Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s Has Brain Problems

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s Has Brain Problems

Gavin: I had that once, and I’ve never had a migraine. I thought, I was having a brain hemorrhage and was about to die, because, I was just typing, and in the middle of a sentence, I forgot how to read, and write. and I was just like, [farting noise] And I was trying to read what I’d just written, and I couldn’t focus. I was just seeing letters, and they weren’t- Gus: You had a stroke! But I was just like- I-I could see all the letters, I just couldn’t m-make them into the sounds of words. And then, I couldn’t remember the, like, the name of the Slow Mo Guys. Couldn’t remember it. And I was trying to read it, I was like, “I don’t know how to say this.” And then I tried to test myself spelling something, so I- Ah, for some reason I thought of the word ‘chum’. So I tried to type the word ‘chum’, and I ended up just passing out. And then when I woke up, I’d written the word: ‘jums’. And that’s why- [laughs] Gus: You had a stroke. Burnie: It sounds like a stroke to me. [transition sound] Gavin: I had a similar thing where I lost my vision. I just went from stood up, to on the back of my head. Burnie: Yeah? Gavin: My vision just blurred into one big color. And apparently then I sat down in a puddle, and just was like, looking around. And basically, I went blind for three days. ‘Cause all the vision is in the back of the brain, so, I just bruised it. Jack: Jesus Christ. Burnie: That’s fucked up. Gavin: And um, I remember being in bed thinking, “I’m gonna throw up so bad,” ’cause I was concussed. I remember crawling on my hands and knees ’cause I knew where my toilet was. So I crawled into the toilet, threw up, and crawled back. And my dad came in, he was like, “You just threw up on the top of the toilet.” [Gus, Burnie, Barbara, and Jack laugh] Burnie: You know I gotta say, what a caring father. [Burnie, pretending to be Gavin’s father]: You’re gonna clean that up, Gavin! Gus: Did he like, uh, tape a sponge to one hand and like, cleaner to the other, and was like, “Go crawl back over there and clean the toilet!”? [transition sound]



  • Said Mohamed

    Sometimes when I hear Gus I think about Simmons.

  • Ivy Rain

    Wait it's not normal for your vision to turn into one color!?!😳

  • Reece Gallagher

    If that really is a stroke I think Ive had multiple strokes. D:

  • Michael

    pause at 0:45

  • 348joey

    self destruct button!

  • Nomad Why

    Oh my god , if you pause at the moment Gavin fell HE LOOKS LIKE DEMON

  • Chaos Open

    This reminds me of a similar thing that happened to me. I was still a little kid and I woke up at night to take a piss and it was pitch black. So, I walked down the hallway, got to my bathroom, went pee, then got back in bed. Next morning my dad comes in and tells me that I had peed on top of the toilet seat cover.

  • Zipppy 1

    Kyle baker my brother has cancer I am offended by you

  • trinthetrex

    You should probably see someone about that.

  • NoobDestroyer

    After all these years, I've just now realized that the title has a clever typo in it.

  • Suga KookieJoon

    That actually happens to me as well

  • Yet Another Disappointment

    I've had that happen before but i got over it

  • Silas Wu

    See, Meg. This is what happens when you date Gavin, his problems become your problems.

  • Robert Walsh

    This sounds like a mini stroke or a TIA. These often lead to big strokes and are usually the first warning sign. If you have had one of these symptoms i would call the doctor right away.

  • Phat Dong

    by far the best

  • jasminlotus

    I had a similar thing today during a test… 🙁 I couldn't read, I couldn't understand the words and I lost half of my vision and had a headache… So I remembered this video… And I can feel with you, Gavin. I quit the test and went to a doctor. I had a Migraine with an Aura… 🙁 Glad I am allowed to do the test again 🙂

  • The Subscriber

    00:05 that face.

  • SublimePsyche

    Gavin loves that earl sweatshirt

  • Nagito Komaeda

    For the longest time I didn't notice the title says "Gavin's has brain problems" and not "Gavin has brain problems."

  • Sarah Galloway

    My migraines are like this. It's the scariest thing in the world and I have them every once in a while.
    I can feel them when I'm about to have one. Either I get spots in my eye or my hand goes numb.
    The only thing you can do is take a LOT of medicine put a cold pack on the back of your neck and sleep the next 24 hours.

    I remember the first time I had what Gavin described.
    I couldn't remember how to say migraine or medicine and I was trying to let my Grandma know what was wrong (she eventually got it).
    I went to type on the computer to look up what was wrong with me and I couldn't find the letters on the keyboard.
    I eventually gave up and went to sleep it off. Later I found out it's called Transient Aphasia.

  • Muhammad Al-Quazi


  • ecstasy.apostasy

    That sounds like a migraine though.

