stop finding ways to make the people believe he's mentally unstable. He's far from it. HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING.

  • Pam Hill

    Here’s the thing. I’m not an American…but it is up to you. Potus is still the leader of the free world…that scares me to death at times. Next Nov you can decide to free your lives from this craziness. I really hope you do…for all of us.

  • mocki rangne

    Saying he's the "KIng of Israel", "the 2nd coming of Christ" is pretty darn Grandiose!

  • Ian Faddis

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 FOUR MORE YEARS! Best president ever!

  • Lisa Proff

    I teach psych. He is. There are many sociopaths that are successful in America today.

  • shonenlad one

    He's the face of New CONS-ervatives and Christian evangelicals. Let that sink in to what these people actually are.

  • God N' Country

    Trump ain't nearly as sociopathic as the dumb fucks who support him.

  • Bella Claire

    Best Way to WIN against Trump? VOTE for as many WOMEN as possible.
    WE (regardless of party) are going to have to VOTE out Trump and his GOP Freedom Caucus members. Especially Moscow Mitch of Kentucky who sold Kentucky to Oleg Deripaska and his company RuSAL for $ 200 million dollars. Who gets all the money, not the poor or lower income Kentucky families, businesses or schools with free lunch plans; NO into the Moscow Mitch-Elaine China Chao, Trump Family, Don McGahn & Jones Day and his GOP Freedom Caucus members. Traitor and his conspiracy Traitors Must GO!!!!!

  • slick willie

    Fake news

  • Pete Tsaggaris

    You got him now Farton impeach him now.

  • Jeffery Jeffery

    The term Sociopath, is metely a general term.

    Trump has all the signs of Attention Deficit Disorder. About 12-13% of the country has this….sooo…its not uncommon to have it.

    There are 6 subsets of this affliction. Trump manifestation, falls into the "Overfocused".

    Its a very interesting malfestation. And as stated….the exhibits the traits of this disorder.

  • Pete Tsaggaris

    In the meantime get your self a little check up for TDs.

  • Andrea Vlasis

    Yeah I worked for many Dr.’s are wacked as well

  • Andrea Vlasis

    Democrats all
    Are predators pedos

  • Patricia Patashus

    Actually, he was a problem child. His mother couldn't handle him and she gave his father the responsible to deal with him of which ended up with him being sent to military school.

  • Andrea Vlasis


  • Andrea Vlasis


  • Andrea Vlasis


  • Gabriel Norman Palana

    One does not have to be a Psychiatrist or a Harvard graduate to recognize Trump’s abnormal behaviors. Only people who are dead brain zombies can not.

  • Kevin Burrell

    This is my mother

  • K Law


  • K Law


  • Carl Gibbons

    I had a dream about it before the elections in 2016. Trump was cornered and going down and he nuked out of spite. Lets hope I'm not psychic at all. GOP playing with FIRE by not removing this traitor President. He has easily committed dozens of Impeachable acts already. GOP are putting US ALL in danger. Every single one of them ignoring their oaths of office and to the Constitution.

  • Margaret Worth

    Well we all know that he's a fucking maniac he needs putting to sleep

  • Nick Mx 33

    I been saying all along he belongs in a nut house not the white house

  • thomas dunham

    does he have access to any dangerous toys????

  • Dark to Light

    Sociopath ! Sounds like every self centered disrespectful human being on this planet.


    Amen! 🙏

  • Alma Vasquez

    We need a new president.
    Vote for Andrew yang
    Check him out on Joe Rogan podcast and read his book, war on normal people free on YouTube.
    He's amazing.

  • Jay McKenna

    37 psychiatrists contributed to a book "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump". It is available on Amazon.

  • Ken Rice

    Democrat haters Owned by CNN Dr democrat morons lies and bull crap. Trump 2020 no problem ha ha ha .and this moron knows it .

  • saffron wetter

    DemonRATS are Doctor's
    Well everyone of you are just like he is liar's

  • Wu Li

    Studies of Wall Street traders concluded, no matter what their espoused beliefs, their ethics went up and down with the stock market. Other studies discovered that some 80% of people who call themselves moral, don't apply their own standards to themselves. Forty years of extensive studies concluded the republican party organizes like chickens, promoting whoever has the better memory. The simple explanation for Donald Duck's continuing popularity, is that 40% of Americans no longer have a soul worth talking about while, periodically, some psychologist comes out and declares that Fundamentalism in general fits all the criteria for a mental disease. Calling 40% of the population insane is just flat out insane, and doesn't help with the central issue, which is that they no longer know how to share their words and play nice.

  • Pam H

    a successful sociopath? not to mention, a successful pervert.

  • Jill Campbell

    When I clicked on this video, a pro trump ad showed before the video!

  • Max Holbrook

    Trump is Sociopath and Megalomaniac
    Where as Hillary is Sociopath, Megalomaniac and Psychopath so she's one up on Trump.
    I think everybody knew that already, but we need somebody with a degree to tell us that.
    And these are the people that Americans want as their Leader, that's sad.

  • Wayne T

    Even so, there may be enough voters to give him a second term; so what does that say about the voters?



  • adam shortnacy

    Here's the real thing folk's. Q ball is full of shit. A man suffering from a major case of TDS and believes it's normal. It's not. It's a horrible disease and he wants all of you people to suffer from it like he does. It's like a girl with aids she bang's everyone she can to spread the disease out if fear and anger. Don't worry q ball Trump will be gone in 2024 maybe you can pick up the pieces of your shattered life.

  • April Jones-Foston

    REPUBLICANS, Your Country NEEDS You. Stand up for the CONSTITUTION, not trump.

  • Paul Cheek

    yes the perfect type to be a dictator. Just ask Trump's buddy Kim Jong Un…

  • Paul Cheek

    America must vote out all Reps who support this ass

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