Psychologist: Florida Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz Showed Many Warning Signs | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Psychologist: Florida Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz Showed Many Warning Signs | Megyn Kelly TODAY



  • Hannah D

    The sandy hook promise video has me so shocked how you really don’t notice the warning signs ..

  • Joanna N

    What? 39 calls to the police, twce to the FBI. Even Cruz called police and say he will do something horrible because he doesn't feel well psychologically. Where was police? FBI? Bunch of idiots 😠😠😠. They killed those kids by doing nothing. Bunch of a$$es

  • gartner101

    America's mass murder problem runs deep. America is not a society designed for human beings. It is built in the image of corporate power – its needs, its structures, its values. Human needs and values are suppressed. Basic human needs of safety and belonging are not supported, but instead used as tools of control. Natural empathy is driven out of children by such things as spanking, the tolerance of bullying, strong high school cliques of in-group and out-group, over emphasis on loyalty to school sports teams, funding schools from local taxes, fraternities with humiliating initiations, draconian sentencing and mass incarceration, prosecuting children as adults (really American WTF), state sanctioned killing, militarism, inner cities left to rot, constant media portrayal of the violent tough guy as winner, and the demonization of the poor by the media.

  • GnarApple2411

    Ummm why don’t we just start using metal detectors in all schools ??? And bag checks ? Problem solved

  • Katie 34

    Warning signs warning signs warning signs…eliminate the act he did and then what. If he never did it would those still be "warning signs" No. No one know why..because no one can predict a person doing this.

  • Tiki Miller

    White males

  • Tiki Miller

    He’s a grown man.

  • greimalkin

    What were the signs?

  • Christopher John Lamb

    Kurt Richard Haskell: I just updated my false flag indicator list for the first time since Trump took office.
    False Flag Indicators:
    1. The perpetrators have had recent arrests and have gotten very lenient sentences for what they were charged with.
    2. The government has been warned of the attack and done nothing to stop it.
    3. Eyewitness accounts differ on key details from the official version.
    4. The perpetrators don't go to trial (dead, escape or take a plea).
    5. A victim from the crime that should have been killed miraculously lives to give out details of the event.
    6. Key video is hidden. Still pictures, which are often grainy or unclear are repleased to support the official story.
    7. The perpetrators are tied to ISIS or Syria or racially divisive groups.
    8. The perpetrators are identified in record time.
    9. Dropped identification of the perpetrators is found.
    10. DNA from the perpetrators is found in too many places and is run through lab tests in record time to make an identification.
    11. The attack was on or in public transportation or a building where many people gather (school, mall, concert, etc.).
    12. The amount of dead shrinks as the event plays out.
    13. New laws or military action take place as a result of the event.
    14. The event receives an abnormal amount of press coverage.
    15. The country where the event took place has recently irritated Israel in some way.
    16. The event and perpetrators are set up to cause conflict between several different religious, ethnic or sexual orientation groups.
    17. The term "assault rifle" is widely used to describe the perpetrators weapon by eyewitnesses.
    18. The friends and family of the victims do interviews that are not believable.
    19. Suicide vests are used and at least one doesn't detonate.
    20. One or more bombs do not detonate.
    21. A gun jams, thereby saving someone from death.
    22. An unbelievable hero story is released by the press on day two, usually accompanied by a gofundme account.
    23. A manifesto is released by the perpetrators.
    24. A drill is taking place at or near the event at the same time.
    25. The US Government gives an incredible amount of money to the victims families or to the area where the event happened.
    26. The victims in hospitals miraculously heal and disappear in record time. The hospitals provide no update or 'one' large press conference is given to discuss the progress of their imaginary patients.
    27. Little to no amateur cell phone video footage of the event is released.
    28. The perpetrators have recently disappeared for at least two months.
    29. An online video is found of the perpetrator acting crazy.
    30. The details of the event make it impossible to not be reminded of other recent false flag events.
    31. Friends and family members suddenly change careers to become professional anti-gun lobbyists.
    32. The perpetrators wore body armor or it is found at the scene.
    33. Former military members play key roles in the event in some way.
    34. There is little to no proof that anybody died or was injured.
    35. Federal agencies are on the scene in record time and numbers that would not normally be possible In a short time period without prior knowledge.
    36. Federal agencies take over the scene even though it is an event not normally under their jurisdiction.
    37. Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. immediately "find" evidence that ties the perpetrators to radical Islam.
    38. No tears are shed by family members in the immediate aftermath of the event.
    39. Footage from other events is passed off as actual video from this event.
    40. Unverifiable social media posts pop up immediately after the event to point the finger at the perpetrators.
    41. Uber is involved in some way.
    42. An ar15 with excessive ammunition is involved.
    43. It's reported that the event should have been much worse.
    44. A cell phone, iPad or book miraculously deflects a bullet to save somebody.
    45. The families of the victims immediately forgive the killer or place no blame on the killer from the start.

