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– Have I had frog before? No, no who has had frog before? There’s like a lot of pieces of the frog. (upbeat music) Hello I’m Richard Jefferson. 17 year vet, NBA champion, and I am here with Men’s Health, and I am doing Disgustingly Healthy. So, let’s check this out. All right, let’s see what my first one is. Aged black fungus. Okay, let’s check out the question. Who’s easier to guard, Kevin Durant, Lebron, or Kobe? Yeah, that’s easy. Let’s try aged black fungus. I imagine these things have been vetted to be at least edible right? (horror music) Okay, that is like a Chinese food thing. It’s chewy, but not in the
way you expect it to be. All right, next question. Rank your former teammates, oh man. And this, chicken feet. Oh jeeze, am I allowed to cuss on this? – [Man Behind Camera] Yes. – Okay (bleep). Rank your former teammates
and who you’d wanna play with. Okay so it’s Lebron, J-Kidd,
Gordon, and Tim Duncan. I’m gonna say I’d probably
play with Gordon again, just because he’s a
really good video gamer. And so we could game a lot. The next I would say was Jason Kidd, ’cause all he wanted to
do was pass the ball. So like I got to shoot a bunch. Then I would say Lebron James because I didn’t have to do
much, he did all the work. And then last, the person I
would want to least play with ever again if I could
change anything in my life, in my entire career, from playing basketball
in junior high to today is Tim Duncan. He was just a dick, he never laughed at any of my jokes, he doesn’t respond to any
of my texts or phone calls. There’s nothing about
him that is enjoyable. There’s nothing about
him that is pleasant. And I would least like
to play with him again. But like seriously, Tim, call me back. What the (bleep) is this? Sea cucumber. Now I’ve seen these things move, these things are a little different. All right, worst place of the following, New Jersey, Cleveland, Salt Lake, San Antonio, Oakland, and Milwaukee. It’s funny because I’ve
played in all of these towns. Looks like burnt sushi, or the inside of a smoker’s lung. Let’s see, worst place that I had to play. So San Antonio’s a dump. Oakland, they’ve got some character there, fan base is great. San Antonio fans just hate me, no matter how many nice
things I say about ’em, and I’m really getting to the point where it’s just like screw off. Like dude I can only so many
positive things about you before you all keep
killing me, but Milwaukee. Milwaukee is San Antonio with bad weather. Sorry Milwaukee’s a great town, love to drink beer, but at some time when you have like freezing temperatures in April, it was snowing there. So Milwaukee’s definitely the worst place. Oh God, cold jellyfish. Do I like Jellyfish? No, no, I’ve never had jellyfish. This is not on the menu in
Phoenix, Arizona where I grew up. Let’s check out this question. Explain Lebron’s ever-changing hairline. No one can explain it. He actually went bald, shaved his head, and I thought that was
going to be his thing, like join the bald brotherhood, said no. Grew, or I don’t wanna
say grew it back out but allowed it to do something again so now it’s back. So, you know, he just
doesn’t wanna let it go. (laughing) Duck blood, okay. (thunder) would join the cast of Space Jam Two? Duck blood huh? Oh this is gonna be, I need you guys to chronicle this so you guys can say like
yo he’s eaten duck blood. (horror music) Okay, so that’s definitely the worst one. By far. All right, we’re getting
towards the end, here we go. What advice do you have for
guys like Tristan Thompson who easily get tempted by NBA groupies? Okay, and this is, steamed frog. Oh wow, T-Top, I love you, but I’m not answering that question. Have I had frog before? No, no who has had frog before? There’s like a lot of pieces of the frog, I don’t know, the things that I would do to avoid answering questions
about Tristan Thompson. (horror music) I take that back, I think I’ve had frog before. That’s actually not that bad. This, this right here, tastes like the Devil’s ass. Okay, last question, let’s
see what we got here. Who is the most overrated
current NBA player? And the, oh that looks awful, the grand finale is a goose foot. Who’s the most overrated
current NBA player? Oh man, that’s a, it’s
between goose foot and that. Channing Frye is not current anymore because he’s retired, but he sucked and he was still overrated. People were like Channing you suck, and I would be like you’re
giving him way too much credit. So we’re not gonna do him. That’s tough. We’re gonna eat the goose foot. Oh even touching that creeps me out. I really appreciate my agency
setting this up for me. You guys are really
awesome, thanks for that. I’m gonna have to find
a new agent tomorrow, that’s gonna be cool. Okay, goose foot, not that bad. (upbeat music) If we had to go order, I would say this is the
worst, the duck blood. Just avoid it on any menu. After that I would say
everything else is pretty even. Not really pleasant to the eyes, none of them are very
pleasant to the eyes. But the aged black fungus might have been probably the best thing on this. I don’t even know how you
get aged black fungus, is there just regular black fungus? Is there, there’s a regular black fungus? No one has any answers, okay. (upbeat music)



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