  • JakkuWolf Insomnia

    Gavin's Brain: "you never pay attention to me, Gavin!"

  • Drew Bishop

    That was a simple migraine. I have them a lot. What happens is I can think clearly, i just forget how to speak and read correctly, then I see spots, then I have a bad, BAD headache. Since Gav passed out, he probably missed the headache.

  • SnowFireBlues

    I think gavin had that same kind of mini stroke that Serene Branson had ( the news reporter from the video: "heavy burtation")

  • AzaanOW

    Guys he wasn't having a stroke he had a migraine with an aura but I don't know what condition he had when he went blind

  • Megamania

    Wait… Gavin knows how to read!?!

  • Brookline Gazza

    lol I was laughing so hard

  • agrivated rooster

    gavin is retarted

  • Grayson Finlayson

    This happened to me in elementary school. I couldnt form a sentence longer than 2 words for over a day so I went to the hospital and they said that I'm eater having a stroke or a migraine so at the ripe young age of 14 I was told i may be having a stroke so I passed out on the Doctor bed thing. Woke up at home.

  • KasasTheWarlock

    Wait I just noticed something… is the keyboard he's using upside down?

  • RapidFyrez

    If I remember correctly, Gavin isn't all wrong. Parts of the visual cortex are located near the rear of the brain.

  • Foil767

    Looks at title

  • XyZuro

    Who needs Apple when we have Banana!!

  • Issac W

    When I get migraines half my body goes numb so he's lucky.

  • cameron fraser

    what gavin had is called a aura migraine all he needs to do is increase his magnesium intake

  • Eleanore Violet Nebulous

    seriously though, have you had an mri cause shits worth checking

  • Applehead2

    "self destruct function"

  • JustOmegaMan Ω

    the title is misspelled on purpose, that's the joke

  • Daniel Cooper

    This sounds very serious and you should probably see a doctor.

  • s6th

    I have epilepsy and I have nearly identical symptoms to the "chum" incident before having grand mal seizures.

  • G_Guy001

    First story – RT Podcast #178 at 43:07
    Second story – RT Podcast #154 at 56:21

  • Pat Lapton

    I always love the way they animate Gavin. It's always so silly.

  • Robyn Carlisle

    Genuinely, how is Gavin not dead? XD

  • Hexx

    You know how if you rub your eyes too hard your vision gets all blurry and gray? Well, one day I was standing outside and that happened to me out of the blue and at first I figured it would pass, but minutes were going by and I still couldn't see. I was panicking because I was in some unfamiliar public place and I had to ride my bike back home and everywhere I looked was just gray static.

  • Micah Bell

    I've had chronic migraines for most of my life. bad migraines are exactly like Gavin's incident he's describing.

  • Paul James

    I've never actually been entirely sure, but is Gavin's story about going blind anatomically correct? I know the occipital lobe is where vision is processed at the back of the brain, but can you really sorta "bruise" it to cause blindness?

  • Nick Sampson

    dude Gavin I have the same thing if I stand up to fast I pass out

  • James Cantwell

    A few years late, but I would have definitely recommended a checkup at the doctor, even if it did turn out to be nothing "major".

  • Ismael Gomez

    me and gavin had the same type of issue i had serious blood loss and i was texting for help instead of spelling help i texted halpz and passed out again

  • AlKohaiMusic

    It's not unusual in migraine patients. Especially the first time they experience Aura, to have some serious cognition issues. I've have migraines for 16 years now, and I still find reading and writing almost impossible in the first hour of my migraine. Even more common is I will switch syllables in my speech. Which is annoying as hell

  • Unknownkid Gamer

    When Gavin lost his vision the same thing happened to me i fell while running and when I opened my eyes all I could see was gray

  • The Hybrid Pilot


  • Reknot

    I just now noticed after five years that the browser Gavin is using is called "Thundercat browser"

  • Demonic Mirajane

    I'm studying psychology and every time we study the areas of the brain, I always remember that vision is based at the back of the brain from this story.

  • K a n t r o p

    I get migraines like those all the time. Half my body goes numb and can't process language. Nothing serious erry1 chill just a severe migraine.

  • Wizard GAMING


  • Blackout7583 AGL

    So I have stuff like this happen sometimes after I stretch, like my vision goes dark, I can't think straight, I can hear thing shut can't process them, can't read but continue to look through things. I don't pass out ever, but they happen fairly often, are those related in anyway because I don't trust webmd to answer this so YouTube comments should work, right?

  • jake warren

    i imagine when he passed out at the computer trying to spell his brain sent a signal requesting words and his damaged brain section was like "CANT DO IT CALL IN A BLUESCREEN!!"