  • femylafi

    I am sorry but if this was young black boys shooting up schools……….. they would not be having that discussion in the way they are, and they DAMNED sure would have no sentimental video… WTF….!

  • john patterson

    aparently the school system is producing the shooters . the only thing different is how and what the school systems are teaching , people had guns 50 years ago and no schools shot up be students the national guardsmen shot up some students at schools but students were not shooting up schools .

  • CopyMyyTrades

    He asked a good question about video game violence and made a great statistical point when he mentioned the increase in decencitization. All the host did was raise her voice and go to break lol. She didn't really want a discussion like she claims otherwise she wouldn't have put on a show of emotion simoly to show her support for the enraged, but being enraged doesn't solve the problem. He pointed to a real cause and effect that could change the psychology of many people. And I know it's not the only cause but I myself have concern over what's going into my own child's head through YouTube videos. I think people fail to understand the real impact content plays on the mind once heard, read, seen or felt. This is the deep stuff of life. But like they say hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. Why do they say that? Because as above so below. What goes into the mind, comes out or has to be worked out. Your mind will show publicly. So why do we allow violent killing video games? It makes us tough right? Don't get mad about this if you're not really capable of seeing causes or solutions that emotions can blind you from and this video is a great example of how the emotions can block us from getting real solutions, real answers, or real causes and therefore from getting the desired results. Don't bring your emotions into the market. She's just an actor, not a scholar who thinks.

  • CopyMyyTrades

    This host needs fired. Seriously, no one cares what she has to say – all she did was too her horn. She's like I'm Fox News, I'm fully aware of how the NRA feels blah blah blah lol, If you really listen, she was a waste of time to bring these educated people onto her show and waste their time. They're more about solutions than she is. Otherwise she would've listened to the guy's points and stats. She just blew him off. Sad. And then we wonder why

  • CopyMyyTrades

    Host was having her own mental episode, her own psychotic break, who knows what's next

  • Paula Richards

    Add prayer back in schools. That will do more for kids

  • Steve Hufford

    They DID say something! There's more debt than currency. There's no future.You're guilty if you're a normal average person. Nobody is being taught accountability. Nobody suffers for consequence of hurting others. No accountability to the golden rule or God. Young people aren't taught to earn respect instead that its owed to them. Social justice and the inequality lies will destroy us as it was intended by your handlers.

  • john patterson

    Clearly even the school bullied the guy .

  • a z

    I m not an American but don't you think it's impossible to find people who is suffering from mental illness and give them treatment and avoid situations like this. Just control gun it's possible , only give to them whose life is in dangerous. In my country to get gun you have to get permission from court you have prove your life is in danger. In my life I have seen gun only once at police station when I went there as school trip. Police man gave one gun and ask us to touch it. May be America is a militarised country if you control gun you might lose some profits even revenue because of that they are not controlling.

  • Rhys2015

    That's a powerful small film at the beginning my heart felt like it stopped beating. So sorry for the people lost.

  • 33X 33X

    NO guns NO deaths from guns.

  • manic hairdo

    Oh, that was scary.

