Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

Hello, my name is Amanda Melchor and I’m an assistant librarian at Jernigan Library. Today, I’ll briefly show you how to search for an article in the database Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection. It is an Ebsco database so it looks and works very similarly to many of the library’s other databases. To access it, start by the going to the library’s homepage: From our homepage, look to the upper left of your screen and click on the link that says “Online Resources.” All of our online databases are organized in two ways: alphabetically, with lettered tabs at the top, and by subject, on the right. Psychology & Behavioral Sciences begins with the letter “P,” so I’ll go ahead and click the letter “P” tab. Once I find my database, I’ll go ahead and click on it’s name. The database features several boxes to type in your search terms or concepts. So if you’re looking for works about child psychology and development, you simply put each term or each concept in its own box. (typing) Now that I’ve typed in both my terms, I’ll go ahead and click the “Search” button. The database will then show you a list of all of its contents that contain the two terms you searched for. To access any article, simply click on its title. You’ll be taken directly to the PDF of the article; it can be saved for later by clicking on the “Download” icon on the left side of your screen. For more detailed information about the article, you can click on the “Detailed Record” link. This section provides author listings, publication facts, as well as subject terms and an abstract. This has been a brief tutorial in using Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection. If you need further assistance, please browse related videos or contact the library’s reference desk at 361-593-3319. Thank you!



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