  • Jarvo 4444

    It's taken me 2 seasons and 41 episodes to realise that Gavin is the same Gavin from the slow me guys

  • Benjamin Walter

    i had that happen to me first time i had a major migraine. i could only see one word at a time not the full page and i couldn't read them well. then i lost feeling in half my face and my right hand.

  • Ben Knight

    could've been worse, at least his dad wasn't sitting on the toilet at the time

  • falcore91

    There was one day when I was convinced for a few seconds that I had managed to paralyze myself from the waist down after slipping on some ice and hitting my lower back on a log step. For a few seconds I could not move my legs. Those were perhaps the single most terrifying seconds of my life.

  • AceShadow Nova98

    Gavins animation typing is pretty funny

  • Glagow gamer

    what is it when one side of you body goes slightly numb but you can read and it is not cold (I it serious)

  • EpsilonIsOdd

    Oh, your having a stroke ? Just don’t do that.

  • AceShadow Nova98

    U just threw up on top of the toilet.

  • NarcissisticH03

    J U M S

  • Daniel moore

    I've had that during a test but I didn't pass out

  • Cute chubby cat stuck in a box

    I had a brain fart yesterday, i couldn’t spell Mercedes. It was pissing me off.
    Had one sometime ago and I couldn’t spell ‘any’, seriously 😑

  • Ya Boi Nate

    Don't worry gavin the first thing happened to me

  • Spyrelle


  • SweaterBoi K

    My migraines are just a big headache

  • GorumGamer

    The one were your eyes go weird is called Sincapy (not sure how it’s spelled)

  • Sir Dwarvenhine

    Judging on the information available; you have low blood pressure or your heart muscles, although beating at a regular rate, aren't beating hard enough.

  • FyreBal


  • FungalCrayon

    There was this one time four or five years ago where I was standing up and then my vision just blacked out and next thing I knew I was sitting cris-cross on the floor. I don't remember sitting down, but clearly I did, and a friend of mine was asking me if I was alright because apparently they'd been trying to get my attention and I just wasn't responding. It was weird and I still have no idea what happened.

  • sophie

    jums is one of the few things that still makes me laugh every single time

  • Erik H

    The weirdest thing is, Slo Mo guys weren't even big at this time. i Remember watching this and not getting the joke

  • Tehran Kizaki

    gavin has way to many cranial injuries

  • IsiahTomas

    That part of Uno: the Movie makes sense now.

  • A Nobody

    When Gavin dies I’m gonna be sad but not surprised

  • sorry l

    I got a migraine add before this

  • D Prototype

    "Jums" gets me every time.

  • caboose2569

    0:04 dyslexia in a nutshell

  • Oliver Dyer

    I had the same kind of migraine! I wasn’t able to talk properly, and I was just really dazed and confused for about an hour and a half

  • AYT_ Bluer

    I fell on my head twice and i din't loose my vision

  • Mr. Enderman9402937

    Migraines are the worst. When I have a migraine, I can't read, I am dizzy, I can't see, and I am in so much pain. I throw up

  • Niglett Nigtrio

    I love how nonchalantly Gus goes "you had a stroke"

  • Alex Sipher

    I relate to the stroke-like symptoms thing. When I get a migraine, the entire left side of my body goes completely numb, including my tongue (which means I can’t talk correctly).

  • Kieren Sprackett

    i had this happen to me a lot in fifth grade. the beggining cut i mean. turns out i was having seizures.

  • Werewolves779

    Being blind like that must have been terrifying.

  • louis webtser

    I am going with Seizures right now, and they doctors say it's from Anxiety ( I am really healthy) but before I have Seizures I go through the same thing gaviv goes through…

  • John Martin

    What happened to gavin happened to me. While I was writing an essay. I still don't know what caused it or what it was

  • Aedion Ashryver

    Gavin that could also be a seizure lmao.

  • Newton Bettencourt

    Yeah I get migraines like that. I started taking magnesium and b2 which really help buy used to get these migraines that would blur my vision for like 2 seconds (it was like looking through frosted glass) and my mom said when these were happening my pupils were vibrating. In addition I would also occasionally just black out for a couple seconds. Like one time I was walking down some stairs and one moment I'm taking a step, the next thing I know I've just pitch forward and have almost hit the ground.

  • Batman the great

    Don't worry Gav. I have done the exact same thing happen to me with the unable to read ect. I passed out for 3 hours apparently. I was fine. Not completely but eh. I was never fine before.

  • Daft Zeta

    The first part I had the same thing happen to me, it ended up being seizure.

  • Stealthlock

    1st time watching this video: “Wow this is funny, why are they saying he had a stroke? He’s young and healthy! This is just a funny thing!”


  • The Void Looks Pretty

    I’ve had migraines before, and I can confirm that you can’t particularly read well. Like, you can only see one letter at a time.

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