  • george valentin

    Stay strong Cruz we will miss you

  • Brian Lenehan

    At last someone talking about the military point and shoot games that trained soldiers not to think twice before shooting another human. Very grim and sociopathic games for yougsters. Meghan skated by that and launched into her rehearsed and apparently emotional lecture, not responding to what her guest said.

  • AuralAudacity ASMR

    "bring to the attention of an adult" MOST KIDS DO!!!!! IT'S THE ADULTS WHO DO NOTHING!!!!!! WTF WTF WTF

  • Giselle Newhall

    I like this video from Sandy hook promise… there are always signs just some are less obvious than others and sometimes it takes a trained eye to see them… as a school psychologist I believe that you can’t hide in your office all day you need to walk around, sit in classrooms, observe what is going on during lunch and recess… you would be amaze of the things that go on… unfortunately most schools don’t have a school psychologist everyday, (schools share them) and they are testing machines, there needs to be more interaction with the kids and the kids should know who you are and that you are available to talk to them anytime! The school system need to worry less about common core and put some focus into metal health especially when student are going through changes…. middle school and high school causes great anxiety on many students and the new feelings and situations they are going through has consequences.

  • Joy Richards

    What lack of funding for education? We spend more on education than any other country in the world.Hollywood puts out violent movies.Our culture values money and possessions ahead of relationships.We do not teach values in the schools

  • Crozbyguy

    Megyn Kelly is revolting to watch, that's a free public announcement. Viewer recoil warning

  • jason walters


  • suzuki turbo

    Answer my questions
    1.why is there reports of multiple shooters by multiple witnesses
    2.why does teacher describe shooter in full police uniform who shot at her
    3.why is there a drill of the same thing on the same day of all these shootings
    4.why is it always ar15 fault when hand guns are the same press trigger 1 bullet comes out u can get 30 round magazine for hand guns so why ban ar15
    5.why no cctv footage at these shootings but always is in shop robberies come there is 20 plus minutes erased on the cctv footage they do have but won't show
    7.what difference does it make banning guns cocaine is illegal but I can buy it on most street corners so how will banning guns stop this it won't guns illegal in uk but shot guns are legal does UK have mass killings with shot guns no
    8.raising age of gun from 18 to 21 what will that do suddenly at 21 your mental health is fine and you can't do school shootings no
    9.i can't understand how so many differences in what happened

  • AlexF 21

    Going to be honest, I know kids that could potentially be “school shooters”, for example, antisocial, gun obsessed kids, but what if I say something, and the kids innocent, but he gets his life ruined due to me reporting him?

  • Orquidea Pineda

    omg this is so sad thats cruz 😭

  • Orquidea Pineda

    praying for nickolas

  • Massive Devil

    Wonderful (slow clapping) bravo!

  • Gopherhockeysi G

    That was a very powerful video ! America we need to wake up an accept Mental Health as real problem in this country… When will we do this ?

  • Kenneth Royer

    The Sandy Hook promise charity fraud! Wow! Amazing how many crimes these people are willing to commit. At Sandy Hook no one was shot; no one was injured; and no one was killed. Nothing more than a DHS drill promoted as real by the main stream media all for the usual suspects. Amazing what depth of deception Megyn Kelly is willing to go! She is nothing more than a propagandist!

  • Daniel West

  • Jenő Diozeggi

    That's the problem… Too many DUMB PEOPLE in America (like this bottle blond, as host and facilitator), trying to impact and rubber stamp her guests – regardless théir ideas, as important contributions to America's spesific problem!!

    WHY?? #MONEY.!! (INTER ALIA – AND MORE #MONEY!!)… AND DON'T FORGET THE ROLE, NEWS AGENCIES PLAY – WHEN EAGERLY REPORTING ON SHOOTINGS!!! ☝… So once again… Will this shooting also later be looked upon as a 'statistic' — or will it change things, that will lead to solutions!?? FRANKLY: "I DON'T THINK SO"….

