Psychology at Gettysburg College

Psychology at Gettysburg College

I feel like so much of what is happening
in our world, requires a psychological perspective to understand. And
understanding all these ways that are psychological processes, influence our
ability to live the fullest lives that we can live. So, there’s a lot of issues
generally I think people are drawn to the questions that psychology has. But I
think at Gettysburg we have a department of people who are passionate teachers,
and passionate about involving students with their research, and make time for
the students to meet with them in their offices and so I think even students who
weren’t already interested in psychology become involved with our department once they see the very many research opportunities we offer to our students. And I think a lot of students who come
here, are actually not originally that intrigued by research and they’re like
why do they keep talking about this, I just want to go to college. And then
they get a chance to start digging in and they think, oh, so I can ask a
question that’s kind of interesting to me and then I learn how to shape it
and I learn how to get evidence and I can find out if the evidence actually is
consistent with my hypothesis and all of a sudden they get really caught up in the
process and they really like it. It’s a skill you can take into lots of
different settings. We have a lot of luxury at a liberal
arts college to be able to choose the topics that we ourselves are passionate
about and so it’s easy to get students excited about that.


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