Recap: Fluffy’s Food Adventures – Season 1, Episode 3

Recap: Fluffy’s Food Adventures – Season 1, Episode 3

Memphis, Tennesee. We had
such a great time. I’ve never hit three restaurants
in a row sober, so for me, that was actually pretty epic. The Flying Fish restaurant, if
you want some good fish, I mean good fish, I mean
FISH, that [snorts] that catfish, we had gumbo,
we had everything in that place, it was good, like a
succulent delight of food in there, man. I just loved it. The most delicious catfish tacos
I’ve ever had in my life, and then we went to the famous,
Gus’ Famous Fried Chicken. This fried chicken was
just perfection. The grease involved in making
that chicken, it’s like they make love to that chicken
when they’re cooking it. It should be world famous, and
in the galaxy famous too. That’s how good that chicken
was. You saw Martin, he was about to have a
heart attack there. Because then we had to
go to my place. Central BBQ, are you kidding me?
They prepared a whole pig, a big giant pig that
was just there, and just eating a pig off
a pig is just fantastic. It’s just an explosion of pig
flavors in your mouth. We had the best barbeque ever.
I won’t forget that place, I’m not gonna lie, it felt
kinda warm inside. Now the workout the next
day, with coach, good dude, was pretty intense. Considering
the fact that I was hungover. We played basketball against
these little kids, there was maybe a 12 year
old, 13 year old, and maybe
a 10 year old. If you know Gabriel, you know
he’s not a basketball player. If you know G, you know he
is, because of his dark. You know what I’m saying. I’m a playground legend
in Los Angeles. When I found out that we were
gonna be playing the kids, I was like, oh, I got this.
You knew I played. If I ever see a kid again,
and they play basketball, no one’s ever gonna
embarrass me like that. No, I’m gonna hit ’em
first in the face. That’s just me, how I roll. Try it again! Try it again!
Come on! Where you at? [whistle] Oh my god! ♪♪


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