    Ironically – as I wrote this… I heard the news of that 9 year old — that just shot his sister!! Now how on earth did he get hold of a gun!!??? Motive?? Him and his sister had a argument about their e-game controllers!! HOW APPLICABLE IS THIS — TO WHAT I'VE MENTIONED HERE ABOVE.!?? *IN PRINCIPLE.., SUPPORTING TOM'S ARGUMENT ABOUT THE INFLUENCE OF SOMETHING SO SIMPLE AS: E-GAME INTERTAINMENT!!! *BUT WILL AMERICA LEARN FROM THIS? YOU KNOW THE ANSWER…

    IT'S P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C.!!!

  • comagirl0

    I would like to see these experts interviewed by someone who isn't clamouring for applause with her hair on fire. Her over-dramatization was ridiculous, and completely distracted from the interview. I suppose that's what one learns from Fox "News". "They'll use trucks." What a joke. I live in a country with strict gun laws and I have never heard of a fellow citizen being murdered intentionally with a truck. That's the worst argument for keeping guns I've ever heard, and also bloody hilarious.

  • amelia

    Nikolas is innocent

  • Kristin Gallo

    False….it's against the law to diagnose anyone you haven't actually seen. If she didn't examine him she can't diagnose him. That's federal law.

  • Kristin Gallo

    That's it no video games, social media, or driver's license for teens anymore.

  • J T

    There is nothing anyone can do to stop this. Just be prepared for the next one. Be aware of your surroundings. You cant stop this problem. It will never end. You can only be prepared to save yourself.

  • Margaret deVries

    It seems if they cared about the boy, they would keep calling FBI to do something … can be cruel, gang up on the loser …..
    all these officials were told but did nothing !

  • Peacock Moonlight

    I been through a lot. I understand a lot. I can understand someone's mind clicking, and in rage/anger/resentment/jealousy, etc. going off. Even killing people. What I cannot grasp is something in someone's mind clicking and they take a year, at least, and plan and plot and premeditate to go off. It makes no sense.

  • Tamil Kant

    "Let's get honest." Oh you naive and hypocritical millionaire. Everything about American is designed as a lie. From the food, to the entertainment, to the schools, to the jobs, to the wars, to the diplomacy, etc. Everything. Good luck getting Americans…um….honest. LOL

  • M Hdez

    Just more brainwashing and mind control all of these kids now a days are on anti depressants and all these medications i got family like that once they start the medications they become crazy and start too see things and their life is over Wake up

  • Gia Nunez

    I noticed him.

  • Kristian J.

    No disrespect intended, but in the aftermath of a tragedy, there's always people who'll claim that they "suspected all along".

  • Ticky Tocky

    I believe Hogg was in on it and set cruz up.

  • Harl Stowe

    Guess what he was on psychotropic medication discontinued again….

  • thevintagefetcher

    Bullies are protected and that's a fact. You can argue with me all day, but I am a witness. When you have kids who are admitting they bullied a shooter, and when you have school admins (2 within a 15sq mile area that I live in) that deny or refuse to release records about bullied students there is a problem. Im not saying all school shootings are bully situations nor am I making an excuse for retaliation. But believe me when I tell you..bullies are protected. My guess, and it's just a guess, it's because these schools are public schools and ultimately the state is liable. When you put a state agency in a community court, well..I know how it goes.

  • Jeff C.

    What a very good production !  I was suspecting Evan but the real psycho was in plain sight.

  • Claude Belanger

    I know the second amendment gives the right to bare arms. I like the way they do it in Ontario, Canada. You must take a course in gun safety called a P A L. You take a course that requires each to pass a written test and a practical exam where you demonstrate that you know how to handle guns. Then your marks are sent to the Mounted Police, which would be like our FBI. There a review takes place ensuring you have never been in trouble with the law, kicked out of school, they review everything! They check Facebook and all social media. Only if you have nothing on your record will you receive a license to carry shotguns and rifles. If you want to carry a pistol you are scrutinized even more and you must take a course to carry a restricted firearm for this.
    What is really great is that scans are done every day through a database of all people who have this PAL or RPAL to make sure you haven't committed an offence. If you do end up with an offence you are flagged and local police will confiscate your firearms and ammunition. Maybe this could help prevent these senseless shootings

  • KAT

    I know 2 people that collect disability due to mental psychological issues and they were able to purchase a gun with no issue. This is the problem that needs to be corrected. They should not be able to purchase a gun with those issues.

