Rod Carew Survived a Heart Attack – Giving Back with Heart of 29

(audience applause) (somber music) – [Voiceover] Rod Carew. (audience applause) – [Voiceover] With good patience, he waits until the precise moment. (ball hit) (ball hit) – [Voiceover] Line drive,
base hit, there it is. Number 3,000 for Rod Carew, a standing salute, to Rod Carew. (somber music) – They day that I had my heart attack, when I was laying on the floor, the paramedic had the pads in his hands. He started yelling out
that they were losing me. Saying to one of the guys, his partners, to hurry up. And that’s the last thing I remember. (somber music) And I thought I was healthy. Um, and I had no warning. The doctors said something about an LVAD. That they could use on
me, and then hopefully, it’ll work and keep me alive, and then maybe find a new heart for me. (somber music) After I went through the operation, and I came out of the operation, the first thing I said to my wife was, “Honey maybe this is my second chance, “at going out and telling
people about the heart, “how important the heart is, “and to take care of their heart.” The Twins organization, they stepped up and wanted to do something to help. (somber music) And it was the start of something big. (upbeat music) But I think that the most important thing is people have to go see their doctors and get their hearts checked. You know you can’t do
it without the people. I just want to say to them, thank you so much, for participating. Thank you so much for the love that you’ve shown me, since I’ve had my heart attack. And hopefully, we’ll save more lives. (upbeat music)



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