Q & A: Does vitamin K2 MK7 really help?

Q & A: Does vitamin K2 MK7 really help?

Venu Gopal: This K2 MK7 really help? Nobody knows. There’s clearly evidence that it does. I have started taking it
again I looked at the original clinical trials on K2, and some of them are good
sometimes, some of them show evidence. Some of them don’t. The only one that
really shows significant evidence is the Rotterdam trial. And the question is, “Is
that enough to prove that there’s something going on?” The answer is no. It
doesn’t really prove it. It’s not clear at this point, but there’s a lot of other
interesting information about osteocalcin and a couple of other
enzymes that not only are carboxylated, in other words, activated by K2. They also
are very much related to insulin resistance. So it may be another one of
those things called pleiotropic effects. Pleiotropic, meaning
impacts different several different places, several different perspectives.



  • tarkieb

    You're the first one who did talk about k2 importance

  • James Kantor

    Dr Ford. Brewer have you read anything about K2 MK7 raising blood pressure?

  • Vidal Charide


  • Venu Gopal

    Thanks for answering my query. I really appreciate it Doc.

  • MariamM

    I just realized that my English is actually not that bad.

  • Daniel Christopher

    I eat natto. whether it works, l have no ldea thanks Dr Brewer!

  • arsal09

    is the answer same for MK4?

  • Lily Stonne

    I am eating natto for breakfast 3 times a week. Has it helped? I think so. I was taking Fosomax off and on for several years. My bone density would improve and I would be given the choice of stopping for a year. Then I would start taking it again after a bone density test. Two years ago I went off and then I started eating natto. I had a bone density test last spring and my GP did not mention starting Fosomax again, so I deduced that the natto helped.

  • xxx xxx

    Dr. Brewer, I've been told that there are also side-effects of high dosages of Vitamin K2. Is that true ?

  • K Kar

    I have soft plaque in my left artety and calcified plaque in my right.
    My cardiologist said he isnt concerned about the calcified plaque as its stable, its the soft plaque he is concerned with.
    I would like to take as I h a 've calcification in various other areas of my body such as in my lungs, kidneys ovaries etc, but I'm scared it will remove the calcified plaque in my artery.
    Any suggestions Dr Brewer, would be greatly appreciated.

  • kinpatu

    I saw K2 for the first time today at Costco. I almost bought it but couldn't justify the price with so many unknowns. Maybe I'll change my mind.

  • Akane Cortich

    David Diamond in a Q&A while back did make the note that there was a clear association between high fat cheese (K2) and health. The more I look the more I see some of these things have been out there for a while now.

  • Akane Cortich

    I would Love to go Okinawa and look at the legs of middle-age and later aged women there. Those that eat Natto on a regular basis. Though I don't think it is stated in literature as the cause of varicose veins; but the large drop in serum K2 in older age may actually be part of the mechanism. The laboratory trials with animals dramatically showed how the lack of K2 ruined blood vessels. IF K2 is part of the mechaism then these women should have a much lower prevalence of V.Veins as compared to the average Japanese women, not eating Natto.

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