  • Chase Long

    Sandy hoax.
    I remember the first mass school shooting, Kent State, Ohio, May 4, 1970.
    2A is not only a right but also a responsibility, personal responsibility is something being sadly lacking these days.
    My guess is it will take a mass die off for balance to be restored. It appears that those who are clamoring the most for protection are the ones who would refuse the responsibility of doing so.
    I carry every day with the dread of having to use force ever again. Yet it is a responsibility to myself I alone am accountable for, if you refuse to protect yourself why expect that someone else will.
    While I too would like to live in a world of peace and love, rainbows and butterflies, please tell me when ever has that been so?
    Our current time has been filled with war and strife, violence and hate, yet it is the most stable we have been able to achieve.
    Sadly those who would have you believe they have the answer to ending the violence by legislating stricter gun control are contributing to the hate and violence through negligence and refusal to protect thier own selves.

    Like sheep to the slaughter they will only realize thier fate when they smell the blood of those who died before them.

  • Som Guy

    Signs were heard.
    Cruz was referred to the "Promise program" instead of law enforcement; a fact the district has denied until recently.

  • Mandy K

    This show is for ‘Whites Only world’ #priviledge

  • dawna lohbihler

    Since we can't get to the ultimate cause of a shooter, mental disturbance from biology or from conditioning. Megyn's right. Forego some human rights so that shooting tragedies can be averted, if not prevented. Develop social apps so that people can identify who shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun. Then put mental health tests in place so that the identified person can prove their ability to own a firearm. It's far from perfect, but far better than letting American kids get slaughtered at school.

  • Jey S

    But only pat attention if the kid seems like a threat. If you actually try to make amends with some of these abused kids abandoned by society you might actually have solved the problem. But we dont want to do that do we

  • Screwface Capital

    Sometimes there is no making sense of anything, some people just want to watch the world burn.


    Who at the NSA is being arrested for torturing him with NSA signals, EMF, ELF, radiation, brain scans and psychotronic weapons? Americans expect the psychopaths at the NSA that conduct this torture and interrogation to be arrested immediately. Torture and interrogation is ILLEGAL.

  • OK LOL

    Why not just get rid of guns?

  • Sheba Hunter

    The main warning sign probably might be that he can purchase a gun.

  • yaya_38

    Honestly a kid isnt going to be looking at a gun magazines and watching gun videos while at school

  • Debra Aponte

    Why are these mental health professionals saying they're not against civilians owning guns . Could it be that they are getting kickbacks from the NRA? Just a thought .

  • The Ambra Life

    Megyn had time today!!!! She was passionate!!! I stopped mid video to sit with my son to discuss “signs” I can’t imagine this kind of loss. My gawd

  • danny davideos

    Wow i didn't see anything in that video

  • danny davideos

    Nikolas showed signs since grade school.

  • Karen Younger

    there are no sustained interest in helping kids who are disturbed. this young man was demon possessed and cried out for help.

  • Karina Iacono

    It’s the people who bullied him fault they ruined him

  • 000 000

    Wish I was dead .

  • Jolene Cuevas

    wow imagine if this was a person of color, there would be no psychological evaluation on TODAY lmao these people are trying to justify some white kids actions

  • tamara denton

    They need to be able to charge people for physically bullying them.

  • She Said

    why they keep saying the men/ boys they are WHITE MEN

  • Alicia Australian1833

    Since they banned guns in Australia in 1991 there has been no mass shootings.

  • Alicia Australian1833

    There’s a lot of weird kids out there, doesn’t mean all of them will shoot up a school. It’s unpredictable.

  • Hin Zl German

    I love Americano people

  • nate son

    He is the Grinch.

  • Grace Martin

    Well I don't Like School Shootings Either, If It Happened In Those Schools In Virginia, Conn, Penn, etc, etc, It could Happen Anywhere Else, Every-time I see School Bus's driving down my Street Or See a School Bus beside my Car, I would say a Silent Prayer that Those Kids in that School Bus makes it to school and comes home safely.

  • Anon yMous

    Megyn Kelly is soooo cute

  • Musical Gaming

    0:17 Yet a-GUN.
    Am I the only one who noticed that?
    But RIP to all shooting victims. 😞

  • Keep Going

    I left the video as soon as video games came up.

  • Debby Zabriskie

    Guns are just the weapon. It is the person we need to focus on. I believe he s schizophrenic. I believe he showed signs of this from a very early age

  • Amber*Hollywood* Zenisek

    parents just stop having guns in your house with your kids having access to them. just keep guns out of your house. and most have bad childhoods too. cuz if they didnt they wouldnt do this. problem solved

  • Margaret Thatcher

    imo, kids who bullied someone to the point of the person becoming a school shooter are equally guilty than the shooter themselves.

  • Q J

    he did this cause no one cared so why would he

  • Chuck Soto

    been bullied to the point of depression and nope never ever did I have the tiniest thought of violence at all

  • Caroline Carnevale

    I think I got in because he was planted there

  • Vernon Jacobs

    Megan is the worst LIAR!

  • Eric Payne

    Omg so sad

  • marko marovic

    This video makes me want to go shoot the kids at school. The shier amount of phonyness… is terrorizing. Luckily I've got my Misfits records and Quake I&II.

  • phantompurple


  • Stoners Opinion

    He dolphined those bullies and innocent kids around him. Every time a kid does this, every bully who knows a kid like this gets chills. While you can block his name from ever being spoken in media again, he sent his message. If bullying isn’t systematically eliminated, kid like that will keep going ballistic. It’s the equivalent of lone wolf terrorism which is triggered by the same pressure cooker of a temper exploding.

  • Russell Reddy

    That PSA was disturbing

  • pbruc brooks

    A very big problem. Law enforcement, by virtue of standing laws, has a difficult time with this

  • In Lucem

    He knew right from wrong. He wasn't mentally ill, he was mentally aware. He was mentally depraved. Pure hatred for other human beings. He wasn't lost. He was right where he wanted to be. At that school with that gun.

  • Brandon Lee

    Its the hearts of people thats the problem, A gun is made of polymer and steel, it takes a humans finger and eyes to turn it into a weapon. Don’t be mean to people, love eachother


    Yeah take away guns that will do it what dumbasses

  • Hannah Chloe

    People need to stop pulling the racism card in situations like this just because the killer is white and deemed mentally ill and hasn’t been labelled a “thug” like reporters have referred to within different cultured attacks like this. If you sit and watch the 10 hour video of his last interrogation you see signs of deep mental illness. This killer fits the profile of mentally unstable not because he’s white but because he is actually unstable. But if you ever look up serial killers I guarantee a majority are white men (ted Bundy, Ed Gein, H. H. Holmes etc) all fitting the same profile as well as signs hiding violence. Mental illness is real and plays a huge factor in mass killings. Kids at schools should be receiving counselling and when deemed with mental illness or unstable to be put on no gun lists. This should be a school priority as soon as kids enter the campus each year

  • Turn it UP!!

    As long as people as young as 18 can get firearms as easerly as a McDonalds Happy Meal , You will always have these events happen. Kids everywhere have the same issues but cant act upon those feelings because in the UK for instance, he wouldn't of been able to get his hands on any firearms, so is stopped at the first hurdle. Most of these "mental health issues" are just feelings you get growing up. Since the internet, and the mad trend to label kids with Aspergers, Autism, Depression etc has caused what seems to be a mountain of kids that love being the troubled one, its a shame for me one, the depressed one, so please show me pity, when really, after looking how they've grown up, in a good family, comfy upbringing, living in a nice area, It's ridiculous and insulting to those who have it bad for real like in the slums in India. Cruz is a classic spoilt brat..simple as that. No one who commits pre meditated murder as he has done, should be let off on grounds of Mental Health .

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